The Silence Of The Williamsons Broken

The Williamson Brand Name has been bestirred to write a play on Murdoch, funder of his Gallipoli, with typical ingratitude for bags of money.

It will be nine months behind our Murdoch miniseries and Murdoch telemovie, which he will have heard of, and infinitely worse, of course, as Alderman Lear is worse than Shakespeare In Italy, The Last Bastion than A Local Man, Dog’s Head Bay than Goodbye Paradise, Phar Lap than Newsfront, and so on.

No-one from the MTC came to Shakespeare In Italy. Better things to do. No-one thus far from the SATC either.

We will see.

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  1. “Blow, Blow, thou winter wind
    Thou art not so cold
    as man’s ingratitude..”.

  2. Williamson is successful in the commercial sense. Bob is not because he is a true empathetic honest human being who’s time will come hopefully not posthumously but he will be remembered for his wonderful prose and caring thoughts for all time. I certainly hope his wise philosohpy will be passed on through our tertiary education system for the betterment of mankind

  3. Oh Bob. I forgot that I am still running. You ask from what.
    A precarious investment in your scheduled future film. Please don’t take offense. It is just that I believe under the circumstances of the times you may be pushing the proverbial shit uphill,but I wish you the best of luck which your efforts so richly deserve

  4. I love you too Bob

  5. By the way did you Have a successful reinvestment in a postilion today. Craig WILLAMSon won a couple

  6. Perhaps I’m missing somthing but I can’t see the drama of depicting Murdoch on stage working dramatically without some major revisions and fanciful license with the story structure
    Act 1 A small newspaper proprietor from Adelaide strikes it rich and gets richer
    Act 2 Gets richer in England and the US
    Act 3 Escapes jail. Starts a twitter account.
    The End. Boring eh?
    Perhaps if he makes a pact with the devil and sells his soul or worked in Slater & Gordon and became PM…
    much better.

    • No, it’s already been written, though, by Hare and Brenton, with Murdoch thinly disguised as a South African, and played amazingly well in the National Theatre in, I think, 1984, by Anthony Hopkins. Good playwrights can do it but not the Williamsons, who lack the verbal acuity, life experience, eloquence, cunning and, in Kristin’s case, the sympathetic intelligence.

  7. “Act IV, Frank’s banned”. Or at least that is trajectory of the play.

  8. Who gets to play Murdoch for the mini series Bob?

  9. A comedy in the mould of ‘Keating’ called ‘Julia’ Now that I would invest in.

    • As long as it included a “mute” button, which is the only way non-emily’s listers can stand her.

      • It’s no good making any shows about Abbott, by the time he finishes his three word sentences the audience has fallen asleep.
        Howard was too dreary, Hockey takes too much space on the stage…maybe something yappy about Pyne…

  10. A hint or two Bob:-
    A factual series would have much drama to recommend it unless it is just a hit piece which will go nowhere past the ‘progressives’ who think Murdoch runs the government and even the ABC (going by some of the claims posted there) .
    Crisis decisions make a series. Real life drama with Rupert Murdoch
    Correct call One 1950’s: Fairfax has power over who got the Sydney Daily Mirror and rather than risk the Herald and Weekly Times, allowed Murdoch to buy it hoping that it would bankrupt him. Result: Mirror overtakes Fairfax rival Sun and the Murdoch story is up and running.
    Correct call Two 1964: starts the national icon The Australian. Loses 25,000 pounds a month, a million in the first year, the whole News Lt at risk, advised five times to close it, all ignored by Murdoch. Today, the only world-class Australian newspaper is still going strong.
    Correct call three 1969: Buys the failed UK broadsheet The Sun. turns it tabloid and you know the rest.
    Correct call four 1981: Buys The Times and turns it from being 100,000 behind Grauniad to now 200,000 ahead of it etc. Remains ‘The Times” as it has always been.
    Correct call five 1980’s. Wapping. As even Rusbridger of the Guardian says this decision “saved Fleet Street”.
    Correct call six 90’s: Fox News. ‘couldn’t be done’ history follows.
    Balance that with the hacking and blagging scandals (and all were involved in that, not just Murdoch’s properties).
    End result: a drama series which at the end shows Australians a drama-filled series of the most successful world businessman Australia has EVER produced.
    Whoever writes that series gets the big bucks.

