A Letter To Joe About Guns

It’s good Joe Biden, who has a mad streak, is in charge of the new gun laws in America. To him I commend my plan of denying guns to young males under twenty-six, and a three-month window of opportunity to hand them in, and a six-month prison sentence if they do not.

Since eighty percent of gun murders are by males of this age, and seventy percent of gun suicides, it will be clear within a couple of months if this measure is working. If it is, no other legislation will be urgently necessary; and the banning, say, of assault weapons can state by state proceed at a pace that is locally suitable over the next five years or so, or ten.

Joe, who lost a wife and daughter to car accident, will be susceptible to the argument that, even as car drivers’ licences are not given to eight-year-olds, nor should gun owners’ licences be given to male teenagers, for the very same reason, that these tools, in such hands, are a danger to life and limb.

I beg him to consider closely this proposal. There is no downside to it, and it will surely pass in Congress on the voices, uncontentiously.

It is what in other circumstances would be called the ‘silver bullet’, and the time for it is now.

  1. Blast from the Past :

    Superior Court Judge Uly Thompson sentenced Zangara to death, but as part of his judicial opinion, stated that “unless society found a way to regulate the ownership of handguns, more senseless death will occur.”

    (Zangara attempted to kill FDR in 1933 but killed Mayor Cermak instead)

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