Lines For Albo (23)

‘It is worth noting Howard wanted Nelson Mandela hanged. I ask Tony Abbott to apologise to this good, great man on his loathesome hero’s behalf, or encourage Howard, the bigoted dill, to do so himself.’

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  1. John Howard looked in the mirror in 2006 :

    Mirror : Good Day John, you’re looking well today, and fit as a fiddle.

    Of course I am, I’ve seen off Keating and Beazley, and that grinning donkey Costello is just where I want him.

    Mirror : What about the younger donkeys, like Abbott and Morrison?

    They’re such fools they’ll never amount to much. Tony’s too tied up in his rosaries to ever be a leader’s bootlace, and Morrison’s on the churchy side too.

    Mirror : Then who do you see as a future PM?

    What, after I retire in 2015, you mean? Probably that nice Mal Brough, or some miserable female ball breaker like Mirabella.

    Mirror : Nelson Mandela (?)

    Not Mandela, Mirabella - are you going deaf? I thought I was the deaf one!

    Mirror : Did you really want to see Mandela hanged?

    We all say things we may regret later, you know. But he was once a terrorist - ANC leader and all that. But so was Rabin a terrorist, and Sharon and Shamir, and all those Arafat and Hamas types.
    Ronny Reagan had it right, your terrorist is my freedom fighter.

    Mirror : What about bin Laden?

    Wash your mouth out with soap! Some are truly evil, just ask my mate George W.

    Mirror : Are you worried about Rudd?

    Not at all; he’s such a control freak he’ll implode before he even gets to the next election. No, Gillard is the one that frightens me. Let her become PM for one term and she’ll be there ’til 2020. We must get Rupert, Fairfax and everyone else onside to ensure she gets undermined and white-anted at every turn.

    Mirror : Rupert, and Fairfax? As if that will work!

    Mark my words, we can’t let her get clean air, even if means cosying Rudd to do it. ”

    And the rest is history . . .

  2. hudsongodfrey

    Oh I suspect that sales of knives in Canberra haven’t dropped off much!

  3. Did Howard really say this? I always thought that he was broadly against capital punishment. I’m reminded of the Australian who was caught trafficking drugs in SE Asia (apparently, in part, to pay the debts of his twin brother) and was sentenced to death. Howard did try to intervene, but to no avail. The mother said that she had a private meeting with the PM to beg him to do more, but there was nothing more that could be done. The meeting ended with them both shedding tears in eachother’s arms. It sounded quite moving.

    Hardly the caricatured villain that you seek to resurrect for some dubious, doubtful and cheap crack against Abbott.

    • hudsongodfrey

      Well we always make representations on behalf of Aussies facing execution overseas, but I guess there are representations and there are representations if you know what I mean. :wink:

      It was after all under Howard that the AFP started tipping off the Indonesians and others about drug couriers that we’d reason to believe could have been arrested here instead.

      • Peter, Bob Ellis is suffering from HDS (Howard Derangement Syndrome) a minor offshoot of Tourette’s Syndrome where Labor people unable to cope with how dismal and inept Gillard’s regime has proven to be - blurt out nonsense about John Howard in a vain attemp shift attention. It’s well documented and more common than thought previously.

        The solution is a healthy shock injection of AbbottAbbottAbbott (AAA) which tends to pacify their mood swings. You will find reading this blog that Bob will swing wildly between repugnance for Tony Abbott and unhealthy adoration.
        Elections usually solve the problem and break the cycle.

  4. One salient point is that you will never see Abbott shed a tear. Unless over his own frustrations. Ditto Rudd.

  5. He’d weep tears of laughter at some of the paranoid delusions expressed here. The comedy certainly keeps me coming back.

    • Yes, quite child-like (when the natural lickspittle isn’t on show that is)

      • Its disgusting isn’t it, when people let fear and prejudice get in the way of discourse.

        I heard Roy Masters today, on the topic of marriage and flirtation, I think it was say something like…

        “its the way the world works and we’re better off with it in the open”.

        Point being, the fact that delusion, in a forum concerning creative pursuits, is a fact of life.

        Thus, mental illness is often amplified by the fact it has been made taboo by the people who find themselves blurting out random implied assessments of the reader’s mental health.

        Furthermore commodifying anyone’s input against their perceived mental health seemingly ignores all other considerations of an idea’s or communication’s worth.

        Not only would that be false, to my reasoning, but I can’t see it as anything else but inhibitive to discussion and progression.

        I mean really what that says is, “I have paranoid delusions, I revel in the hilarity of other peoples suffering and my blinkered view on the world limits my own creative and productive capacity.”

        At least Doug however misguided he may be in some of his judgements has the guts to take people on directly.

        In my openly and honest, sometimes deluded opinion, chivalry is not dead and the notion of treating people how you would like to be treated seems a reasonable ethos.

        Where I come from MRyutin there is a difference between treating someone with respect and brown nosing.

        • “Where I come from…..there is a difference between treating someone with respect and brown nosing”.

          The same applies where I come from too.

    • It is intended to be humorous. Lighten up.

  6. When did John Howard say that he wanted to see Mandela hanged?

  7. If you want to tar Abbott by association, forget about Mandella. Howard would have happily had the majority of this country’s working people hang by the notion that labour market deregulation and ‘competition’ will of itself deliver them greater ‘flexibility’ and better living standards. Abbott et al are going to ultimately reinstitute that same philosophical approach under some new guise or other to take the poison off the Workchoices moniker, but this is what voters need to start paying more attention to.

