Wednesday’s Question: One More Time

I again ask John Howard: Did you want Mandela hanged?

Why not answer?

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  1. He did answer -see Press conference 12 November 1999 at the Royal Hotel in Durban.

    • Yeah, that says he thought once we should have left the Apartheid regime alone, let them unsanctioned go on killing men like Biko, and torturing Mandela. And he later changed his mind, but not about sanctions.

      But did he want Mandela hanged? If he didn’t, what did he want done with him?

      Solitary confinement? What?

      He should answer this question.

      Why doesn’t he?

      He should apologise in these, Mandela’s last hours.

      Or am I wrong?

      Or say why what he did was right.

  2. Howard says at this link: “Well, I guess we all change and mature over the years. I have no doubt that what happened here in South Africa in the early 1990s was right and just.”

    in other words: When they were struggling against Apartheid, I thought they were a bunch of terrorists, but now they have won, I’ve changed and matured and think they are the best thing since sliced bread

  3. It’s all to much for the faceless men. They have become totally insecure and somewhat deranged, even a liability to themselves, water-boarding candidates:

    Faceless man: What are we doing?
    Faceless men: What are we doing?
    Faceless man: We’re working for the CIA
    Faceless men: We’re working for the CIA
    Faceless man: We’re knitting a drone for Obama
    Faceless men: We’re knitting a drone for Obama

    Visiting Android: They’re gonna have to face up to it.

    • What are you talking about?

      • Bob, I’m talking about the real world. The drone infested, distrusting, brainwashed, fucked up, Biko bashing, paranoid, loveless, poisoned, shrinking resourced, pandering, bullshitting, knitting while Rome burns, hollow, Mandella resisting, starving, shanty town, drowning, women hating, lying, distorting the truth, never said sorry, tent embassy, BHP oil slick dispersant, climate changing, coverup, lets use up all the resources now and fuck the future generations, greedy, soul less society I see, hear and experience all around me on a constants basis. What are you talking about?

        • The hand behind the drone, taps down the key, watches with vague interest as the target explodes. The man behind the hand stretches out his legs, lest he inherit a DVT, unpacks his lunch, eats his GM sandwich, moves on to the next job lot, thinks about his putting stroke, its nearly time to knock off, he presses down the key, how do I fix my slice he thinks, swallows down some GM coffee, just one more job to do, presses down the key, notes the collateral damage, re-stretches his legs, just a boring office job, pays the mortgage, if only he could play golf as well as he could kill, never misses, the cup is filled with blood, the ball is red, scratches an itch at the back of his head…

        • Michael Lawrence

          What’s all this mixed-metaphor knitting-while-Rome-burns shit? That’s the second time I’ve read this tonight. Bullshit spreads a lot faster than knowledge, doesn’t it? I’ve also been informed that Julia Gillard is racist, with no example to back it up. I don’t deny that the world is going crazy, but going crazy yourself is hardly a solution.

          • Don’t turn your failure on me. The metaphor stands, deliberately mixed, if you can’t get it take your ignorance elsewhere, maybe to the mirror. I’ve lived in the real world for a long time, I have been to war, I still bear the scars, I am not crazy, I speak for the oppressed. I have worked with injured war veterans, with indigenous people, supplied a safe house. I have experienced pollution, personally, with asbestos, agent orange and DDT. I never sad Julia Gillard was racist, what has that to do with me? Drones are the new pestilence, not just from the USA, they are beginning to be manufactured in other countries. Is this the world you wish to live in? I don’t.

  4. Maybe Howard has not answered because he is not aware that you are asking the question.

  5. Umberto Ledfooti

    Where is this petition?

    Does it even exist?

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