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How Murdoch Cheats

Murdoch will try to cheat the Iowa count but it will not work for him.

He has Trump on about 32 and Rubio on 18 but it will be more like Trump 24 and Rubio 21 and Rubio will be the nominee.

Murdoch has been similarly polling in Australia. He showed Marshall winning in South Australia, Campbell Newman in Queensland, Wayne Swan, Tony Burke, Jason Clare losing their seats. He lately sbows Labor way behind, though all the people love Labor’s policies and the Abbott Wing of the Liberals, keen to regain influence, are trying to seize the party from the ‘moderates,’, the ‘small-l Liberals’.

None of this worries Murdoch. He makes it up as he goes along. Whatever figure he wants, he gets. He had Romney winning on election night.

Watch Iowa on Monday, and see.

How Things Change

Interesting how things change.

In twenty-four hours Turnbull lost his most respected Minister, Andrew Robb; his Deputy Prime Minister, Warren Truss; any chance of retaining his favourite sinister-minister, Stuart Robert; any chance of a GST and any respect for his Treasurer, Scott Morrison, friend and ally of Robert.

If he was comforted by the news that the dog-killer Barnaby Joyce would soon be running the country in his stead, he was daunted by the likelihood that Tony Windsor would displace him at the election by a margin of ten or twenty percent.

Newspoll, of course, will still show the Coalition in 53, no votes having been lost by the above catastrophes, nor by the involvement in sexual threat and sexual blackmail of Brough, Roy and Pyne and the ruin of the innocent Slipper, and it is to be wondered now long this nonsense will be believed.

Certainly no commentators are treating Shorten like a certain loser any more. His response yesterday to Turnbull’s ‘closing the gap’ was the greatest parliamentary moment since the Apology. Plibersek’s thoughts on Eat Timor and our obligations to that embattled free nation were a significant alteration, worthy of Bob Carr, of our stance in the region.

Yet Turnbull will be said to be ahead, and the Coalition winning. Murdoch will have it so, and Murdoch will be obeyed.

And now…of course… Tara Nettleton (Turnbull’s luck) has died, leaving five children, and a sickly grandchild, sired by DAESH, not all by rape, in Iraq and Iran and Syria, and screaming to be brought home to Australia, to their loving, Christian grandparents in Sydney. Will Turnbull leave these innocent children to die under torture, or pregnancy-rape in a war zone, squealing in terror night after night, or will he bring them home?

This, once you add Jaime Briggs’s sex crime to the list, brings to a total of eleven, or twelve perhaps,the sex crimes this cleanskin Prime Minister is trying to prove himself, under media pressure, to be utterly innocent of.

And so it goes; this, plus the expectation of two hundred and fifty more days of public, political hurt, deepening by the day.

Iowa Autopsy

It’s not how right I was, it’s how wrong Murdoch was.

I said Rubio would get 22 or 23 percent, Trump 24 or 25. Murdoch said Trump would get 32 percent, Rubio 19.

Murdoch got the score for Trump wrong by 7 percent, the Rubin score wrong by 4 percent. He did another poll that week in
Australia. If it’s equally wrong, Labor is on 54 percent, and will regain every seat it lost to Abbott in 2103.

Why is Newspoll published at all? Its methodology (landlines, octogenarians, bizarre local seat prediction) is
laughable, yet it comes out like a Papal Bull.

How did I know Trump had, at long last, stuffed up and lost everything in a single chess-move?

It was the arrogant-city-slicker-patronising-a-small-community I think. He was okay when slagging corporate money,Obamacare, incompetent army generals,the open gates to Mexican rapists. His grin was cheeky, his voice was level, his tone reasonable, his utterance brief, he didn’t back down.

But when he went after human opponents — attacking Pimona’s face, Kurz’s birthplace, Obama’s nationality, and didn’t say sorry to them, then he was in some trouble, or soon after. He made light of what he said. He was running for the highest office in the land, and joking about his opponents. And he never said sorry.

