The Norrington Summation, 2009

From Marilyn, May 26, 2012 at 2:40 pm

This was in the Australian in 2009. And now the Australian claim that Thomson was deluded about Kathy Jackson and her mob setting him up.

Second Labor figure Jeff Jackson embroiled in union brothel scandal

by: Rick Wallace and Brad Norington

• From:The Australian

A SECOND influential ALP figure has been accused of spending union money on escorts, with enemies of Victorian union boss Jeff Jackson releasing bank statements showing payments to the same Sydney brothel where federal MP Craig Thomson’s credit card was allegedly used.

Police were called to a union meeting in Melbourne last night as it descended into yelling and brawling between rival camps.

The meeting was called by Mr Jackson to reassert his control on the union’s management committee. Mr Jackson, a prominent figure in the Victorian ALP, dismissed the claims against him as a politically motivated “dirty tricks campaign” and denied any misuse of union funds.

As secretary of the Health Services Union’s number 1 branch in Victoria, Mr Jackson has been embroiled in a bitter power struggle with branch president Pauline Fegan.

Ms Fegan last night called on him to resign over the emergence of credit card statements showing the payments to ‘Keywed Pty Ltd” – which takes money for clients of the Sydney Outcalls escort agency.
“It’s a union-issued credit card and it has been issued to Jeff Jackson,” Ms Fegan said. “On the face of it, it appears the union credit card has been used for escort agencies,” she said. “He should have resigned ages ago, that’s the reality.”

The factional dispute is at the centre of the claims of misuse of union credit cards for prostitutes and election campaign funds that threaten the career of Mr Thomson and could damage other senior party figures.

Mr Thomson yesterday strenuously denied allegations his union credit cards were used to pay for escort services and to help bankroll his election campaign for the federal NSW seat of Dobell in 2007.

In a terse statement, Mr Thomson dismissed as “incorrect and false” allegations that he had misused credit cards during his term as federal secretary of the Health Services Union, including cash advances exceeding $100,000 over five years.

Mr Jackson stressed that – unlike the Commonwealth credit card statement alleged to be Mr Thomson’s – his name was not even listed on the union Bendigo Gold Visa card concerned.

Federal Labor, however, is already in damage control over the issue because of the risk that it could engulf not only Mr Thomson, who is chairman of the House of Representatives economics committee, but also his mentor, the new incoming ALP national president and HSU union chief Michael Williamson.

Mr Williamson faces no allegations. He is the primary union and Labor mentor to Mr Thomson, having backed Mr Thomson as Melbourne-based HSU national secretary from 2002 to 2007. He then supported Mr Thomson’s move to Sydney before the 2007 election in a bid to run for Dobell.

The source of potentially serious collateral damage to Labor figures is a nasty battle for power in Mr Jackson’s HSU No1 branch as he fights to win control from union president Pauline Fegan.

Mr Jackson and Ms Fegan have been brawling for weeks, making claim and counter-claim against each other about alleged misuse of union funds.

Their battle erupted on the national political scene yesterday with the allegations against Mr Thomson, dating back to his five-year term as federal secretary.

According to published documents, officials of Mr Thomson’s former union concluded last year that his Commonwealth Bank credit card had been used to withdraw cash advances totalling $101,553 over five years.

The documents also indicated Mr Thomson’s card was used to pay $330 to operators of a North Sydney escort service called Aboutoun Catering, and two payments of $570 and $2475 to Keywed Pty Ltd Restaurant in Surry Hills, a company listed as escort agency Sydney Outcalls Network.

Pty Ltd Restaurant in Surry Hills, a company listed as escort agency Sydney Outcalls Network.

Mr Thomson yesterday withstood Opposition pressure to step aside as a committee chairman. He said he had sought legal advice about possible action against “the sources” of the false allegations against him.
He was confident an independent audit and an investigation by the Industrial Registrar would find no basis for the allegations.

Kevin Rudd took no action against Mr Thomson. A spokesman for the Prime Minister said Mr Rudd would await the results of inquiries before making any decision on Mr Thomson’s committee role.

The allegations against Mr Thomson were first detailed in a leaked letter written by Kathy Jackson, the HSU’s national secretary and head of the union’s No2 branch.

Ms Jackson’s involvement further complicates the puzzle for the Labor Party and its involvement with the wrangle.

She is the former wife of Jeff Jackson. Her new partner is Michael Lawler, a vice-president of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, whose industrial registrar is investigating Mr Thomson.
As news of the investigation sparked by Ms Jackson spread to embroil her former husband yesterday, Mr Jackson dismissed the claims against him as a politically motivated “dirty tricks campaign” and denied any misuse of union funds.

He said there were several union cards at the time and there were also doubts about the dates of the payments.

He was recalling all credit card statements from the union’s archives to prove his innocence.

The leaked Bendigo Bank credit card statements, obtained by The Australian, show four separate payments to Keywed between December 2003 and March 2004.

