September Song For Julia

It’s only ninety days
Until mid-September,
And we can’t let down
Our local Labor member…

Though the winter weather
Turns affections cold,
We’ll remember Gough,
And that memory hold…

While the votes trickle down
From Bob and Clive
From Oakeshott! From Windsor!

And these few preference votes
Keep hope alive
These precious votes …
Help Julia … thrive!

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  1. Michael Lawrence

    Question: If you could hack the email account of this or that Coalition frontbencher and therein find correspondence that would scandalise and ruin them, would you do it? Would you make the information public?
    This question seems topical somehow.

    • Umm … no I wouldn’t.

      Unless, of course, it adverted to corrupt or criminal behaviour, or war crimes.

      If I found proof that Piers is a cocaine-addicted sodomite sacked years back for sexual harassment I would keep it dark.

    • I agree. If it showed that Heiferman moved on from the arses of young cows to those of young seminarians, and more recently those of certain Liberal front-bench ministers, I would never reveal any of that.

      None of it is anyone’s business, even if Murdoch and the Chinese know the details and have video and have every last one of them over the barrel, so to speak.

      I would never reveal any of it.

  2. Poem for Kevin

    Old friend don’t grieve,
    Your time has come,
    Each Labor voter
    Has done the sum,
    And irrefutably you are
    The man,
    To take us forward
    To the promised land.

    Thus Hawkey, Keating,
    And good old Gough,
    Can rejoice the ending
    Of the Gillard trough.

  3. Stick to prose, Bob, versifying does not appear to be your forte. Nor psephological prognostication.

  4. If we are still in our current mode the song might be:

    ‘The party’s over, it’s time to call it a day’

    Music by Jule Styne

  5. OT
    the America the 1pc has taken over is not the real America, as this reminds

    “Despite a sustained demonization campaign against him from official Washington [and large sections of the media!], a Time magazine poll found that 54% of Americans believe Snowden did “a good thing”, while only 30% disagreed. That approval rating is higher than the one enjoyed by both Congress and President Obama.”

  6. Nielsen Poll initial figures:

    Poll Primary Votes: ALP 29 (-3) LNP 47 (+3)
    Poll Primary Votes (Rudd leading ALP): ALP 40 LNP 42

  7. Gillard is gone make no mistake
    The leadership now Rudd’s to take
    And take it he will some time soon
    Before Gillard leads us all to ruin

    Gillard the experiment truly failed
    Her resignation in sealed & mailed
    Rudd the nerd a nauseating grinner
    For all the crap a proven winner

    And win he will yes only just
    He will return as needs must
    So you Rudd knockers rant & rave
    This party Rudd will surely save

    So rave on deliriously about Rudd
    It is just another load of crud
    He is the man to save the day
    Would have been sweet irony if the election was in May.

    So if you are sure Rudd will fail
    Put your bets in the mail

  8. Gillard is gone make no mistake
    The leadership now Rudd’s to take
    And take it he will some time soon
    Before Gillard leads us all to ruin

    Gillard the experiment truly failed
    Her resignation in sealed & mailed
    Rudd the nerd a nauseating grinner
    For all the crap a proven winner

    And win he will yes only just
    He will return as needs must
    So you Rudd knockers rant & rave
    This party Rudd will surely save

    So rave on deliriously about Rudd
    It is just another load of crud
    He is the man to save the day
    Would have been sweet irony if the election was in May.

    So if you are sure Rudd will fail
    Put your bets in the mail
    Talk is cheap as we know
    So put up or shut up with your dough.

    • phill: verse and verse

      • The verse matters not. My brief, my hope, my dream, is Labor will win. I could really give a fuck who leads it, so long as Abbott does not become P.M.

        Abbott will lead this country into the fucking dark ages. This election is probably the most important since federation.

        • only if its a landslide, that’s the risk with Gillard.

          • Indeed. Rudd is the only hope. Never before have I seen such misplaced loyalty.

            Talk of I’ll vote informal if they sink Gillard is the talk of punters unsure of their ideology.

            This is not about Gillard or Rudd, this is about Labor winning and keeping Abbott out of office.

            All the rest matters not a jot.

            All this talk of Rudd is this, Rudd is that, is, for school children.

            Apart from a load of opinionated bollocks, Rudd is a winner. Lets face facts. Yes, Gillard with the help of independents is the P.M however, anyway you carve it up, she lost the last election or as good as.