And when, really late in the day, he refused to turn up and face down a female moderator he’d insulted before, implying she wasn’t worth talking to, was’t worth being in the room with. He has demanded nonetheless his followers, male and female, at much more inconvenience turn up on a cold night to vote for him, in a cold farmhouse in the snow. It was a city-slicker-insult-to-a- provincial audience too many, and the provincial audience took note of this

Or that’s what I think.

And Rubio will win the nomination now, and maybe even the Predidency.

How did I know this? Well, I usually do.

Today’s Newspoll

Murdoch’s Newspoll shows 1.8 million people who don’t want a GST rise voting for Turnbull, who will give them one.

It seems unlikely that this many people would vote against their wishes, and their needs, but Murdoch has his ways, his little ways, of getting these results.

He rings only landlines, and redistributes independent preferences as they were in 2013, when it was thought Abbott would not harm the ABC or cancel Gonski. This means the 47 he gives Labor is actually 49 or 50. He is giving Turnbull 20 percent of the Green vote. It is likely Turnbull might get 8 percent.

He makes no specific mention of the Xenophon vote, as much as 23 percent in South Australia. He makes no mention of the female vote, wbich must be 50 or 51 percent for Labor, or why it came down for the Coalition.. He makes no mention of how Turnbull may have lost it — his stance on gay marriage, his abandonment of the Republic, his abolition of the schoolkids’ money.

Murdoch’s poll on Iowa will be shown to be 5 percent wrong tomorrow. His poll on Turnbull will be much the same.

And yet he is given credibility by the pundits every time.

And so it goes.

Turnbull Sunset

Murdoch’s polling in Iowa will be wrong, but his polling in Australia will continue.

This will show the Coalition on 53, Labor on 47, the Coalition inevitably way ahead though Turnbull is isolated from his party’s grandees and its primal policies. He now says the Republic is not right, not yet, gay marriage can wait, and he will not apologise to those of his constituents whose lawful weddings Abbott cancelled in 2013 in Canberra. Nor will he save the Anzac trees in his own electorate, Wentworth.

He agrees with the reselection of Abbott who thinks most gays (including Turnbull’s artistic and judicial friends, and Abbott’s own sister) will burn in hell.

Turnbull is man without influence in his own party, it seems, whose beliefs are not constant, whose beliefs are not secure, not any longer secure, who asks us nonetheless to trust him, whatever he decides, and his ability to get it through a party that opposes it.

We are told this by Murdoch, whose polling says everybody trusts Turnbull, and doesn’t trust Shorten. They agree with all Shorten’s policies thus far — on Gonski, on taxing super, on the GST, on gay marriage — but they don’t trust him. He hasn’t changed his policies, like Turnbull has, but they don’t trust him. It’s in the Murdoch polls, it must be right.

I move there be a Senate Inquiry in Murdoch polling after Wednesday, when it is sbown he got Iowa wrong, dead wrong, and he has been for years getting polls wrong, all over America and Australia.

And we will see what we shall see.

Today’s Newspoll

Labor has plunged from 34.8 percent to 33 percent in Victoria in 100 days, Newspoll informs us. From 35.00 in New South Wales to 34 percent. From 35 percent in South Australlia to, gadzooks 36 percent.

This argues that Shorten is doomed, and should be replaced. Turnbull is head of him as Preferred Prime Minister, 60-17 in NSW, 63-16 In Victoria, 60-16 in Quensland.

4.5 million people who don’t want Shorten as Prime Minister, in short, are voting for him. This is patently nonsense, and a measure of how strange in his mind Rupert Murdoch, who runs Newspoll, is getting. If Shorten were doing so badly, so too would the Labor Party.

But we are told that Turnbull is doing mightily, and Labor, to save itself, must get rid of Shorten, and an early ppll be called.