The payments, one of which was made on Christmas Eve, were for amounts ranging from $330 to $405.

There were two payments made on the same night on one occasion – March 18, 2004. The statement lists the Health Services Union’s No1 branch as the account holder but does not say who the cardholder is.

And now VanOnselen is whining that Thomson’s vote should be disallowed even though there are no such rules.

But wait – Sophie Mirabella looks like being caught in a long civil case over money from a man with dementia.

Abbott will be in and out of court defending defamation claims.

Pyne will be under fire and dragged to civil court over his role in the non-Ashby affair.

Bill Heffernan could be charged with assault and abuse.

Sean Edwards from SA is investigated for using 3 cars, hiring former excecutives of his own company and other things.

Chris Kelly is being investigated for lying about being a director of a bankrupt company.

All Liberals.

I wonder if they really want to pursue the kick out the vote claims now?

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  1. Bob

    I bet you a bottle of Laguvalin the Libs will not descend into the equivalent of the mess and stink rising from the HSU to taint Labor.

    They don’t hate as well as Labor because they don’t care as much.

    Watching the news now - I wish the Youth Parliament would take over.

    • Did you read the article about Mirabella in The Weekend Australian, talk about not caring about others, and caring very much about ME…
      I felt sick after reading it…who wants people like that in power.

  2. Oh for god’s sake, there is no stink about the HSU but there sure as hell was and is a stink about AWB while it was being run from Howard’s office.

    You compare the HSU trivia with the theft of $300 from starving people to give to the murderer who we just invaded to get rid of?

    Stink, good god you have a weird idea of stink.

    Go and analyse the dates on the Australian article and then think again.

    • The AWB scandal involved $290 million.

      That miserable bastard Rudd should have done three things on gaining office :

      1. Sack the entire ABC Board;
      2. Get rid of certain public
      servants, eg Godwin Grech;
      3. Institute a Royal
      Commission on AWB.

      A good start.

    • Sorry, I should have been clearer; I’m comparing the way the stinks were handled. The Libs got away with murder - literally.

      Regarding the dates, that is exactly my point. Why are we still talking about this? Because it is being, and has been, handled very badly.

  3. Bob, please write your next blog post titled “Internationale Immobiliare” after the brothel company Craig Thomson visited. I love the fact that an Escort agency can name their outfit after a feature in a Godfather III film involving Vatican graft and corruption. It shows wit, humour and practical intelligence. All the qualities that Labor people should aspire to. Surely you do agree? Love that name. Internationale Immobiliare.

    • Grow up you tittering nitwit.

      For god’s sake almost every man on earth goes to a brothel.

      Sex makes the world go around after all.

      I don’t know why you don’t get it through your thick skull Frank that the fucking brothel is nothing to do with anything.

      The claim you cretin is that Thomson and Jackson broke union rules for the use of credit cards - except there were no rules.

  4. This is powerful stuff. Especially this bit:-
    “Mr Jackson stressed that – unlike the Commonwealth credit card statement alleged to be Mr Thomson’s – his name was not even listed on the union Bendigo Gold Visa card concerned”.

    Also worth reading Chapter 6 of the FWA report starting at page 463 for more on the Jeff Jackson stuff, including what the repayments by Jackson were for.

    The Mirabella stuff is already through the civil courts after greedy relatives couldn’t let go, Abbott and Pyne won’t be worried by the courts at all (that is sheer fantasy) and the Kelly stuff is also a non-event.

  5. Glad you picked up on that sentence, but you missed the other point.

    Abbott claims Thomson has to stand down without a charge being laid but none of his troops have to stand down after claims have been laid.

    Hypocrisy is my point.

    Oh dear, greedy relatives? Wanting their fathers money because she tricked him into changing his will while he was demented?

  6. Paul Kelly now claims Thomson was accused of cronyism. He was no such thing.

    Honest to god, they all read what they think they read.

  7. Here in Victoria where Baillieu holds government by one seat, the Liberal sitting member for Frankston Geoff Shaw has been accused of using his tax payer funded car and petrol vouchers to run his business with interstate delivery trips. Ted has referred it to the Speaker to investigate.

    Shaw says he doesn’t know where his car was for 3 days.

  8. And here in SA Isobel Redmond is under huge fire for telling women in the workforce who are sexually harassed to just suck it up.

    And Campbell Newman has quickly become a dictator in Queensland while Barry O’Farrell has suddenly found $200,000 of undeclared donations.

    Politicians are people and the strange thing is not one media person has asked one simple question - why among 1.9 million people in unions are we to believe that two officials from one union during a power struggle used the same brothel 18 months apart but not one other person ever has.

    When even Herald Sun readers react with revulsion to the treatment of Thomson it is time the cretins all shut up.

    • Marilyn, I am wearying of your vituperative rage. Your information is excellent but Jesus you do do go on.

      Please cut down your wordage by half or I will ban you.


  9. Yeah, yeah Bob.

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