In Thirty Words

Does the Coalition have any good policies? What are they?

Should we not discuss them, and Labor’s policies, prior to a federal election?

Or is that too much to ask?

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  1. For those that are not aware of what Labor has done

    • What this government has done:-1. $5000 a year to pensioners-the largest single amount ever given by ANY government
      2. Kyoto signed, Apology to Aborigines
      3. The lifting of the Tax Free Threshhold to $18,000 a HUGE saving for individuals
      4. Penny Wong and Rudd in Bali 0n Climate change
      5. Murray Darling agreement signed by all States including Victoria
      6. Health Minister Nicola Roxon meets all State health ministers
      7. Minister Jenny Macklin travels in NT and bans the containers for accommodation
      8. Rudd visits East Timor in February 2008
      9. Julia Gillard gains coalition support to end WorkChoices
      10. Rudd travels to US and affirms Alliance while not kowtowing to US
      11. Rudd meets NATO ministers and shows Australia has entered the 21st Century
      12. Rudd talks to Chinese in Mandarin and urges dialogue with Tibet
      13. 2020 summit brings ideas to government – reverses the climate of stifling dissent
      14. Foreign Minister Stephen Smith and Rudd attend conference in PNG
      15. Rudd appoints Quentin Bryce as next Governor General
      16. Roxon removes Tax exemption on mixed alcoholic drinks
      17. Amendment to Trade Practices Act to stop large firms bullying small competitors
      18. Removing discrimination in legal matters for homosexuals
      19. Productivity Commission set to examine Paid Maternity Leave
      20. Tax loophole on share options plugged
      21. $30m to World Food program
      22. Child care rebates increased
      23. $100m to Disability Accommodation
      24. Budget initiatives tackle inflation and reduce taxes
      25. $150,000 limit for Baby Bonus, Family Benefit B and Dependent Spouse Offset
      26. Infrastructure Australia to prioritise economic and social infrastructure
      27. Tax on luxury cars over $57,000 increases from 25% to 33% – amended & passed
      28. Obesity program
      29. Australia signs Optional Protocol on UN Convention on Elimination of Discrimination against Women
      30. Minister Tanya Plibersek sets up National Council to reduce violence against women and children
      31. AIRC to modernise awards reversing Howard Government’s attempt to marginalise awards
      32. WEL member Sue Hammond makes submission to AIRC on pay equity in awards
      33. Fuel watch to be set up – defeated in Senate
      34. Troops home from Iraq
      35. ASEAN +Aust+NZ in trade pact negotiated by Minister Simon Crean
      36. Rudd sets up organisation to motivate more organ donors
      37. Short selling banned on the Australian Stock Exchange
      38. Rental housing measures introduced
      39. Medicare threshold $70,000 for singles, $140,000 doubles
      40. Discrimination removed for single sex couples but marriage not allowed
      41. Financial crisis – families, single pensioners given $10bn
      42. Local government given $300m to be spent by July 2009
      43. Car companies given $6bn to be innovative
      44. COAG given extra money for hospitals and schools
      45. Gillard’s education money bill means private schools will have to be accountable
      46. New trade and currency agreements with China. Only 2 other nations have this
      47. Rudd’s climate change 5% for ETS start
      48. $42Bn Package 13/2/09
      49. Feb 2013…increases payments to carers
      50. Implements Gonski and Disability recommendations with the states
      51. Gillard provides $64million to states to fight organized crime and street gangs.
      * $9.8 billion invested in new school funding.

      * $14.3 billion investment in DisabilityCare

      * The economy is 13 per cent bigger than before the GFC.

      * 950,000 jobs have been created with more Australians in work than ever before

      * A Triple-A credit rating from all three global agencies. One of only eight countries to do so.

      * Record low interest rates

      * Record low inflation

      * Record low unemployment

      * Real GDP growth of 2.75 per cent in 2013-14 and 3 per cent in 2014-1.By mid 2015,
      our economy will be 22 per cent bigger than before the global financial crisis, outstripping every major
      advanced economy.

      * $170 billion wiped off our revenues since the GFC caused by the high dollar and world recession
      * The tax-to-GDP ratio in 2013-14 is estimated to be 22.2 per cent, 1.8 percentage points lower than the average under the Howard government. It’s as simple as this — if we were taxing Australian families and Australian businesses like the Howard government did, we’d have an extra $24 billion in taxes in 2013-14 and be comfortably in surplus every year after.
      * Health Funding-$64billion. $40billion more than when Howard left office.
      * Labor provided the largest pension increases in over 100 years.
      * Labor raised Superannuation benefits to 12%
      * Labor has invested a record $36billion in roads, rail and ports.
      * Labor has spent a record $24billion on infrastructure. Howard dudded infrastructure.
      * Whilst the Liberals will provide an inferior NBN Labor will do away with expensive copper wires
      * Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse

      • Great list Wombat!
        This will be the first government in world history tossed out with such an impressive record.

