Lines For Albo (13)

‘Nuremberg says you can’t obey the orders of an idiot, and Tony Abbott has been told this by the Navy. He would have been told the same thing by Yudhoyono too, had he deigned to have the conversation.

‘But Tony hates hearing the bad news, so he avoided the conversation with Yudhoyono, and he’s never going to have it. He’s just going to push ahead with his fool policy and hope there’s a Navy captain out there somewhere who’s just as cowardly as him.

‘What a goose. What a fantastist. What a cringeing, cowardly, body-building, eye-avoiding creepy little man. What a goose.’

  1. Edbard O Mahoney

    The more a politician sinks into the mire of the masses the less of a leader they become. A pox on both their houses. These parliamentarian pseudo melees and their malaise and their ‘crocodile tears’. Selfish and shameful displays of their impotencies.

    We (Australia) ARE a rudderless, uncaptained boat about to be dashed on the rocks of some unknown land. Will they help us or watch us die and then punish us more?

    • We’re fine. We’ve got a good society.

      All we need is a hundred thousand more refugees, and a hundred thousand less Japanese waiters, next year, and twenty thousand refugees per year thereafter.

      Which means no queue.

      And no queue jumpers.

      And no drownings. And no people smugglers.

      And no worries.

      • Do the 100,000 Japanese Waiters currently receive full welfare, housing, medical and dental treatment courtesy of Australian taxpayers? Didn’t think so.

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