            • Too true. You don’t hear the Rudd supporters saying they’ll quit Labor if…, it seems, from that perspective, the Gillard supporters are slightly manic, less loyal to the overall cause of defeating Mr Rabbit. Rudd never broke into anyone’s office and stole material defamatory, or allegedly so, that was the Gillard camp, crossing the line as usual. As for leaking, Maxine McKew has a bit to say about that eh Julia? Gillard supporters want it every way.

              • Too true. Apart from the people on this blog, I don’t know a soul who likes Gillard.

                I have made this point before, Gillard took social security money off of her base. Of all the places to save money, this was total fucking madness.

                Of course, she did what Tony Abbott plans to do in spades once he’s in office. The working class unfortunately,can’t see it.

                All this talk of the polls being wrong is nonsense. It’s Rudd or it’s over, simple.

                • I don’t like Gillard, I like what her government is doing for the people. I think she is a better manager than Rudd.

                  Those on the right touting for Rudd are transparently insincere.

  9. Abbott should Piss, or get off the Pot.He takes the position on everything as ‘Your Cock up’ ‘Not my Arse’, Move on! If only those above knew the haunting tune that is September Song hey! Tony sings ‘As the days dwindle by, there’s a precious few,why have I left it to hate, for now it’s too late!

  10. This is probably the most unpredictive election we have ever had.Flashing in the background are four lights NBN, NDIS, GONSKI,and Carbon Tax. Clear cut guides for the country.It is said that a confident prediction does not mean an accurate one.Over confidence is more often a reason for Failure. Do some reading up on Nate Silver, the guy who accurately predicted Obama to win.he talks of Probability versus Uncertainty.Too much analysis leads to paralysis. The old paradigms don’t fit any more due to technology giving many people greater insight than ever before into facts as opposed to Bullshit.

    • Totally agree with the last sentence.
      I hold the view, and am generally derided for it by the old school that the method and substance? of last century politics is well over and done with.

      “Fings aint wot they used ta be”, another melody.

    • interesting suggestions there;

      Silver certainly got it right, but the question is: is the information as reliable in our circumstances; lots of unknowns at issue, as shown in particular by those polls with different leaders, which I think are solid evidence of something happening under the surface. I don’t think the surface story (about the leader) is necessarily the underlying story. Partly the response depends on the question.

      The party is entitled to see those results as indicating that the electorate has not written them off.

      But to take such uncontrolled, unanalysable material as a guide to specific action would be abandoning their own judgement to others.

      They must go with what they have chosen, people and policies, and sell it boots and all, as if they planned to be around 10 more years

      No party will win Australians’ votes if it does not believe in itself, that is a sure case of a self-fulfilling prophecy

  11. If they knife Julia.I’m voting informal .They can lie in the hollow folds of their bed alone.

    • I’d be pretty tempted to follow suit, just out of solidarity with women (given that I believe she has done a tremendous leadership job in really difficult circumstances) - sometimes you have to take a stand on fundamentals

      • So at least we can count on you as not being one of the 7% of defectors that have left the Labor primary vote with a 2 at the beginning of the figure.

        • I’ll always support Labor, regardless. I’m opinionated but not that embittered. Anyone but Mr Rabbit.

          • Anyway Bob, loved your little song, thanks for hosting the night, been a good, frank, creative night, talking at the table.

  12. Line for Gillard…”It seems that quite a few Australians are planning to vote not so much for Tony Abbott as for his cock. We’ve all seen Tony Abbott’s cock, in outline anyway, that lycra doesn’t leave much to the imagination, so we know he has one. Maybe it is where he keeps his policies.

    What Australia has to ask itself though is whether it wants that cock in its collective mouth after September, whether it wants to do a Kathy. That didn’t work out so well for kathy, I hear, and I don’t think it will work out so well for Australia”

    Offensive? Yes. make the Liberals squeal bout how offended they are and about how some respect should be shown etc etc.

    • And however difficult the middle class left finds it to understand _that will win votes for the ALP_.

      • What’s good for the goose is good for he gander. :cool:

      • Because while fighting spirit doesn’t count for everything it counts for a lot.

        The lowering of the tone of political debate could be the ALP’s opportunity, a chance for Gillard to lose her “condescending kindergarten teacher” persona. Time to take off the big red boxing gloves and go bareknuckle. (Another line she or another ALper could use, don’t mention it).

        And when the pompous dicks of the press deprecate, then for Chrsit’s sake _ridicule_ them and _ridicule_ the Liberals and don’t stop ever until September 14.

        And after ridiculing Abbott _sympathise_ with him, refer to him “taking it like a man” quite often. Then chuckle.

