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Graeme Bird is banned for life and Reader 1 warned.

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  1. From Sir Paul :

    “Thank Christ for that, I was beginning to wonder myself!”

  2. I only touched on Graeme Bird’s comments, but I enjoyed those brief moments. There’s a touch of sadness thereby for his banning. Understandably, this will be a different response from what seems to many who have known his submissions before, which I haven’t. And I understand it’s different for people who like to live here, or live here more often.

    It seems he has been shoved out of a heck of a lot of forums, from what people say.

    I liked the way his comments - viewed in brief, admittedly - set afire thoughts. No need to agree or disagree, I found, only to appreciate a firing of the mind. This is so very different from comments, mine included no doubt, which douse them with inanity and commonness.

    It appears Mr Bird has a problem with context: how his inclusion affects the whole. Most banned commenters seem to have a grip on this, enough, and their exclusion doesn’t cause too much long term grief for them imaginably.

    But I have some concern personally for Graeme Bird, and wish him well in that regard.

    Dipping into comments, I will miss his fire. All the best, Mr Bird.

    • RJ, nicely said, when Bird abused me ,it did not upset me it was more like he really did not mean it…I had to laugh about it.
      Reader1, is a totally different matter, there’s real calculated nastiness in her.
      Maybe she can not help it, but I sincerely hope she’ll behave better in the future.
      Also no problem with Frangipani or Frank, and some other banned ones.
      It’s Bob’s blog, he’s the boss man here, he decides… :wink:

    • I agree a little RJ. I have a bit of sympathy for the Bird.

      He is not a complete idiot.

      But if he hasn’t learned how to communicate his ideas better by now, we needn’t suffer for it.

      He needs to be more circumspect with his approach. Perhaps it will make him a better poster in the long run.

      • I have no sympathy but much pity for the dreadful debilitating mental illness he is victim of, and has displayed on these pages.

        His cure is beyond us but I hope that he will find it somewhere.

        • Clearly you are a either Cangaru or one of his Synagogue buddies. Your persistent lies have brought you out. The light shines on you.

          Go home. This is one country your crowd ought to refrain from destroying, just this one time.

  3. Melcher had initially made the Beatles connection through their publicist Derek Taylor, also a publicist for Paul Revere and the Raiders, the Byrds and the Beach Boys. Melcher also worked with these bands as well as managing the Mamas & The Papas and was a board member and producer of the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 along with Derek Taylor and the Mama’s and the Papa’s who were the closing act of the first Monterey International Pop Festival in June, 1967 but performed dismally. Melcher produced the Byrds’ first two albums and acted as Manson’s manager. David Crosby was fired from the Byrds before partnering with Stills from Buffalo Springfield and Graham Nash of the UK band The Hollies. All were already signed to Atlantic except for Nash who had to be traded for the band Poco made up of former members of Buffalo Springfield.

    In the mid-Sixties, Bobby Beausoleil played rhythm guitar with Arthur Lee in a rock group called Grass Roots that would later be called Love, named after Bobby whose nickname was Cupid. Jim Morrison of the Doors cited Love as one of his favorite vocal groups in his official bio for Elektra records. It was Arthur Lee of Love who brought The Doors to the attention of Elektra Records boss Jack Holzman in August 1966. Beausoleil was eventually convicted of torturing and murdering Gary Hinman, a Manson Family member who had been supporting himself through a PhD in Sociology at UCLA by teaching music. It was later learned that Hinman manufactured a form of mescaline, a narcotic. His body was found on 31 July, 1969 at 946 Old Topanga Canyon Rd, LA. The body contained multiple stab wounds and the victim had been dead several days. On the living room wall was scrawled in the victim’s blood ‘Political Piggy’. Also on the wall were blood smudges as though a panther had left its paw print.

    The band Love lived communally in a house once owned by horror actor Bela Lugosi in Topanga Canyon. Beausoleil had dropped out of a band called The Outfit to form his own group Orkustra and they played gigs in the San Francisco Bay area between 1966 and 1967. As the group was in the process of breaking up, Bobby met filmmaker Kenneth Anger. Anger and Beausoleil worked together on the film Lucifer Rising in which Bobby played the part of Lucifer and helped compose the score. In the fall of ’67, Beausoleil was playing in a band called Magick Powerhouse of Oz and living at Anger’s ‘Russian Embassy’ house when the two men had a falling out and Bobby decided to move back to LA.

