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ReachTel/Murdoch Tasmanian Figures False, As Always

Cheating as always, ReachTel finds 47.4 percent of Tasmanians voting Liberal, 23.6 percent Labor, 18.2 percent Greens and 6.7 PUP. Machines rang landlines on Thursday, late shopping night, while the Debate was proceeding, and got those uninterested in it, and not on a mobile, and not preparing dinner, or still at work, or driving home, and, sure enough, these underoccupied nonagenarians favoured the Liberals.

Similar machine-Thursday-landline polling in August by Lonergan, ReachTel and Galaxy had Rudd, Swan, Clare, Burke, Bowen, Dreyfus and Albo losing their seats.

Adjusting accordingly, therefore, along lines of their past error, and noting how well Gidding did in the Debate, and her support last night for a reopened asylum seeker ‘facility’ in Tasmania, I predict the result next week will be Liberals 35.2, Labor 33.4, Greens 20.5 and PUP 10.9 and a Giddings-McKim government, commanding 14 seats, formed by April 10.

That the poll would be taken DURING the Debate is a measure of Skynews’ frantic mendacity. Any later and the one in four undecided would have begun to decide.

It is time, surely, time these criminals were charged with fraud, and Murdoch immured in Port Arthur for the term of his natural life.

Murdoch, Tottering

On Sky News tonight Abbott’s first six months was trenchantly assessed by…his sister. She said she couldn’t for the life of her think of anything he’d done wrong except, maybe…just maybe…not having enough women in his ministry. The host, Chris Kenny, said Scott Ludlam saying he was a racist (no, he didn’t) and a homophobe (doesn’t want gays to marry, looks like he is) and going after unions (always has) was wrong, and a scandalous way to talk of our Prime Minister, he should show more respect, we all should show more respect…

No Labor figure was invited onto this programme, this half-birthday party, only a glumly tongue-tied Jack The Insider, itching to say more, showing how scared Murdoch’s getting lately. He does not any more have a dissenting voice on this show lest the landslide rumbling down on the government this week turns into an avalanche. After NDIS, Gonski, Broadband, Holden, Ardmona, Manus, Qantas, and now the WorkChoices ghost who walks and, oh yes, the cold war with Indonesia, the audible contempt of China and the UN saying we’re like North Korea sometimes there is no, repeat no, Abbott good news and Rupert, fingers in ears, is going la, la, la as any cult leader tends to when archangels don’t front and the seas don’t part, on schedule.

It must be hard for PVO and Kieran Gilbert and Kenny, who are not without intelligence, to endure the contempt of their peers and look forward to gaol terms like Rebekah’s but they must, like Faust, I suppose, take the rough with the smooth.

It will take a while but Newscorp by 2050 will seem as ghastly and silly as the Ku Klux Klan.

And so it goes.

The Twenty-Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (145)

Joe Hockey said his Budget was ‘fair’ though it persecuted the old, starved the young, ended public schooling and enriched pregnant millionairesses, and added, ‘All right, if it wasn’t, it’ll be fair next time.’ His rating as the least popular Treasurer in world history he said was a ‘misfortune’ but he had ‘goodies’ which would intensify the ‘debt and deficit disaster’ next May. ‘We’ll have the biggest deficit in our history,’ he exulted, ‘and, look, debt works.’ He would never bring down a Surplus, of course, but the new Obama-Castro deal would keep him ‘well-stocked with Cuban cigars’.

For the sixth day Abbott made no contact with the chocolate cafe survivors, posed for photos with none of them, lest they upbraid him to his face for leaving them to die when he could have saved eight of them with a phone call to the monster, a flag, and a false news item. The police kept them as quiet as they could, though the police chief, Scipione, revealed his daughter came within minutes of being one of them, and was said to be getting snakier by the minute, especially with Brandis, who had dropped the monster off his list after getting six hundred million dollars to be more vigilant with Muslim lunatics.

All over the nation, it seemed people thought the Lucky Country had run out of luck and it was the Liberal Party’s fault. Joe’s ruin of the auto industry was part of it, and Abbott’s war on the CSIRO, and the half billion dollars he was paying for the insertion of religious pederasts into public schools. It was believed the Liberals were like aliens, or gremlins, or Ebola germs, and, though they had adherents, they didn’t have friends any more. At least three hundred North Shore people would still vote Liberal, it was thought, but none of them would want Abbott, Hockey, Brandis, Cormann, Andrews, Abetz, Bernardi or Bronwyn Bishop coming to dinner.

None of Murdoch’s regular whingeing bullies appeared in The Sunday Telegraph (except Akerman, a close friend, bagging Gillard), though eight pages of messages on the flowers of Martin Place filled up the deficit, and it was feared the Dark God Moloch was realigning himself with Shorten. Troy Bramston, a Labor voter and a Liberal propagandist, said on Agenda Shorten was ‘in big trouble’ because more Australians disapproved of him than approved him, though his party was two million votes ahead of Abbott’s and had been all year; and he seemed unsettled by the change of emphasis in PVO (the Choirboy) and the Faustian scumbag Paul Kelly after his constant betrayal of Labor on Skynews all last year.

A minute-by-minute account of Monis’s last quarter hour shows nine minutes between the monster firing his first ‘warning shot’ at some escaping hostages and being easily snipeable for two minutes in the window. He then kills Johnson and is snipeable for two more minutes. The fool cops, though, prefer to storm in and, after killing him, fire six to seven hundred bullets at God knows who. It seems unlikely Monis fired at Dawson, not them, and it was they who wounded, most likely, with their insane targetless firefight the blameless mother of three or provoked, perhaps, with multiple stun grenades her infarct. No interviews with the survivors were effected by Kate McClymont or Ray Martin or anybody . A cover-up the size of Watergate was now, it seemed, in progress. It has not been explained why Muslim negotiators were stopped from approaching the cafe by police. It was likely, some said, that Brandis had bellowed at Baird or Scipione that the last thing a bigoted nation now needed was Muslim heroes in a death-cult terrorist siege that might end ‘without a fatality’.

The Prime Minister’s Office neither confirmed nor denied that Abbott would go to hell after promising a dying man he would allow a conscience vote on assisted suicide, a mortal sin as bad as buggery. It was assumed his Confessor, Pell, was yelling at him on Skype in the early hours of Sunday morning and beseeching his repentance and recantation. He would announce his cockamamie new Ministry, it was said, one retaining Hockey, Johnston, Morrison, Brandis, Abetz and Andrews, because he did not have the numbers to remove even one of them any more, so detested was he by his caucus, on Sunday afternoon.

Baird announced he would buy marihuana from American drug lords and ease into death any voters who might ask for it. He did not say who would pay for this illegal hoard, or wwho he would license to roll it into cigarettes and sell from a kiosk outside St Vincent’s Hospital ‘The name $inodino$ comes to mind,’ the Muddleheaded Bambi is said to have said, ‘and a committee will looking into this possibility.’

A copper refusing to say who the murderess and her seven dead children were — a tactic never before used in world history — overwhelmed the announcement of Abbott’s new ragtag-and-bobtail Ministry.

This, however, soon occurred. Hockey was kept, Johnston sacked, Morrison removed from the Ministry For Tormenting Infant Children before charges were laid against him, and put in charge of tormenting teenagers and forcing them into prostitution, a job he will doubtless, as a proven sadist, hourly relish. Dutton, a softie, was likely to release those babies S&M had sentenced to a hundred years on the birdshit-riddled hellhole Nauru. ‘Science’ reappeared as a subsidiary to ‘Industry’ now there was no industry left, despite MacFarlane’s attempts to keep it, and Sussan Ley, apparently a woman, given Health, a ministry that would not be after 2017 funded any more.

Across the nation, five hundred thousand disabled people and their two million carers and family members imagined Morrison at the door, and flinched.

In a wonderful phrase, Wong called Morrison’s reign ‘short, nasty, and secretive’.

And so it went.

The Twenty-Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (144)

Eight children were killed by a troubled woman in Cairns. This equalled in number the abortions procured by despairing women on Christmas Island after Morrison threatened their unborn with life imprisonment on Nauru. Morrison now threatened other unborn with equivalent punishment for the crime, he said, ‘of being born in 2015 and not, as I will tolerate, 2014. My patience is not limitless.’

No interviews with the surviving Lindt hostages were allowed, or attempted. It was known that some of them would upbraid Abbott for failing to save, when he might have, five of their lives, at no risk to his own. Baird professed feelings of ‘guilt’ because the monster had got out on bail.

It was known, but not admitted, who killed Katrina Dawson, and why nine minutes passed between the first discharge of the monster’s weapon, and the second. It was not known why it took fifty or sixty rounds to kill him, and who else they wounded also. It was not known why nearby siege-trained army sharpshooters were not invited in, nor why no sniper shot the monster in the nine minutes after the first discharge of his weapon, or the fifteen hours before that.

$inodino$ walked the plank, and spoke of the ‘freedom of speech’ his demotion to the back bench now afforded him. Many New South Wales Liberals quaked at this, fearing he might elaborate on his connection with Obeid, and the ten million he did not get for not, successfully, bribing O’Farrell (if that was the case) into giving a five hundred million dollar contract to his sewage-moving company.

Gillard asked those who had called her a criminal to apologise to her. Abetz would not; he maintained his amazing story that ‘certain union-connected people’ who sought to overthrow the state could not be named lest they kill him. He would not say what crimes those ‘union-connected people’ could be arrested for, or whether Victoria, a Labor state, would soon begin to investigate, if ever, these ugly, muscly, simian people. It seemed many millions had been wasted, and more would be in the coming year, on what Sabra Lane called ‘a beat up’.

Gerard Henderson, a Liberal propagandist, called the addled Shi-ite cleric a ‘Sunni terrorist’, cursed Waleed Ali, a Muslim, for misreporting the Boston Marathon massacre, and blamed David Marr, among other ‘leftists’, for encouraging Monis into ‘an act of unseemly atrocity’. Gerard was amazed to find his payment by Murdoch was down to a hundred dollars a week.

Murdoch came to town, and, in the manner of the movie ‘I Was Monty’s Double’, thwarted pursuing papparazzi by speeding a withered lookalike round Sydney in his limousine. His minions, cringeing, wondered if he was about to sack everyone and throw his media behind Bill Shorten, the ‘coming man’ whose party, Labor, was now 1.5 million votes ahead of the current crazed unravelling backs-to-the-wall regime and bid Tony Abbott a lousy final Christmas in the Lodge. ‘The Lucky Country has run out of luck,’ he is said to have said, ‘and the wackhead Tony Abbott is its bumblefooted Grim Reaper.’ Or words to that effect.

Obama recognised Cuba, and Murdoch’s columnists said not a word about it. It was noted that Fidel Castro had outlasted Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton and Bush 2, despite six hundred plots to assassinate him, five hundred by the CIA, and thirty-three attempts, one with an exploding cigar, and was well thought of throughout South America, Europe, the Middle East, China, India, Russia and Africa, not least because of his doctors presently containing ebola there, and a health care system Obama might now extend to the USA. Shanahan, Pryce-Jones, Albrechtsen, Henderson, Hildebrand, Van Onselen, Day and Devine made no mention of this enormous world-altering event in their opinionated columns. Their menacing Moloch, Murdoch, had not yet told them what to say.

John Hewson, a former Liberal voter, said Abbott might now abolish the Education Ministry, and dropkick all schooling to the States, whose money for schools and universities he had cut by thirty billion, reneging thus on his commitment to Gonski, on which he had said that he and Shorten were on a ‘unity ticket’. This would follow his abolition of the Science Ministry, and his risible promise that ‘this will be a government of no surprises’. It was feared he would leave Hockey and Johnston where they were, and merely move Josh into $inodino$’s cavity, and a woman into Josh’s. There was ‘no chance’, backroomers assured the giobsmacked media, that $inodino$ would pay back the hundreds of thousands he did not earn while serving, or rather not serving, as an AWOL Assistant Treasurer. ‘Who do you think I am, Santa Claus?’ the merry acquisitive Greek is said to have said.

Abbott risked helfire by permitting, heretically, a conscience votte on euthanasia. ‘He will burn in hell,’ theologians said, ‘alongside Tory Johnson, a homosexual.’

Julie Bishop assured the deaths of thousands of Third World women by agreeing to Hockey’s crazy cuts to Foreign Aid. A billion continued to be spent on looking in three oceans for purposeless bits of MH 370.

Jetstar’s computer broke down, stranding thousands of ropeable Australians five days before Christmas. The responsible capitalist, Alan Joyce, a Liberal voter, earned twenty-one thousand dollars in the hours it took to sort it out. ‘It’s money Oi’ve orrned,’ he said. ‘Murry Chrastmas. Re-joyce.’

And so it went.

The Twenty-Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (143)

Abbott, accused of blockheaded incompetence by Hadley, who gave him, to his face, a D-minus rating, scrambled for a distraction. He ordered a terrorist-seeking raid with guns blazing on four Sydney suburbs, and couldn’t find any. He announced a reshuffle, but couldn’t bear to do the obvious, swap Joe and Malcolm, discard Sinodinos, put Frydenberg in his place and some numerate woman in Frydenberg’s and, oh yes, terminate Johnston with extreme prejudice and replace him with Bronwyn Bishop; he wanted a quiet life. But the Furies were coming after him, not least in the form of the hostages he refused to save when he could, who would now, soon, be speaking up about it on, probably, Sixty Minutes.

Joe said he wouldn’t put up the GST to 15 percent, though every other nation had, and thus obliterate the deficit, and Abbott thought of murdering him. Baird kept appearing with a daft shiny face at the sea of flowers in Martin Place proclaiming Sydney’s redemption like the fundamentalist demagogue he used to be. Leigh Sales, a Liberal voter, treated him with adoring civility.

David Leyonhjelm, a former Liberal voter, said if the hostages had been armed to the teeth, they would have shot the terrorist and each other and that would have sorted it. Jacqui Lambie, a former army person, called him a ‘fucking idiot’.

The ACT was to spend a billion dollars extracting asbestos from roofs a Liberal Prime Minister, Gorton, refused to inoculate against this poison when he was begged to. No more than half a million Australians would die coughing blood because of his omission and it was thought that Abbott, perhaps, should apologise for it and offer the bereaved and dying buckets of money.

Ricky Muir ‘saved’ thirty-one babies from exile and condemned thirty-four more to a hundred years on Nauru, described by a UN committee as ‘hell with birdshit’, after cutting a deal with the ever more edgy Scott Morrison. S&M, hearing further boat people were being attracted by this happy redeeming destination to get on more and more boats, bellowed, ‘This agreement is a one-off and does not give you a ticket to Australia.’ The laughter of refugees, government officials and resuscitated smugglers echoed round Indonesia.

The Daily Telegraph, an organ of Liberal propaganda, charged Abbott with ’10 Fatal Failures’ in a two-page spread and called, in effect, for the sacking of Brandis and Hazzard. Monis’s extended bail when on a charge of murdering his wife; his absence from a watch list he had once been on; his prosperous lifestyle on welfare for eighteen years; his criminal record as a fraudster in Iran; his sexual tampering with forty female ‘disciples’; and his letters of congratulation to the Bali bombers and of cruel mockery to some Diggers’ widows: these were among the things that no more than six Liberal governments, state and federal, should have picked him up for, it was alleged. Matthew Benns and Ashlee Mullany also asked why the cops had waited nine minutes after Monis fired his first warning shot before coming in, guns blazing, and shooting, apparently, six hostages themselves.

