A Further Question

Can someone tell me what the latest Morgan is and how to punch it up?

I understand the one put up yesterday was ‘preliminary’.

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  1. Daniel Jenkins

    I don’t think the one yesterday was preliminary. Morgan comes out on Mondays.

    • Daniel Jenkins

      Roy Morgan:“Today’s Morgan Poll result shows that voting intentions can swing on what may seem minor matters and that despite the L-NP enjoying a sizeable two-party preferred lead this year’s Federal Election result is still ‘up for grabs’.”

      Hi words, not mine.

    • Mea culpa, I used the P word when posting what had become available to me at the time last night,and before I could see the whole finding which included Gary Morgans Quote

  2. The Right is rattled by the Joh-for-PM potential of Clive Palmer. A lot of people don’t want to vote for the major parties or the Greens so Palmer is an option. Andrew Bolt today has written yet another anti-Palmer column. Bolt was a big Palmer fan when the Mining Tax was legislated, telling us that people like Palmer are great Australians and how dare anyone suggest they pay more tax for digging up our minerals when in fact we should let them have more profit and should genuflect in their presence. Now Bolt is saying Palmer is unstable and a poor businessman. Bolt has put a lot of effort into the lie that Tony Abbott is a warm-hearted, family man blessed with integrity and intelligence. Expect more anti-Palmer material from News Ltd in the weeks to come. Bolt has also had a dig at the ABC’s Tony Jones for not panning Palmer in a recent interview. He sees this of course, as part of an anti-LNP plot of course. The coming election might yet be interesting.

    • The attitudes to Clive Palmer ARE fascinating for those of us who don’t know all that much about him, other than his brief history (“self-made in real estate”, LNP financial backer – big way – and all that). Allegations about him doing whatever he did for his personal benefit, his joining of the hated “Three Oligarchs’ in the class war rhetoric by the ALP at that time (chorus repeated by all the rusted ons of course AND similarly flatly – and stupidly -denied by their opposites). For mine, I liked his public persona when interviewed and I was fascinated (and impressed) by his largess to his workers when on Q and A he detailed how much money he had given to them in bonuses, 150 grand Mercs for a number of them etc. That DID impress me a lot at the time. Maybe it allowed me to be on ‘his side’, but in my defence, his actions did not, without proof of any kind show him to be what the then-propaganda painted him to be, the Oligarch interested in himself and wanting to use politics for his personal benefits.

      Anyone who knows, or lived under, the Bjelke-Peterson days in that state should always tremble at the thought of any Qld Country Party types getting into power in Queensland with no upper house to stop them doing anything and a LONG history of the most outrageous gerrymanders seen since the ‘Playmander’ in South Australia to go on. Even less desirable was any possibility of the White Shoe Brigade having a second generation with hands on the till/decisions - brown paper bags or not.

      Imagine my surprise when Clive Palmer openly demanded his pound of (financial and decision-making) flesh for his bankrolls. Not only that, I was surprised to see the suspect Country Party wing actually claim to act independently and ignore such special pleading! Thus when deciding on a railway line from coal projects, the Palmer proposal was deemed to be not the one to go with, that was when it all happened and we are where we are from that decision and that decision alone. Open watfare.

      The other (very funny) thing about it all (and politics in this country) is that positions towards Palmer have been totally reversed, his toughest opponents now are former allies and the most strident backers, ALP supporters. You were quite right to point out any inconsistency which might have been in the Andrew Bolt comments (and if you have specifics other than the mining tax alone, just throw them in), but a hated Oligarch he ain’t any more either, all his previous sins washed away with time and Wayne Swan will probably confine himself to “Two Billionaires” from now on.

      Anything could happen in Queensland. I have been watching it for many years, have lived there, have family there etc, and with strange groups like the old League of Rights mob, moving seamlessly to Bob Katter (and possibly Clive P also) plus the Pauline Hanson shock wining of 20 seats (was it?) one time, the supposed “deal” on preferences by Bob Katter AND Clive Palmer favouring Pauline Hanson, who knows where that vote will go?