        • More seriously though, has ANY government been tossed out with this:-

          The OECD rates us as economically the best performing economy in the developed world.
          Unemployment a low 5.6%; low debt (in spite of what Abbott tells us); the best terms of trade in 100 years; inflation a record low 2.2%; low interest rates (3%) resulting in a $5000 a year saving for people with an average home mortgage compared to the Howard years.
          Internationally, we have a AAA credit rating from all three independent international credit rating agencies. Something Howard and Costello NEVER achieved in 11 years of government. Surpluses? Keating produced the repetitive surpluses and the economy that Howard and the Liberals surfed on and learned on. The last serious surplus for the Liberals before Keating was by Arthur Fadden in the 1940′s! Has ANY government ever been voted out with stellar economic credentials as good as these? Labor has failed dismally in selling its
          stellar economic record.Why though, why?

          • Why?
            Because from the first day of gillard pmship there was the stink of something nasty.
            Unfair in my opinion

            • NO:- Labor had a plan for government but NOT a plan for STAYING in government. The Libs are always big on this.

              • Wombat, I don’t think this is right time for us to be discussing or speculating on the reasons for Labor’s plight. There are enough traitorous Laborites and a self serving media doing that already.
                What we need to be doing is follow your lead and keep putting the tough policy questions to the Liberals. Use every opportunity to expose them for the bumpkins they are.
                Just on your other point about keeping power and getting power - I think that Labor’s idealism is its greatest triumph AND its Achilles heel. I don’t think it’s a matter of planning to stay in government for the sake of it, that’s John Howard territory, I think is about trying to get as much done as possible before the inevitable nutjobs and mouth breathers like Frank pull you back down. I don’t buy that ‘the electorate is smart’ garbage, they’re not. It’s been my experience that for the most part the Australian voter is either indifferent, parochial, and easily led. Or all three at once!!
                I think Abbott’s ascendency right now is incontrovertible evidence of that. I can’t honestly remember the time that any of the Liberals I know or work with had a legit discussion about policy.
                I’m serious.

            • while the assassination of Turnbull by Abbott had the scent of something divine??

              • No Dali, it had the scent of a non event, a media blind spot, a void.
                The bastards took it off the agenda and now only a few people remember it whilst most Australians seem to know what happened on that June night better than Gillard and Rudd!!!!
                Fucking incredible.

                I had you picked as a younger man Dali but read somewhere you are a grandfather. What’s your story Dali?
                I’ve got this awful cold and am laid up in bed for a few days, thats why I’m writing at this ridiculous hour. Me, I work in a small private design office, live in Labor heartland and despise the Liberal ideology with a passion.

                • Commiserations for the cold.
                  The difference I would think between the stabbings if you like, was that one of them involved the PM of the day.
                  Which seems a bit more important in the scheme of things than the opposition.

                  • more
                    important? how?

                  • I disagree. Keating had to remove Hawke and if Costello had had the guts would have moved on Howard. To move against a leader takes guts and determination, and sometimes it simply has to be done.

                    Rudd had lost the support of his colleagues to the extent that he did not even bother to try putting it to a vote.

                    He knew he was gone; the pity is that he has thought since then that he might come back. That Labor still has some chance to win in September suggests to me that if he had scotched his ambitions for the greater good, they would be in a position to win easily.

                    • And a good morning to you on this beautiful freezing(down here)day.
                      It’s almost to the day, three years since this atrocity tppk place.
                      Have a reminisce by reading from the

                    • I don’t need to read about it, I lived it.

                    • 100pc correct, re Keating and Costello -PM is not a prize, its yours while you earn it; hence Rudd’s dismissal - a legal one, unlike Gough’s

                  • Yes, Chris, I reckon you’re right on that score. Perception is EVERYTHING and the “look” was awful. At the time I could have strangled those that pushed Gillard. They didn’t really leave her with much of a choice. Bastards.

                    She’s been on the back foot since that very first day which is a shame because I think she’s a great PM.
                    I doubt that even Curtin faced such unrelenting pressure.

                  • CHRIS:-What do you do if it is cold….cover it up!