Abetz proclaimed that though killing people was against the law he would suppress one third of his Crooked Unionists Report lest some thick-shouldered baddies who were named in it kill witnesses and seek to overthrow the state. Asked who these ugly murderous traitors were he said it would be ‘inconvenient’ for him to name names as he, too, might be killed for doing so, and ‘this government’s track record in hunting down homicidal criminals is among the worst, as you know, in world history. Ten of the killers of Reza Berati, for instance, are still at large.’ Asked what, in that case, would happen now, he said, ‘We’ll have to keep that quiet.’

Campbell Newman ordered the arrest and framing of Barry Crook, an associate of Clive Palmer, for kidnap, menace, blackmail and required untruths on oath. ‘Clive Palmer knew nothing about this,’ police said, ‘and it has nothing to with his Senate investigation of the criminality of two hundred associates of Campbell Newman,’ whilst elderly Brisbane reporters held their sides laughing helplessly.

$inodino$, having not earned a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in ministerial pay by ‘standing aside’ from his Ministry and not resigning it, resigned it with simmering regret at last and opened up, again, the question of the multifarious corruptions of the NSW Liberal Party, to which he, when President, donated a lot of money from a sewerage company he coincidentally headed, in return for ten million dollars, thus far unpaid. It seemed less and likely that the Liberals of ‘Bambi’ Baird would hold any more than a few North Shore seats in March after his bizarre ‘flower child’ song-and-dance in Martin Place, and the party might then plummet into extinction, like the Gadarene swine.

And it seemed more and more probable that Abbott, Credlin and Loughnane, fearing a Bishop or Turnbull putsch, were in a panic planning a putsch of their own and striving, the way one does, to exterminate Hockey after his vile remarks on Thursday and head off Turnbull by making him Treasurer.

And…the Cut&Paste column in The Australian, an organ of Liberal propaganda, quoted Bob Ellis four times and said his questions on missing camera footage from the Lindt Cafe shoot-out (shown once on Russian television and never again), and what sort of shotgun Monis had, clearly showed his pananoid dementia though ten million Australians had lately asked those selfsame questions. It then quoted a Townsville Murdoch hack, Ross Eastgate, asking, ‘What is Bob Ellis doing on the streets? Should he not be sectioned and placed in a secure institution for the protection both of himself and society? Discuss.’

‘Clear libel,’ Ellis growled, cheerfully. ‘Three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Pray God there is more.’

And so it went.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (142)

Murdoch took Richo off air and gave the wall-eyed thicko Paul Murray an extra hour. He called Craig Thomson a ‘grub’ who stole millions from toilet-cleaners to pay for sumptuous orgies but made no criticism of Baird or Abbott for letting Man Monis, wife-murderer, rapist and persecutor of war widows, roam free.

For the sixty-seventh hour no surviving witness was allowed to say what happened in the cafe. It was wondered by what authority they were thus prohibited from speaking freely. Since eleven of them escaped under their own steam, it was hard to see how police or government could forbid them to do anything. The parents of one suggested the gunman did not go to sleep at all. Information was coming out third-hand. Even Sixty Minutes was persuaded to ‘back off’.

Hockey called Brandis an idiot; with all that extra money, he couldn’t keep a known crazed murderer on a watch-list. Brandis, up against it, begged Uhlmann to spare him, pleading ignorance of everything. Baird wallowed in a sea of flowers, saying his ‘heart beat louder, and prouder’, and looked like a blithering idiot.

It was still not known if the culprit’s sawn-off shotgun was an automatic. It was still not known who killed Katrina. It was widely believed Abbott could have saved her if he had taken the phone call, though some of the men might have been endangered. If he had taken the phone call, it was agreed, she would have been home alive with her children on Monday afternoon.

Ray Hadley, a Liberal voter, told Abbott to his face he gave him ‘a D-minus rating’. A poll showed 51 percent of the people did not think Abbott would fight the next election as leader.

Some commentators wondered if Morrison’s vetting of ‘refugees’ was as bad as Brandis’s. Monis, a ‘refugee’, had been here for eighteen years — though Iran wanted him back, to face fraud charges — and a citizen for twelve. He lived for years on Social Security and set up, for a while, his own sexually abusive religion, threatened his first wife and then burnt her to death, and was therefore thought to be on an ASIO retainer. This crucial question would not be asked, of course, lest the extra six hundred million Hockey gave them to flush out baddies ‘come into question’.

Hockey was in one of his ‘sheesh’ moods, unsure if his stomach-staple was worth it, or if he would keep his own seat, North $ydney. It had, in times past, been an Independent stronghold for decades; and it seemed now the Liberal Party (‘the adults are in charge’) had no more future than the Democrats did when their leader was filmed groping two women at a Christmas party. The Morgan score on Monday, before the ‘incident’, was Coalition 42.5, Labor 57.5, and it would be, now, 40-60, surely, and sinking fast through Christmas. It was likely, though not certain, the Liberal Party would vanish from history by Anzac Day 2016.

A great, spontaneous, supportive friendship sprang up in the sea of flowers between Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and other, less religious Australians. To thwart this, Brandis ordered a dozen armed raids on Muslims in four Sydney suburbs, lest, as he said, ‘Goodwill break out, and bigotry — my creed — be mitigated, alas, in this, the Christmas season.’

Morrison declared thirty-one ‘unauthorised vaginal arrivals’ could stay in Australia, and so could their parents, on TPVs, he promised, for the next hundred years of nervous ill-paid underemployment. This wonderfully improved the people smugglers’ ‘business model’, and a dozen more leaky boats prepared to leave Indonesia immediately.

It was wondered how good at detecting such vessels Morrison was. His predecessors had mistaken, for sixteen years, the violent crazy criminal Man Monis for a genuine refugee. How many more such mistakes had been made? How many genuine refugees had been sent home to be killed? How many boats, indeed, had got through?

It was revealed, or hinted, that Tory Johnson had been shot and killed by Man Monis, and Katrina Dawson had died ‘by other causes’, and we would know this on Friday. ‘Other causes’ meant, for sure, a volley of some sort from the NSW police, or a ricochet.

And so it went.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (141)

Under cover of the chocolate shop siege, Joe Hockey revealed he would not go after big multinationals for their dodged back taxes, thus costing the Budget eight or nine billion dollars. Abbott refused to meet, or pose with, any of the siege survivors lest they accuse him, on camera, of causing two deaths by refusing to talk with Man Monis on radio. The OECD said Hockey’s Budget was ‘useless’, cursing, especially, Pyne’s high uni fees. Andrews ‘doubted’ if the Billionairesses’ Baby Bonus, revamped, would be ready by July. He thought it might have a ‘childcare component’ but he wasn’t sure. ‘It’s difficult for a lot of families,’ he said, amazing the nation.

Treasury said unemployment would jump to a ‘twelve-year high.’ Half the forty billion dollar deficit, it went on, was caused by there being too many jobless, and a quarter of a million workers expecting to lose their jobs after Joe bade the auto industry ‘piss off out of here, you whingeing bludgers’ a year ago, and was surprised when they did. Joe Hockey bade Australians go out and spend big this Christmas, and they were now too frightened, a survey said, to do so. It would be, soon, the ‘mingiest Christmas in many years’.

The esteemed Christ-eating beauty, Miranda Devine, a Liberal voter, cursed Wendy Bacon for remarking how nice a car-free inner city was yesterday, a ‘despicable slander,’ she foamed. Mark Kenny, the small but perfectly-formed erstwhile Abbott bromance, cursed Abbott for not flying the SAS from Perth to ‘take Monis out’ with ‘sniper fire’ and called the final fire-fight ‘a panicked, adrenalin-fuelled frenzy of flashing stun grenades and police all shooting at once through an open door’; at, apparently, Katrina Dawson.

None of the hostages were interviewed on Sunrise, or Agenda, or AM. It seemed they were being suppressed, lest they, too, curse Abbott for not saving five of them, one of whom would have been Katrina, by debating Man Monis on air, and showing, perhaps, his ignorance of Afghanistan. ‘It is better some Australians die,’ it is said that Loughnane and Credlin advised him, ‘than that you be exposed, in this way, as a foreign policy drongo.’

Alan Jones began to bag Baird and Abbott for letting a rapist-murderer and persecutor-of-war-widows out on bail, and the craven Murdochist in charge of the visuals cut away to glorious vast oceans of beautiful flowers in Martin Place, diverting our concentration. Baird, looking more and more like Porky Pig, said he had ‘no idea’ why Monis was out on bail, but ‘a new day was coming’ on January 31st when the rules would be changed. He seemed unfit for any office above Deputy Headmaster of Warialda Primary and experts, amazed, thought even Robbo could beat him by ten to twenty seats on March 24.

Rumours began that Paul Smith, Katrina’s husband, and a lawyer like her, would sue Baird or Hazzard or Scipione for unlawfully killing his wife. Reports in The Guardian suggested Monis had a female accomplice who did the filming for him and later got away.

John O’Brien, an octogenarian, and the first to escape the chocolate shop, said the police wouldn’t let him say what happened in there. He was unable to explain why any of it was a secret.

Craig Thomson was found guilty of misspending five thousand dollars, half what Abbott misspent on his book tour, and fined twenty-five thousand dollars. Unemployed, he now owed four hundred thousand in court costs, and could recoup this by suing Abbott, Pyne, Oakes, Albrechtsen, Akerman, Devine, Bronwyn Bishop, and twenty or thirty Liberal MPs for three hundred and fifty thousand dollars each.

A hunger striker neared death in Darwin after fifty days. An Iranian unable to go back there, or settle anywhere else, he had been sentenced by Morrison to seventy- or seventy-five years on Nauru. He would be Morrison’s ninth corpse if you counted aborted babies, and Morrison was looking forward, he said, to ‘double figures’.

In a press conference, Abbott revealed Man Monis had a gun license, and had for twenty years been living on Social Security here, though the FBI were after him, and the Iranians wanted him extradicted and we saved him from this. He did not deny that Katrina had been shot and killed not by Monis but an enflamed, fuck-headed Sydney copper, and it appeared that this was the case. It was then revealed on Skynews that he didn’t have a license after all and Abbott, as always, didn’t have a fucking clue.

And so it went.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (128)

Paul Sheehan, a Liberal voter, spoke of the ‘cold loathing’ Hockey’s fool Budget had stirred in his colleagues, and how the government’s ‘retreat from Moscow’ must begin soon, with the quenching of the co-payment and its pendant ‘research fund’, a twenty billion dollar expenditure on foreign climate change deniers. Andrew Bolt, a Liberal propagandist, cursed Clive Palmer for saying all Murdoch’s papers were ‘controlled by Rupert Murdoch’, who gave them, Clive said, ‘instructions by Skype.’ This was ‘just freaky’, said Bolt, an ‘unhinged conspiracy theory’. Laura Tingle, an objective commentator, said the government was ‘all blustered out’, and should give up all talk of surplus, and merely ‘stop the deficit (already the worst in our history) blowing out too much.’

Julie Bishop ‘went bananas’ after finding Andrew Robb was to ‘chaperone’ her in New York, and make sure that while there she obediently served Abbott’s high Christly purpose of ending the world this century. She felt that, though a woman, she could herself decide what our foreign policy should be, and Abbott, chuckling, said, ‘Sure you can, doll, sure you can’; in another part of the steam-room another woman, Credlin, laughed out loud. Julie Bishop then said she had ‘not gone bananas’, but merely, robustly, discussed the ways her leader might go fuck himself.

Pyne introduced a new higher education bill that funds priests’ training, breaches the separation of church and state, and with money taken away from secular students encourages pederasty ‘of the sort one saw in Devil’s Playgound, the miniseries, my inspiration’. Bob Day, of the DLP, and Tony Abbott, formerly of the DLP, acclaimed this new expensive way of corrupting the young. ‘It takes me back,’ said Abbott, ‘to page 68 of my official biography, where seduction, and worse, of younger students shook my faith for a time, until I realised that’s what taxpayers’ funds are for, not public transport, which is an abomination.’

Abbott, looking calm, focussed and pleasantly mad, told the girlish, smiling Leigh Sales ‘we cannot pass on our debts to our children, but we can give them a huge HECS debt eight times as great as we ever had, which will dog them for forty years. This is not our debt, which is twenty thousand dollars per man, woman and child, or will be in ten years’ time, it is their debt, which is, after interest, two hundred and twenty thousand dollars, and seven hundred times the amount that Christopher paid for his degree.’

Morrison got his TPV legislation through the Senate. This meant a child now ten who, since the age of eight and a half, had been in grimy, sorrowing, harassed, undereducated internment on Christmas Island, could now live with his parents in a Queensland town, and in three years’ time, at the age of thirteen, might be sent back into misery and beggary in Sri Lanka for eighty years or be killed there by street violence while still in his teens, after Morrison, of all people, decided it was ‘safe to do so’; or to seek work, perhaps, as a child whore, along lines of local popular practice much praised in former times by Donald Friend, or tortured to death in prison like his uncle. This new legislation was hailed by Michaelia Cash as being ‘so horrible a punishment that no boat person will ever come here again’, in a baffling piece of logic that gave certain modern philosophers cause to think a straitjacket might be needed to assist her, urgently, out of public life.

Daniel Andrews appointed nine female Ministers, the greatest number in world history, in contrast with Abbott’s one, the smallest number on the planet in this century. Abbott purposed not to give him any money at all for public transport, which he called in his book ‘an abomination’.

David Johnston was caught drinking one hundred and twenty-dollar bottles of wine at taxpayers’ expense while cutting soldiers’ pay and forbidding them Christmas leave.

And so concluded another day in the life of the worst free-elected government in world history since democracy’s first foundation in Iceland in AD 924.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (125)

Experts reckoned we would soon be in a deficit five billion dollars worse than Swan’s, and not back in surplus for fifteen or twenty years. The price of iron plummeted, and Hockey put his fat face in his fat hands. Abbott in a phone call said Andrews couldn’t have three billion for his infrastructure, it had to be Napthine’s infrastructure, the East-West or nothing. Napthine had quit, and it seemed his partners, the Nationals, might not be the Liberals’ partners any more, might even lose party status, and the staff and wages that come with it.

Abbott in a press conference acclaimed his own ‘solid year in government’ and spoke wistfully of ‘Plan B’, a much needed commodity now the co-payment, the soldiers’ reduced wages, the two hundred thousand dollar uni degrees and the Billionairesses’ Baby Bonus looked doomed in the Senate, or ‘Lambie-land’ as it was lately known.

Julie Bishop, lying, said the Coalition was ‘way ahead in New South Wales’, though Ipsos last week showed Labor, on 49, winning narrowly in that state, with a swing of 12 percent. Barnaby Joyce, beetroot-faced and plainly near infarct, talked of ‘the financial calamity we were left with’ an hour after Clive Palmer, in the Press Club, noted that Australia’s debt was the third lowest in the OECD and, at a mere 27 billion when Labor left office, less than 2.5 percent of its annual tax takings.

Asked by Burke if he was seriously asking Andrews to break an election promise on the Monday after an election, Abbott said, ‘Well, Bill Shorten said he should’, and the mortified faces behind him, gobsmacked by this lie, showed his time in high office was limited. Asked by Shorten if he would give back the money he was thieving from our soldiers, Abbott said they would die more gladly for a country in surplus. He added there was no money to pay any more than he was allotting to these heroes, but a billion and a half to spend looking in three oceans for skerricks of MH 370.

Pregnant women Morrison was hurrying off to give midsummer birth in hot, insanitary, grimy, violent Nauru would not get off the bus and onto the plane in Darwin, preferring to give birth somewhere healthier, and, flanked by their lawyers, charged Morrison with pointlessly endangering their unborn. But that was the point, Morrison’s people said, the tipping point, the crucial difference, that babies born in Darwin not Nauru might be legally Australian, and Morrison’s description of them as ‘unauthorised vaginal arrivals’ might not stand up in court. So they had to be born somewhere else. No mention of this occurred in any newspaper, but the ABC ran Hanson-Young’s press conference, and her moving defence of these innocent, suffering young women.