        • And when a journalist deprecates say something like….”well, Tony is yer darlin’, I know. Maybe you hope to get a job in a Liberal government’s press department peddling lies for Tony? You are getting plenty of practice now God knows.”

          Is Tim a poofter? She could have said “well he did tell me when we got together that he’d do anything but take it up the arse so I guess he isn’t. You seem to be out of luck with both Tim and Tony, so enough about you lets talk about me. Do you have any serious questions for me?” Maybe a bit too far? Well, “enough or too much” (as Billy Blake put it)

          And she should for Christ’s sake stop worrying about the polls. I mean, really stop worrying about them not just pretend to. “He who goes into battle seeking life finds death, he who seeks death finds life and victory” As Lao Tzu put it. And if she does go down fighting she will leave a heroic legend behind her and the ALP will be able to rebuild. Compare the 1966 election. If she doesn’t go down fighting then she will go down in any case and leave nothing behind her. I mean the traditional ALP response to a defeat is to become more like the Liberal party. But that path is now exhausted now, they may as well join the Liberal party if they do that.

          “If Australia wants to do a Kathy I can’t stop it. If the democratic will of Australia is to be slobbered over and fondled and generally used for the convenience of Tony Abbott then I can’t prevent that. Only Australians can prevent that. Maybe Australia wants to be hooked out to the mining companies the way Abbott hooked Kathy out to his landlord, I don’t know. But I do know that I am fighting 7 days a week to stop that from happening.”

          The Liberal has the predator’s edge over the ALP. It wants to kill the ALP and so far as practicable kill its base. It can’t actually wipe out the working and lower middle classes but it can destroy the organized working class, and the organized lower middle class and this is exactly what it seeks to do.

          But the ALP does not aspire to destroy the Liberal party or its capitalist base, and that is the source of its weakness.

          Sparring with your friends and friendly rivals is one thing, a fight with a blood enemy is another and the ALP does not seem to grasp this. Rules and laws may limit the damage one can do to your enemy, but if in your heart you do want to kill them you had better avoid a fight because you have already lost.

          • “as an anarchist” hahahoho
            If you say so, Jerrums.

            Worse, they’re on to Gillard for slouching in Parliament with cleavage on display. it’s a bit rough. when she doesn’t know any better.

            • I’ve no idea what you mean P Casey and doubt that you do.

              • She is from another planet, JS.

                • Sorry, Jeremy, or short JD.

                  • No worries Helvi I am the typo king myself.

                    The lines I suggested for Sattler actually weren’t good, she probably did better but the general point remains. And I still like the “do a Kathy” speech.

                    And she should have protested about him being sacked…we don’t want the shock jocks sacked we want them to whine and resign in the face of public ridicule.

          • “don’t want” rather than “do want”.

  13. ‘Tis better to be vile than vile esteemed,
    When not to be receives reproach of being;
    And the just pleasure lost, which is so deemed
    Not by our feeling, but by others’ seeing:
    For why should others’ false adulterate eyes
    Give salutation to my sportive blood?
    Or on my frailties why are frailer spies,
    Which in their wills count bad what I think good?
    No, I am that I am, and they that level
    At my abuses reckon up their own:
    I may be straight though they themselves be bevel;
    By their rank thoughts, my deeds must not be shown;
    Unless this general evil they maintain,
    All men are bad and in their badness reign.”

    Shakespeare, Sonnet 121

    Seems appropriate.

    • Appropriate in your self defence?

      • I didn’t know I was charged with anything. Have you a complaint?

        • Well, you did put yourself up as a poetry critic. Can you explain in one sentence (your own words) just what Shakespeare was getting at in his sonnet?

          • In one sentence!

            As you may know, I think that Edward De Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford was the Bard. De Vere shows through very clearly in this sonnet; it has no relevance to a fellow from Stratford on Avon, but direct and clear relevance to the Earl, whose reputation was trashed in the late 1580s and the early 1590s as he went through his fortune and was accused of vice.

            In a nutshell, he says that it would be better if he were indeed vile in reality than to have his reputation ruined, and that others accuse him of their own sins.

  14. several sentences worth in that, and no one sentence could justly contain it

    some is pretty pelucid-

    ‘No, I am that I am, and they that level
    At my abuses reckon up their own:’


    ‘I may be straight though they themselves be bevel’

    there are net sites that can give the lazy and tired a hitch

    • You’re incorrigible jsa, but I like you. I’m still waiting on a reply from our resident critic, Doug Quixote. No, I’m not the Knight of the mirrors. He used the bard to illustrate his point and I’m just wondering, what exactly that point is?

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