      • Very good Wombat. I would add to that list Labor’s aged care reform package currently before the Senate (Living Longer Living Better), generally well received by the industry, and for which the Coalition predictably has grumbled about as being over regulated, while proposing only superficial amendments to the legislation.

      • Thanks Wombat. I have taken the liberty of pasting this list into a drum article. The more these sorts of lists get around the better.

  2. Have they got ANY policies?

    Are the voters supposed to buy a pig in a bag, in a hessian bag perhaps.

    • That’s more to the point.
      Yes, but they won’t release them till after the election, when it’s too late for punters to change their votes.
      Although, I have read Cory Bernardi has a mandate for a thorough cull of live stock, including pets (what a lame excuse!)for purposes of public morality.

      • I’m starting to dislike surnames starting with a letter B; Bernardi, Brough, Bishop, Brandis, Bolt…

        Better keep Milo in the backyard.

  3. Policies??
    Let’s ask Frank and Ryutin.

    • You all know what their policies are. Do very little, pay off Labor debt and sack lots of public servants. What’s not to like? Sounds like a good deal to me.

      • ” Do very little”

        and you want to pay them a salary for that?

        • Yep. That’s what I want in a government. To be small. Tax little. Govern wisely. Spend on basics. No grand mausoleums to the vanity of political dreams.

          No big picture plans.

          Like Howard. The worlds greatest miniaturist.

          Policies written on the end of a pin. The grand Liberal tradition. I hope Abbott follows my principal. It’s wise one and will take him far politically if he heeds my sage advice.

          After Rudd and Gillard, people want something relaxed and comfortable to slip into. Labor offers far too many thrills and spills. Like a wreckless Bonnie and Clyde, tearing down the motorway shooting up banks, driving down blind alleys, hitting endless U turns, people want to get off this ride and step into a calmer reassuring and boring government. Abbott could be Mantovani. We had enough of the mad Beethoven couple. Big picture plans my foot! Too expensive. I don’t give a Gonski.

          • You appear to be in a parallel universe. Howard was not a small spender is my understanding. He spent really big on crap, like 2 wars for example.

            • Howard was the biggest spender and highest taxing government in our history. So much so that if we returned to Howard’s 2007 tax scales we wld have a surplus of $21billion. That is what I wld be sticking up the Lying Liberals.

          • Look what good not giving a Gonski has done for you Frank, a small time blogging clown who is unable to piece together an argument, ANY argument whatsoever, about why Liberal policies are better than Labor’s.
            As if that’s wasn’t bad enough you’re now telling us that Howard was small government?!?!?!?!
            Your line “grand mausoleums to the vanity of political dreams” is the perfect epitaph for the Howard tenure. You got bought on the cheap Frank, a couple of milkshakes and a packet of smokes worth of tax cuts, and you dropped to your knees like a Liberal about to play the rusty trombone.

          • Look what good not giving a Gonski has done for you Frank, a small time blogging clown who is unable to piece together an argument, ANY argument whatsoever, about why Liberal policies are better than Labor’s.
            As if that’s wasn’t bad enough you’re now telling us that Howard was small government?!?!?!?!
            Your line “grand mausoleums to the vanity of political dreams” is the perfect epitaph for the Howard tenure. You got bought on the cheap Frank, a couple of milkshakes and a packet of smokes worth of tax cuts, and you dropped to your knees like a Liberal about to play the rusty trombone.

          • That’s OK for you to say Frank. You wouldn’t have a child with a severe disability by any chance would you? No, thought not.

      • Tell us EXACTLY how they’re going to pay off the debt Frank.

        • The real reason why Labor’s grand initiatives will never materialize.

          Scroll down and look at Commonwealth Government Debt.

          • That’s very informative Frank but its not really an answer to my question.

            how are the Liberals going to reduce the debt?
            Lets have it Rent Boy, what’s the plan?
            I bet you the entire Australian debt that you got nothing! Just like Abbott, Hockey, Pyne and Bishop, NADA!!
            So come on Frank, here’s your chance to wipe the debt in one go!
            Do it for yourself, do it for us, do it for the kiddies, do it for all the unborn Aussies yet to turn into right wing nutjobs with a proclivity for grovelling and cowardice.
            Just Do It!!

          • Frankie…….. Now I know you’re taking the piss.

  4. No, I think they’ll only sell pigs in a plastic bag.
    Remember the coalition grew out of the remnants of flat earth disciples.
    Many wear raglan sleeved pullovers and in Queensland go around in shorts wearing knee socks and souteneur sandals.

  5. In One Word ‘No’ - the Coalition does not have any good policies. They don’t need to. People have already made up their minds.

