The Innocence Of Craig Thomson (63)

The Victorian coppers seem as dumb as the South African coppers and have not yet provided the prosecution with the hookers Craig paid for not fucking while he was in Perth or at a meeting in the Central Coast not in the relevant Sydney brothel. Since the dates are known they should have done this, interviewed the girls and got statements from them.

What a corrupt, incompetent bunch they are.

As odious as the South Africans, if better paid.

  1. Wixxy, Marilyn Shepherd and others have pointed out the Jacksonville aspect of the story and why Thomson is made fall guy.
    The real story as ever, is hypocrisy.
    Expense account padding is pandemic and ubiquitous, like the pinching of vegemite saches, small bars of soap and towels from motels and hotels.
    The only reason it became important was its potential for another Grech or Ashby/Slipper smear campaign from the Tories.

    • ‘Expense account padding is pandemic and ubiquitous’

      500 grand is a lot of “padding”

      • That was an outright lie. It’s been scaled back even among the Murdochists to $5000 over five years. Fairly modest, especially in comparison to Kathy Jackson’s efforts.

        This is what we are dealing with here. This is serious. This is why solid information is an important social issue. Doesn’t matter how smart you are if you are being fed lies.

  2. I think we’ll see Kathy Jackson in prison and not Craig Thomson; as well as “allegedly corrupt” Jackson seemed quite deranged in her court appearances.

    As for the police, they have been dragging their heels for reasons which should be apparent : if they came out and said “there is really no case to answer” you may imagine the furore over waste of police resources incompetence etc, as Thomson has already been convicted by the media and the (other) opposition. He may eventually be tried : if only for a brave judge to direct an acquittal.

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