    • I forgot the time (1990) when News Ltd nearly went bellyup over debt and one final investor of a few million held out until deadline nearly up for News Ltd.

      Particularly bittersweet because News shares could be bought for THREE CENTS at that time and yours truly didn’t have the money to spare for even a parcel of them!

    • Yes! It has all the makings of a Shakespearean tragedy - the great man brought low by his character fault, with all the dead bodies littering the stage : go for it Bob!

      • There you have it Doug, “Shakespearean” , I cannot imagine a time when we will utter the word “Deverian” , just imagine how long it will take spell checker to accept the term “Deverian” without the squiggly red line beneath it? Neither you nor I will see that in our lifetimes Doug, and I have adapted my bar fridge to preserve my physical being in a cryogenic state for the next two thousand years, unless of course there is a blackout, whereby I will be a mere puddle of water and other miscellaneous fluids staining the garage floor.

        • The Oxfordian hypothesis has been wrapped in newspaper and left in front of the Salvation Army store in North Richmond.

          Someone will probably find a use for it - perhaps it could be cut up to make dusters.

        • Yes, just as Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland. But he was still Charles Dodgson.

          And just as George Orwell wrote 1984. But he was still Eric Blair.

          • It’s a pity Eric didn’t insist on his own name, it would have been worth it to see Tony always having to delineate between his Blairite followers and his Blairellian vision for Britain compared to that of Eric’s. But then again we would have maybe had an Ericonian world, or a Dodgy world, to be a right Charlie in a Dodgy world, the things that should have been. A Sammyclemmian moment. The Century of Shickelgruber. Norma Jean in “Some like it Tepid”.

            • “Schicklgruber : My Part in his Downfall” doesn’t have quite the ring to it, does it?

              But he would have taken that name to the cleaners just as effectively, allthumbs. (it isn’t your name, by the way?) :grin:

              • No luckily for me DQ my name is Schicklburger, from the Heidelberger Schicklburger’s completely different. I stem from the bastard side to boot.

      • I loved that bit…”the great man brought low by his character fault”

        Some “low”

    • MR, this is from Max Keiser’s website;

      Tweet from RM 27/8/2012:”Simple equation: free open uncontrollable Internet versus shackled newspapers equals no newspapers. Let’s get real”

      To pick up on Keiser/Herbert’s point is RM proposing or lobbying for, shackled, controlled, Internet in order to protect his own preferred business model? How much more assistance should a monopolist be given?

      • Sorry, missed your comment. I don’t follow tweets so don’t know what Murdoch meant precisely BUT (and there is always a ‘but’) I doubt that he is wanting alternate net news/info seeing as he had never advocated that publicly.
        However, what he HAS done time and time again is becry the fact that what his journalists produce is often picked up and re-distributed freely by internet search engines and so on. I thought they had worked this out in 2010, when the Atlantic magazine had a long article about Google and Murdoch media people getting together to sort something out about income for coverage etc.
        Seeing as all the people who supposedly hate The Australian newspaper in particular (and “never buy it” “Never read it” etc) boast about getting paywalled material via Google, I am presuming that it is this he is on about in that tweet.

        • Sorry misread this (it is late for me today). Obviously an attack on and regulation limits to newspapers and non-internet media means non-competitiveness and further (artificial) destruction of the newspaper business environment. If he was fair dinkum he meant ‘stop restricting non-net media’

  11. A drama series of the most successful Aussie business does not good viewing make, he hasn’t got heart, he does not support charities, he has no interest in Arts…what are his interests…
    His mum and his first wife Anna might be more ineresting subjects for drama series…

    • Going by your comments I wonder just what you DO know.

      “he does not support charities, he has no interest in Arts”

      Are you kidding???????

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