Lines For Pauline Hanson (1)

I am suing Tony Abbott for putting me wrongly in gaol, and for calling me, today, a ‘false patriot’. I will accept two hundred and thirty thousand dollars. If he doesn’t pay up it will cost him six hundred thousand dollars in lawyers.

My lawyer says putting me in gaol is ‘proof of malice’.

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  1. Who can forget that episode? I remember Pauline Hanson after her release, stating with the sobered conviction of a recently freed prisoner of war “God help us if he (Abbott) ever becomes Prime Minister,” or words very closely to that effect. That footage should be resurrected and widely distributed. I’m sure Pauline would agree to it. It would send a cold shiver through everyone. I’ve been to war, I’ve seen many prisoners at close quarters, and the fear in their eyes was unforgettable.

  2. As a private citizen I call on all of us concerned to remove Abbott in a class action court case- for his four years of broadcast harassment and abuse of government and its leaders trying to do government work in the government workplace from abuse and hindrance

  3. I have sent letters to Workplace minister Bill Shorten and Attorney General Mark Dreyfus requesting their assistance for civil court action to remove this most effective abuser and sociopath from working in public office because he has taken control of his workplace by serial abuse of others

  4. The Jesuits believe the current Pope to be the last prior to the fall of Rome.

    The belief stems from a document which has come be known as The Prophecy of the Popes.

    I don’t go much for conspiracy theories myself. But it sorta frames his thinking somewhat.

  5. This is Hansons chance to sue him. She went to gaol on a fix up . No matter what wecthink of her , that was wrong. It could happen to any of us. He has a shocking history of misrepresenting and lying by omission. Today he gave her the opportunity to redress that wrong. Because in using her name in that way , he just virtually said, ‘you got your fair whack Hanson’ she must be furious at his contempt for her. He just thumbed his nose at her. Silly man, but then as we know ‘ he just can’t help himself’ he has a metaphorical death wish.

    • No matter what you think of her.
      Your mob hounded Hanson, just like Abbott did.

      Speak up for her at the time, did you, robina?
      Protest, did you? Wave a placard, robina?

      • Don’t worry about Robina,for whom did you wave your placards?
        Not for Julia, what about against her.

        • Your turn, Helvi.
          Not worrying over robina, who sounded like a goody2shoes.
          No placard-waving for me. I’m a grizzled old bloke, 80+, too old for protesting.

          You’re meaning Lipstick Lil?


          • Robina sounds like a normal caring person.
            As for you, rose by any name is still a rose…
            Not that I see you as a rose, so maybe it should read: a thorn by any name is still a thorn.

            • Good God, woman.
              A rose?? :lol: :lol:
              You ask snooping jim.
              He’ll tell you.

              Your mind wasn’t on youknowwho? the painted, tainted rose,
              by any chance? Shame!
              ‘Lipstick Lil’ please - not as harsh.

  6. Only for your own protection!
    Robina, top comment.

  7. Has anyone ever been mad enough to use your lines, Bob?

    • Beazley, Keating, Hawke, Wran, Rann, Carr, Debus, Bacon, Shorten, Howes, Rees, Bob Brown, Natasha Stott-Despoja, David Bradbury, Malcolm Turnbull, Margaret Throsby, Kamahl, Ed Devereaux, John Derum, Ray Barrett, Bill Hunter, Robyn Nevin, Tony Barry, Norman Kaye, Wendy Hughes, Noni Hazlehurst, Chris Haywood, Robert Menzies, Judy Morris, Bert Newton, Noah Taylor, Arthur Dignam, Geoffrey Rush, Bryan Brown, Colin Friels, Phillip Quast, Jackie Weaver….

      The implication of your question is that none have. It is a Big Lie, and you are banned for life.

  8. Unfortunately I doubt he had anything to do with Hanson’s jailing. The civil action had nothing to do with the criminal action.

    • This is not Pauline Hanson’s opinion.

      And you will not change her mind.

