An Open Letter To Nick Clegg

Dear Mr Clegg,

You will note that your Liberal Democrat Party lost half its vote after you went into government with the Tories. You will note that the Labour Party has been leading the Tories by six or twelve percent, and the Liberal Democrats by thirty or thirty-five percent, for a year.

Is it your sincere belief that if Assange is martyred, shot dead while ‘resisting arrest’, as the SAS is currently planning, your party vote will stay the same? Or improve? It is my belief that vote will vanish, and your party never rise again.

What do you think you are doing? Whom do you think you are helping? Not David Cameron, who is doomed anyway. Not the reputation of Britain, which refused to extradite Pinochet, a mass murderer, yet wants now to send into torture, nervous breakdown and forty years in a blank cell naked and sobbing Assange, the co-auteur of the Arab Spring, who has been charged thus far with no crime anywhere on earth and is thought by a billion Third World people a hero. Do you really think his persecution and maddening is worth the extinction of your party and your nation’s once good name? Why do you think this?

I suggest you talk to Cameron, and ask him to ask the Swedes to come to London and get their evidence from him there, and then charge him if they will, or no. And if they refuse to do this, let him go. And I suggest that if Cameron refuses to go along with this, you should walk out on him and become Prime Minister yourself, in rotation with Ed Miliband, in a Lib-Lab coalition.

Or, if that is your inclination, commit hari-kiri.

It would be a curious thing to do.

I remain, sir,


Bob Ellis,

A writer lately hailed as ‘better than Shakespeare’.

  1. Martin Rowson’s “little wooden man” the horrific little traitor who sold has his country down the drain in bending over backwards to serve for his Old Etonian fellows who he fagged for.
    What miseries have been visited on millions of innocent Britons because of this souffle’s lack of even a skerrick of character.

  2. This letter should have been addressed to Vince cable, widely predicted to succeed Nick Clegg shortly.
    They’ve got nothing to lose pursuing your proposal however, as they are likely to lose 80% of the seats currently held at the next election.

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