    Jim Morrison bought his girlfriend Pamela Courson a cottage in Topanga Canyon, close to the Sunset Strip and RCA Records’ west coast office. The RCA office had a well-known recording studio downstairs where The Rolling Stones recorded Let’s Spend the Night Together and Paint it Black. Elvis Presley also recorded there as did Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead. Billboard magazine and Derek Taylor both had offices there. Gary Hinman and mob boss Frank Costello also lived in Topanga Canyon. Bobby lived with Hinman for a short time before moving into his own house on Horseshoe Lane where Manson and the family also lived for six weeks.

    On September 3, 1970, the body of Jim Morrison’s friend, Canned Heat guitarist Alan Wilson, was found in a wooded area in Topanga Canyon near the home of the band’s lead vocalist Bob Hite. Canned Heat appeared at all the major musical events of the late sixties and were the third highest paid band at Woodstock. After appearing on a November 1969 episode of Playboy After Dark, Bob Hite was invited to talk with Hugh Hefner after the performance along with other guests Sonny and Cher. Sonny Bono worked for record producer Phil Spector at Gold Star Studios where Manson met the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney. Canned Heat drummer Fito de la Parra claimed that Hite boasted of knowing Manson and family members.

    After Susan Atkins joined the Family in San Francisco, Manson went to LA to audition for a studio contact and while there he and a few Family members stayed at the Spiral Staircase in Topanga Canyon where they met Bobby Beausoleil. Manson had bad vibes about the people who visited and lived at the house, many of whom were into the occult, and he moved to Spahn Ranch primarily to get away from them.

    Tex Watson joined the group while they were at the ranch. According to Manson, he’d been kicked out of Dennis Wilson’s place and needed somewhere to stay. Manson met the Beach Boy drummer through Tex and Dennis had been impressed with Manson’s talent and carefree lifestyle. At the suggestion of Gregg Jacobson, a colleague of record producer Terry Melcher, Manson moved back to LA to be closer to people in the recording business. He rented an old house which the Family called the Yellow Submarine after the Beatles song and moved part of his group farther into the desert to a place called the Barker Ranch, leaving the Family dispersed over three separate locations. Manson’s musical career temporarily collapsed at that point and shortly afterwards, the murders occurred.

    “Normally, I am a person who picks up on vibes. Acquaintances, decisions, the songs I write and the music I play are all reflections of the vibes I feel. Though I was welcomed to the house by hearty hugs, good music, and passionate kisses, I had bad vibes about being there and staying longer. Yet I stayed. And though I would leave in the weeks to come, I would also return.

    “Each time I returned, I would observe and listen to all of the practices and rituals of the different groups that visited the place. I’m not into sacrificing some animal or drinking its blood to get a better charge out of sex. Nor am I into chaining someone and whipping them to get my kicks like some of those people were. Still, through the drugs and listening to the ways a particular leader or guru maneuvered his people, some of their rap may have become embedded in my subconscious. Planting fear in their people is the way a lot of leaders keep control. At the time, love and doing our own thing was what held us together and that’s the way I wanted everything to be, but at a later date, the things I was exposed to at the Staircase may have come back to me.”

    Bobby Beausoleil released an album from prison called Seven (7). Seven people were killed over two nights in the Tate-LiBianca murders. Little had been filmed of Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising before Beausoleil was sentenced for the Hinman murder. Mick Jagger was also set to star in the film and Jimmy Page was recording the soundtrack. Page allowed Kenneth Anger to film a portion of the movie Lucifer Rising in the basement of Tower House. Jimmy was later dropped from the project and Bobby created the soundtrack from prison.