      In other states I don’t think so. There will be much attention paid to the Palmer business interests, not just by News Ltd (http://www.smh.com.au/business/cash-drain-at-palmers-mineralogy-20130617-2oegg.html) and I don’t see the less volatile ‘other states’ going for him over alternate fringe candidates.

      • I must add that I have only just seen an interesting thing that makes Queensland fringe mobs so fascinating anyway.

        I should have mentioned (along with the reference to the League of Rights “eccentrics” - to be polite) the constant paranoia about fluoride (akin to the anti-vaccination ratbags). BUT I thought that was a bit passe these days even for them.

        No. Guess who?


      • The Palmer story: a rich fool and his money are soon parted. (As in America, the rich rightists attract masses of leeches, and how do you tell a leech from a real conservative?)

        Palmer: a waste of space

        Palmer: a danger to democracy if he wasn’t the above

      • Tootin’ - you really need to seek treatment for that logorrhoea. Nobody reads so much crap so why do you bother?

        • Thank you, it’s nice for a change to see people want to merely limit opinions in opposition to their own, rather than banish them altogether.

          Besides, and again, it was not meant for you but for those who have open minds or the possible innocents who (might) drop by.

  3. The latest poll showed:

    Cunts up 4% to 46

    Lazy drunk writers down 7% to 26

    Fat turds who hang around Aussie’s making a mess and annoying busy MPs up 8% with a margin of error of 3

    People who threaten to sue but never do … No poll conducted.

    • Hmmm.

      Watch it, sunshine.

    • Malcolm Kukura

      Makes one wonder if Bob’s The Unexpected Stirton Fraud proposition of June 17, 2013 at 7:11 pm (I am beginning to think you are a devious, lying kunt klint eatswoody) might be right and not only an extreme right wing nut in disguise

  4. If Gillard is going to remain bunkered up like Howard did waiting for The End, she must use the time constructively. She should organize debates between her, Abbott, her Ministers and Abbott’s shadows, right up until the election. They should start within a week. She will destroy him and Abbott’s shadow ministers in every debate. Abbott has nothing to talk about, nothing to offer. He is still hiding…nowhere to be found. The media won’t drag him out so she should, with empty chairs in waiting. Why won’t she do this? Who are her stupid advisers?

    • Well, I always gathered Shorten pulled her strings. That is how it looks from the floor.

      Written on this generation of ALP hacks’ collective gravestone will be “We only wanted to be loved - by our betters”

      • Well said Jezza….lets us all stand by and do nothing….William Thackeray was it? Those who stand and wait? Uncle Bob will correct me!

        • I will put Australian politics in the too hard basket, and will shift my focus onto arts…so much easier to understand :grin:

          • well said.

          • A report by Chris, aged?;

            Currently showing at the NGV as part of the Melbourne Winter Masterpieces project is the exhibition ‘Monet’s Garden’, over fifty paintings concentrating on the garden at Giverny.

            Well worth a look if you are a fan of Monet and in Melbourne as it is only in Melbourne and only until the first week of September.

            • Monet’s late masterpieces moved him away from being a painter of nature to the nature of painting. Pollock was once asked why he didn’t paint after nature, his reply: “I am nature.”

        • If you are thinking of ‘They also serve who only stand and wait’, it was Milton, the last words of a poem.

  5. Who is bunkered? Gillard is out there doing what a Prime Minister does.

    Abbott is the one bound and gagged and kept away from nasty journalists.

  6. The PM’s performance in Question Time the last two days has been formidable.
    If only the pusillanimous poltroons cowering & plotting behind her had a skerrick of her ability.
    And hasn’t MM been silent lately, as well as his minions, esp Grub Morrison & the Vertical Chihuahua?
    Points to Turncoat for his NBN question, but not many - his heart clearly wasn’t in it.
    I wonder who wrote Robin the Boy Wonder’s question? All those number thingies and rhetorical wrinkles - not something he would know if they bit his baby soft bum.

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