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The Galaxy Poll showing Labor winning 50 percent two party preferred under Rudd is a measure of the crookedness of the Murdoch process — which did not, by the look of it, report Blair’s affair with Wendi for the ten years it was well known.

50 percent exactly. If it was 50.1 it would signify the same vote with which Gilard formed government. At 50.2 it would mean Labor in government on its own. At 50.4 it would mean a majority of seven or nine.

All of these results are signified by the ’rounded down’ figure of 50.

And once you correctly allocate the Palmer and Katter preferences it becomes 52.9 and a majority of, oh, twenty-five. And once you correct the landline bias it becomes 54.5 and a Labor avalanche.

Which is what I predicted in Phillip Adams on Thursday night, while the poll was being taken, and the Howard Sattler impact was only just beginning.

Which would bring it up to 55.5.

I ask Galaxy to deny any of this.

50 point what?

And what if Shorten or Carr or Clare or Combet or Plibersek were leader? What would the Labor vote be then.

What a pack of crooks they are.

  1. You should have told us about the Blair - Wendi affair if you’d known about it. I didn’t, but it sounds like it was commonly know.

    I wish you’d written about this when you found out and when the News of The World scandal broke - it would have been explosive. Shame you held back on this Bob, it could have made a difference.

    • I just found out it was well known.

      It may be that Blair, a practising Catholic, inadvertently sired one of the daughters.

      A DNA test will prove me wrong, and I invite it.

  2. As someone who crossed the Tiber did bLIAR skip the bit about the cardinal & venal sins of lust & adultery?
    Surely his continuing presence above ground, uninterred, is the ultimate proof that there is no divine retribution for mass murder, mendacity and hubris?
    Where is Nemesis when needed?

  3. It was amusing to watch the comment-deletion team hard at work on the Guardian’s report of the Turdoch denuptials - must have been a near-50pc strike rate. Some juicy reminders of Deng’s interesting bed career appeared briefly.

    After Turdoch, obviously anyone is possible, but Blair really does amuse me

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