The Silence Of The Williamsons (3)

Though the Williamson Question continues to rack up about two hundred hits a day no word has come back from David yet.

On his bank balance, his properties, his share portfolio and the size of his plans for a Williamson Scholarship if any, and how much Kristin wrote, if any, of Sons Of Cain, A Handful Of Friends, Corporate Vibes, Top Silk and Nothing Personal, he has been — I suppose the phrase is — vigilantly silent. And of course he may have adequate reason for this, in his tax arrangements, his company structure, the money in trust for his children, his alimony, or whatever.

In the meantime somebody called ‘Bob’ has spoken up in his defence, and done so with moderation, acuity, clarity and what looks like inside knowledge. He has insisted he doesn’t know Williamson personally, but I have lately challenged this, asking who he is, and wondering if he might be a family member, or Kristin, or David himself, or a lawyer, or an accountant, or an agent.

No reply has come in to these enquiries.

Any Noosa person who knows the answer to this I would like to hear from. Is forged identity an offense in this country, as in the case of Demidenko and Khouri? Or is it okay to say you are someone else and deny your identity?

I invite contributions.

  1. I have no comment on your on-going border skirmish with Mr Williamson (though vastly entertaining!) however I will note that there is no criminal offense or law against using another name or identity in this country, provided it is not the name of another person (e.g. impersonation) or used to commit an offense, such as fraud.

    The wonders of the interbet is that ‘Bob’ may indeed just be ‘Bob’, or he could be a lovely young lass from Dubbo awaiting afternoon dramas on TV, or the author of some witty plays.

    I suspect Mr Williamson won’t respond, so I’d enjoy the proxy’s rebuttal and continue to take aim and reload the cannons!


  2. Bob are you able to log the IP address of the other “Bob” or any of your commentators? This way you can track and find out where they hail from and if they share a Noosa or QLD address?

    Track there IPs here:

    (I hope this doesn’t make you any more paranoid :mrgreen: )

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