As I Please: The Henderson Wars (1)

My most recent challenge to my always apathetic readership was to say on what occasions Gerard Henderson had, in forty years, been right and Bob Brown wrong.

Thus far one instance of Bob Brown being wrong (when he went to water on Marrickville’s ban on products from Israel) has come in, but no instance whatever of Gerard being right.

So if none appear in the next week I strongly suggest the sms fire him and apologise for his fool opinions, predictions, assessments, vendettas, harassments and overweening Papist piety in a half-page advertisement the following Tuesday. Say, ‘We had no idea he was always wrong and we unreservedly apologise for this’ and cite examples of his recent oafish iniquities, the WMD, Hicks, Haneef, Assange and so on.

Or is there some other course of action that does not smirch their reputation as an organ of conscienceful, balanced and truthful reportage and opinion?

Just asking.

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  1. You should submit this entry to the opinion page of the Sydney Morning Herald before the end of this week and see what happens, Bob.

  2. What about Mr Henderson’s assertion that “The ABC has no known conservative presenters for any of its key programs on radio or television.”

    Bob - if he is wrong about that fact then I challenge you to name the long list of conservative presenters on the ABC.

    I look forward to reading your long long list… :mrgreen:

  3. Bob - Gerard Henderson speaking on your favourite program - Q&A explaining to the gullible that if we move on tackling climate change before the United States, India and China - we’re crazy! There’s a brief glimpse of your nemesis sitting on stage also on this link:

    Sounds like a sensible man to me.

    On Bob Brown I wont say anything as he is a complete and utter loon who is a bit like Ridley Scott’s Alien creature residing in the breast of the ALP waiting to break loose and drag us all to hell! Thank God the Conservatives will soon be back in power. Halleluiah! I have a lot of faith in the Australian people. Time and time again - they get it right.

  4. The Greens think they’re reached godlike status. Bob Brown’s hyperbole from Sep 27, 2010 (sourced from the PM’s website):

    “BUSINESS certainty is a central reason for achieving a carbon price, but community certainty is no less important: certainty about how our grandchildren will find this country; certainty about the freedom to not be facing cyclones, hailstorms, droughts, bushfires, sea level rises.”

  5. Gazing into his cracked crystal ball, Henderson:

    “The myth of Australia as racist has been promulgated by alienated leftist academics in Australia, who just happen to be employed in universities which are examples of tolerant multiculturalism at work.”
    - Gerard Henderson 2/2/10, SMH p9

    And just in time for Australia Day, in regards to the planned amendments to the Constitution regarding indigenous inclusion:

    “And equally, the loss would brand Australians to the world as racists, and self-consciously and deliberately so. The Prime Minister at least recognises that a referendum loss would be disastrous for the nation.” - Academics Marcia Langton and Megan Davis, The Australian, 21/1/2012

  6. Same articles, Henderson writes: “From time to time a litany of journalists, actors, directors and the like join in the Australia-is-racist chorus. There is invariably a spike in such collective apologia around Australia Day.”

  7. Henderson grinds out his predictions in the SMH, Mar 1, 2011:

    “Abbott’s opposition to a carbon tax or an emissions trading scheme in Australia - before such a policy is embraced by the US, Canada, China or India - enjoys clear majority support in the Liberal Party room. Moreover, there is virtually no support among the Nationals for a carbon tax or an emissions trading scheme.

    “Turnbull, on the other hand, supports immediate action on climate change. Hockey might be closer to Turnbull than Abbott on this issue. However, he believes that he should be the next Liberal leader after Abbott.

    “So it is likely that the next 2 1/2 years will be a long political grind. Gillard’s political longevity will turn on her ability to get a carbon tax through both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

    “Meanwhile, Abbott’s political longevity will depend on his ability to hold the opposition together and to link Labor with the Greens’ left agenda on economic and social issues.
    The Greens’ policies are directed at the interests of inner-city middle-class radicals.

    “However, as Labor understands, the 2013 election will be decided in outer suburbs and regional centres. That’s why, despite Oakeshott’s evident distress, the Coalition is going to attempt to win Lyne by linking him with Labor and the Greens. It’s shaping up as a political war of attrition.”

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