  4. Fascinating stuff this…I really dug it. I can recall Canned Heat being booed off stage at Woodstock…performed badly.

  5. In 1969, the Canadian rock group The Guess Who scored a huge international hit with These Eyes. It was followed up by another hit Laughing and Guess Who fans joked that the band was ‘bigger than the Beatles.’ Singer Burton Cummings was good friends with Jim Morrison and they used to drive around LA together, hanging out at the same bars as Manson and the girls. They had the hit American Woman in 1970 by which time they had sold more records than the entire Canadian recording industry up to that point, even outselling the Beatles that year. They were all heavily into drugs except for Randy Bachman on account of his deepening Mormon religious beliefs. At the height of their success in 1970, Randy Bachman quit the band in a move that stunned the music world. Bachman formed Brave Belt which evolved into the supergroup Bachman-Turner Overdrive, with whom Bachman wrote the song “Taking Care of Business”.

    At the time of the Manson murders, Jackson Browne, JD Souther and Glenn Frey of The Eagles all lived at 1020 Laguna in Echo Park. Some of Browne’s songs were recorded by the Byrds and Glenn Frey worked as an employee at the Troubadour night club. Don Henley lived in the Hollywood Hills while Bernie Leadon was out in Topanga Canyon. Henley and Frey started out as members of Linda Ronstadt’s backup band. Don talks about the girls he met at the Whisky and the Troubadour where the Manson girls hung out. On the song Take it Easy they sing about having “seven women on my mind”.

    The Eagles admit that Witchy Woman is about some of the wild girls they met during the period which would seem to suggest Manson’s women. Bugliosi claims Manson told the women to leave a Witchy sign at Sharon’s. Manson claims his ‘instructions’ consisted of “do whatever you like just don’t get me busted”. Life in the Fast Lane is about a drug dealer which Manson and his girls were and The Eagle’s website speaks of hanging out with The Byrds, David Crosby being a heavy drug user. In 1974, Crosby and Manson’s manager Terry Melcher released a self titled album, his first as a singer/songwriter, and had his mother Doris Day sing back-up. ‘Doctor Horowitz’ was written as a plea to his therapist over the Manson murders and includes the line “Help Horowitz, help me get out of this as I can’t come to grips”. The album has a song called Arkansas. Manson had already recorded a song by that name.

    The Eagles are open about the fact that Hotel California, a song that makes reference to 1969 and stabbing, was written about the darker side of LA. The hotel on the cover is the Beverly Hills Hotel located next door to Bel Air where the murders took place. The ‘California’ in Hotel California refers to a street in San Francisco where the first Satanic church was built. The Black House was headed by Satanic Bible author Anton LaVey who is pictured on the inside cover of the Hotel California album standing on the balcony of the church. Known as The Black Pope, LaVey featured the horned left hand, the satanic salute, on the back of the Satanic Bible. When Charles Manson sends mail he will sometimes draw a hand on the left side of the envelope. The name “Elvis” was found written vertically on the left hand side of the wall at Spahn Ranch but the ‘i’ had been obscured with a triangle so the fact went unnoticed despite the public release of police photos. Anton LaVey died on October 29, 1997 but his death certificate was unlawfully falsified to say he died on Halloween, October 31, 1997.

    There is a hidden backwards in Hotel California - “Yeah Satan (…) organized his own religion” and the Eagles internet home page uses the word ‘Pan’ when describing some of their songs, the cult of Pan being closely related to the occult. Before his death due to complications arising from heroin addiction, Aleister Crowley established Satanic covens in many US cities including Hollywood. Crowley was known to practice ritual child sacrifice regularly in his role as Satan’s high priest, ‘Magus’ or ‘Great Beast 666’. Kenneth Anger was a child Hollywood movie star born in 1930 who was already producing and directing satanic themed films at the age of seventeen when Crowley died. A devoted disciple of Crowley, Anger went on to become his heir and the ‘founding father’ of modern Satanism, achieving Crowley’s equivalent status of high priest. In his book The Ultimate Evil, Maury Terry writes that between 1966 and 1967, the Satanic cult known as the Process Church sought to recruit the Beatles. Kenneth Anger also became friends with the Rolling Stones.

    Mind control forms a large part of Satanism and Crowley was a strong proponent of backwards messaging. On the album released shortly before his death, a song by Yoko Ono called Kiss Kiss Kiss can be heard to say “I shot John Lennon” when played backwards. It is the same album that Mark Chapman, Lennon’s killer, listened to over and over again in the lead up to the shooting. Mark Chapman, Bobby Kennedy killer Sirhan Sirhan and Jack Ruby, all claim to have no memory of what they did. Sirhan Sirhan is said to have been heavily involved with hypnosis and Satanism.

