The Usual Murdoch Dirty Tricks (78)

We now have a Murdochist running Channel Ten.

Let’s see how fair to Labor he will be in August and what ‘scandals’ he decides to put to air.

  1. Dreaming Bob….I will never forget the “love in” interview on 7 or 9 (This Day Tonight/A Current Affair) when Costello and Howard were gushing all over each other through gritted teeth during the 2007 campaign.

    Did the interviewer ask them even ONE tough question? Not on your life.

    You will find 7, 9 and 10 are all agin Labor just like 2UE, 2SM and 2GB who run a 24/7 shock jock campaign even in to the night against Labor.

    There are right wingers at night that make Alan Jones look tame-David Oldfield, Grant Goldman, Graeme Gilbert, Gary Stewart, Carter Edwards. These blokes are hardly known, but bloody hell you should hear the bullshit and lies these jox spew out. As I said, they would make Bolt and Jones blush! And this goes on every night of the week,

  2. It doesn’t matter. No one watches Ten, least of all for news.

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