After Morgan

Morgan shows the women voting or preferring Labor now on 50.

This will go up a bit after Bernardi’s latest go at homosexuals.

And the under-25s vote, already underestimated by 8 percent, will be on about 58 after that, and the menu, and the army porn, and the Abbott abortion one-liners becoming known.

A Labor landslide, as I told Phillip on Thursday.

You wait and see.

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  1. Adrianofafrica

    Have not heard the Abbott one liners. Any link ?

  2. Have you noticed his smirking rictus,the tightening yellow brown skin and the ears straining to hear a distant trumpet.I think his nightmares are of defeat.

  3. Kevin Rudd called Bernadi a primitive after today’s effort.

  4. Right on Bob, loved your little chin wag with PA

  5. I had a chat to my better half about quailgate, Sattlergate, Ackermans comments on Insiders etc. She does not follow politics whatsoever, her eyes glaze over when I start table thumping. Yet this issue has become a talking point in the office of the large corporation she works for. I gave her a history lesson on Abbott, Bernardi and Co.
    I think your right Bob, the events of last week have been a major turning point. The sisterhood are taking notice.

  6. OT
    strange story about Turdoch’s previous divorce and how far you can trust what you read in the papers/’net (clue: not far)

    also, nice quote about a nice man
    “has not spoken to the mother of three of his children since he left their home, 15 years ago.”

    (not sure how reliable that is, but it does fit)

    • I guess the message is how the press just copy each other; once a ‘fact’ or a view of things (eg ‘no one is listening to Labor’) gets said a few times, it gets said a million times

      • And then, having been said that a million times they commission a poll and ask, is anyone listening, and of course the numbers now say, no one is listening, so it must be true.

      • Its extremely intriguing that you say once a ‘fact’ or a view of things gets said a few times, it gets said a million times, given some of your posts on the leadership issue.

  7. I have some young friends who will be voting for the first time on Sept 14. They are now listening, too, and they like whst they hear from/about Julia. (Except for the young guy who wants to join ASIO, but he is a very ‘special’ case)

  8. Did you know that the religious order known as The Christian Brothers own $4bn of Newscorp stock?

    According to debka NATO has begun delivering heavy arms to Syrian rebels.

    Kevin Rudd must apologise to Julia Gillard…Labor…and somehow voters by this erks end to undo the heal the our land of its division. He can do it and it will transform his life.

    Do it Kevin.

    Fitzgibbon you have taken advantage of a broken man in Kevin. The break occurre prior to his loss of the PM~ship. A manic depressive syndromic personality drivenninto an almost intractable delusion by abusive sleeping patterns. Pile onto that the heart surgery and the drugs that go with and post operatively manage such things and it is easy to see how Kevin could have such difficulty letting go of the leadership role and to have acted as he has. Kevin is a hero hut he is ill and his wife and family should get him home and in their care because he deserves to be loved and healed by its grace..

  9. Christian Bros Investment Services control $4.6bn on behalf of catholic investments, pension funds etc. I doubt whether it’s all in Newscorp shares.
    They were one of the shareholders calling for Murdoch to be ousted as chairman.

  10. Doubt your arse off Chris but your doubt does not change the facts. You are some kind of spook or ecclesiastical tape worm whose job it is to try and moderate this sites dialogue. So fuck off to where you were spawned and do the right thing.

    Frank is cut from the same cloth.

    Don’t you think it ironic Mal Brough is by trade a hairdresser?

    Gillard gets through this last two weeks A-OK.

    I think worldmeets would be a good place for readers wanting depth in world affairs to start from.

    Debka will open your eyes remarkably also.

    Women auto-abort all the time. Some of the auto-aborts are definately avoidable. Carrot and its sisters like celery juiced after a workout can be effective abortificants. Should we prosecute a woman for murder if she consumes a juiced celery drink and auto-aborts as a result?

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