PVO with a straight face claimed Abbott ‘won’ this afternoon’s Question Time, which many rated his most humiliating experience since the day it was revealed his long-yearned-for bastard son was the progeny not of himself but his cuckolder, and gave Abbott a ‘silver medal’ and Shorten a ‘wooden spoon’. This confirmed what some suspected, that Murdoch had lately lost all connection with reality, and was hounding his mind-slaves, in the manner of a cult leader, into a Kool Aid-style mass intellectual suicide before he sacked the lot of them and his Board sacked him.

Lenore Taylor, an objective commentator, said Abbott had ‘snookered himself… Every way he turns, there is a barrier he placed there himself.’

A Morgan Poll showed Labor ahead in every state: 62.5 percent in Tasmania, 59.5 in South Australia, 56 in Victoria, 52 in WA, 51.5 in NSW and 50.5 in Queensland.

And so it went.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (120)

Noting that fifteen governments had fallen, thus far, because they had privatised things, Baird proposed to privatise the poles and wires, put up electricity prices and add more buses, not trains, to the Western Suburbs, thus increasing traffic snarls. He was acclaimed by the smh for his wisdom, though an Ipsos poll showed him losing, narrowly, to Robbo, Labor’s least attractive leader since Arthur Calwell, because of the Liberal vote ‘locked up’ in the North Shore, who with a close-run 49 percent would get over the line.

Pyne stared down the loss of his seat because of Scott’s excision of the Adelaide studios from the ABC; because, it was thought, he, Scott, was from Hillsong, and for that religious cause loathed Pyne, the shrieking Papist drama queen. Several National MPs cursed Scott for erasing some country services. None asked that a levy of five dollars per taxpayer per year be imposed to save all threatened services, as this was a ‘cappuccino too far’.

Abbott kept denying ‘No cuts to the ABC or SBS’ meant what it said, believing, perhaps, in the power of prayer. The noise around him in the House reminded some observers of a bear-baiting in the Middle Ages. Corporate money swarmed towards Labor in Victoria.

The notion that ‘bad policies lose votes’, first propounded by Bob Ellis on the night Jeff Kennett lost in 1999, was not yet clear to many Liberals. They thought that starving the old, the young, the soldiers’ orphans, the Indigenous, and the ABC, an institution as well-beloved as Mother Church in Ireland in the 19th century, would be, for some reason, popular with voters. They thought Joe Hockey’s cigar and Abbott’s koala-hug alongside Putin the prominent mass-murderer were images that posed no political difficulty.

They imagined that 1.3 million voters they had lost would soon come back to them, eagerly and fondly. They did not understand John Howard lost on the numbers in 1998, and it took 9/11 and a World War to sustain him narrowly in 2001, and Mark Latham’s demented pugnacity in 2004. They did not understand there are no ‘rusted-on’ Liberal voters any more, apart from the Menzies Reds-under-the-bed generation, two of whom died while you were reading this, and 68 percent of the under-25s are voting, or preferring Labor.

Noel Pearson, a Liberal voter, acclaimed Rupert Murdoch for having helped Aboriginal causes and cursed the ABC, despite Away and Redfern Now and Black Humour and three hundred Four Corners and Australian Stories, for having neglected, or under-explored, those causes. A number of white girls then sang fragments of his Whitlam speech, albeit not mentioning Whitlam’s name, while he beamed avuncularly and misted up a bit. Though Murdoch, his employer, had brought down Whitlam, his hero, and indeed spent billions trying to bring down America’s Whitlam, Obama, he did not see the contradiction.

Freya Newman did not go to gaol for having revealed a scholarship corruptly given to Abbott’s daughter. Craig Thomson would go to gaol, the judge said, if he could not prove his sentence for misusing 26,000 dollars, less than Abbott had in the same years, wrong in law. Abbott said wife-beating was ‘wrong’, though he did not say how it was that fifty-two women were killed by wife-beaters each year and by terrorists, not one. He spent half a billlion dollars looking for terrorists durng the G20, found not one, nor even the suspicion of one, and removed that amount from the ABC, and spent a similar amount looking for skerricks of MH 370 in three oceans. Turnbull said it was good he, Abbott, had admitted he was a liar in Question Time and he, Turnbull, seemed ready to take over, within a week, the top job if need be.

And so it went..

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (119)

Murdoch’s poll Galaxy showed 67 percent wanted ‘a fresh election’ to ‘get a workable Senate’. This was a criticism of PUP, Galaxy said. The ‘fresh election’ option, however, could also be read as people wanting Abbott gone, which all polls — and most showed him trailing Shorten, a result unprecedented in world history — lately indicated. The voters were ‘tired of the soap opera’, Galaxy declared. You bet you am.

The handsome Dutchman Andrew Bolt, a Liberal voter, became confused when alleging that Margaret Thatcher, once an ‘alarmist’ on global warming, later changed her mind; and those Tories — Gummer, Deben, Yeo — who had lately called Abbott an ‘eccentric, baffling flat-earther’ were mere left-over midgets from her era and not worth listening to. ‘The earth’s atmosphere hasn’t warmed for 16 years,’ he declaimed, in the hottest Queensland November in eighteen thousand years, and the science, though all but unanimous across the globe, was ‘very uncertain indeed’.

He said ‘Malvolio’ Hartcher was wrong to speak of ‘a towering international indignation’ at Abbott’s eccentric belief that Christ, not global warming, would ‘burn up the earth in the latter day’, and charged that the ‘adolescent country’ gibe in the LA Times was by ‘a former Fairfax colleague of Hartcher’s from Melbourne’ — a fact which outweighed, of course, of course, the opinion of four billion Chinese, Americans, Indians and Europeans, and rendered the whole lot of them ‘foolish and misguided’. That’s telling ‘em, Andrew.

He also branded as ‘Lefties and luvvies…of the Socialist Alliance’ those speakers — Ludlam, Dempster, Plibersek — who defended the ABC at the Sydney demonstration. These, however, were three of ten people most favoured to be Prime Minister, each outscoring Tony Abbott — as Palmer did, and the Malcolms Turnbull and Fraser, Bill Shorten and Bob Carr — speaking up for an institution most voters, and most Liberal voters, wanted unchanged; wanted, indeed, more money for. ‘Lefties and luvvies’ he called them. That’s telling ‘em, Andrew.

An Ipsos Poll showed selling the poles and wires was opposed by 64 percent and Baird, who wanted to do this, favoured by 57 percent and his party by 54 percent. The poll, however, was taken in part on Saturday, when many landline respondents were at the ABC demonstration, and showed Labor, which wins in NSW with 48 percent, within two points of seizing power. It was also taken, in part, on Thursday and Friday, when Obeid and McDonald were charged with corruption, and ten Liberals not yet had been.

This result, though, was achieved by allocating preferences as they did in 2011. When asked what their actual preferences were, this year, Labor got 49 percent, and won outright by four seats.

Mark Scott, a Liberal voter, decimated the ABC (‘decimate’ means ‘kill one soldier in ten’) instead of asking from each taxpayer five dollars to keep it going the way it was. Among those liquidated was Quentin Dempster, destroyer of Bjelke-Petersen and fearless foe of corruption in any jurisdiction. The ABC Adelaide production house, one arm of Don Dunstan’s dream, was mulched, thus ensuring Pyne would lose his seat, and some Victorian facilities, thus ensuring Napthine would be immolated on Saturday.

Question Time occurred. In a ferocious attack, Bill Shorten accused Abbott of lying about cuts to the ABC and Abbott said they were not cuts they were ‘efficiency measures’. Jason Clare, quoting Charles Laughton, asked him, ‘Were you lying then, are you lying now, or are you just a chronic and habitual LIAR?’

Gina Rinehart, a Liberal voter, cursed her children for wanting some of her five hundred hundred billion dollars. She had ‘worked hard’, she said to earn her fifty thousand dollars an hour, and they had not. Few photos exist of her working underground with a pick, and it is widely thought the she lives luxuriously drinking cocktails by the swmming pool and there accepting, occasionally, a million dollar cheque from her grateful shareholders.

Andrew Robb insulted Obama also. It is to be wondered if America would send in troops now to assist us against, say, an Indonesian invasion.

And so it went.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (117)

Julie Bishop said Obama should not have mentioned ‘our’ Barrier Reef as it was none of his business, and, though it was daily dwindling, ‘our’ efforts to save it, though utterly unsuccessful, were ‘state of the art’. ‘We have one of the jewels of the planet,’ she said, ‘and what we do with it is none of the planet’s business.’

A mild-mannered Saudi megabillionaire who favours beheading female motorists, Prince Alaweel bin Talal, withdrew his boardroom support from Rupert Murdoch, a Liberal voter, after his Australian operation’s profits fell by 21 percent and foreboded the end, perhaps of all his newspaper titles in ‘that benighted continent’, as the Prince described it. It also seemed Rupert, now well into his ninth decade and running out of food-tasters and grateful children, might be asked to take his pistol to the billiard room and ‘do the right thing’ very soon by shareholders utterly sick of him.

In response to this he commanded his editorialists Australia-wide to call for the end of the ABC. Though 82 percent of Australians thought it should get more money, the editorialists thought, or were commanded to think, it a heinous waste of billions, unlike the search for MH 370 which had the same budget, and the five dollars a year each taxpayer forked over for the services now to to be abolished was ‘a cappuccino too far’; though the gutting of the Adelaide ABC was thought by Christopher Pyne, a Liberal voter, ‘a bit much, my mentally challenged children need it.’ Hockey told him to go fuck himself.

The greatest orator in history, Barack Obama, was criticised by Gerard Henderson, a craven Papist early dementia sufferer grovelling under the dictates of Murdoch spin-blitherers, for his already immortal speech, in Brisbane, to some students on the world’s future. ‘This celebrity President,’ he sneered, had got an ‘unjust standing ovation’ for his premonitions of planetary disaster ‘though the world’s temperatures had not risen for two decades’ in a speech he gave on Brisbane’s hottest November 16 in eighteen thousand years. The President should have showed ‘better manners,’ he added, and not mentioned the world calamity of the Barrier Reef as it was ‘none of his business.’ Gerard Henderson is an angry, forgetful old man still working for the CIA or some adjacent subfascist entity who eats the living Christ on Sundays and refuses to say where his money comes from.

Three thousand ageing humanists gathered in Sydney to protest the crippling of ‘our spare university’, the ABC. One of Scott’s proposed assassinees, Quentin Dempster, listed the news programmes, along with his, which would be throttled on Monday. Geoff Morell named the dramas — Redfern Now, The Slap, Grass Roots — now outside the bounds of ‘Team Australia’ which would have no artistic descendants. Little Pattie spoke of the stories which would not now, after Monday, be told. Denis Napthine, a Liberal voter, cursed Abbott for what he was doing to regional broadcasting. Christopher Pyne sobbed into his red-spotted handkerchief. ‘If ah’d known it invahlved this,’ he said, ‘ah’d never have gone into politics.’

In her final address to the UN Security Council from the chair of that august international entity, Julie Bishop inadvertently cursed Australia for immuring ebola sufferers in their own infectious countries and not letting them come to Australia. The auteur of this fool policy, Scott Morrison, fell foaming and speaking in tongues while upbraiding her for thus upbraiding him before a global audience.

It was thought she was not in her perfect mind. She had since her promotion to Foreign Minister scolded the Chinese, the Indonesians, the Liberians, Doctors Without Borders, the East Timorese, the Russians and, lately, Barack Obama for not doing what she told them to. It was hoped her latest lover, the ‘property investor’, was not putting something in her drink, or her first lover Lightfoot, the prominent thundering racist, wreaking chemical vengeance on her for leaving him, or her constant poignant wooer ‘Malvolio’ Hartcher, whose praise for her in his column had lately cooled a little. For she was behaving very oddly. ‘It is good, when you are Foreign Minister,’ said Plibersek, her opposite number, ‘to remember what your foreign policy is.’ And then she fell about laughing attractively.

And so concluded another day in the life of the worst free-elected government in history, since Democracy’s invention in 934 in Iceland.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (116)

Julie Bishop attacked Obama for liking the Barrier Reef and wanting his daughters and granddaughters to go there. Its destruction was none of his business, she said, and he was lucky people of ‘his uncertain skin tone’ were allowed to go there. A UK Tory Minister for Energy called Abbott a ‘flat earther’ on climate change. Mark Scott said he would decimate the ABC and might close down some country services and lose the Nationals some seats. Abbott promised to revive his struck-down laws that allowed financial advisors to swindle and bankrupt their customers.

The price of iron went down, and sent Joe’s deficit up to fifty billion dollars, near twice Wayne Swan’s. Denis Shanahan, a Liberal voter, said he understood everyone’s ‘fury’ at Obama liking the Barrier Reef. Simon Benson called Obama’s speech to the uni students a ‘stunt’. Abbott appeared with Hollande and said exultantly, ‘Global warming is real, and we will give not a penny to its mitigation.’

Tens of thousands planned to protest, in city parks, the bollocking of the ABC. Dempster, who assisted in the destruction of Bjelke-Petersen, and Margaret Throsby, host of the best radio programme in the world, seemed to be in the cross-hairs of the New Cromwellian Committee Of Public Safety, and a ‘rethinking’ of 7.30 along lines of A Current Affair. Amazed that much of the Adelaide ABC might be erased from world memory Christopher Pyne, already ‘cruising for a bruising’ in his ‘swinging’ seat in the Hills, where vacuous bisexuals watched Micalleff chuckling with incomprehension, beseeched Mark Scott, who detested him, to save Adelaide, and redemptively decimate Ultimo, where simmering Trotskyists like Tony Jones infected with their marinating Marxist ebola semi-comatose Baby Boomers.

Scott appeared before the Senate, murmuring sacrifices had to be made, and he like Abraham would slaughter his firstborn if need be in suburbs and towns where Liberals would lose many seats in the backwash of national rage. Jason Clare appeared now and then, looking honourable and charismatic, and said Abbott had lied about cuts while Cormann said ‘Zey wair nert certs, zay wair mere adjewstments to ze bertterm line.’ Revulsion grew across the nation. A moment seemed to have arrived when we, the people, became like Howard Beale ‘mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more.’

Colin Barnett said he was ethnic cleansing a hundred Aboriginal communities, or perhaps a hundred andfifty, but wouldn’t say which hundred, or hundred and fifty. People whose relatives had been in the same place for fifty-five thousand years were afraid they would be ‘relocated’, like weeping Vietnamese once were, to the outskirts of hostile towns and begged for mercy. Barnett said he wasn’t sure how many peoples he would drive to grief, death and extinction, or when he would say whch ones he had thus pricked down, but he blamed Abbott for the whole thing, saying it was his tyrannous parsimony that was to blame for this ‘needless extinguishment of suffering people’, and he hoped he would ‘fry in hell’ for it.

Julie Bishop said Obama was lying, and we were looking after our Reef very well, and he should apologising for having thus deceived impressionable undergraduates, who did he think he was? Told he was our most powerful ally, she said, ‘Don’t make me laugh’, and beamed at the yellow-stockinged and cross-gartered ‘Malvolio’ Hartcher, whose heart surged with new love, and drank another thin glass of champagne. ‘Who does he think he is? ‘ she repeated. Uppity half-breed.

Morgan showed Andrews-Labor going up to 55, though Murdoch’s Galaxy showed it coming down to 52. In the Morgan, Andrews led Napthine as preferred Premier for the first time. His victory would mean 41 percent of Australians lived under Labor rule, and Palaczsczuk’s victory, now certain, would make that 51 percent. In each state, the swinging voters would say it was Abbott that turned them to Labor.