    Sgt Pepper is dedicated to Aleister Crowley and was released nearly twenty years to the day after Crowley’s death in 1947. A picture of Crowley is included on the cover and the title track opens with “It was twenty years ago today…” Beatles manager Brian Epstein had serious misgivings about the Sgt. Pepper cover stemming from the controversial US Butcher Cover from the Yesterday and Today record the previous year. Whitaker had taken a series of pictures of The Beatles dressed in butcher smocks and draped with pieces of meat and body parts from plastic baby dolls.

  6. Good move, Bob. After all there are plenty of blogs and sites by paranoid schizophrenics for paranoid schizophrenics so GB will not be homeless for long. :roll:

  7. The antics of Birdbrain and Reader1 speak volumes on the intellectual calibre of the Right-wing dicks who infest this website trying to derail conservations and be witty.

    They fail, lamentably at both, of course and now we know why.

    While not all Conservatives are immature,stupid and paranoid the majority of immature, stupid and paranoid people are Conservatives.


    • Reader1 is of the left.

      Mr. Bird leans left, from what I can gauge.

      • Mr Bird is a small-government egalitarian. A former hard rightist. Now more totally outside the left-right paradigm. On balance he feels that he has been treated excellently well by the great prose artist and my admiration for him is undiminished. Actually quite the contrary. Hopefully he will have to discipline to make this his last comment here ever. Don’t incite him.

  8. I don’t think the issue is whether it is interesting or not.

    Nor whether it is off topic as such, but whether 1000+ words can be cut and pasted and posted, time and time again.

    If I walk into a room where a discussion is unfolding about Brigitte Bardot’s relationship with Roger Vadim, and I start reading a chapter from a book alleging that Opus Dei ordered the murder of Pope John Paul I, being thrown our for disruption is well on the cards.

    PS - does anyone else see the resemblance between Pope Benedict and the real Paul McCartney? Paul’s nickname at school was Red, and Pope Benedict’s surname is Ratzinger, which means Red Singer. Perhaps.

    • I don’t think the issue is whether…it is off topic as such….

      If I walk into a room where a discussion is unfolding about Brigitte Bardot’s relationship with Roger Vadim, and I start reading a chapter from a book alleging that Opus Dei ordered the murder of Pope John Paul I, being thrown our for disruption is well on the cards.

      A little contradictory Dali.

      PS: The only resemblance I can see between anyone, is between ‘Paul’ and ‘Faul’.

  9. Manson credits Scientology with bringing him out of the depression he fell into after being transferred to a prison away from Hollywood. He was later transferred back again and by the time he was released in ’67, he told the officer who signed him out of Terminal Island that he wanted to stay inside. The officer laughed and ignored the request. After a life of petty crime, Manson had been sentenced to ten years, reduced to six, for breaking probation over a fraudulent government check worth $37.50. He married and had a son but she left him after his first year in prison. The highlight of his life was working as a pimp for a year, something he was looking forward to getting back into because, he said, pimps gained the most respect in prison. Law enforcement and prison officials work closely with the FBI and many are trained at the FBI Academy at Quantico Marine Base in Virginia. It is entirely possible that Manson’s remark to the guard on leaving the prison could have made its way back to the FBI.

    Neil Young and Manson met the LA band Rocket, later to become Crazy Horse, at The Whiskey a Go Go, which opened three days before The Beatles released I Want to Hold Your Hand in 1964. Johnny Rivers recorded Live at the Whiskey a Go Go in 1964 and created the Go Go sound, part of a scene which included Go Go dancers. The Whiskey was the first club to have go-go dance cages suspended from the ceiling. The song Going to a Go Go, once covered by the Rolling Stones, is in reference to Go Go clubs and the Whisky a Go Go. Tex Watson spoke of often hanging out at The Whiskey and Manson was once thrown out of the bar.