    • The most important feature of “Workchoices” was that if an employee was employed on an award basis, that could not be changed by the employer, without agreement by the employee. For some silly reason they failed to effectively counter the dishonest Union campaign. Who’ll mind the kids indeed…

      • No, the most important feature of WorkChoices was that it removed the right to collective bargaining and placed in the hands of employers the right to choose whether or not an employee could nominate a representative (i.e. a union) to negotiate on his behalf.

        This was criminal.

  8. I hope one day Howard, the most mean spirited and evil Australian leader of our time pays like some of the other elderly sickos by being carted off to the International Criminal Court for war crimes along with Bush and Blair. His reincarnation via Abbott will be intolerable. All you people who voted for him over the years are just as sick

    • Remember Hawke pledging Australia’s military resources to Bush Senior for Gulf War 1? And do you recall Rudd and Gillard keeping our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq? It’s called being part of an alliance.

      I’ll enjoy your head exploding the night Abbott’s elected as PM. Enjoy!

    • Oh and your beloved ALP/Commugreens have lured 800 boat people to their deaths since dumping Howard’s successful deterrent combination of Nauru + TPVs.

  9. The purpose of the conservative party on refugees isn’t to save lives but to chase the Hanson type votes.This is obvious to anyone. Remember Howard refused to criticize Hanson and conservatives tend to chase xenophobic voters traditionally because many them are one and the same not to mentio their moral vacum. The ethnic, humane and educated vote always weighs more towards labor.Bananaman is just revealing what happens to Australia’s favorite fruit when you leave it sitting in the sun too long

    • 1. The policy of mandatory detention for uninvited illegal immigrants was instituted by the Keating government. That was back in the days when the ALP understood the importance of protecting our border. Yes it was a long time ago.

      2. Illegal arrivals (we are not the first safe haven these so-called refugees reach) got out of control, so John Howard solved the issue with Nauru + TPVs.

      3. Due to sheer vanity, Rudd and Gillard and the rest of the ALP dumped this successful combination and it has cost the country over $4,000,000,000 since 2008

      4. 800 have been lured to their deaths because they know if they arrive with no ID (having first flown in to Indonesia with passports), they can never be sent back and the keys of our welfare, medical, dental and housing kingdom await FOREVER.

      5. Howard expelled Hanson from the Liberal Party before the 1998 election because of her comments about not representing Aboriginal Australians in her electorate, and rightly so.

  10. Protecting our borders from what the Hansonites don’t like plain and simple. What a wretched policy Howard had pandering to people’s base prejudices. Surly we are better than that, The subject doesn’t deserve the attention it gets in the media

    • Do you have a lock on your front door?

    • $4,000,000,000 PLUS wasted since breaking in 2008 what John Howard fixed, not including welfare and medical and dental and housing forever, and 800 deaths. Move along, nothing to see here…

      • So when Abbott comes to power and starts saving money hand over fist by locking Australia’s front door to keep out the brown hordes of undesirables, we can expect him to fix all the problems with welfare, housing, and the health system forever, and no more brown people will drown trying to get here illegally.

        I was worried about Abbott becoming PM. I’m looking forward to it now. Thanks Bananaman.

  11. Bananaman: You are coming across as an argument against selective education. So far there has been nothing at all in your posts to suggest intelligence or that, as an alumni, you are part of the creme de la creme of our system.
    Help us out here, please. Say something either intelligent or well-informed. Please.

    • If, as was credibly alleged earlier, he is in fact the delightful George Brandis, it is not Bananaman’s job to say anything intelligent or well-informed. His job is to prosecute the case for Her Majesty’s loyal opposition, regardless of what is right or wrong, factual or fanciful, reasonable or unconscionable.

      Viewed in this light, he is doing a very fine job.

  12. I hope Bananaman doesn’t really believe in his rantings. He is just a shit stirrer par excellance

  13. How many refugees were and are paying taxes. answer- hundreds of thousands from post world war 2 up to the present. Something wrong with that Bananaman .

    • This is why those with teenage-like intellects shouldn’t be handed the levers of government. And why the ALP/Commugreens will be in the wilderness for… Ooh.. three decades or so.

      • Thanks George.

      • Be still my beating heart. Paint me a picture Bman, what will it be like, what will occur in those thirty years, please, please tell what Tony and Co have up their sleeves.

        Keep the suspense though you can break it up in three ten year lots, don’t dally, I will make a cup of tea in between.

      • Better still, start at the end and work backwards, start with the good stuff, the results, the end, and show us how we arrived. Ready when you are. Don’t leave out the details, I love details.

        • If you consider that it took 11 years to retire the $96,000,000,000 debt left behind by Keating (a “good” ALP PM) - this bunch of saboteurs will have left $300,000,000,000 at the rate they are borrowing and wasting.

          The Australian public should be reminded at every opportunity why NEVER to let leftist idiots in charge of anything. Let them run something as humble as a fish and chip shop in the intervening years and see how they go.

          Best of luck!

          • You really are not much of a storyteller are you Bman, 30 years of expectant reign and the Beazley black hole is the best you can do.

            My tea’s cold. Your not Mark Textor are you?

          • Bananaman, it’s quite clear that with Bob away on directorial duties you are making the most of this new found freedom. I think that’s a good thing; it makes for a diversity of opinion that can only improve the quality of conversation and afford an insight into the mind of political adversaries.
            With that in mind can I reiterate allthumbs’ question about “details”; do you have any?

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