And so it went.

Today’s Newspoll

Murdoch’s p2 Newspoll, distributing Palmer’s preferences as if he still favoured the Liberals, and ringing only landlines, showed Abbott nine hundred thousand votes behind Shorten as preferred Prime Minister, a margin without precedent in Australian history, and the Coalition 1.4 million behind Labor federally.

These numbers, so disastrous they are not reprinted in The Daily Telegraph, can only mean that Abbott will be overthrown by a Global Warming True Believer, Turnbull or Dutton, or Robb perhaps, in the near future. The Obama speech to the uni students blew Abbott out of the water, and his plea for coal made him a global laughing-stock, and even Alan Jones cursed him for the half billion he spent on a copper-thronged conference in which he scrubbed up not as a maestro but a whack-head and a clown.

I could be wrong, but his fate is surely sealed. He has no credibility any more, in any room he is in, and several conspirators are busily at work on his extinction, and there may, just may be, a new Prime Minister by Australia Day.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (111)

Abbott amazed the nations by saying nothing happened here before the white man came, and Putin, a cradle Communist, ‘pined for the glories of Czarist Russia’, with its illiterate peasantry, vapid aristocracy and ‘holy fool’ religiosity. He thus showed himself to be more ignorant than any ruler since Idi Amin, who fed some members of his Ministry to the palace crocodiles and ate at least one of them himself. Barnett echoed his foolishness by closing down a hundred Aboriginal communities and craftily blaming him for it. It was expected hundreds of Indigenous children would die prematurely because of this cruel fresh act of ethnic cleansing, and this, on top of the children sentenced to Nauru for a hundred years by Morrison made the Abbott Government a subject of appalled concern to the UN and a hissing and a byword among the civilised nations.

These nations then arrived in Brisbane, and began to humiliate Abbott with planned efficiency. Obama cursed him before an audience of billions, claiming he ‘produced a lot of carbon’, was not doing his bit in the fight against ebola, and wasn’t employing enough women. Abbott responding said carbon was a very, very good thing, so good he had abolished a tax on it, and appalled his international guests by whingeing that his efforts to punish sick old women for getting sick were not being applauded through the Senate by his enemies, nor were his plans to punish with lifelong debt poor uni students for seeking an education. Their aghast expressions indicated they thought he had become insane, and Milne said he had ‘made a fool of himself’ and so did the panellists on Agenda and Insiders.

It was feared there would be big, horrid headlines about this, and a rumour was confected by the Murdochists that Putin was in a snit and leaving early which they hoped would overwhelm the story of Abbott’s evident nervous breakdown.This almost worked, and was by dawn ferociously denied. Plibersek was not allowed to go to the G20, though thousands were, ‘gender, and politics’ being the actual, though not the stated reason. Sensing he was now the Prime Minister-in-waiting, Skynews Agenda gave Shorten a warm, attentive interview in which he genially and gracefully called Abbott ‘weird’.

Hockey said the US-China deal was a ‘mirage’. Mike Seccombe said California had already got its emissions down by 20 percent and would have them down by 50 percent in 2030, and that it wasn’t a mirage, it could be done. Hockey said climate change would have no effect on any economy, not even when bushfires immolated entire states and coastal suburbs were submerged, and Cassidy’s jaw dropped to his knee. The hottest November 16 in Brisbane’s history underlined, among other things, that Abbott had run out of luck.

A Liberal candidate thought to have beaten his wife in Pennsylvania, John Varano, resigned his candidacy in a safe Labor seat in Victoria, two weeks before an election Labor was already judged ikely to win. Though said by a court to be innocent as charged the Murdochists, now favouring Labor, printed the rumour anyway.

Julian Burnside, interviewed on RN, said witnesses of the murder of Reza Berati had been promised residence on mainland Australia if they ‘withdrew their evidence’. Though twelve men had a part in the murder of this large, kindly homosexual university graduate, no-one was currently on trial for it, or in gaol for it, And Morrison said Burnside, a Peace Prize winner, was ‘lying’.

And so it went.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (103)

Dennis Shanahan, a Liberal voter, proposed that Abbott be replaced by Julie Bishop, a divorced, childless, asbestos-funded advocate of mesothelioma who would, he said, ‘bring back the women’s vote’ when it was revealed her first lover, Ross Lightfoot, was a racist ranting thicko. Mark Rutte, a Dutchman, claimed he now knew what ‘shirtfront’ meant, but did not know if the Russians or the Ukrainians shot down MH 17, and he would wait for the experts’ verdict. He’d had no trouble seeing Putin, but was humorously unsurprised to hear that Abbott ‘couldn’t get an appointment.’

All hope of Napthine winning vanished from the headlines. It was thought by Lonergan Polling that the Greens would pick up two Labor seats in Victoria. Lonergan last year predicted Rudd, Swan, Burke, Bowen, Clare and Dreyfus would lose their seats in landslides. They did it by ringing on Late Shopping Nights the landlines of the Menzies generation and the Liberals liked what these nonagenarians reported and were wrong in every case.

Jacqui Lambie, a famously battle-bruised military person, said she would vote down all Abbott-Hockey legislation till they stopped persecuting our Diggers, and asked all veterans to ‘turn their backs’ on Liberal speakers on Remembrance Day next week. This made her, not Palmer, the one whom Hockey must persuade, with free universities perhaps, to let his lunatic Budget, or parts of it, through the Senate and he didn’t see how he could do this. The RSL and everyone over seventy were on her side, and it now seemed he and Abbott might have to call a Double Dissolution they would certainly lose and ruin the Liberal Party forever since there was now no other option.

Soldiers continued to live well in Dubai and not to go to Iraq. It was hoped they would get there soon, before Baghdad fell to crucifying fanatics who might then behead them on YouTube. Abbott went to Beijing hoping to ‘shirtfront’ Putin who was contemptuously evading his advances.

Noel Pearson was compared to Martin Luther King for hailing Whitlam’s Indigenous policies in ‘the best Australian speech ever’. Andrew Bolt was denounced for denouncing Whitlam while he was still warm, Miranda Devine for alleging Whitlam had boasted he was ‘a Westie made good’, as grave a mistake as calling John F. Kennedy ‘a poor white Southern trailer-trash low-life loser’. She was never that good at fact-checking — believing, for instance, that Christ ‘rose from the dead’ — but very beautiful and consequently overpaid.

Gerard Henderson cursed the ABC for putting on men who ‘attacked the Liberal Party from the right’, Leyonhjelm and Berg. It was wrong, in his view, to attack the Liberal Party at all, on a ‘balanced’ broadcaster. The Liberal Party, after all, got almost 30 percent of the vote sometimes, and Labor and the Greens between them a mere 50 percent, which meant the Liberal Party, the underdog, on a ‘balanced’ broadcaster… Henderson found himself not wanted any more on Insiders after calling a fellow panellist corrupt, and his Newscorps pay packet shrinking weekly. ‘He’s always been an idiot,’ a Murdoch editor said, ‘but he used to conceal it better.’ More to come.

‘This Old Man’

(First published by Independent Australia)

For a time it seemed Rudd must sit beside Gillard, but it was soon sorted, and they sat, eyes averted, two apart. Keating, entering, with Annita, got huge applause, Hawke with Blanche less so, Penny Wong and her ‘spouse’ a great deal, Garrett a little more, Gillard a vast, standing ovation. Silence greeted Howard and Janette. Abbott, unaccompanied, materialised in the front row, from, it seemed, a secret entrance, having been booed out on the street.

Jill Wran was there. Albo and Carmel, Deputy Premier and Deputy Prime Minister, man and wife. John Brown. Smith and Swan. Menadue. Spigelman. Two Fergusons. Les Johnson and Doug McClelland. Barry Jones, famous now since 1948, irrepressible, buoyant, grizzled. Phillip Adams, looking as he did since he was twenty-five. Bob Carr. Latham not there of course; of course. Like Hemingway, he never forgave a favour.

Huge pipe organ music as the tall Family entered, a ‘flotilla of Whitlams’ I used to call them, fewer now. From the upper level, near the front, I could see all the faces, like a perfect stained glass window of a gathering of sainted worthies, in a Labor sacred site, the Sydney Town Hall, where, six months ago, Nifty’s coffin had lain, and his daughter, now on a charge of murder, had spoken over him, quoting Shakespeare.

There was the national anthem and Kerry O’Brien came forward, tawny and mild-mannered, Steve McQueen-like, as always, and I remembered how, on the day of the Sacking, he, beside me in the Press Gallery, had said ‘Let slip the dogs of war’. He told of working on Gough’s last campaign, the energy, the detail, the generosity, the fury, the joy. And there was a welcome to country, and a potent didgeridoo, and then…Freudenberg.

The years melted away and I remembered Freudy in 1977 after Gough resigned saying, ‘I’m, what, forty-two, and my life is over. It ended tonight.’ I remembered how ten years ago, after a lunch with Geoff Shaw, Gough said, ‘Lend me a shoulder, comrade,’ and, leaning on Freudy, walked from the building, linked forever to his collaborator and chronicler, messiah and apostle hobbling together into the bright glow of history.

Freudy’s speech, and his delivery of it, showed the great orator the Legislative Assembly lost when the Labor Party, in its wisdom, nominated Eddie Obeid instead. Like his speech on getting Life Membership, in the same Town Hall, it was among the best ten of our nation. But there was more, and better, to come.

Across the world with perfect symmetry America’s Whitlam, Obama, was being ended by ebola and Fox News, the toy of Murdoch, who had ended Gough also, and the choir and the orchestra performed the St Matthew Passion final chorus by J.F. Bach.

Cate Blanchett came forward and spoke of how she, as a woman, was better able to explore what she could do in the world because of Whitlam’s free universities and Abbott, the Minister for Women, cringed in the front row. The choir sang the chorus of the Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves by Verdi and things notched up a bit.

Fifteen years ago I called Noel Pearson ‘Australia’s best orator’ after sharing a stage with him in Mosman. He proved it again before a vaster audience in Town Hall with an oration rich in wile and fury, almost Elizabethan in its intimacy, clarity and beauty, in which, being now himself a man of no party, he extolled the ‘old man’ he, his people, and Australia, owed so much. Quickly hailed as the ‘best Australian speech, ever’, it became, like Lincoln’s second inaugural, a new benchmark of the language well used in a great cause on a high occasion. Kelly and Carmody then sang ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’ in an atmosphere charged like none since wartime.

Faulkner’s tribute and Tony Whitlam’s thanks then swiftly followed and the first chords of ‘Jerusalem’, as always, had me in tears. I remembered Gough at Margaret’s funeral theatrically steering his wheelchair out of the church as the choir sang ‘I shall not cease from mental fight, Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand’, and knowing, I think, precisely knowing, that this was the last that most of us would see of him, heroically engulfed in this great Labour anthem, tragically leaving, making his exit, the job unfinished. And here was the song again.

It was swiftly sung, and that was it. No coffin was carried out. There was silence. The orchestra conductor stood undecided. Would there be more? No. An inconclusive, shuffling silence. And that was it.

It was an occasion memorable for its reticence, proud good taste, and almost Anglican harmony of soul. No humorous montage of wacky television moments was projected. Gough’s own voice did not occur, though the imitations of others, on stage and at the party afterwards, were many and usually good, Mike Carlton’s, as always, the best. There was a feeling not so much of sadness, or even happiness at a great life well concluded, but of an enormous, high-vaulting life interrupted, diverted, dislocated, and of thirty-eight years then somewhat, though not altogether, hobbled or diminished in a sort of haughty nightclub act, of a stand-up elder statesman for a nation’s regretful posterity.

For language honours and forgives/Everyone by whom it lives, as Auden said of Yeats. Lincoln, Churchill, the Kennedys, Obama, had varying successes and great failures in war and peace, but their gift of language, of the smooth self-mocking utterance, of bringing the house down with gales of laughter, made up for their failings, while millions died.

Whitlam’s record was better than theirs. He embarked on no new war. He ended one. He uplifted three generations to a possibility of personal excellence like none before him, or after. He fought the good fight, he finished, or almost finished, the course. He kept the faith. Now there is laid up for him a crown of righteousness.

And so it goes.

Further Thoughts On The Present Emergency

I could be wrong about this, but it seems to me that Abbott has crossed, this week, a shadow-line, and nobody believes a thing he says any more, and nobody wants to hear his voice any more.

It may have been when he said the petrol price hike was not a new tax, it was an old tax, enlarged somewhat. It may have been when he said the hike was to bring the deficit down, then, correcting himself, admitted it was to build new roads with; not trains, roads. It may have been when, in a speech of no great subtlety, he gave the states a cruel choice of a bigger GST, imposed by themselves, or oblivion. It may have been the eight hundredth time he said ‘debt and deficit disaster’ in Question Time, or denied he had broken any promises, any promises at all, or when he refused to punish the big polluters, only reward them; including, it seemed, the coal billionaire Clive Palmer, co-author of his legislation.

But however it happened he’s hated now, as a creepy, malodorous, bride-deserting ashtray of mendacity and shiftiness, and the Victorian election, losing ten or fifteen seats, will speed a similar calamity in Queensland, and might in New South Wales, and keep Labor in office in South Australia for a hundred years.

I could be wrong. But I don’t sense any affection for him out there any more, even on Skynews, where his proposal to gaol for ten years any journalist with a good story about military incompetence (Keith Murdoch on Gallipoli, Oliver Stone on Vietnam, Julian Assange on Iraq) has bestirred even PVO to call him a fool.

I could be wrong. But it seems nothing is working for him: a Budget emergency; a search for corpses in Ukraine; a ‘shirtfront’ in Brisbane; a Red Alert in Parliament House; our own fighter-bombers targeting teenage Australians in Iraq. Climate change, against his wishes, will be discussed at APEC, in Brisbane. Australian doctors, against his wishes, will go to Africa and not die there. His quarter-million-dollar university degrees will not be enacted. Not a penny will be paid by old women to their G.P.

And the long slide down to the sewer has begun.

I could be wrong.

And we will see what we shall see.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (96)

Abbott licensed ASIS to kill teenage Australians without trial in Iraq and proposed legislation that meant Paul McGeough could go to gaol if he reported this. McGeough said half the Iraqi army was AWOL, some giving half their wages to generals who are letting them not turn up for work. He may go to gaol for saying this if the legislation is retrospective, or he may not.

Christopher Walsh, a Liberal voter, employed the usual Murdoch sex-race headline hysteria (OJ Simpson the most vivid so far) to accuse Nova Peris, a thrice-wed black athlete Senator, of having an affair, and writing to her lover of her excitement, a shocking thing to do, before she was ever in politics, or even a member of a political party. He seemed unaware of the alleged affairs of Brandis, Pyne and Mirabella, which were not, he is said to have said, ‘in the public interest’; nor were the events on p68 of the book on Abbott by Duffy, never contradicted; nor, indeed, his discarding at the altar of a pregnant teenage bride, now dead, nor her shaming on television in 2003.

Some teenage Afghans exiled for eighty years to Nauru were attacked by some locals, roughed up, insulted and ‘threatened with death’. This was, Morrison said, ‘wholly a matter for Nauru.’ He boasted again to the House of his success in ‘turning back the boats’ by acts of piracy, kidnap, illegal detention and child abuse, but he was not asked where, in future, he would turn them back to, since Indonesia now thought his harsh piratical policy an act of war. Moves began in the Senate to have his sanity investigated.

Cormann’s ’40 cents a week, on average’ petrol price hike proved, in some cases, to be ten dollars a week, especially in country towns, and thirty dollars a week for truck drivers. Napthine squealed with rage, knowing it would cost him three seats, and power.