      • There is no doubt that she was the victim of a grave injustice. I doubt that Abbott influenced the Qld police, the Qld DPP, the trial judge and the jury. What she thinks is hardly relevant. Can you explain how Abbott caused her to go to jail?

    • Abbott was intimately connected with Hanson’s down fall and several other hatchet jobs on opponents going back over the years.

    • He callously wrote that her sentence was brief.
      Three months’ gaol - brief.
      That’s what’s unfortunate.

  9. I can also remember Pauline Hanson talking about her time in jail, about the friendships she made, and the injustices she experienced, in relation to the social problems that had contributed to her fellow prisoners’ incarceration. Probably the sadist thing was Pauline cutting off contact with visitors, family included, because she could no longer take the body searches, the humiliation that this entailed after each visit. Irrespective of how you feel about her politics, its hard not to feel a sense of outrage towards the ‘machinery’ that landed her in there. It’s a sobering thought for all citizens of this country, God fearing or otherwise. Someone should write the play/script, it was a seminal moment in Australian political history.

    • maybe we should spare a thought for the thousands of other people in prison, not just this high-profile, middle class, racist one (unjust as her treatment was).

      Many the product of conditions in our society that could be much amended by taxing the rich fairly and by continuing Labor’s education and other reforms

      Prisoners don’t get much consideration, even though their conditions in gaol are disgusting and the reasons for most of them being there are the fault of our society as a whole

      • I totally agree. But if you’d seen the post incarceration interview you’d realise that Pauline too, had come to this understanding. As a political prisoner she learned quite a lot. I don’t know about middle class either, she fried a lot of fish and chips, paid her taxes etc. Got a problem with that too?

  10. It would make a fabulous Play! I hope it is being penned right as we speak. The longer one waits to run the sword into a bastard of unprecedented scale, the sweeter the revenge . For it is in perspective, and aches for justice. It will come.

  11. And where were you p casey, just out of interest. Still in the womb I’ll bet. And let me add snoozer, that the very fact that she could be imprisoned , speaks to the lack of power women had . She had been demonised and was dismissed as punishable, I have written before about the fucking shame of it. We let another woman go to gaol too, to our great shame. So blow it up someone elses Arse !

  12. Smithy, have you read what the exonerating Judge said. And don’t forget, she is still being discussed in terms of being guilty of what was proposed. She was exonerated. And if you think there were not powerful men doing her down, then you have not done your research. Many lied by omission and no one searched out the missing pieces.

    • Read it. Happened to be there the day the appeal court let her go.

      Nobody has ever given one credible explanation of how Abbott had anything to do with her conviction. He’s complicit in the Sharples action and he got caught out about that but that’s about it.

  13. World Refugee Day, kids taken off Manus!
    Back to the Hanson saga, I still say she should grab any chance to put her case. Even her sex life was fair game, which is typical of those days too. He was out of line.

  14. Matt, when Bob pays you the $230,000 can I have some for my court action against Abbott?
    The connection between the civil action and the criminal action is that the Qld DPP who ignored a Police report advising them that there was no case to answer, used the civil court result to justify laying criminal charges against me and Pauline. The DPP have a lot to answer for. Abbott was still supporting witnesses and offered one a job if he gave false evidence in the civil trial. That witness was schooled in waht he should say. The whole matter ended up as a collaberation between Libs and Labor who both wanted Hanson out of Politics. Vote for her in NSW, that’ll scare them.

  15. I think in the words of a song, that Abbott made ‘everything a woman could dread and fear, come true. But does guilt weigh heavily on him. No. He still reels from one metaphorical abuse to another, with his goons backing him. Now that sort of behaviour, comes about due to the ‘power’ base he has supporting him. He could not get away with it now, we have such vast access to following trails. I think he forgets that.

    • Temporary opening Lines for Hanson the Musical

      Don’t weep for me my beloved Australia,
      I saw the writing on the wall and tried to warn you,
      I’ve had a rough time, but I did their time, I’m not a failure,
      But now I’m back, I’m gonna win, their day of reckoning due.

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