After Morgan

Morgan shows 16 percent of all Australians (men 19 percent, women 13) likely to ‘consider’ voting for Clive Palmer’s party.

This would be, or most likely be, or most likely include, 45 percent of all Queenslanders.

If half of them did vote that way, no Coalition seat in Queensland, federal or state, would be safe. Palmer’s break with Newman would punt his preferences to Katter and Labor, and Labor would pick up seats in Queensland, perhaps as many as five.

This would make up for the three or four or five they could lose in Sydney; and, with the  two they will pick up in Victoria, the one they will pick up in South Australia, and the one (maybe) in WA, will assure them majority government with 77 or 78 seats.

Prove that I lie.

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  1. Clive Palmer is a total nutter. However anything to break the duopoly of the 2 major parties is good for democracy. As long as “Clivey” doesnt get the balance of power.

  2. Clive Palmer was on Q&A recently and said he would not give any preferences to anyone.

  3. Martin yellow cake coal dust Ferguson, my local member has just announced his retirement. Yippe. Now maybe we can have someone worth voting for, I hope.

  4. He will give preferences to the coalition. He hates and I mean hates the unions.

  5. Note that Morgan shows that _all_ the recent movement in the vote is amongst women, the male vote didn’t move at all. I’m thinking the women will lead the way here, given time, but the time-frame is tight.

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