No Australian died from terrorism for another day, as none have died on our soil since January, 1915, nearly a hundred years ago now, though four died this week from domestic violence and eighteen from car accidents, and three hundred and thirty-six from cigarettes.

Melbourne University found a way to detect Alzeimer’s and Abbott proposed a Budget that cut its research money and CSIRO’s. More people caught Ebola in Africa and two hundred Cuban doctors worked there but no Australian, though eighty wanted to. Black people were not worth saving, it was signalled by our bizarre stubborn rulers, but white Australians were. Of course they were. Of course they were. You could tell just by looking at them.

Julie Bishop, asked if our troops were in Iraq yet, said this was ‘an operational matter’, meaning no. The cost of keeping them in Dubai doing nothing passed, this week, thirty million. This could have gone to dead soldiers’ children, but it was, alas, a benefit which Abbott’s proud, brave, unpassed Budget forbade. And there was still a possibility the Iraqi ‘government’ would sign a document permitting us to kill, unpunished, Iraqi children, and we could go there to shoot at some Iraqis but not others, the way you do. It’s worked before, Julie Bishop added. It’s worked before.

And thus concluded another day of the worst free-elected government in the history of the democratic system, founded in Iceland in AD 934.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (93)

Lying in his teeth, Gerard Henderson, a Liberal voter, said Labor failed in 1974 to get an absolute majority in the Senate. It got an absolute majority in the Senate, but two of its votes were stolen after one of its Senators, Bert Milliner, died, another, Lionel Murphy, went to the High Court, and they were replaced, unprecedentedly and improperly, by a Liberal and a Country Party premier, who had constitutionally the power, never used till then, to act unfairly and undemocratically in this way, and appointed Albert Field and Cleaver Bunton, two anti-Labor Independents, in their place. He said as well: ‘It had always been accepted that an Opposition had the power to block Supply in the Senate and that in such a situation the incumbent government would have to go to an election.’ No, it had never been tried before. And the votes were imminent for Supply to be passed, the votes of two renegade Liberals, on the morning when Kerr jumped the gun, and put his country in danger of civil war.

He spoke as well of Whitlam’s ‘excesses’, though he left Fraser no deficit, and Fraser left Hawke a big one. There was no conspiracy, he said, especially by his own longtime employer the CIA. It is puzzling then that Murdoch, a friend of Nixon, predicted exactly what would happen a year before, and over a dinner encouraged Kerr to do what he did. This is recorded in a number of books about Murdoch, and has been for a decade uncontradicted.

Henderson’s creepy denials grow by the day. He should fall to his prayers and ask his dead God’s forgiveness after eating his flesh and drinking his blood some Sunday morning, very soon.

Troy Bramston, oft called here ‘the smirking tapeworm in the anus of the Labor Party’, described as ‘inimitable’ the most imitated of public figures and mentioned none of his policy achievements in 1200 words. He knew free health, free education, equal pay for women, the giving back of Aboriginal land and the ending of the Vietnam War and the draft and the Birthday Ballot would win Gough praise and, like a loathesome half-extruded turd, left these, and four hundred other achievements out of his shilly-shallying ‘eulogy’.

None of Whitlam’s policy achievements occurred in fourteen articles about him in The Weekend Australian, since Murdoch, his destroyer, wished it so, and the ugliest photo ever taken of him featured prominently on page 20.

In the afterglow of the Whitlam obituaries two byelections showed a massive shift in voter intention away from the Abbottites. In Newcastle, the Labor vote went up by 6.3 percent, the Green vote by 5 percent. In Charlestown, the Labor vote went up by 20.8 percent, the Green vote by 5.7. If the Newcastle swing were duplicated federally, the Coalition would end up with twenty-eight seats. If the Charlestown swing were duplicated federally, the Coalition would end up with only one. Both votes were greater than what Labor got in 2009, an election they narrowly won. This suggested Labor would win back power in March in NSW and Queensland after landsliding back in Victoria in November.

And so it went.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (91)

The unindicted child tormentor Scott Morrison proposed to make himself Obergruppenfuhrer in charge of locking up Doctors Without Borders returning from Africa on a new Devil’s Island he would harshly administrate. Other Cabinet Ministers called this ‘a grab for power’ by an ‘increasingly deranged’ foul-hearted tongue-speaking man. The search for proof that Abbott was an Australian continued fruitless. It seemed he would have to resign, and give back all the money he earned as an MP, plus interest.

Word came through that the missile that brought MH 17 down was Ukrainian, and captured, perhaps, by pro-Russian rebels. This meant Putin had nothing to do with it, and Abbott would have to apologise for threatening to physically attack Putin and accuse him of mass-murdering Australians when he came to Brisbane. Aleksey Pushkov, of the Duma’s Foreign Relations Committee, said he, Abbott, was ‘extremely exposed’ by his premature lunatic libel of the most powerful man in the world. ‘You take care before you make such an accusation,’ Pushkov said. ‘You do not go off like, how you say, a hairy goat.’

Greg Sheridan, a Liberal voter, called Whitlam’s ‘the worst single government Australia ever had’, though he did not nominate a single policy, out of hundreds, he disagreed with. He said there was no ‘serious documentary’ made about Menzies, forgetting the ABC one about him and Churchill. He said Whitlam was ‘economically disastrous’, though he well knew the Hayden Budget was blocked because it would have worked. He said ‘only’ 19,000 conscripts ever served in Vietnam, chosen because of their birthdays, and unable to vote, and genitally crippled, some of them, by Agent Orange, in a war we lost, a mere bagatelle. 19,000 is one third of the Australian dead in World War 1. What a loathesome, third-rate, grovelling, overpaid Faust he is entirely. He must say, now, which of Whitlam’s policies he opposed, or spend a billion years in a small, cold room in Hell transcribing longhand Murdoch’s wrong predictions, over and over, with an inkhorn and a feather.

Abbott was revealed to have spent 254,000 on a table and some chairs and their transport to the APEC summit, money that might have gone to our soldiers, or our dead soldiers’ children, plus 150,000 on some computer tablets, 120,000 on ‘advice’ on ‘leasing armoured vehicles’, 34 million for security guards and 10 million for hotels. The 44 million 524 thousand thus spent would have kept ten small theatre companies going for a thousand years on the interest alone. But it was ‘well worth the expense,’ Abbott said, ‘to keep the mass murderer Putin comfortable for three days, and well fed on Queensland rump steak, and anxious to buy more of it, which he has unaccountably, lately, refused to.’

Abbott’s Billionairesses’ Baby Bonus had only one supporter in Cabinet, himself, the afr in sorrow reported. ‘Economic lunacy’ is how Hockey, the Treasurer, is said to have described it. ‘Paying one woman nothing to have a baby,’ he fumed, ‘because she has no job, and six other children, and another woman fifty thousand dollars, though she is wealthy already, is not, as Tony calls it, equality.’ All bebbies or born eekval,’ Cormann jeered. ‘Bert serm are more eekval zan uzzairs.’ He chuckled at his little joke, while others put their heads in their hands.

Abbott, losing it, called ISIL a ‘godless death cult’. Dutton, losing it, called Labor’s concern, and America’s concern, with the world plague Ebola ‘a scare campaign’, and demanded his government’s neglect of this pandemic be ‘bipartisan’. The next Black Plague, and his insouciance about it, he said, was too serious a matter to be ‘polticised’, or even spoken about.

And so it went.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (90)

It is hard to believe what the crazed and beautiful Papist Miranda Devine, a Liberal voter, said of Whitlam yesterday, but there it is.

‘He wrought destruction on his country,’ she wrote, with a straight face, not saying what part Medicare, free universities, the sewering of the suburbs, the recognition of China, no-fault divorce, allowing unwed mothers to keep their babies and the releasing from gaol of Vietnam draft evaders played in that destruction. He said he was a ‘western suburbs kid made good’, she said, though no-one had ever said that of him till she did, yesterday. The return of Aboriginal lands, equal pay for women, the sequestering from oil drilling of the Great Barrier Reef, she added, were all part of ‘a fantasy…that may become toxic’.

It was Menzies, not Whitlam, that invented ‘free universities’, she said, through Commonwealth Scholarships for the ‘better academically’ (no, dear, it was Chifley) and Whitlam’s ‘free for all’ was the beginning of the ‘age of entitlement’.

This loathesome piece of pond-scum was paid lavishly for this by Murdoch, Whitlam’s destroyer. May her afterlife be spent in a small room listening to a loop of John Howard’s Anzac Day speeches for a billion years, unsleeping.

The unspeakable Faustian cunt, Paul Kelly, the only first-rate intellect employed by Murdoch for more than a year, said Whitlam’s ‘scandal-ridden’ second government irresistably destroyed itself, not mentioning that Murdoch’s restless vendetta after Whitlam refused him the Ambassadorship to the Court of St James did much of the work, and the vote that blocked Supply was that of Albert Field, a man not elected to the Senate but appointed, improperly, against the wishes of the voters, by Bjelke-Petersen after Bert Milliner’s suspicious death. He said Kerr behaved wickedly but made no mention of Joh, or Reg Withers, or Garfield Barwick, or the constitution-smashing liar Malcolm Fraser. May he be locked in a small room listening for a billion years to Alexander Downer and Bronwyn Bishop singing Gilbert and Sullivan favourites unceasing, with Rolf Harris accompanying on shuffleboard and blowing whistles.

Andrew Wilkie took the Abbott government to the ICC over its human rights abuses on Christmas Island, Nauru and Manus. Scott Morrison sought, illegally, a ‘conclusive certificate’ by which he could stop any boat person whatever from getting permanent protection without saying why he did so, merely that it was ‘in the national interest’ to imprison them for life. They would be allowed no appeal against this life sentence. Child abuse on Manus continued. None of the abusers was arrested. They continued abusing the children and the young women, on their usual wages, in the usual filthy conditions. A Senate inquiry discovered that anyone with Ebola in Niugini our doctors would take two weeks to get to from here, arriving a week after his/her death. The time was then changed to five hours.

Pyne’s advisers on what Australian children should study in our schools proved to be almost all of them Liberals, Catholics or private school teachers, plus one public school teacher from Pyne’s electorate. Though this would automatically entail, in any civilised country, his immediate resignation, he continued, with his usual chirpy defiance, in office.

And thus concluded another day in the life of the worst free-elected government in the history of the democratic system, since its invention in Iceland in AD 934.

The Lies Told

A lot of lies were told yesterday, many of them in the documentary The Whitlam Years, whose ‘witnesses’ were lit like horror-film villains and whose Judy Davis narration was in its every sentence shallow, snide and sneering.

We were told that Gough till his arrival in politics had ‘led a sheltered life’. But he had been a bomber-navigator in World War 2, whose plane was once on fire, and crashing. He had lived in a two-man tent in Gove for three years. He had raised four children in Cronulla and Cabramatta. He had campaigned for three years among the migrant people of the outer suburbs. He had been expelled from a Canberra boarding school, and gone to another, in faraway Sydney. He had studied Greek, acted in revue, appeared as an extra in movies, and rejected Christianity. He was a twenty-six-year-old ‘perpetual student’ when he joined the War. He did Basic Training, for Christ’s sake.

Another was that he was in some way ‘arrogant’. He was the most genial, attentive and involved conversationalist I have known. He sat an an angle that allowed him to look up at you, not down. He crafted jokes for you alone. The jokes he made about being God’s rival, and so on, were jokes, raillery, in the manner of Noel Coward, and showed the opposite of arrogance, a willingness to mock himself.

Another was that his government fell because it was incompetent. It fell because a Senator, Bert Milliner, died, and a Country Party Premier, Joh Bjelke Petersen, appointed against all precedent Albert Field, an anti-Labor unionist, in his place, and Field voted with the Liberals to hold up Supply. A stolen dead man’s vote brought Gough down. This was never mentioned by anyone yesterday.

Nor was the ‘reprehensible’ sum Rex Connor sought to borrow, in order to buy back ALL of Australia’s mineral wealth, four billion dollars, to buy it back outright, forever, two thirds of the amount that Abbott’s baby money now costs, each year. How much that wealth could fund today.

Nor was Murdoch much mentioned, though his relentless jeering headlines — about Cairns and Morosi, about Tierath Khemlani, about Gough and Margaret’s marriage ‘breaking up’ — contributed a lot to the momentum that swept him out. Nor was the burning of crucial film of the day of the sacking which I, for one, witnessed, crowds jeering Fraser in King’s Hall, the crowds marching on Parliament House, the gallant, funny speeches of Fred Daley, that would have changed the momentum, and, possibly, the result. Less than a minute of that footage now exists. Imagine if only fifty seconds of 9/11 now existed. That much was destroyed.

Nor was the idiotic decision of David Combe not to criticuse John Kerr. He said he had 75 percent approval in the latest poll. I said ‘But that poll was taken before the Sacking.’ He said, ‘Yes, but it’s the only poll we’ve got.’ I proposed a slogan, ‘Tell the hijackers where to get off’. He preferred ‘Shame, Fraser, Shame’.

There was also the suggestion that had the Budget not been passed by the Senate, unawares, it would have somehow all been different. It would not. Fraser had already agreed to ‘advise’ a Double Dissolution, a condition of his appointment. Had the Budget not passed, he, as PM, would have advised it , as agreed. It would have been the same. Kerr corruptly, or drunkenly, had made the decision, and Fraser had colluded in its execution, on Garfield Barwick’s ‘advice’. The die was cast.

Whitlam could have torn up the letter of dismissal, and called the Queen, got her out of bed, and advised her to sack Kerr. She may or may not have agreed to do so. But he was a legalist, a constitutionalist, a proper man. He had also had no sleep for fifty hours, and a whole hour ticked by while he had a steak at the Lodge, and nobody knew what had happened. I was in Parliament House that day, and I remember that lost hour well.

And I don’t like the lies told about it. Or about Whitlam.

And so it went.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (89)

Experts said MH 17 was shot down by Ukrainians not Russians, which meant Abbott, when he ‘shirtfronted’ Putin, would have to apologise to him in Brisbane, and meekly shake his hand. Bronwyn Bishop called off her persecution of women in burqas, and, asked if Abbott had told her to call it off, said, ‘No.’ Abbott said she had, which meant, if protocol was followed, he or she would have to resign.

Julie Bishop persuaded the Iraqis to sign a document allowing our soldiers to kill their children, but they let it be known they didn’t want any Australian soldiers fighting for them, boots on the ground, ‘because of what happened last time.’ Iraqi soldiers, meanwhile, wouldn’t leave their barracks, for fear they might be killed. ISIL occupied the outer suburbs of Baghdad, and their suicide bombers terrorised some of the inner suburbs.

Newspoll hid the bad news, that Abbott’s approval was down to 38 percent and his government’s vote down to 47, under a Murdoch headline suggesting his vote was up, because 63 percent ‘favoured’, and why would they not, him ‘confronting’ Putin over MH 17. The ‘better PM’ poll was down by 3 percent. Though landline only, and ‘weighted to reflect the population distribution’, showed Abbott 39, Shorten 38 and ‘uncommitted’ (an impossibility) 23.

Gough Whitlam died, and his usurper Fraser, a Labor voter now, wept for him. Howard, who cursed his every act, would doubtless do so too. Pyne, whose university education thanks to Gough was free, shrank back a little from his waspish punishment, with huge fees and huge interest rates, of those, especially women, who dared go to university after him. Abbott declared the flags would fly at half-mast, and frantically tried to put together a speech in praise of the lordly atheist republican he so detested.

