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Since genocide is being committed on the Hazaras of Uruzguan and Quetta, we should take them all in.

And not send them back, like the Bakhtiyaris, to die there.

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  1. Arabs have lived the way they do for 2000years. We should not interfere with their culture. If they want to treat their women badly and try to kill off everybody they don’t like in the name of their God, well let them. Why should our young men and women be sent overseas to die and fight their wars by the likes of Howard. Take Afghanistan and Iraq. They will revert to their old ways….well they already have. Look, when there are only two Arabs left after they have killed everybody, else they may look at each other and say “Well that wasn’t a very good idea now was it?” If the trampled poor want peace, they will have to do what we did hundreds of years ago…overthrow the beasts who rule-storm the bastille. That is how we got the Magna Carta. That is how the French won in 1917, that is how the Yanks kicked out the British. Its cruel but it should be done. You only get the leaders you want by taking drastic action in the end. Many have died throughout history for their own version of democracy. I guess I will lose my head for saying this but there are many who think like this but are afraid to say it.

    • I’m not saying we should kill anybody, but save some from torture and death.

      Against this, are you?

      • I am against killing of all sorts…so I totally agree with you Bob. We should leave them alone though. I don’t want any more of our youth dying in Liberal wars against Arabs.

        • Leave the Hazaras to die like the Jews of Poland, then.

          Why do you say that?

          Why don’t we invite them to come here?

        • The Hazara are not Arabs. They are said to be descendants of Ghenzis Khan’s army. They are shia and physically different to other Afghans, which makes them a target.
          Bob, are you sure the Bakhtiyaris are dead? I hope you are wrong.

          • I was told they were.

            If you’ve heard from them, please let me know.

          • I dnt necessarily mean Arabs. I mean anybody from the Middle East.Many of the men are crazy mad violent fanatics. The women….most of them are OK. I dnt want any more of our youth dying in THEIR wars. If they want to wipe themselves out then that is their business. Sorry all!

            • So … Hazaras versus Taliban is ‘their’ wars, is it? Like jews versus Germans was ‘their’ Holocaust?

              And we shouldn’t care about this?

              Or try to save the million or so children that might die in them.

              That’s your position, is it?

              Clarify with care.

              • No,we shouldn’t be involved. Life is cruel. They need to sort it out themselves. Afghanistan and Iraq were enough for me. I am sick of our young people dying in other people’s wars. What really concerns me is when Abbott is elected PM what is the next war he is going to send our kids into? That is the thing everybody should be concerned with.

                • So we shouldn’t have invaded Hitler’s France or Gaddafi’s Libya.

                  • Those may have been sensible even noble actions, but nothing the US has done over recent times as to invading other countries has been done with even a remotely decent objective in mind.
                    Forgive my incoherence though, have just flicked off QA after being subjected to a vast array of yarns,
                    fairytales and obfuscation from the US ambassador and to a lesser extent, Malcolm Turnbull and Bob Carr, egged on by a Tory audience

                  • “We” certainly shouldn’t have invaded Gaddafi’s Libya.

                    That one is worth the “duh”.

  2. I suspect a lot of them don’t want to leave their homes and lands, perhaps not even to move to Palm Beach.

    But I agree that we should try to arrange for those who do want to leave to be resettled, some in USA and some in Australia and Canada, and some in other suitable countries.

  3. Yeah we should take the Hazaras in. We have room and having joined the invasion we have a special responsibility; just as we did to Vietnamese.

    And the irony is that Australia as a nation would never regret it.

    However it is true that Australia cannot take in every refugee on the planet. A genuine internationalist perspective would be different both from popular racism and from the social worker perspective characteristic of much of the left.

    “Don’t emigrate - make your tyrants emigrate” is the nub of an internationalist policy, as Wombat implies, but it is easier said than done. One has to find ways of helping people make their tyrants emigrate without being tricked into supporting imperialist invasions. Providing safe haven for revolutionaries is one way we can help. As Ellis has repeatedly pointed out, providing safe haven for fleeing tyrants is another - the difference is that haven for tyrants would be on condition that they do not plot while haven for revolutionaries would be in the expectation that they do.

    In taking in especially vulnerable populations from countries where we have been meddling Australia would be keeping both its humanitarian obligations and pursuing its national interest and furthering a longer terms internationalist agenda of ridding the world of tyrants. A no-brainer.

    Thanks Bob for relentlessly raising this issue; and I am so sorry about your friends. Mourning never ends.

  4. We have cut aid to AFghanistan by $20 million a year so we can spend $1 million per person per year to jail them on Nauru.

    Our aid is mostly not aid anyway but military support and totalled $7 per person per annum.

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