How Labor Can Win Easily (4)

A photo of Abbott fading slowly to black and a male voice saying:

‘Who didn’t speak up against the Church’s massacre of the innocents for forty years? Tony Abbott.

Vote Labor.’

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  1. A photo of Abbott fading slowly to black, a photo of his front bench fades up in black and white, fades back to black, Abbott’s face once again fades up.

    A female voice says “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Vote Labour.

  2. Challenge: argue how John Madigan is wrong today.

      • Maddigan: nice bloke, waaaaay out of his depth in Parliament

        public funding is a move in the right direction, away from domination of politics by the rich

        a long long road, but a step on the way

        • Really?

          Perhaps he has the creed “Be the change you wish to see in the world”

          In which case why should he change instead of parliament.

          Public funding is not the way.

    • You cannot possibly argue with THIS:-

      “These politicians are all about their own super and perks and free flights. We pay a fortune and we get the dregs of the Earth.

      “If political parties need more why don’t they put their hands in the own pockets and use some of their pay rise.”

      • But Frank I thought you wanted a Wild West society?

        You should be congratulating our politicians for getting on with it.

        And the kiddie-rooting priests of course, out there taking what they want just as you recommend.

        Yee-hah. Vote Liberal for the Wild West utopia, that is what you said, Frank. Or did I misunderstand?

        • I just want the politicians to leave some for me. I feel like I’m missing out when I read that post.

      • politicians are the only people in this greed dominated society who are supposed to be above money;

        doesn’t happen; what does happen is that the rich have increased leverage over them because, like the journos on the sinking newspapers, the pollies know who will be paying them in their next job

      • Is that not a paraphrase of Crean Snr? “Once the cream of the working class, the ALP now is the scum of the middles class.”

    • He’s non-partisan in his criticism, in case there’s any misunderstanding as to who his targets are.

  3. Problem is half the ALP are also catholic.

    • Do you think there is a cure?

      I often wonder as John Lennon did, how much better off humanity would be without religion.

      • Religion was entirely produced by human beings.

        So, whatever harm or good it does entirely flows from human motives and desires

        I don’t see that the sum total of good and bad would necessarily change much in the absence of religion, therefore

        It is not as if Communism, for example, as a surely a non-spiritual religion in many respects, produced such good results, or produced such very different attitudes among its adherents

        Much American Christianity is really just religionised capitalism, deifying greed (AKA the market)

        And the many good aspects of religious attitudes - consideration for others, etc - should not in fairness be ignored, and only the bad aspects weighed

        • The focus that religion provides for human fantasies, etc, is often nowadays provided by nationalism - e.g. the oft-repeated comment from returning travellers “Australia is the best country in the world” (or one I specially like, the universal “…’s soldiers are the noblest/bravest/smartest/just-plain-best in the world”

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