…The speech was not half bad, and followed by other speeches of civilised agreement from the sado-Papist leeches now in brief power with nearly everything Gough did, but no apology for how he was cheated of mandate and his destiny, and how even now they were dismantling his legacy — to the universities, the disabled, the Indigenous, to women, to the health care system. To some observers they all seemed greedy, mendacious careerist Fausts, except for Turnbull, who spoke well, with tears, of a generous friend.

On his destroyer’s channel, Skynews, tributes were unceasing. Murdoch, a Liberal voter, and author by now of most of the evil in the western world, lived on in good health. Laurie Oakes, who at the time called Whitlam’s ‘the silliest government ever’, said the sacking was the government’s own fault, not mentioning the theft of two dead Senators’ votes, and Kerr’s connivance with Fraser before two Liberal senators voted the other way. More to come.

Today’s Newspoll

Murdoch has demanded one of his ‘funnily enough’ Newspolls, and O’Shannessy in fawning obedience fabricated the pro-LNP figures.

Though Campbell Newman would lose his seat, he says, his new party the LNP would get 54 percent of the vote. Eighty thousand people have changed their minds, he says, in the last week or so and think his party a better thing than he is. Of course they do.

The poll was done by interviewing 1132 people on landlines over three months, 280, probably, at a time — an always inaccurate sample — of those at home to take the call; octogenarians, mostly, or the terminally sick. No PUP voters are listed, though ‘Others’ and Katter attract a quarter of a million more votes than they did in 2012. These have been redistributed, mostly, to Newman, whom Palmer and Katter detest, and have said so.

The poll, of course, of course, and this is not news, is a criminal fraud, and I ask Premier Palaszczuk to charge him with it after her election on April 18.

A fair indication of when Newspoll is lying is when it’s on page 2, the least read and least accessible page of the paper.

If the figures were true, and landline people voting the same way as cellphone people in a climate, Queensland’s, where everybody under fifty is mostly out of doors, the PUP and Katter preferences, now probably favouring Labor by 70 percent, would still put Labor on 51 percent, not 46, as they are now, ‘based on the preference flow in March 2012 state election’, before Newman and Abbott showed their bloodied fangs. But, of course, the actual Labor vote is — probably — 37 and the two-party-preferred vote 56, a wipeout for the LNP, and a Big Lie is needed to conceal this, lest the swing in Stafford of 18.4 percent become in the public mind what is now thought normal by those people, old and middle-aged, who for fifteen years voted Beattie and Bligh Labor.

If the poll were honest, there would be a Palmer figure in it, of 16 or 17 percent (the actual figure is 20 or 21); but this, of course, would give Clive publicity, momentum, stature, profile and moral force. If it were honest it would not show 24 percent ‘uncommitted’ on who the Premier should be. Is anyone ‘uncommitted’ on Campbell Newman? Any Queensland-bred human now living? Give me a break.

Fraud, fraud, fraud. And gaol, gaol, gaol for O’Shannessy.

Or perhaps you disagree.

Propaganda Studies (7): The Story So Far

The Liberals aren’t doing this very well.

If they were serious they would have arrested every young man at Numan Haider’s funeral and asked him if he was a terrorist. They’d be searching the backpacks and briefcases of every young black-bearded man on every suburban train.

Most terrorist attacks are on trains, for obvious reasons — you can leave a device in a suitcase on a train, and detonate it remotely — yet day by day no trains are searched, and Parliament House is for some reason flooded with coppers. No Parliament House has undergone a terrorist attack since the first Guy Fawkes Night in 1605, yet this myth of an imminent explosion in such a place continues. And more obvious places, like the Harbour Tunnel, the Opera House on an opening night, the Art Gallery during the Archibald judging, St Mary’s Cathedral during Christmas Mass, Opera in the Park, the Sydney-to-Surf Race, go unpoliced.

The reason is, the Liberals aren’t serious about it. They only want to give an impression of being on the case, of being the party that better protects us when we’re in danger, though Labor has won three wars, the Liberals lost four (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan) and helped start one so disastrous the world will never recover from it; the WMD war, that is. And they’re so bad at protecting us they let a man dressed as Osama Bin Laden get into the vicinity of George Bush’s hotel.

They’re looking for their ‘Falklands Moment’ like Thatcher in 1982. They want a faraway war they can be praised for, and a ‘Gotcha!’ headline they, and Murdoch, can brandish down the ages.

And they want, like W, traitors here at home, and a proclamation — ‘You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists’ — that divides, and upsets, and revolts, and frightens the world.

They’re wrapping themselves in the flag, as frantic rogues do when nothing else they is working. ‘Patriotism,’ as Dr Johnson famously noted, ‘is the last refuge of the scoundrel.’

But even this tactic is failing them, and hour by hour they’re looking sillier.

Or am I wrong?

Today’s Morgan, Tomorrow’s Newspoll

10.45 pm

Morgan showed, correctly, Labor on 54.5, up by 0.5, after Abbott declared war on a number of countries and proposed the torture and shaming of a hundred thousand Muslim women he suspected of not much wanting to appear topless on Manly beach as part of Team Australia.

In an hour or so a Newspoll will show Abbott, war leader, ahead of Shorten as preferred Prime Minister and Labor and the Coalition both on 50. It will show Abbott has warmed the nation with his threat of beheadings in Martin Place and the bombing without end of those Syrian children not already bombed or gassed by Assad.

I ask, again, that O’Shannessy be arrested by Premier Andrews for fraud and put in the slammer for seven years, less if he reveals that Murdoch told him to change his figures.

8.05 am

It’s 49 to the Liberals, not 50, in Newspoll. Otherwise as I predicted.

Once again, only landlines were rung, disproportionately favouring octogenarians and excluding all young people out drinking on Friday night. Once again Palmer’s preferences were not asked, just guessed, and awarded the wa way they were last year when they more greatly favoured the Liberals and would not now. One again, a fabricated Preferred Prime Minister figure ( three million Australians ‘uncommitted’? really?) for our Chicken-Little-in-Chief; admired, apparently, for shouting ‘beheading! beheading! beheading! on every suburban train!’

Morgan is correct, and O’Shannessy a criminal who will soon, I hope, be gaoled.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (59)

The head of Abbott’s church, Pope Francis, said we were currently in a World War and wondered if this was a good idea. Abbott said he should keep his bib out of matters which, as God’s representative, did not concern him, and pledged we would die in our millions, if need be, in the coming Armageddon against Putin, the King of the North, whom he would arm with as much uranium as he had money to buy.

He raised the terrorism danger level to Red Alert, higher than that of America where thirty thousand people died by gunfire every year but not, thank heavens, in acts of ‘terrorism’, or not very often. Though ‘Terrorists’ had effected 9/11, killing 1820 Americans and some foreigners, only 350,000 Americans had died by gunfire since then, 800,000 in road accidents, 42 in backyard pool drownings, 22,500,000 from cigarettes, and one shot by Dick Cheney, who believed him at the time to be a duck. But these things posed no actuarial danger, Abbott insisted, and ‘terrorism’, which had killed 3,221 Americans in 238 years, was the real and pressing national peril, more so here than there. ‘Eighteen people have died by terrorism on Australian soil in only 226 years,’ Abbott boasted, ‘which puts the American total in the shade.’ Asked how many Australians had died here from terrorist atrocities in the last ninety-nine years, he answered, ‘None. And that’s why we’re bound to see some soon. It stands to reason. Trust me.’

And some Reds under the bed, he murmured, there had been a tidy few of them. He proposed therefore to reclassify Putin as a Red, and to refuse to shake his hand in Brisbane. That would teach him a lesson, he beamed, and convince him to give back the Crimea, stop shooting journalists and give Europe all the gas it needed, at half price.

Abbott, praised by Murdoch journalists as ‘a world statesman’, was gaining traction and stature, they said, by the hour. He had lately encouraged Australian teenagers not to go to war in Syria, and encouraged them to come home quickly, quickly, to their worried families, and threatened them with twenty-five years in the slammer if they did. This was acclaimed by his newly beloved bromance Mark Kenny as a ‘laudably balanced approach to a complex moral question, the carrot and the stick, worthy of the late King Solomon of Israel, peace be unto him’.

Two young Logan men, meanwhile, who had been found fighting on the right side, against both ISIL and Assad, as Obama recommended, in the Middle East would suffer, Brandis thundered, ‘the full severity of the Law.’ Anyone who left Australia to engage in a civil war overseas would be severely punished, he railed, with whips and scorpions, upon re-entering ‘their homeland, Australia’, after their spiritual infection by alien theocracies overseas. Mark Regev began to shake in his shoes.

A newly formed Committee for the Prevention of the Beheading of Peter Hartcher (CPBPH) met in secret, and afterwards emailed Malvolio beseeching him to dress more soberly. ‘Your current garb of cross-gartered yellow stockings,’ they said, ‘makes you an easy target, and constitutes a danger to the nation. It is likely a rocket attack on you will take out a hundred awed pedestrians around you. The scarlet serpentine codpiece should be likewise left at home.’ Hartcher protested that Julie Bishop had asked to see him so adorned, in a letter composed in her ‘own fair hand’, but agreed to adapt his mode of dress to ‘modern contingencies’. He arrived at the smh in a Spiderman suit and was tackled and held down by Security.

Abbott called ISIL ‘a death cult, not a nation’. Though he himself on Sundays ate the body of Christ, a brutally executed prophet whose death redeemed mankind, and acclaimed on various days of the year the mutilation and murder of ‘saints’ he duly revered for their ‘sacrifice’, and a Church long funded by the auctioning of the body-parts of ‘martyrs’, he thought a ‘death cult’ like ISIO unacceptable, and cursed it all to Hell, and recommended it be bombed and hacked and immolated, like Hiroshima, till it raised no more its heathen voice on earth.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (58)

Abbott announced the vaginal cavities of all Arab women would be searched for WMDs at football finals but no-one should be in any way alarmed. ‘Just carry on as if World War 3 were not imminent,’ he said, ‘or Armageddon. Or the Rapture. Or the Conversion of the Jews. Or Hell for homosexuals. And it probably isn’t, this may be just a false alarm. It may be just another ASIO trick, like the…Hilton bombing.’ His eyes flicked sideways, and he licked dry lips, jovially. ‘Those were the days. Just kidding.’

On discovering the young men he had arrested for fighting for ISIL were actually fighting against ISIL, he urgently promised them Orders of Australia and a free trip to Mecca for the Stoning of Satan if they just ‘shut up about the whole thing. Shit happens,’ he added winningly, ‘especially to me. Especially lately.’ Mark Kenny fell about laughing, amazed at his hairy-chested beloved’s fresh new flowering wit, and immediately planned fifteen hundred more affable words on ‘Abbott, the new Costello’ in the smh. Abbott then warned the Gallery that any one of them might be kidnapped at any moment and decapitated on Sixty Minutes and they, too, laughed heartily. What a card this man was. What a wild card.

Derek Parker, a Liberal voter, wrote in The Australian that Wayne Swan should not, not, not take credit for saving two hundred thousand Australian jobs and Australian civilisation though this, indeed, is what he did, all reputable historians and economists agreed. He should instead apologise, and do it urgently, for spending too much money correcting an unprecedented situation, when five dollars less per taxpayer should have been enough, fumed Parker, whose Nobel Prize for Economics is still unaccountably pending. ‘He has learned very little’, he said of Swan, and castigated for him for ‘the festering delusion that Murdoch was in any way anti-Labor.’

Parker knew this to be absolutely untrue. He swore on the Bible, and crossed his heart, and pocketed the pitiful four hundred and twenty dollars Rupert paid him to say it and, after rewrites, say it more loudly and crazily. He had a Guinness, and then another, and was not happy. He slept early, and woke to a vivid dream of Abbott’s giant Nubian body-servant Credlin approaching his bed unclothed with an enigmatic, firm expression and a whip in her teeth.

Craig Baumann, the tenth Liberal MP to resign while denying he was corrupt, made it seem that, at this rate, there would be no NSW Liberal MPs by March, when an election was due. Mike Baird, the ‘cleanskin’ Premier, unusually did not swear, as he had before, he would run no Liberal in Baumann’s seat, Port Stephens, lest he lose government cataclysmically only ten months after achieving it, and become a laughing-stock forever in the memory of humankind.

$inodino$, in the dock, professed not to know what a ‘property developer’ was. He was told; and he said it was news to him. Asked if he, as the President for a while and the chief money-raiser, before that, of the NSW Liberal Party, knew of the 700,000 ‘washed’ by The Free Enterprise Foundation, he said that came under another man’s jurisdiction. Asked what he, $inodino$, did as the Party’s chief money-raiser, he said that this was an ‘under-Harbour matter’ he was not free to talk about.

Several pundits thanked heaven the corruption was confined to NSW and had ‘no federal implications’. Told that the NSW Liberal Party, a geographical entity, funded also the campaigns of Abbott, Hockey, Morrison, Bash and Bronwyn Bishop, the aghast commentators crawled under lino and put their toes in their ears.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (57)

Abbott found to his amazement that the two Logan boys he was putting away for twenty five years were going off to fight against ISIS as he had just pledged to do, and Obama wanted everyone to do, and he might have to give them an AO instead, or even apologise. ‘How all occasions do inform against me,’ he muttered to his giant Nubian body-servant Credlin, who returned his gaze unfondly.

Morrison lost a court case and was prohibited from persecuting, any more, a genuine refugee, a sensation that did not please him. Slavery, or TPVs as he called it, was more to his taste, and he suffered withdrawal symptoms when he could not experience it, as now, ‘hands on’. This massive political defeat of a prominent seething madman was concealed from world history by all the newspapers, whose proprietors hide, instinctively now, whatever might upset the Liberals.

Abbott awaited instructions on whether he would go to war or not, and Bishop admired his exemplary indecision. ‘Our Cabinet,’ she is said to have said, ‘does not consult the Australian people, or their elected representatives, when we sign up for a thousand years war. We do not even discuss it among ourselves. What we do is await with meekness what the Americans tell us to do. These are after all the titans who lost the last war in that region, destroyed six million lives and wasted a trillion dollars, levelled Babylon, burned the Great Baghdad Library and tormented with dogs and tampons naked men in Abu Ghraib and so lost all respect for the West in the Arab world, and they surely, clearly, demonstrably, know what they are doing, and down what road, with a proud, uplifted heart, we should follow them.’

Mark Kenny, a Liberal voter, praised Abbott for calling himself a wanker. He was ‘frustrated’ as a trainee priest, Abbott told a joyful claque of Murdoch drunks at the National Press Club’s 50th anniversary, and masturbated a lot, as he admitted in Battlelines. ‘His considerable intellectual power,’ Kenny said, ‘as a writer and a thinker’ was evidenced by a joke he had ‘told many times before’, and by his demand, laughing heartily, and licking dry lips, that the press be ‘more right wing’.

Kenny, who has gone in two months from a moral vaccuum to a simpering Faust — traumatised, perhaps, by the dread news that his cousin Chris does not fuck goats — called ‘witty, after all’ Abbott’s plea for ‘a speech, with no questions afterwards’, and rocked with laughter, as he does these days, at his Jesuitical hero’s deftness of mind. Some found it a sadness to see a once fine mind so reduced to blithering sycophancy. But, as a great man said, ‘Shit happens, to even those who do not, alas, like many friends of mine, fuck goats,’ and so it goes.

Abbott prepared himself for his cataclysmic announcement that all Muslim women would be body-searched for ‘internally secreted lethal weapons’ at relgious festivals and soccer finals and felt, at last, he was turning it around.

And so concluded one more day of the worst democratically elected government in world history since democracy’s foundation in Iceland in 934.