    The band had a new producer in David Briggs who picked up Neil Young hitchhiking in 1968. Briggs produced the first album ever released with the word fuck on it. The cover of Young’s 1974 On the Beach album has a newspaper under the table with the headline ‘Senator Buckley Calls for Nixon to Resign’. It includes the song Revolution Blues written about Manson and the murders which Young dedicated to Charles Manson when playing live in San Francisco in 1983. His song written in protest at the Kent State Massacre was called “Ohio”. Young wrote Cinnamon Girl, Down by the River and Cowgirl In The Sand possibly about the river at Spahn ranch and Manson’s women.

    Led Zeppelin with Alice Cooper opening played The Whiskey in LA for five straight nights in 1968 and played LA on August 8 and 9th, 1969. Elvis began work in Vegas on August 1 and was working there the night of the Manson murders. The cover picture for the Beatles record Abbey Road was taken on August 8.

    Jimmy Page was in The Yardbirds prior to being in Led Zeppelin and the band played LA constantly between 1967 and 1968. In October ‘68, they were billed as The Yardbirds featuring Jimmy Page and soon after morphed into Led Zeppelin. From the early seventies to the eighties, Jimmy Page owned Boleskine House, former residence of occultist Aleister Crowley, as well as an occult bookshop and publishing house in Kensington High Street called The Equinox Booksellers and Publishers. Four symbols representing the four band members on the cover of their fourth album, Led Zeppelin IV is said to have come from Page’s interest in the occult. The song Stairway to Heaven has reverse-audio messages in the verse, starting with the line “If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow”.

    During Led Zeppelin concert tours after 1969, Led Zeppelin drummer John ‘Bonzo’ Bonham would expand his basic kit to include congas, orchestral timpani and a symphonic gong. His famous drum solo, first entitled Pat’s Delight and then Moby Dick, would often last for half an hour and regularly featured his use of bare hands to achieve different sound effects. Bonham is credited by the Dallas Times Herald with the first in-concert use of electronic timpani drum synthesisers. In 1974, Bonham appeared playing drums in Count Downe’s (Harry Nilsson) backing band in the film Son of Dracula, an Apple film made by Ringo Starr featuring an overcrowded drum line-up and he also played with Paul McCartney’s Wings on their Back to the Egg Rockestra project. John Bonham was found dead in his bed aged 32 on September 25, 1980.

    Bobby Beausoleil became friends with Frank Zappa and allegedly can be heard as a backup singer on Zappa’s first Mothers of Invention record, Freak Out, with Kim Fowley on ‘hypophone’. It was arguably the first rock ‘concept’ album and one of the earliest double albums, the inner sleeve featuring a cut-out of Zappa’s moustache. Paul McCartney was said to have been inspired by Zappa’s 1966 debut album to start writing Sgt. Pepper, of which he’d said “This is going to be our Freak Out”. Zappa did not like Sgt. Pepper and accused the Beatles of co-opting the flower power aesthetic for monetary gain, saying in a Rolling Stone article that he felt “they were only in it for the money”. The criticism later became the title of the Mothers of Invention album, We’re Only in It for the Money, which mocked Sgt. Pepper with a similar album cover. The original cover wasn’t released until the cd version which had an inside sleeve showing Zappa and his bandmates in drag against a yellow background. On the outer cover, they are standing before a Sgt. Pepper-like collage fronted by a flowerbed lettered MOTHERS. Phil Kaufman became Zappa’s emergency replacement road manager when the previous manager killed himself mid-tour on 25 September, 1977. Phil produced the LIE album for prison-mate Charles Manson and owns the rights to it.

    Early in The Who’s career, the band’s live sets culminated in ‘auto destruction’, with members destroying their equipment in elaborate fashion in an act that would later be imitated by countless other bands and artists including Jimi Hendrix in his breakout performance at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. Moon showed a particular zeal for this and according to Townshend, took pride in and cultivated his erratic behaviour as being in the same humorous vein as his friend Vivian Stanshall of the Bonzo Dog Band. Moon produced her version of Elvis Presley’s Suspicion.

