There Is A World Elsewhere

Xenophon arrested; Zygier dead in gaol; the asteroid passing and the meteor crashing ; the whale war; the Ash Wednesday fires remembered; the Blade Runner hero-as-murderer Pistorius in court: all these piddling insubstantial matters in one day drew attention away from the horror of Peter Slipper’s misspent thousand dollars and the national catastrophe of Swanny getting some numbers wrong for a minute and saying so. And they shrank, by God, I think, by a goodly amount, I think, I assess, Abbott’s chances of winning much more than an egg-and-spoon race in the coming year.

For it’s a bigger world out there than the tense wet dreams of these Popeless dim sodden boarding school Catholic bullies trying to seize government from an adequate Labor-Independent-Green coalition of reasoning, moderate, agnostic workaday decent souls. Crazed plans to dam a hundred rivers and pave the North with towns no-one will move to show how berserk these amateurs’ thinking currently is. They even want a motorboat to watch the leviathan-slaughtering might of Japan at work in cruel and mountainous incarnadined seas; and think this, somehow, would help. And scare Japan into going home, or something.

And they think Julie Bishop would handle Malaysia and Israel and the United Nations better than Bob Carr.

What silly shrieking messy wanking amateurs they are. And how clearly they will be seen to be that in the coming year.


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  1. Well I’ve changed my mind, Labor is going to win the next election.

    I watched the last question time in the Reps, Gillard and her Ministers had that ramshackle excuse for an opposition, by the balls.

    Should I live to be 150 yrs old I will never understand people voting for politicians like Pyne, Bishop x2 and Andrews. They have all the charisma of a bag of horse carrots.

    I think you have it Bob, there are just too many stars on Labors front bench to lose this next election.

    As an aside they should have somehow got Carr into the Reps possibly P.M. when he first started(a by election ?) Put in Plibersek mayhaps? Anyways it matters not a jot now, they are going to win.

    • TRUE….but what a shame the electorate as a whole don’t see Labor demolishing the Libs in parliament. It is not a fair fight…every radio station and every Murdoch paper running a 24/7 campaign against Labor-they never report it. Its not cricket mate.

      For all of the bad press Swanny gets I saw him demolish Hockey 2 weeks ago.Hockey just sat there dumbfounded…as usual.

  2. just my thoughts listening to that question time — VERY impressive. The govt has a lot of people who can put a case, including those like Swann who have significantly improved over the years — could be interesting in the months ahead

    • Indeed it will be.

      I had to laugh the other day in question time. Hockey and Bishop are both very conscious of the parliaments camera system. They have to stop cackling and pulling faces when it pans down on them.

      The camera operators are probably part of some union.

      Work choices. I choose to film Hockey and Bishop, pay back.

  3. Wyatt Roy for Leader of the Opposition!

    For me, although there was probably only the quorum in the chamber, this was a good speech.

  4. .
    The Mo Diaries (continued)

    Mo : “Holiness -

    Cardinal : “Not Holiness yet, young Tony!”

    Mo : “But soon, surely the College will see just how right you are for the job!”

    Sanctimonious I (nee cardinal): “Not a job, a calling. One is called by God, and He divinely inspires the Cardinals.”

    Mo : “Well, can I come visit you in Rome?”

    Sanctimonious I : “Of course, and I’ll come to Australia in full regalia in good time for your election.”

    Mo : “Great! The Church is wonderful, no pesky women to get in your way, no bloody Julias to worry about.”

    Sanctimonious I : “Now my son, what have I been telling you about misogyny?”

    Mo : “I suppose so; but what about the pedophile priests bit?”

    Sanctimonious I : “Wash your mouth out! That overreacting disproportionate witchhunt has no business poking its nose into my Church!”

    Mo : “Sorry Holiness! I can try to stop it, if I get in.”

    Sanctimonious I : “You should stop many things my son, but I doubt you could stop a Royal Commission.”

    Mo : “What I can do is bury the results very carefully and take no notice of the findings.”

    Sanctimonious I : “Yes, that would be for the best. I’ll see that Rupert gets all the Papal access he wants, and that he ups the ante in your favour.”

    Mo : “Is that possible?”

    Santimonious I : “Just watch and learn, my son watch and learn.”

  5. Wyatt Roy is a kid and has a free run for life now in that seat…all because of a stupid Labor man who could not stay on message and keep his mouth shut.Another seat gone forever!

    • Bit carried away I think Wombat.
      The delightful Mal Brough had held the seat up to 2010 I think.
      Jon Sullivan only needed a swing of 1.8% thereabouts to lose it.
      Disregarding the swing in the election nationwide, what might not have helped locally was Sullivan’s unfortunate comment to the father of a disabled child waiting for Hospital treatment.
      What message did he have to stay on?
      Probably you are far too busy to have read the speech via the link in the comment above.
      It was about disability.
      It said among other things politics should be left at the door on what should be a bipartisan issue.
      It seems that it won’t be.
      The ‘message’ will have to be pretty good otherwise the ‘message’ nationwide might turn into a boomerang for the disabled. carers, family and friends to wield come election day.

  6. Looks like Nick’s found his antitidote for his case of relevance deprivation syndrome… feigning interest in another country’s human rights issues, make some inflammatory statements, then fly over there and get detained… cue sympathetic publicity etc etc etc well done buddy, love your work.

  7. No, Malaysia is really like that. You can’t talk too loudly in the street about politics, not with a local. I did and it was a very enlightening conversation but we had to be careful.

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