Today’s Newspoll

Today’s Newspoll, once more not listing PUP but giving its preferences to the Liberals, ringing only landlines and alleging three million Australians to be ‘uncommitted’ on who should be Prime Minister, has Labor half a million votes ahead of the Coalition and likely to win back twenty-seven seats and government. This is 120,000 more votes than it won, in Newspoll, a fortnight ago.

Under heavy Murdoch instructions, Shorten was not allowed to beat Abbott as Preferred Prime Minister and got, like Abbott, 37, though he got 36 satisfied and 43 dissatisfied against Abbott’s 35 and 54. Logic would suggest he is ahead on these figures but Rupert has spoken, and there you go.

Some find O’Shannessy’s chronic fraud risible but I do not. Even though his margin of error gives Labor 55, and this is a good guess, it is criminal he does not ring mobiles (and therefore anyone under forty) and that he falsely distributes half a million of Palmer’s preferences to the Liberals when, after the co-payment, the new HECS fees and the rancorous assault on old age pensions, no PUP voters favour them any more.

I call, again, for Premier Andrews to investigate, arrest and imprison O’Shannessy, and throw away the key.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (52)

Having booked Australia into Armageddon and World War 3 at a cost of, oh, twenty to eighty billion dollars, Abbott announced he would now spend a billion dollars more searching three oceans for bits of a drowned plane that would tell him nothing about anything any more and bits of an exploded plane in a war zone in Ukraine and some body parts not eaten by dogs he would bring home within two years and burn. To have decided on this expenditure in a time of national financial calamity made no sort of sense, it was argued by some shuddering pundits, to anyone but himself. ‘We must risk war with Russia,’ he was said to have said, ‘and risk them raining nuclear bombs down on Sydney, which is but a small price to pay for the Cause’ — and here he licked dry lips — ‘of accelerating the Rapture and the immolation of the Earth after Christ’s return in a chariot of fire with an host of angels yelling Hosannah at his back and towing the New Jerusalem through the galaxies from a place beyond the stars.’ He then denounced Putin, the world’s most powerful man, as ‘the seven-horned Beast of Revelation’ and said he would be welcome in Brisbane any time if he brought his money with him since Australia was ‘open for business’ with a lot of uranium to sell, to anyone, anytime.

He then sold a lot of uranium to India, on their assurance they would use it, please, in a nuclear war with Pakistan, lately in chaos and the thrall of a rowdy cricketer and likely when the Taliban seized power there to atomic bomb Iran, America’s new ally in the Middle East, though they were the bad guys before that, and hopefully able to atomic bomb ISIS, the new bad guys in the region, who shared the religion of Saddam, the Blessed Ayotollah’s hanged enemy, who was for twenty-five years an ally of Christians and a friend of the late Pope Ringo and Ba’hai. ‘Don’t worry, I’m across the complications,’ Abbott laughed unwinningly. ‘The main thing is you make all the nuclear bombs you want. What you do with our uranium is your internal affair. And Pakistan’s. And Syria’s. And Iran’s.’ He listed further nations excitably, feeling more and more powerful with each proposed annihilation. He came to think he could defeat Russia on his own.

Morrison learned with calm of his fourth fresh corpse, this one having donated his organs to Australians before his parents, forbidden to come to his bedside, gave their consent to have him put down. This number was the equivalent of the heinous roof-batt deaths that had lately occasioned a twenty million dollar Royal Commission but Abbott wasn’t having any, not this time round, since it was thought by Loughnane and Credlin and Col Allen it might be damaging to him if the story of a fecally infected cut foot in a filthy lavatory, and, two weeks later, its treatment, and, one day after that, brain death, and, a week after that, a human’s extinction and mutilation might make his boast of ‘stopping the boats’ appear in context a little cruel.

And Morrison’s refusal to let this organ donor’s parents come to his bedside seemed to some in context unusually cruel but they were, he said, ‘unaware of the big picture. By harvesting this man’s organs we are preventing worse deaths by drowning at sea — just as we would, by decapitating one motorist, chosen at random on Parramatta Road, encourage other motorists to drive more carefully. These calculations are exact, humanitarian and merciful and I am proud of them.’ He prayed in tongues for the newly departed, wishing him a speedy journey to Hell, to join there Reza Berati who should not have been so big and gay, S&M fumed, and will receive just punishment for these iniquities for all eternity.

Col Allen, a Liberal voter, published in The Sunday Telegraph a front page story on Zahra Chamberlain, whose sister Azaria was eaten by a dingo, and her ‘love’ for these animals, these ‘furry, cuddly creatures’, ‘dingoes killed my sister but I love them’, and her desire to protect them from harm. The story noted that other ardent dingo-lovers had ‘bludgeoned to death’ Michael Chamberlain’s pet rabbits because he had, with his wild accusations, given dingoes ‘a bad name’. It hinted as well that had Azaria not been eaten by one of them, Zahra would never have been born, and this was why she was grateful for this benevolent Godlike intervention, by wild dog, into her family’s history.

Though not as vile as ‘Gotcha!’ or the story of Camilla’s tampon, it was thought to be, even for Murdoch, a loathesome front page, and, in Australian terms, by far, so far, his worst.

Morgan Yesterday, Newspoll Today

Morgan showed Labor’s raw vote up 0.5 percent, on 38.5, and down 0.5 percent 2PP, on 55.5. Among states they were 55.5 percent 2PP in NSW, 57.5 in Victoria, 50.5 in Queensland, 51 in WA, 57.5 in SA, and 56.5 in Tasmania. The Coalition’s unchanged raw vote was 37.5, the Greens down 0.5 on 10.5, Palmer (after the China outburst) down 1 percent, on 4.5.

Morgan rings mobiles, and asks minor party voters what their second preferences are.

In age groups 2PP, 18-24 year olds voted 64 percent Labor, 25-34 year olds 64.5, 35-49 year olds 60.5, 50-64 year olds 50.5. Those over 65 voted 45.5 percent Labor, 54.5 percent Coalition. Three of them died while you were reading this.

None of this will be mentioned by the Blessed Fran Kelly this morning, though Morgan got the result dead right last time, and the time before. She will however rejoice at the Newspoll, which does not ring mobiles, nor ask what the minor parties’ preferences were, preferring to guess, and had Labor with six hundred thousand fewer votes on 51, and the Coalition with six hundred thousand more votes on 49. ‘Coalition closing gap,’ the p1 headline shouts, though it has has Shorten regaining seven hundred thousand votes as Preferred Prime Minister after saying he was not a rapist. Abbott in this category is shown to have lost a quarter of a million votes, and the p6 headline saying ‘Coalition closes on Labor as budget slump passes’.

It’s important Fran report both polls, not just the inaccurate one, but of course she knows what she likes. It would be good too if Newspoll, whose boss is Murdoch, said what three states the Coalition was ahead in, and what three age groups.

Abbott’s figures, 36 satisfied, 55 dissatisfied, indicate, like Morgan, he is behind in all states. Shorten’s figures, 39 satisfied, 40 dissatisfied, uncommitted 21, show he is moving ahead.

I urge Premier Andrews to investigate Newspoll for fraudulent, mendacious practices in December, as a first priority.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (41)

Pyne said he would cut all money to research in universities, thus stopping cancer being cured here and driving our Einsteins, Oppenheimers, Salks, Changs, Hollowses, Hawkings and Floreys overseas. He said he would do this if he wasn’t allowed to charge students one thousand times as much as himself for their degrees, at a time when they would also have to pay ten times as much as him for their houses. ‘We’ll fix your wagon,’ he is said to have said with his usual genial spleen, ‘the class war is back, and we’re winning.’

Miranda Devine, a Liberal voter, called for the sacking of Gillian Triggs for daring to compare detention centres with prisons. She did not say what the difference was, but so vehemently insisted this poor woman was a blithering, fatuous incompetent (she dared to suggest a link between child suicide and the prospect of lifelong encarceration) that she was roundly applauded by a second Liberal voter, the Agenda compere Chris Kenny, who, I am confidently informed, does not fuck dogs, goats or dormice except when it is safe to do so. Both commentators are employed by Rupert Murdoch, the shrill, cuckolded co-founder of the Tea Party and boastful mentor of W, Akerman, Bolt and Sarah Palin.

Tony Abbott suggested he might join Iraq War 3 — or Armageddon, as it is called in the Scriptures — without consulting parliament or the Australian people. His hero, John Howard, had caused Iraq War 2 and its killing or displacement of six million educated people, including all the dentists, and Abbott was keen to emulate or even better this vast, blood-deluged achievement of his prating, hag-ridden, shrunken, squawking predecessor. He saw no reason to ask our permission to put at risk our grandchildren’s and great-grandchildren’s lives (it was estimated the war would last perhaps three hundred years), nor put it to a referendum, or even a Newspoll, because, look, look, these were heathens at work, killing Christians, and this was wrong, wrong, wrong. And he planned Operation Kill The Heretics with his fellow foaming fundamentalist Morrison over Guinnesses and silent prayer at the Steyne.

Morrison, facing charges that he assisted in the escape of two white murderers and the bashing with clubs of sixty heathens and the shooting of one and the throat-slashing of one, went as usual to his church and spoke in tongues while his fellow-parishioners looked at him sharply. Child abuse was unpopular with some of them, and in the Puberty Blues Memorial Twig-Lashing Sauna they planned his excommunication. Others in adjacent steam-rooms planned his deselection.

Cormann in his dulcet Nazi-dentist baritone said he would, by God, ‘raise taxes’ if Labor did not let him raise taxes — the co-payment, the petrol levy, and so on — in this Budget, the sort of taxes he liked to raise. He agreed he would have to get the Senate to let him do this, and they wouldn’t. Abbott, stepping in, said no, they would lower taxes, not raise them, and agreed the Senate would not let them do this either. But it was the thought that counts.

And so concluded another day of the worst free-elected government in the history of our form of democracy, founded in Iceland in 934.

On Beheading

Queen Elizabeth I, an English hero, beheaded her female cousin. Henry VIII, a popular English monarch, beheaded two of his wives. William Shakespeare, a popular playwright, beheaded no more than eighty of his major characters, including Macbeth, Rosencrantz, Guildenstern, Buckingham, Hastings and twenty-four of Titus Andronicus’s sons. Charles Dickens, a popular novelist, beheaded his most admired character, Sidney Carton. The Simpsons, a popular television series, beheads in its Halloween specials eight or nine people a year, and in its subseries Itchy and Scratchy hundreds of others. The Simpsons is watched by hundreds of millions of children. And no complaint has been laid. Beheadings occur routinely in Game of Thrones. And no complaint has been laid.

Why then all the fuss? Why especially profess such shock at airbrushed images in which there is no horror at all and serve only, I guess,, as Rorschach blots or shadow-puppet silhouettes of imagined beheadings or severed heads? Is this a convenient political fabrication, like, say, the nationwide shock when Clive Palmer called Wendi Deng a ‘Chinese spy’ (she possibly was, Rupert Murdoch for a while thought she was, and so did Dame Elisabeth) or when David Hicks admitted meeting Bin Laden? Why was the same shock not evinced at the killing of the wife and infant son of a Hamas leader for the crime of living with him in his house? Is there something about beheading that’s more disgusting than, say, smothering under a pile of Gaza rubble during an air-raid and hearing your mother call for you?

Is there something about beheading? I suspect there is. The stories of lips forming the words ‘I am innocent’, and fallen heads in baskets gnawing the wickerwork for hours ring true in most minds, and Polanski’s memorable image of the living head of Macbeth looking at the jeering crowd which, on the end of a spear, his point of view speeds past and through was especially convincing to my generation, and so was the news in Bolt’s great play that Sir Thomas More’s daughter Margaret Roper took his head home and kept it with her for the rest of her life, and the cry ‘Not my head!’ of Messalina in I, Claudius.

It was unwise of ISIS to do this, maybe, maybe; though it is unlikely London will be bombed for it even though a well-known Englishman wielded the knife, and the threat of it will daunt, I think, America from entering Iraq War 3. But…but…

It’s interesting what can be fanned inti a furnace of national rage and disapproval, and what cannot. Abbott referrung to the sexual attractiveness of one of his candidates was supposed to have ruined him, and her, but it did not. Jackie Lambie referrng to an unseen young man’s ‘lunchbox’ was supposed to have impelled her immediate resignation from the Senate, but it did not. Netanyahu traumatising half a million children and killing four hundred of them was thought likely to have ended his Prime Ministership, but it did not. Rolf Harris’s long-ago tampering with four unpenetrated girls was not thought necessarily likely to result in gaol time but it got him, at 84, the term of his natural life.

And beheading a handsome American, and threatening others? Will it cause Iraq War 3? Will it amass in Syria US troops defending Assad? Well, you never know. It might. Or it might not.

As Lord Hastings winningly said in Richard III on his way to the block:

I prophesy the fearfull’st time to thee
That ever wretched age hath look’d upon. —
Come, lead me to the block; bear him my head:
They smile at me who shortly shall be dead.

Assange, Latest

6.52 pm

I will put up on Ellis Gold my account in The Year It All Fell Down of the situation in 2011 of Julian Assange.

An interview still happening suggests he will be out of the Ecuadorean Embassy soon, but not, he says, because of his heart-and-lung problems and high blood pressure, as the Murdoch press is now baying. He is healthier than that.

8.20 am

It may be a year yet before he is out. A new law saying no person not charged with a crime can be extradited for it is now in force in the UK but does not, bizarrely, apply to him.

He didn’t seem to have lung cancer, and his formidable, familiar calm voice (John Hargreaves? Richard Roxburgh?) encased grammatical sentences memorably.

He’ll be on our minds for a while yet.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (33)

It was revealed that Abbott had lately proposed to hasten the end of the world by abolishing the emission reduction target for 2020 so ‘more coal can be burnt, more quickly’. The world would immolate anyway when Christ returned, the Prime Minister, a Gibsonite Catholic, reasoned. Asked if the ‘perception’ that he had broken eighty of his promises was a problem, he beamed, shook his head, and said there was ‘no case to answer’.

Morrison spoke in tongues, and, emerging from his wooden church, responded to the refugee crisis in Iraq and Syria by reducing by half the number of refugees we would take in, letting in some Christians but sending all Muslims to Cambodia. He profoundly hoped he could get these heathens off to the Killing Fields before his arrest for crimes against humanity, likely any day now. He did this with some reluctance because, as he pointed out, the Christian groups he was now letting in would burn in Hell, and it seemed uneconomic to delay the day of their pitchforking into eternal flame. But… he was a loyal foot-soldier, and the torture of the innocent in two hemispheres would continue as ordered by his Leader, a Catholic, who would burn in hell also, he grimly allowed, and not a minute too soon.

Mathias Cormann added his Schwarzenegger profundity to the selling of the Budget. He said he was ‘in conversation’ with a number of Senators who utterly imposed the totality of his bizarre and punishing policies and was confident he could change their minds. It was thought by some commentators that this proffering of a man with the charm of a Nazi dentist as their most plausible negotiator was a sign of the Liberals’ inner calm and confidence. If he failed, they reasoned, they could put up Barnaby Joyce, or Bill Heffernan, or the four-foot sado-Thatcherist Bronwyn Bishop, and scare the bejesus out of them.

Alex Salmond, the Prime Minister of Scotland, called Abbott a ‘fewking udiut’ for prophesying an independent Scotland would be an enemy of justice and freedom. Abbott’s hero John Howard had similarly blithered that ‘if Obama is elected, al-Qaeda will rejoice,’ he noted, and further noted that the Scottish families Bruce, Menzies, Fisher, McEwen, MacMahon, Fraser, Whitlam, Dunstan and Shorten had not, thus far, torn down freedom or burned down justice in an independent, federated Australia now in its hundred and thirteenth year, although another Australo-tartan clan, the Murdochs, were a bit of a worry.