    One story concerns him driving a Rolls-Royce car into a Holiday Inn hotel swimming pool in Flint, Michigan, incurring a $50,000 bill. It was witnessed by DJ ‘Peter C’ Cavanaugh who had been the first DJ to play The Who in America. Sun Records’ Sam Phillips was a part owner of the Holiday Inn chain. On another occasion, The Who was on its way to an airport to catch a flight to their next concert when Moon suddenly insisted that they return to their hotel, saying frantically “I forgot something, we’ve got to go back!” When the limo returned, Moon ran to his room, grabbed the TV while it was still plugged in via extension cord and threw it out the window into the pool. He then jumped back into the limousine, sighing with relief, “I nearly forgot.”

    In 1973 Moon appeared in That’ll Be the Day playing the resident drummer at a holiday camp during the early days of British rock ‘n roll. Moon reprised the role for the sequel Stardust in 1974 co-starring long time friend Ringo Starr and appeared as Uncle Ernie in the 1975 film adaptation of Tommy. In 1976, he covered the Beatles’ When I’m Sixty Four for the soundtrack of the documentary All This and World War II and in he same year he gave a white drum kit with gold effect fittings to a young Zak Starkey, the son of Ringo Starr. Moon taught Starkey when he was young and Zak called him Uncle Keith.

    Moon was Paul McCartney’s guest at a film preview of The Buddy Holly Story on the evening of September 6, 1978. After dining with Paul and Linda McCartney, Moon and his girlfriend returned to a flat on loan from Harry Nilsson in Curzon Place, London. That evening Moon died in what was claimed to be an overdose. Mama Cass Elliot had died in the same apartment four years earlier. Moon is said to have given the band Led Zeppelin the idea for their name. The Who’s drum position is currently occupied by Zak Starkey. Their song Who Are You contains the lyrics “Tell me who are you? Who the fuck are you?”

    Eric Clapton was busted for drugs at Joni Mitchell’s house next door to Mama Cass Elliot in 1968. Joni was a friend of Sharon’s and dedicated “The Hissing of Summer Lawns” to her about a man who is treating his wife as part of his portfolio. Clapton was in a band called The Dirty Mac with John Lennon and Keith Richards.

  10. Mr Bird is a performance artist. He would never cut and paste. He improvises.

  11. Yep, these two are.

  12. In 1964, Phil Collins of the group Genesis appeared in A Hard Day’s Night as one of hundreds of screaming teenagers during the concert sequence. Genesis formed in 1967 and released their first album on March 7, 1969. On October 23, 1970 they released their second album Trespass, including a song called The Knife that was unusually aggressive for Genesis. It was said Manson had a list of names of those that were to be killed and that the killers had tried to hang Sharon along with Jay. Sharon was pregnant and her baby died. The song reads,

    I’ll give you the names of those you must kill
    All must die with their children
    Carry their heads to the palace of old
    Hang them high, let the blood flow

    Phil Collins was the drummer for Flaming Youth which released a 1969 concept album called Ark 2, its space theme influenced by the media attention given to the moon landing. It was Collins’ last recording before auditioning for Genesis the following year.

    In December, 1969 the Rolling Stones headlined the Altamont Speedway Free Festival and played a new song called Sympathy for the Devil. Footage was taken of the concert for a documentary film called Gimme Shelter. The event was marred by violence including one killing and three accidental deaths. Melvin Belli, Jack Ruby’s lawyer, made the legal arrangements for the concert to go ahead and organised the Hell’s Angels to act as security. At the Woodstock Festival in August, five days after the murders, Wavy Gravy and fellow members of the Hog Farm Collective had been put in charge of security. They called themselves the ‘Peace Force’ and Woodstock turned out to be a remarkably low key event for the crowd of 400,000. The backstage password was ‘I forgot’. Wavy Gravy’s declaration that “What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000!” was used at the start of Robert Plants’ 1990 song Tie Dye on the Highway from his album Manic Nirvana.

    • ‘I’m not even meant to be here’

      That’s right, buddy. Banned. What don’t you understand about the word? Close the door behind you on the way out, won’t you?

      And, in passing, something for your febrilely obsessive bone-chewing attention to detail; if not schizophrenic, then what? Suffering from Ganser syndrome, hypomania, impulse control or narcissistic personality disorder?

      Or is it post-traumatic embitterment disorder, pervasive developmental disorder, schizoaffective disorder, relational disorder, asperger syndrome or ADHD?

