As I Please: The Oscar Possibilities

It will be a split field, I think, as it was in the year when Reds won Best Director and Chariots of Fire Best Film. Which means Scorsese’s Hugo will get Best Director, Havanicius’s The Artist Best Film, Woody Best Original Screenplay for Midnight In Paris, Clooney, Grant Heslov and Beau Willimon Best Adapted Screenplay for The Ides of March, Streep Best Lead Actress for The Iron Lady (it should be Glenn Close for Albert Nobbs but there you go), George Clooney Best Lead Actor for The Descendants (a role he should not have stolen from Paul Giamatti), Best Support Actor for Ken Branagh in My Week With Marilyn and Berenice Bejo for Best Support Actress in The Artist. A whole swag of technical awards will go to Hugo but Best Artistic Direction To The War Horse, Best Makeup to Albert Nobbs, Best Costume Design to Anonymous … Best Music is a mystery. John Williams for The War Horse, maybe.

It’s ridiculous Ben Kingsley wasn’t even nominated for Hugo, and Gary Oldman was for Tinker Tailor, Norman Mailer or whatever the fuck it was called. A hat-rack in horn-rims I called his performance, accurately. The actual best male performance was by Peter Mullan in Tyrannosaur, not that it matters, it hasn’t been Scotland’s turn for thirty years, and the best female supporting performance, far and away, by Vanessa Redgrave in Anonymous. Best Foreign Film will go to A Separation, as good a drama on human relationships as there has ever been, as good as a play by Arthur Miller.

I haven’t seen Moneyball and I hate The Tree of Life irrationally, so I may be wrong in every particular.

And so it goes.

  1. You are really on the money here.

    I hope your predictions come true, although I am amazed Ides of March wasn’t nominated for Best Picture.

    Oldman was a revelation as Smiley, but I agree they’ll give it to George - Giammati was robbed in Barney’s Version, an Oscar winning performance if ever there was one. Streep as you say, but Close was close.

    I wonder why Ryan Gosling isn’t there - Ides, Driver, Crazy Stupid Love (which wasn’t aa bad film at all). Gosling was my pick for Gatsby, but after J. Edgar I’m prepared to give baby-face a go).

    Two very good articles today.

  2. The first 20 minutes (or so, and select pockets thereafter) of “Tree of Life” are irresistibly, undeniably, sublime.
    I watched in joyous wonder Malick’s treatment of light, shot, perspective and subject.
    I can barely remember a time when I had seen such…..bravado.

  3. That Woody Allen movie, bugger me ! Formulaic, tired, uninspired, cutouts for characters what’s wrong with the poor old fella ?

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