As I Please: The Henderson Wars (2)

No defence of Gerard has come in yet, and no instance of his having been right in any prediction, assessment, moral opinion or change of opinion in the last forty years.

This situation may alter, and dozens of letters of support flood in. But if they do not, and less than ten such letters come in by, say, midnight on Friday, February 4, I suggest the smh fire him and, for a trial period of two months, have me as columnist on Tuesdays, a position I occupied for three years in the 1990s on a monthly basis till the Abbott and Costello lawsuit persuaded Paul McGeogh, of all people, to stand me down, rejecting an article on the death of my Auntie Jean he had previously accepted.

I will work for one half Gerard’s present wage, that is, if my information is correct, about forty-five thousand dollars a year, or eight hundred and sixty-five dollars a week. If the circulation increases on Tuesdays, let me be kept on at that wage. If it goes down, let Gerard come back, on his present wage, in triumph to his present position.

If this is not acceptable, I ask the management to say why, in these pages, it is not.

  1. But why should Henderson go? Why not sack David Marr? When has he ever been right? Why not get rid of Mike Carleton as well? You could do both their jobs and save the SMH a ton of cash.
    Sounds to me like the SMH are knee deep in old Lefties and need another one like they need a hole in the head.

    :idea: Bob why not reinvent yourself and start writing speeches for Mr Tony Abbott. There’s a shortage of Right Wing Commentators out there. You could share a desk with Hendo.

  2. Read David Marr’s book Panic, and then read anything by Hendo.

    Mike Carlton (sic) is a very, very funny and principled man. Read anything by him, including his book on HMAS Sydney, and anything by Hendo.

    And then go bag your head.

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