      Perhaps avoidant personality disorder, tourette syndrome, schizophreniform disorder, antisocial personality disorder, alcohol & substance dependence?

      Labels are bastards of things. Once such identified, it’s difficult to shift the sticker off the forehead.

      What’s your’s, Bird? Be honest now. Many of us have read extensively your spatterings across the blogoverse, and we’re under no illusion as to the type of character you manifest.

      Given your status, it’s time for you to do a Lance Armstrong and admit what a twat you are.

    • Canguro. I’ve seen this and other crazed rants of yours and I find them simply unbelievable. So I’m going to assume that you are part of a satanic cult. A satanic cult like the cult of drug-based medicine. Or the cult of usury-loving economics. Or the cult of elite Talmudic-Judaism.

      Assuming that you are in one of these satanic cults I have something to tell you. And it is the same thing that I used to tell radical Muslims a few years back during the age of Islam-incitement.

      I used to tell them GO HOME!!!! Just go home? This country used to be Athenian-Christian in its intellectual heritage. We had a further enhancement by way of the aboriginal injection of the Larrikan spirit that gave us an even greater openness of debate without losing our purchase on the age of reason.

      I’m just a humble anglo-saxon-romano celt. Maybe with some (somewhat unlikely) potential for maori blood. There is no part of me that belongs to any chosen race. So unlike your chosen self I don’t know things automatically, and must find them out through thinking and talking and arguing it out, with evidence, context, and reason.

      Now if you don’t like traditional open Australian debate that is fine. Go back to your own miserable little country. You stole it for a reason, now you go back to it.

      • Nick de Cusa, Canguro is one of the sensible ones here, I have not seen any grazed rants from him…
        where are they?

      • Helvi. These comments are just between me and the Satanist. I don’t want any collateral damage here, and its best for others not to get involved. You’ve seen “The Exorcist” right? Did the two fellows fighting against the unknown-and-evil invite a cheer-squad into the little girls bedroom?

        Maybe they did. But I don’t remember it that way.

        • Welcome to the blog, Nick. You seem like a fine replacement for the recently departed and unlamented Bird.

          I’m looking forward to more of your scintillating displays of erudition and balanced opinion, but unfortunately I admit to near total ignorance of the subject matter I’m accused of peddling - the closest I’ve come to satanic cults was the Xmas eve mass in a catholic church about 35 years ago.

          And if I may, as a humble wordsmith with a smattering of experience in correct assemblage of language, syntax and coherence, all aimed at logic and credible expression, can I suggest you re-read before you post, and then self-edit. It’s a useful exercise inasmuch as it doesn’t get the rest of the blogging community thinking you’re a total twat, and it may even give your posts a semblance of reasonableness.

          Let me know if you fail to see what I’m driving at, and perhaps I can help…

          And speaking of Bird, are you him?

        • No, I don’t see silly movies like The Exorcist.
          But if this your blog, by all means tell others to stay away, if not, then you are just rude and I don’t have time for rudness. It’s all yours ,Nick de Cusa.
          Or is it Bird?

          • edit; if this is

          • Good movie. You might take it as a metaphor for the effect that elite Talmudic Jews over their own naive flock and subsequently over the culture at large.

            Not this Cangaru synagogue buddies anti-catholic bias. I think his views against the Catholics constitutes a hate crime don’t you?

            Look inside yourself and feel the tripwires we have almost set off?

            • NOTE the synagogue-buddies anti-catholic hate-speech. NOTE is what I meant.

              Did somebody say “Jew”? Feel the fear of your programming. Someone said “Catholic” but this is okay as the tripwires haven’t been programmed in for this one.

              • Your handle and your style of rant render you transparent, Nicholas of Cusa.

                I’m guessing about 7 days before you’re banned…

            • ‘I think his views against the Catholics constitutes a hate crime don’t you?’

              You are Bird, aren’t you?

    • Lance could be your role model, Birdy. A c*nt who got caught, and had to face the music. A bullying malevolent turd who’s comeuppance finally came.


  13. “You are Bird, aren’t you?”

    The issue is not my identity Rabbi. The issue is yours. Who are you Rabbi and who is your Daddy?

