Springing Assange

Here’s how.

Get Mads Mikkelsen and a lawyer to go to the Embassy and on film ask Assange what happened with those two women; then go to Sweden and interview the women. Broadcast the film and ask the Swedish government to charge him, or not. If they will not charge him, ask Bob Carr to ask David Cameron to let him go.

If he won’t, get Kenneth Branagh to go through the same process, and ask Cameron again.

Then Benedict Cumberbatch. Then Dan Craig. Then Michael Moore.

Do it until the Cameron government falls.

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  1. Mads Mikkelsen might stay in Sweden with the girls…I’m sure they would ask him to stay…

  2. What about Scarlett Jo? You left her out.

  3. Bananaman is a slanderous piece of Liberal filth and will be expunged each time he writes in.

    I apologise for the time I took to do it, I was filming.

  4. Alternatively, commission Bob Ellis and Denny Lawrence to write a screenplay for the film Assange in Sweden exploring how two women, each intent on scoring with “the coolest guy on the planet”, then collude to exact revenge for the fact that he had slept with both of them. Perhaps the proceeds could go to all the Rape Crisis Centres around Australia, where they deal with the real thing, not the bruised egos of a couple of narcissistic tarts.

  5. I’m with Bananaman on this issue.

    Personally I would be quite happy to volunteer my humble services to help the Americans water-board Assange as needed during working hours when I’m not drinking or ship him off in a packing crate for $10 Million dollars to the highest bidder. I find him nothing more than a “Lefties wet-dream.” A little white crusty stain on the balcony of reason. Quite forgettable. I’m getting a bit intolerant I know…but he’s over-rated and not worth a flicker of thought.

    Far better to read Bob in the SMH discussing women and what he knows about them.


    I stumbled upon that article on the ipad app thing today and thought it was an honest piece. So great to read honest articles devoid of crap.

  6. One thing for sure Assange and Wikileaks will be in the limelight forever and a day

  7. Britain’s Supreme Court has ruled that Assange be extradited to Sweden. End of story, unless Sweden drops the case. As if.

  8. I know the Assange debate has been raging on Table Talk for a while but I’ve just finished Heather Brooke’s The Revolutuon Will be Digitised and so have been thinking g quite critically about Assange, and while I respect the need for due process with regard to the extradition business there seems to be an awful lot of hypocrisy about him.

    And for all you Shakespearean devotees and debaters out there , this week’s QI was on Shakespeare in case you missed it.

    • The Balcony Speech

      But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?
      It is the east, and Julian is the sun.

      If they do see thee, they will murder thee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      ‘Tis but tyranny that is my enemy
      I art Myself, though not Pussy Riot .
      What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
      By any other name would smell as sweet.
      So Julian would, though he is Julian call’d,
      Claim that persecution which Pussy Riot knows
      Without that title. Julian, retain thy name;
      And on that name, which is a part of thee,
      Bestow the glory and caché of Pussy Riot,
      And indeed of Francis Drake, and that of sundry whistleblowers.
      Attaching to the name of Julian, eternal fame.

  9. Max von Sydow playing Joubert might do. But just getting the rape allegations dealt with in a Swedish court would be enough to end it immediately.

    If he gets to Ecuador and upsets the Fuhrer who knows what will happen to him.

  10. It was covered well enough on 4 Corners, but the current barrage of anti-Assange propaganda is written in blissful denial, or malicious ignorance.

  11. Assange through Wikileaks has done absolutely no wrong. If he has then there should be no investigative reporting or any reporting of anything by anyone lest he or she be extradited to a country which is unhappy with the truth. The truth always hurts. If the truth is not to be known by these rogues then they will have to be more diligent in their secretive ways. As for Sweden they are obviously the means for sending a message to all media outlets that they must beware of what they report especially if it is true and not in their interest

    • The truth doesn’t always hurt, like when someone thinks you’re really really nice (and you truly are) and they tell you.

  12. Correa is reported in the UK papers as suggesting Sweden send someone to the London Embassy to ask their questions.

    Must have been reading Bob’s blog.

  13. If it is really really true and not just being nice

  14. Reader is really nice. Is that true?

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