Once More With Feeling

I again ask Nielsen and Newspoll what is the average age of their respondents? Does it have a 6 in front of it?

If it does, they will certainly go to gaol.

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  1. They won’t go to gaol you silly old drunk,just accept the fact you backed a losing cause,for your whole life.

  2. Why not ask them directly what the average age of their sample is and whether they weight their sample? By the way, over or under sampling segments of the population is standard practice. You simply weight your results accordingly.

  3. Bob, the designer of the cover of “The year it all fell down” has done you proud, it seems to me.

  4. Reminds me of ads. on the Caterwauling Catamite’s prog. on 2GoBogan - funeral plans, incontinence undergarments, supervised villages & annuity scams.
    He only has 80 older than 55. Eternity’s Waiting Room.

  5. Some glitch in your blog excises anything with the symbols, for “less than”, percentages, plus etc then resumes some words later, which renders the sentence incomprehensible.
    I meant to write “..fewer than 180K listeners, in our largest city plus regional feeds, with more than 80 per cent over 55 yrs

  6. I agree. They should not be seeking out six year olds..let the children be, with their dolls and footballs at this age.

  7. In the seventies, I had a girlfriend at university who worked in a building in Albert Park. Her job, and that of the thirty or so other fellow female students was to ring talk back radio and bag Gough Whitlam using provided cue sheets. The rumour was that the building was owned by the Liberal Party and the cash wages came from Murdoch.

    Incidentally,Rupert Murdoch recently admitted that when Gough didn’t deliver he withdrew his support and then swung in behind M. Fraser. His father Sir Keith was reported as saying about Joe Lyons “I put him in and I’ll put him out”, so don’t doubt the Murdoch pedigree of using the press for their private purposes.

    Watching the recent inflow of new contributors and their homogenous attitude makes me think of the tactics that said girlfriend was involved in. Mind you I imagine the quality of her scripts was a beauty to behold in comparison to the vapid drivel intended to spam out this blog, yet paradoxically lending wight to the argument that the Emperor has see-thru budgie-smugglers.

  8. I actually met someone today who has been polled because l have’nt and l know no one who has..
    She was a young vivacious thing and she told the pollster.. ” why are you fucking asking me l am not interested they’re all the same”. Sounds like an answer most people might give

    • Robert:
      how young is she?
      landline or mobile?
      did they identify themselves?
      was she asked questions about herself?

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