The Akerman Moment

It is not likely that Piers Akerman, never a favourite of Barrie Cassidy, will appear again on Insiders. He repeated Sattler’s Tim-is-gay line about six times after Cassidy told him not to.

Interesting how this, plus the menu, plus the men-deciding-abortion lines, have done Gillard a power of good in the past five days.

I’d be surprised if her vote among women is not now over 50.

And, once the Kathy Donnelly stuff is properly aired, over 60.

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  1. Akerman
    it is barely credible that a cancerous clown, vile imbiber of the golden vomit of the ruling classes, is allowed on a serious programme from the national broadcaster - like giving equal say in the climate debate to 98pc of climate scientists and someone who hears the truth in whispered voices in their ceiling

    next week, Krusty, followed by Jones, Henderson, Bolt?

  2. Dangerous dog debate, so Cassidy would give equal time to the greiving parents of the dead child, and then hear from the dangerous dog can’t defend the indefensible. Akerman is not balance, he is a bomb thrower.

    • That is about the stretch of it. Whether it is a dangerous dog, or my take, that if X from the government made a stand in support of motherhood, the ABC would scour the globe for someone to state a contrary view. And call it “balance”.

  3. Akerman -who named one of his daughters “Pia” as a feminisation of his own name- is homophobic because he is a closet homosexual. Doesn’t everyone’s Gaydar go “ping” whenever he’s on screen?
    Hypocritical excrement.

  4. Piers Akerman is just a worthy figure of any praise. He is a disgusting journalist.

  5. Well unlike everyone else here who is an expert on picking poofters and dykes, I must admit I am pretty hopeless in these affairs.

    The only person who alerted me to Tim and Julia’s sexual orientations was ironically my hetrosexual barber, Kev, who has extra sensory perception in these matters and knows a poof when he sees one. Mind you, he’s a Tory, so we get on like a house on fire, sniggering and chortling like right-wingers do at what goes up and down in Canberra.

    I didn’t mind Piers comment one bit. The mock confected outrage of the Left always amuses me.
    Carry on being peeved.

    • frank, do you have any standards whatsoever?

    • Even if Tim was homosexual, he’d still get more pussy than Piers.

      I mean give Piers a bell and a belfry and they could remake the Hunchback of Notre Dame without an additional lick of makeup.

    • Frank, the dykes are the ones wearing Doc Martins and Hard Yakka shorts.
      Finishing touches can be tattoo’s, a multi dyed crew-cut and a Harley.
      If it helps.

      • Girls wear things that are IN, there was a time when the prettiest girls wore Bluntstones with their short flowery dresses.
        No one should Hard Yakka, not even tradesmen.

    • … don’t mind his comments? But about the many LIES he tells?

  6. It was interesting watching Hopalong first of all raise his voice, asking Porkerman to desist then calling him pathetic. Generous I thought but at least Taylor & Farr derided him into silence with their laughter.

  7. A nasty exhibition from Farr and the stoned-out Billy Bunter preppie Ackerman.
    Media Watch had a couple of points to make on this unsavoury mess tonight, critical of the way Murdoch louts use broadsheet broadcasting to launch their sordid, filthy campaigns in the tabloids.

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