The Henderson Wars (6)

In ten days no evidence has come in that Gerard was right at any time on any subject whatever in forty years of commentating.

I ask someone to help him out.

If no-one will I ask the smh to sack him and give me his job at any rate of pay they think fair for a two month trial after which they can reinstate him if they like, or keep me on.

Or to say why they will not.

  1. Meanwhile, how much are they paying Judy Prisk? If I ever wrote a novel, I would have a character called Judy Prisk.

  2. What are you talking about? Exactly?

  3. The Readers’ Representative. There to replace all those sub-editors and sooth our minds. And write articles pointing out how all the difficult, unreasonable readers she comes across are of the leftist persuasion.

    I can’t decide whether she is Huxleyan or Orwellian. Probably Orwellian.

  4. This name I have heard before.

    Thank you.

  5. Why does Hendo call you the False Prophet? Was it over a bet and you failed to pay up? What does it mean?

    I think they should keep Henderson for writing a pretty good and reasonably funny impression of Mark Latham’s private diaries. I could change my mind if you could do a better job. Can you bare it?
    He’s also good at following up on emails and annoying pompous Lefties. All worthwhile pursuits IMHO :)

    • You correspond with Henderson? You’re a strange guy, Frank.

    • No, he says I’m wrong about things. But I was right about twenty-nine elections within three seats, dead wrong about ten, right that Abbott would win the leadership, (I also got the number of votes right when everyone was saying it was Hockey all the way), right about Bracks beating Kennett when nobody else was, right about Baillieu beating brumby very, very narrowly. But Gerard puts about the big lie that I’m always wrong because I said Howard would lose his seat and got the year wrong.

      He’s sort of desperate, and it sort of shows.

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