Casting Julia

I am told by my producer that Toni Collette is keen to play Gillard and we should begin to talk to her people.

She looks on wikileaks pretty good to me and, as a great actress, clearly able to do it.

My first choice, Rachel Griffiths, my wife says, is ‘too glamorous’, to judge by her episode of Rake.

I need guidance on this.

Anybody who cares, please contribute.

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  1. Toni Collette used to be good old Aussie girl, down to earth and natural…she was good.(Muriel’s Wedding)

    Then she went America, and they started prettying her up…she not Toni anymore, she was horrible in the Rake…she overdid the shrillness.

  2. Snap Helvi, was just going to say Muriel’s Wedding, a beaut film embedded in Australian cultural memory a little like “The Adventures of Barry Mackenzie”.

    • She was very good in The Boys and About the Boy too, but I could not handle United States of Tara…she should have stayed in Oz.

  3. Yep. Rachel Griffiths, a good character actress with a resemblance to Gillard, for mind.

  4. Based on United States of Tara, perhaps Collette for one of the Bishop Sisters.

  5. Your wife is wrong about Rachel Griffths. I think she is the best choice.

    Miranda Otto at a stretch. Or does she have too much inherent gracefulness?

    I agree with Helvi; Toni Collette can only over act these days.

  6. Yes. Rachel Griffiths.

  7. I can’t believe you’ve ruled out Amanda Bishop.

    Collette only plays quirky suburban mothers, she’s never asked to act anymore.

    Griffiths easily.

    Watts / Kidman / Blanchett / Byrne

    • Ian, Watts, Byrne and Blanchett are all good actresses, so they be anything and anyone…

      Kidman is always Kidman.

      • No, no, Kidman is a good actress of surprising variety. See Gellhorn and Hemingway in which she is like Lauren Bacall. She does the lineaments of love better than any English-speaking actress. Take a look at Cold Mountain and The Others. And, most remarkably, Dogville.

        Do not underrate her.

        • I really enjoyed Kidman early, but some thing went wrong there- too many average movies, too much exposure, too much Tom Cruise-missile and too much bad advice from publicists.
          Blamchett has done Gloriana elsewhere.
          Griffith is our bird, someone with the range to capture some of the complexities of a fascinating and flawed flesh and blood human person of our age.

  8. Has to be Rachel Griffiths.

    She has the range and she is going to need it, to get Gillard to a tee.

  9. Tilda Swinton was a dead ringer for our PM in the excellent film, Michael Clayton. Apart from substantial physical similarity, she had all the false confidence, secret doubt/rudderlessness, coldness and blood-stained guilt in that lawyer role, too.

    Toni is far too relatable and ‘real’. Casting her would undermine the artistic integrity and truth of the whole enterprise. Would just seem like revisionist, party-hack propaganda

  10. Tilda Swinton wins it in a trot. Identical paleness of character. Both are hot in the same way they are not.

    Toni Collete would capture the more backroom brawler Gillard better than Ms Griffiths.

    Rachel Griffiths a close third. For me Rachel is too……..soft (will do for now). I don’t see the grittiness but I stand to be corrected.

    Set in the aftermath of the cataclysmic election defeat (with overtones of ‘Downfall’) all the story needs now is a martyr to be strewn on the steps at the arches.

  11. Lucy “Xena” Lawless?

  12. Tilda Swinton, by a long mile.

  13. Who’s screening this ? Ten ? A Kat Stewart and Gyton Grantley pairing will work very well - a vibrant, sexy, young, refreshing, vibrant Julia Rudd and Kevin Gillard for a sexy, vibrant new generation of avid political watchers. Only question is, who is repulsive enough for Howes ? A young Ron Perlman would have done the trick - these NIDA luvvies nowadays just aren’t quite disgusting enough to truly capture Howe’s innate repulsiveness. Perhaps just write Howe’s scenes literally as a faceless man, always in the shadows, back turned to the camera, coming out of the shower drying his face with a large towel, etc. Run the first couple of instalments without ever actually showing the great prick, and then build up to a big reveal in the final scene where he finally tilts his head to reveal that grotesque little piggy nose, turned up at a bewildered Rudd, as Howe’s contemptuously mouths the line “Thanks for your help, Kevin. We’ll take it from here”

  14. The rules state you do not attack for physical, or personal, or private, intimate qualities a famous person you have not met or do not otherwise know well.

    Go away.

    Go away forever.

    I hate you.

    • You break those rules on a regular basis, captain. But it is your ship, so I shall accede to your dubious judgement on this matter and approach that plank one more time.

      However - don’t hate me because I’m right. You’ll dump that creep Howes as a friend quicker than you can say former seminarian when it becomes apparent what an utterly hollow and toxically ambitious fool he is. An ugly, ugly, ugly man. God save us from him.

      Fuckity bye for now !

  15. The closing shot of your TV series Bob, should include the shot of Big Bill Ludwig holding up Gillards arm in victory and presenting her to the AWU boys just like the photo Murdoch used here:

    The late Bill Hunter could have played Bill Ludwig.

    • Not sure why exactly but, when I previously suggested Lucy “XENA” Lawless, it was for the role of Nicola Roxon, as fine a strapping lass as one might find outside of a Sports portfolio, too well occupied by Ishtar like Goddess for Youthfulness & Nubility, Kate Ellis.
      Perhaps the avatistic actrine who starred in Species, Natasha henstridge .. or.. phew, my keyboard is melting..
      Cate Blanchett for G/G?

  16. Daniel Day-Lewis, give the guy a real challenge.

  17. Catherine Deveny

  18. No no, Daniel Day-Lewis would have to be Bob Carr, channeling Lincoln, but with a wispy tupee.

    Jacki Weaver as Bronwyn Bishop. Sam Neill as Joel Fitzgibbon. Clooney as Turnbull.

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