    Shout out your name Rabbi, then I’ll whisper you mine. Give up your name Rabbi, but only when you are good and ready. Tell me who your REAL Daddy is Rabbi, and I’ll be your open book.

    Meanwhile just sip away at the blood of Christian lost-boys, as you spread the Arab blood libel of 9/11 around the net.

    Do what you must do Rabbi.

    I’m not going to try and make you change the habit of a life-time. I can tell you who my name is NOT. My name aint Sisyphus. I aint going to try and push everlasting shit uphill to alter who you are in your heart. The power is on your side and it allows you to drink the blood of Christian children and spread lies about the Arabs with regards to 9/11.

    I’ll sit by and watch more of your victims Rabbi, and not raise a finger to save them Rabbi, because I know when I am overmatched.

    • Great stuff, Nird. It’s somewhat reassuring, when one questions one’s own take on this thing called reality and one’s relationship and appropriate stance vis-a-vis the subject, to witness the extent to which florid or semi-florid psychosis / mania / paranoia can pop its crazy little head up and give example to the extent of derangement existent within the community.

      Keep it up, and if you’re a benchmark of sanity then I’ve got nought to worry about in relation to mine…

    • btw, Bird, clearly there’s a significant degree of cognitive dissonance in your mental universe. If it helps, let me remind you that you’re banned.

      Returning under another name is a pretty stupid thing to do.

      • So I take it Rabbi …. that your efforts will remain CRYPTO? Not just anonymous but a lie wrapped in dishonesty surrounded by deception.

        Whereas the man you dogged and hounded came in honestly, thinking only of reason and ideas, to help his fellow humans …. the man you dogged and hounded came in under his own name.

        Shame Rabbi, Shame.

        • Nird, you turned up on this blog 2 weeks ago and from day one you chose to confront, abuse, hound, criticise and harass almost every other poster.

          People who had never had any exchange with you were suddenly having to deal with your mad Kath & Kim look at me, look at me obsessions and your insistence on jumping into every post and spewing your infantile dribble around like a three year old fascinated with his own faecal matter.

          Despite your massively overrated sense of self-importance, you seem to me to have the intelligence of a turd-fly.

          You say the man I dogged came honestly, with reason and ideas? I say you came here with a rich history of trolling and fruitcake nuttiness, easily evident to anyone who cared to search on your name, and any claim you make to honest intention is just another example of your partiality to egregious lying.

          What a sad fuck you are…

  14. Don’t change the subject Rabbi. The subject is who are you and who is your Daddy and why are you planning to destroy this and every other country that gives you hospitality?

    The person that you swarm, abuse, lie to and about, and accuse of being me, is at least out there with his cards on the table. He’s no crypto-Jew or anonymous blogger. He’s got an audit trail and is not of disputed parenthood.

    But tell me who are you? And who are you to even so much as stay in this country when you hate it so much?

    GO HOME.

    • Nird, sorry to be so forward, after all we hardly know each other, but your efforts this evening have me concerned for your mental well-being, so I’ve called the hospital and a nice man said they’ll send the community nurse around to check that you’re taking your meds and not self-harming.

      I said to the registrar that you’d been making a nuisance of yourself lately, abusing strangers and exposing yourself in public (not that a mini-wiener like yours would cause distress, mirth more likely), and he said, “yeh, Nird’s like that, obsessive-compulsive narcissistic dipshit can’t help himself, poor fellow.”

      I’m inclined to agree, sadly.

      And it’s a pity.

  15. Don’t change the subject. We wanted to know our real identity you coward. You are an abusive loon and a “big man” on then net Rabbi. Yet curiously the prophet doesn’t want to talk about his roots. Wonder why. Obama and Hitler also tended to obscure their genealogy. Lenin was a Jew as was Trotsky. But tell me who are you?

    • We wanted to know our real identity…

      Indeed. I can understand your dilemma. It can’t be easy being a Bird.

      Have you tried any of the genealogy websites? They can be useful in determining your roots. Perhaps you have relatives in Tasmania, in the hinterland? A bit like the backblocks of Virginia, in America, where all sorts of interesting people grew up. How good would that be, eh? To find out your mom and dad share the same grandparents?

      Bragging rights bigtime, Birdy, in your neck of the woods.

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