In Fifty-Four Words

Their stated view is that armed citizens rising up against a tyrannous government will defeat the Pentagon in a decisive battle and set up, thereafter, a just and righteous government of their own, which will not, thereafter, perish from the earth.

Their name is the Republican Party, and they are of sound mind.


  1. The Republicans are fully in on this tyranny. They were in charge when 9/11 was carried off. They set up homeland security. I used to make fun of utopian-eschatology, and saw it as the root of mass-murder. I’m no post-millenial thinker. You were brought up on that weren’t you Bob? So having escaped that sort of thinking one sees why one would wish to stay clear with people afflicted by it.

    But the problem is a very different one. I am against this sort of thinking. I think we should try to live just a little bit better every day. But if the people with genocidal plans are thinking in this way, it can be pretty hard to stay clear of them. I don’t know why more people aren’t bailing out of the US then there are.

  2. I note with dismay that if you substitute ‘guns’ for ‘slaves’ the rhetoric of the present-day Republicans is uncannily similar to the slaver-Democrats of the anti-bellum South.

    So are many of their policies, up to and including systematic sabotage of the political affairs of the nation.

    I’m not saying that the US is headed for another Civil War, but I am saying it’s time to call their bluff.

  3. “I’m not saying that the US is headed for another Civil War..”

    You might not be saying it but they are just the same. This isn’t going to be pretty. There is really no other possible outcome. I don’t think that people will rise up and defeat homeland security and so forth. I think they will die by the millions and in the chaos the bad guys will also spread disease and so forth.

    There is no business as usual scenario. The perps have been caught redhanded with 9/11. So they must maintain an eternal environment of war and fear. When the dollar finally crashes the violence will turn inward. It must do because the parasites aren’t going to sit still for all the states seceding, to get away from having to pay for Washington, and yet secede they must to get out from underneath these burdens.

    The situation could be saved if everyone listened to Professor Keen and Professor Hudson and there was massive jubilee on all this ponzi-debt. But the debts represent assets to the oligarchy. So they won’t sit still for Jubilee. Hence there must be war, and the oligarchy is in the more powerful position and not the public.

  4. The metaphor goes further: we see in the modern Republicans the same cruel heartlessness, the same racism, the same intemperate violence in word and deed, the same paranoia, the same delusional narcissism, the same worship of a half-imaginary past, the same Counter-Enlightenment Utopianism, the same addle-pated incompetence and corruption.

    If the Republicans don’t free themselves from the grip of Rupert Murdoch and other denizens of the lunatic fringe they are on the road to oblivion.

    I wish them all the worst.

  5. The Plan is that the Jews will accept Christianity and the Second Coming will occur above the smoking ruins of Jerusalem, so the rightist Bible Bashers have to support a Jewish State centred on Jerusalem . . .

    or some such gibberish.

    And please resist the urge to set out “the true revelation.”

  6. Is that so Doug. Jews becoming Christians hey? A tall story. I thought the plan was that there would be this dictatorship of the proletariat, and then the government would whittle away.

    No what will happen is that the oligarchical families will see an opportunity for genocidal culling of the population, and they will avail themselves of this opportunity. I’m glad I’m here and not there. Its very hard to see how we will get by in Australia when the US collapses. The period of history where borders tend to stay pretty stable is coming to an end. We will see a world where the map is constantly changing.

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