The Silence Of The Williamsons (14)

No word from David yet on the Williamson Scholarship or the Williamson Foundation he promised, or said he’d consider, in January when he turned 70.

No communication in fact since Kristin said how much better a writer he was than me.

This should be tested I think.

Anyone resident in Adelaide or near it might come to Shakespeare In Italy after August 9 at the Holden Street Theatre and see if it’s better than Williamson’s Shakespeare play Dead White Males or worse, and vote to that effect after the performance, giving each play a mark out of ten. Though a collaborative work, this is balanced by Williamson’s collaborator on DWM Wayne Harrison who made him rewrite it, adding Shakespeare to it.

I’m not saying how the vote will go. But it should be considered when SII comes to Sydney seeking a venue, and David and I  and John Bell could have a charity debate about Shakespeare’s identity and achievement and which one Bell, an admirer of SII and a frequent director of Williamson, prefers.

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