    Just like the NSW and Qld elections, people have already cast their vote and placed it in their back pocket, and will transfer it to the ballot paper on election day.

  6. Among the electoral advertising floating into the letterbox an invitation to contact the local Liberal candidate to ask about issues/policies was on the bottom of the blurb.
    I have and await the reply, if ever.
    Some of the propaganda is a bit rough, one with pictures like a jigsaw piece with a picture of my MP on one and a message saying that “Julia Gillard is still in power because of Jenny Macklin’s backing”.

  7. Why would you provide any distraction from this rich motley ? I’ll almost miss the show when it’s over.

  8. I met someone recently who looked as if he had never eaten black pudding. His heart was in the right place though. As I got to know him better it came out he was a Liberal supporter because his dad was.(he told me coyly)
    I alreay knew there was some link between climate Skeptics, anti Boat people and misogyny; but lack of black pudding.? What next?
    Anyway, policies and LNP are an oxymoron.

  9. They think they don’t need any policies, other than to tear down anything useful and even vaguely “socialist”.

    Stop the Boats Stop the NBN Stop the Waste Stop the Boats Stop the Education Stop the Hospitals Stop the Boats etc etc etc

    (NB that “Stop the Waste” means sack lots of public servants which they will then need to re-hire before they can do anything . . .)

    If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny.

    • What baffles me most is why Australians buy this silly rhetoric, passively, without questioning.
      Can someone please explain to me why is this happening.

      • Helvi. - it is explainable as religion.

      • Australians have always silly rhetoric, passively, without questioning. Just watch A Current Affair.

      • Australians have always bought silly rhetoric, passively, without questioning. Just watch A Current Affair.

      • Australians buy this because they live in the land of plenty. They can get paid if they don’t work and even be given a house for next to nix. Consequently, many don’t take an interest in politics. Heaps don’t even know our three tiers of government, the difference between state and Federal politics. Its a bloody disgrace. The other night on the radio (ABC) Tony Delroy asked a simple question in a quiz. Who is the Premier of NSW. Most didn’t know.It took a while to get an answer. Australians would take an interest in politics if they were in disadvantaged countries and hunger in their bellies We have had it too good for too long..

        • where your treasure is there will your heart be

          A very large number of Australians are so swamped in material wealth that they have lost touch with the real world. First the world of poverty and desperation that most other people in the world live in. Then their own best selves.

          Buying has become the chief joy or solace in many aimless lives. Lives that are poor in all except material things - and feel poor in those too, because greed is insatiable

          This is a human problem, not just an Australian one. Once the struggle for existence no longer dictates the shape of our lives, we are left to devise a reason to live, a way to live

          Not easy

          Unfortunately we will probably not have much more time to work on it, because the good times will certainly end due to the harm already seeded into our climate.

          The question now is, how bad will the catastrophe be, and that depends on us starting to face reality again, we Australians on what David Williamson in a his essay called “Cruise Ship Australia’

        • Did it take you that long to get through?? :grin:

          Maybe there was only you and a few out-of-staters listening!

        • Wombat, my interest in politics stems from the depressing Howard years; he and Pauline changed Australia, they sowed the seeds of xenophobia, and now Abbott and co are expanding on it, making it worse…

          It’s OK now to abuse dark-skinned people in Sydney and Melbourne buses, people watch and take photos but they do not interfere, why not?

          • It’s extraordinary Helvi, to watch the video someone took of the Melbourne incident, and one in the last couple of days with an ordinary looking Australian being hit by a young woman, when people just stare straight ahead avert their eyes and let it happen.

          • Helvi:I am in total agreement…..when will Gillard expose The Howard Dark Years for electoralm success?

          • ” he (Howard) and Pauline changed Australia “ - Helvi

            I wouldn’t absolve Jeanette either. Those who want to rule the herd love tapping into the deep psychic fears of invasion that make the suburbs tremble in the dark, rattling the forlorn barbecues outside the bedrooms where nightmares ride the anguished and tormented.