You can usually tell when these things are afoot, these fraudulences. Though Labor is on 48, two party preferred, in Victoria, this is catastrophic, and bodes its end. This even though a single of margin of error would put Làbor on 51. Or, with a sampling error, 53.

Shorten is wining, probably, of late. And Turnbull’s losing mightily. And the Shorten ‘numbers’ are all that goes againat him. And Newspoll will keep him going, until those numbers are believed.

And so it goes.

Forty Years On

Strange to have witnessed, up close, the Whitlam sacking and to be reading, now, lies about it from the loathesome Troy Bramston, told on the orders of Rupert Murdoch who helped engineer it.

The CIA, Troy says, had nothing to with it. Bjelke-Petersen replaced the dead Labor Senator Bert Milliner with a live Labor traitor Albert Field because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Kerr sacked Whitlam because he did not have the numbers, though he won them in a Double Dissolution in the Senate. He did this because he felt like it. Nobody else was implicated. The CIA? Certainly not.

Bramston tries to argue that Kerr ‘tried to keep the Palace out of it’, as if that mattered. The question is why Kerr did it.

Why should he do it? Why did he? To stop Whitlam sacking him? Why would Whitlam want to sack him? What did he suspect him of?

I was there, in the Non Members’ Bar, in the House, on the steps as the twilight came down. And Bramston was not yet born.

It is important this piece of filth be exposed for the Labor traitor he is.

And bundled out of our history.

It’s time.

We’ll Always Have Paris

Murdoch’s American channels are not reporting the Paris agreement on climate change. Murdoch’s view is it isn’t happening. What is happening is the St Bernardino massacre, ‘the most awful terrorist event since 9/11’, and that’s the only news that’s fit to print — apart from Donald Trump banning Muslims from America, a wise thing to do.

Murdoch’s reluctant ally Turnbull is in a bit of a fix. He either favours saving the planet or what he’s pledged to do, bring its temperature up by 3 percent and immolate it, as Tony Abbott recommends.

Labor would do well to emphasise his dilemma. He’s in favour of saving the world but he’s hog-tied by the Abbott conspiracy to end it. Vote Labor for 1.5 percent. Vote Turnbull for 3.

Turnbull’s fabled bad luck continues. His campaign manager Brough is under criminal investigation, his good friend MacFarlane has deserted his party, his Coalition pàrtners the Nationals don’t want a bar of his ‘Labor-lite’ policies, he’s lost the gay vote and looks like, if Essential is right, he’s barely even-steven in the country at large and incapable of balancing the Budget in the next twenty years.

Murdoch, for sure, pretends he’s running ahead of the game and a lot of timid pundits believe him, or say they do.

What will he say about Paris? There’s no response that can help him. It’s a pro-Shorten policy event. Shorten Gazumps Turnbull, end of headline. We’ll always have Paris. Can this be hidden? Can he schmooze it out of public attention?

I think not.

And we will see what we shall see.

The Sweet Sad Ballad Of PVO

One the privileges of my illness is the time it has allowed me to watch, day after day, and night after night, the moral immolation of Peter Van Onselen.

A rural Jehovah’s Witness who fought his way out of that blood-refusing madness into university and intellectual respectability and a much-praised history of the Liberal Party; and then a whole lot of money in a Faustian bond with Murdoch, he has now, head in hands, called on Dyson Heydon to resign or be sacked, and will echo soon his own pleas, in February, for Abbott to go away, go anywhere, but please, please go away.

Van Onselen (whom I have nicknamed The Choirboy) is the worst of men, brilliant but wedded by greed and ambition to the Sean Hannity-Karl Rove-Tea Party agenda, and personally charming enough to dine out with Crabb and Muldoon and Richo.

In the next weeks, as his handsome features alter into the picture of Dorian Gray, and then a homeless person, and then an Ice addict, it will be interesting to see who still talks to him.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses will, of course, and at some point he may go home, and become a preacher for them, and wonder if, indeed, all this was a dream.