  10. Julia was mobbed by well wishers in a SA farmers market on the weekend. It happens all the time when she is out and about.
    The polls are rubbish mostly and mostly along the lines Bob points out. It is time to stop fretting over polls…they are a journalistic tool to school journalists into editorial lines. Ok!
    The LNP is operating under the maxim Australians don’t vote opposition in they vote Governments out. It is a theory not a fact and yet the LNP is betting the house in it.
    The true state of affairs regarding voting intentions must be worse for the LNP than what is being reported or they wouldn’t be so very desperate.
    The journalists working for unfairfax and Newscorpse have a case of Stockholm Syndrome…they identify with their captors…the money that owns them…they all mostly have mortgages and are terrorised into compliance. Fear is their master. One article tangential to the schools movement could be their last. Xit’s a cowardice akin to that of train drivers and guards in Nazi Germany.
    The main reason however that they are chomping away at the ABC is its lack of a paywall. Unfairfax is trying to hold out by lurching to the right grabbing whatever reader share it can leaving the ABC to shoulder mostly the left and centre load…hoping the LNP gets in and dismantled and sells off the national broadcaster whereafter Unfairfax will swing back left to claim for itself a natural constituency.

    • readable, sensible post which gave me food for thought

    • We know they hate the ABC - it has that wealthy middle class demographic that they find so hard to access.

      But I doubt even Abbott would be so stupid as to sell off the ABC. Every nation needs a national broadcaster, and one might look at those countries which do not. The latest appears to be Greece.

      • worth remembering, though, that Turdoch’s spawn had begun a concerted campaign against the BBC when the Guardian revealed their criminal and despicable activities adn it all came tumbling down (All tumbling: I imagine the Deng departure is not unrelated, certainly his newspaper toys have been sent off to sink away from the main corporation after he fucked up so royally in the UK)

  11. I’m very affraid of what could happen if the “Australian Tories” get in next September. If you’re a multimillianaire….Know what I mean?! :roll:

  12. Kevin Rudd has to understand he has been used by the right wing press and dogs like Fitzgibbon to engender a kind of B A Santamaria split of todays Labor movement. He has been indulged in the continuence of his delusion in order to harm Labor.
    This is an Abbott sanctioned indulgence because Abbott is relying on the biblical proverb…a house divided cannot stand.
    Fitzgibbon just wants a show on Fox n Friends or Sky as its called here…Richo can’t last forever afterall.
    What Labor must consider tho is the subject of catholicism and how the LionsClub parliamentary religiuos grouping has broken down party discipline.

  13. Has anyone considered the possibility that Abbott might be well along the autism spectrum? I am not a psychologist, but as a teacher have read much about the condition.His lack of moral compass, inability to empathise,singleminded,obsessive pursuit of his goal to be PM, all point to this possibility, hence his unsuitablitiy for a job that requires broader vision,and quickness of wit in unexpected circumstances. Bear in mind his reluctance to face the debates, his weird tongue tied head nodding performance under pressure of a difficult interview and his coiled up energy, just waiting to be unleashed. Bob has said he writes well and I agree, but this also, in the absence of oral fluency is part of it. Rudd on the other hand is a most peculiar creature - far more complex I suspect.Julia is magnificent and deserves some clear air. Decent people of good will do not deserve Abbott!
    We have been following this site for ages, find it illuminating, sometimes inspired, sometimes depressing - but it is great to be able to feel part of a stream of intelligence outside the MSM. Thanks, Bob.

  14. It looks like Gillard is staying. OK let us not waste time. She must organize debates between her and Abbott’s hopeless shadow Ministers between now and the election. By election time, it will be obvious Abbott STANDS for nothing IS nothing and HAS nothing to offer. No policies only No NO and NO. On ever issue Debt, the Economy, Gonski, Health, PP Leave….I can go on foever…..Abbott and his geriatric lot would be defeated every time.

    Bob:- phone your Labor contacts and tell them to start this right now. Have Labor members talking to empty chairs. The best election tactic ever! The Libs would be too gutless to front Bob!!

    • “It looks like Gillard is staying.”

      later news
      “It looks like the sun is going to rise tomorrow”

      but positive, Wombie, positive

      • Fitzwatzit was on the news saying the leadership issue is over…..Rudd is going nowhere and Gillard is too….which means she is staying. Time to start the debates seeing Abbott will not talk to anybody.

      • and exactly which tea cup did you peer in to get your news from johnsalmond? Can’t you see the media is in a self-fulfilling cycle? keep saying it, Rudd’s coming back, and you never know, one day it might just come true!

  15. Chris Henderson

  16. You all would be well advised to look at debka dot com because we are staring down the first stretch of a global nuclear war between obama and putin.

  17. ”Chris June 20, 2013 at 7:10 am daft I know, but the public might be under the illusion that the PM sorta runs the country. “

    Yes, your opinion is daft.

    Yes, anyone who thinks the PM runs the country is under an illusion, and has a poor grasp of international capital and the Westminster system and fused executive.

    If by sorta you mean “pretends to”, you might be less daft.

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