David Marr said Abbott was ‘very cunning’. He had by his repulsive Anglophilic intervention (his father is an English dentist) made a free Scotland a certainty now and thereby strengthened the Tories’ hold on England, or the Greater London County Council as it soon would be known. The Free Welsh and Yorkshire Now! movements prayed Abbott would attack them likewise.

He was a laughing-stock the world over, and so evidently sinful and brain-damaged two Popes were praying for him, publically, and privately asking Pell, his Confessor, to tell; tell all.

And so concluded another day of the worst free-elected government in a thousand years of democracy since that system’s foundation in Iceland in 934.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (32)

Abbott outraged every Scot in Australia and twenty-two million of those in Scotland, the US and Canada by saying the nation of Robert the Bruce, Rabbie Burns, Lord George Murray, Miss Jean Brodie, Deborah Kerr and Billy Connolly should not be a nation, never ever. His fellow feral Papist Mel Gibson, who had played the disembowelled martyr William Wallace with vigour and passion, rang to curse him all to hell, ‘you ignorant foocking ten-pound Pom’, in vowels he had retained from Braveheart, an Oscar-winning acclamation of the Free Scotland jihad growing daily more popular in the Former United Kingdom.

Abbott said, ‘Mate, I’ll call you back,’ and turned his attention to outraging the Jews, the Irish and the Russians.

Anyone who sympathised with the terrorist Netanyahu, he decreed, and went to Israel to fight in his army, or, like Mark Regev, to tout for it would be arrested when they returned to Australia. Those who went to Mt Scopus, a known hive of Zionist fury, would not be allowed to leave. This applied also to those with an IRA grandfather currently planning a Galway honeymoon or a day at the Hurling and anyone who donated to this terrorist cause after 1921, when terrorism was co-invented by Michael Collins; and Croats, Palestinians, Tamils and Acehans too numerous to mention.

‘Lately, also,’ he added, moistening his lips, ‘it has become essential that all Russian loyalists of that aggressive outlaw state be prevented from going back there, or returning here, and desirable they be gaoled if they do because of their complicity in the shooting down of MH 17, on the recovery, care and keeping of whose corpses I am spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a day, denying these monies correctly to Aborigines, who have revolutionary tendencies and histories of tribal plaintiveness like the Jews, the Scots and that horrific insurgent pub band The Dubliners.’ Shaking their heads, his now drunk minders calculated he had lost three hundred thousand votes in under seven minutes.

Responding to this, his fellow Christian body-building buddy Baird proclaimed no Liberal would would contest two ‘safe’ Liberal seats on the Central Coast now vacated after the criminal tendencies of the Newcastle Twenty had been publicised by the smh, a daily Trotskyite pamphlet bent on restoring anarcho-Leninism to that notorious filthy city. ‘We can find find no candidates not in the pocket of property developers,’ Baird explained. ‘We even approached the virtuous lame Labor martyr Combet to switch parties and run for us, but we did so alas in vain.’

He called hiis new no-candidate policy ‘an atonement’. This meant, when translated, he would punish two bad Liberal voters by disfranchising forty thousand blameless ones. He was hailed by Gerard Henderson, a salivating Papist and late-blooming Abbottite, as ‘a Solomon come to judgment’.

The Murdoch media continued to urge the gorgon-eyed warrior-queen Julie Bishop, aka Ms Fluffy, to become Prime Minister immediately. It was thought her gender, lack of children, lack of a husband, appalling dress sense and inability to choose which side we were on in Syria would not impede her imminent uplifting, by Christmas, to the Lodge which she would share with an elderly West Australian male billionaire she shyly would not identify.

It was thought as well she might change the name of her Party, now as unloved in this federation as the ebola virus and in the Central Coast no longer daring, like Oscar Wilde’s gay circle in the 1890s, to speak its name. ‘The Lightfoot Lovelies’ was considered and rejected.

Tony Abbott slept briefly on a descending aeroplane, then awaking declared no Australian beheading people in the Middle East would continue to get the dole. ‘This will bring down significantly the number of beheadings in that benighted region,’ he concluded happily on the tarmac, beaming. Once home he birched himself, rode fifty miles on a Speedwell, confessed on Skype to Pell his masturbatory thoughts, prayed his lesbian sister would mend her ways, put on his Nivea cream, read five words of Brideshead Revisited and slept soundly.

And so ended one more day of the worst elected government in the 1,090 years since democracy’s inception in Iceland in 924.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (31)

Joe Hockey denied, tears streaming down his face, that he was indeed the Kirribilli Vampire — such urges, he swore, were now far, far behind him — and such ‘evil in my heart’ as he had harboured then towards the lower orders had been lately dissipated by his good, cleansing work in these last six months redistributing wealth to rich women like his wife Melissa for the hard, honest toil of having babies in luxury hospitals. The ‘evil in his heart’, he said, was no more. He said ‘apology’ and ‘sorry’ twelve times and sniffled a bit and dabbed his eyes with a kleenex.

This left open in most minds the question of whether he knew what the fuck he was doing. If he didn’t know who drive cars and who ride cows to work in country towns, and he thought ‘equal’ the sixty thousand paid for one baby and the nought paid for another (some babies are more equal than others), and fifteen dollars a better sum than seven to charge an ailing invalid octogenarian female for going three times a week to the doctor for her prescription, what did he know? He claimed he had intense compassion for the less well off, like, say, his bombarded relatives in Gaza, but hadn’t once spoken up for them. Intense compassion? Nah. He bit his nails down to the quick, and looked up to see his wife gazing coolly at him. Then both of them looked away.

The Liberal Party’s last literate urger Peter Hartcher praised Julie Bishop for ‘staring down’ both Putin and China like the Gorgon of ancient legend. She demanded the Russians disarm and leave to slaughter their insurgent allies in Ukraine and was unfazed, he said, when Putin stopped buying our meat. She also stared down the larger monsters Kerry Stokes and James Packer by letting US troops ‘rotate’ through Darwin, thus incensing China; who, however, had not yet punished us in any way, though Stokes and Packer feared they would very soon. He thus claimed being punished for our policies and not being punished for our policies were an equally good thing, and under Abbott and Bishop we were now ‘the plucky country’; though in his two thousand words he said nothing about the slaughter of Joe Hockey’s relatives in Gaza and how Bishop had batted not an eyelash in revulsion at this nor Netanyahu’s likely status as a war criminal arraigned before the Hague and refusing to go there because it was full of anti-Semites. Plucky on some things, we were craven on others, it seemed, and Hartcher warmly approved of both cross-eyed approaches by a strong, decisive woman he had come to adore.

It was terrible to see Malvolio’s great mind so seduced and indentured by the cause of this loathesome, shrinking, friendless Party even after his cousin, Chris Hartcher, the eminent Central Coast criminal, had left it in disgust.

Rupert Murdoch, a Liberal voter, decided Julie Bishop should be Prime Minister, and instructed his lashed and grovelling mind-slaves to provide this outcome by the Equinox. And so it was begun.

It was noted by some of them that the Asbestos Beauty, as she was known in the West, might inconveniently coincide with the Mr Fluffy investigation which would show a Liberal Prime Minister killed, or foreshortened, four hundred thousand Australians by unleashing mesothelioma on Canberra and Queanbeyan and some Sydney suburbs despite urgent advice he not do so, in what became known as a ‘slow Hiroshima’ of tiny particles occasioning death, after decades, in unwarned householders.

But Murdoch, a Canberra resident at the time, did not know this then, and wished not to know it now, and therefore decided Julie, who was nice to him when in New York last, should be Prime Minister eftsoons, in his lifetime, preferably, before Christmas at the latest. Even thus he advised John Howard into the Iraq War, which killed or exiled four million souls and lately enflamed a thousand-year holocaust of tribes and religions, and did not, as he predicted, bring petrol prices down.

The Last Days of Joe Hockey (2): An Exchange


From the first word ‘poor’ he tripped. So removed is he from the real world, he has forgotten, or never learnt the art, of speaking to the camera or microphone as if it was an imagined person sitting right there. Who but a fool would ever call someone poor to their face? Who would remind them of it?He is a smug dullard beyond redemption, as they all mostly are.


In 1998, Hockey went back to Bethlehem with his father, who was born there in 1927.

Here’s how Joe describes that visit, in a 2012 speech to the Islamic Council:

As you can imagine, it was an emotional journey for us both.

When he left war torn Palestine back in 1948 as a Christian educated 21 year old, he swore as he crossed the Allenby Bridge over the grand Jordan River that the land he was born in had no future for a young man.

So 50 years later as we walked amongst the refugees in Gaza and then Amman, my father sadly had his youthful anxieties confirmed. A new generation of young Arabs shared his despair that they had no hope, they had no voice, they had no freedom and so they had no future.

These words tell me Hockey is no sympathiser either with the creation of the State of Israel, which prompted his father to abandon the land of his fathers after or with Israel’s continued policies of oppression occupation and encroachment, which have robbed generations of his people’s hope voice freedom and future.

They also tell me he can never lead the nation:

- if he remains silent about the fate of his forefathers and his people, he proves the contention that he is utterly disconnected from the lives of others, regardless of the weeping moaning and lip-trembling televised performances he is wont to indulge in – therefore he is not qualified to lead a people;

- if he joins the multitudes that are not so disconnected, and gives expression to the criticism he buries in the personal travelogue he first shared only with the Islamic Council in pursuit of votes, he will receive the full frontal denigration and wrath as befell Mike Carlton and Michael Leunig when their opinions fell short of subservient devotion to the prerogatives of a foreign government whose policies they criticised – he will be made an unelectible anti-semitic pariah.

I hope Joseph Benedict’s father, Richard, reads this, and what Bob has been writing, and takes his son back to walk again amongst the refugees in Gaza and then Amman, to talk with them and to live with them a while. Who knows what may come of such contemplation among the ruins of a once proud productive and happy race?

Mark Ferrari

Two of the best politians in recent years “Funnily enough” come from both major parties. What made them good was their basic understanding of the Australian people. Both enjoyed cricket which requires patience, tactics and startegy mixed with natural ability for the game. Bob Hawke and John Howard who by the way had a long innings. Joe on the other hand funnily enough is yet to score.


Best implies good and I can’t let you have that with John Howard. I’d give you successful and lucky. He diminished our tribe greatly. He told us we were mean scared little people, when he could have said the opposite. We will be diminished for a very long time. He also gave us a very large private debt problem so his economic reputation is ill deserved. Fuck you with regard to John Howard.


It’s not only that, it is also;
The cigar. The dancing in his office to “This will be the best day of my life” on the night of the budget. The ill timed release of his book. And there’s more. This from the Liberal friendly Murdoch media.
I bet Joe will admit he didn’t think the job will be this tough.

Doug Quixote

The entire phoney edifice on which the conservatives build their house of cards is the concept of “aspirational”. That if you “poor” poor fools vote for us, we will create (eventually) conditions in which you too can become wealthy.

Reality should never be allowed to crowd in upon the aspirational, lest they wake up to the manipulation and vote for those who might, if allowed, redistribute the wealth of the nation from those who have too much to those who have too little.

Joe Hockey occasionally has attacks of truth, and says what they all know to be true. It is in a way what marks him as a human being amongst a collection of ministers, several of whom are pathological liars, several are chancers who know the truth and deliberately lie, and a few who seem to actually believe their own propaganda.

The psychopathic will often find their way to the top in politics and big business, for they have no regard for anyone else but themselves.

The political process in Australia has usually weeded out the psychopathic, since to get to the top they had to follow a career path with preselections, selection by their peers, promotions by their leaders over several years. But it seems of late that this weeding out process has failed. It may be a function of media, the 5 second grab and the like. A topic for another time, perhaps.

As for Joe Hockey, he probably won’t fall any time soon, because he is one of this Keystone Kops government’s better ministers. Frightening, is it not?


The first documented case of terminal hubris.

I shall miss him.


I apologise to both Simon and John Birmingham for suggesting each had such a scumbag brother, wrongly.

Christian Kerr, who pointed this out in Strewth today, correctly and selflessly, has not yet however challenged any one of my fourteen assertions in these last three weeks that Abbott’s is thus far the ‘worst democratic government in world history, since that system’s foundation in Iceland in AD 924′ — which means, must mean that he agrees with me.

He should clarify this with his editor Col Allen soon, as his job I would guess depends on it.

He wrongly stated also, the young fool, that my readership is dwinding. I average about 5,100 hits a day, whatever that means. This time last year it was about 1,200.

A payment of twenty thousand dollars by the end of business on Friday will absolve his tight-fisted monarch, Murdoch, from a legal-and-libel bill of five hundred thousand dollars, which might then come out of his wages.

Eighteen thousand perhaps, and a Guinness.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (22)

Two Liberal MPs found to be on the take moved, mumbling apologies, to the cross-benches thus ensuring Labor would reconquer New South Wales in March after only four years’ exile and sixteen consecutive years of power. The number of elected Liberal crooks reached six, including O’Farrell, recipient of some costly wine and/or a forged, fawning letter he could not remember writing, or drinking.

Those accepting or redeploying millions from property developers included, ICAC proffered, Brian Loughnane, husband of Credlin (Abbott’s Lady Macbeth, some thought, or else ‘Meddlin’ Credlin, Queen of the Kremlin’) and President of the Liberal Party. There is no cross-bench he can slither off to, and he may have to join the 230 listless thumb-twiddling spin-doctors Hockey, Morrison, Brandis, Pyne and Abbott now underemploy on eighty thousand dollars a day.

Who may need now to work harder. For word is out that 90 percent of all work visas are forged, and this is why the ‘boats have stopped’ apart from those containing Tamils whom Scott Morrison sent back to torture, death and inconvenience in Sri Lanka, some of whom complained to The Guardian of being ‘beaten up on arrival’. This means many hundreds of ‘illegals’ are among us, taking our jobs and women and planning, perhaps, the blowing up of our infrastructure, this having happened while S&M was on the high seas burning the boats of innocent voyagers and bullying heathen women and children whom he then tried to sell off to the Indians.

Gerard Henderson, a Liberal voter, denounced as ‘too long indulged’ not himself but Mike Carlton, whom he had a part in ruining, he boasted. He had told Damien Goodsir, the smh editor-in-chief, that Carlton had wrongly alleged Miranda Devine had group sex with NSW police and had sometimes, astonishingly, contemptibly, derided in his columns ‘religious believers who sent their children to private schools’. These harsh revelations quickly caused the sacking of both Miranda Devine and Henderson, who moved, baying boo sucks, to Murdoch, their natural home, accepting shameful, decimated wages.

Abbott described as a ‘leadership call’ what others thought policy chaos, to wit, his abrupt unexpected poleaxeing of Brandis, Bolt and Wilson and their passionate, principled view that yelling ‘wog scum’ at schoolgirls in hijabs was the Australian Way. Hailed by Michael Gordon as ‘showing signs of consensual leadership’, he immediately wrecked this by declaring all intimate emails could be read by ASIO for two years only, then changed his mind. He said they could be, but mostly wouldn’t be, and hurried, shuddering, out of the room. Leadership, cried Gordon, a Liberal voter, what leadership.

The Dutch stopped sending forensic police to seek, amid fulminous growing mortar fire, bits of MH 17 in five square miles of sunflowers. Australian police, at the Kiev Raddison bar, having not yet been told by Julie Bishop they too could go home, drank champagne vodkas on her generous tab and watched her weeping, or fighting off tears, and biting her lip, on Fox News.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (19)

Mark Kenny, a Liberal voter, found ‘hypocritical’ Triggs’s truthful claim that a hundred imprisoned children attempting frequent suicide and banging their heads on walls proved Morrison’s new lip-smacking sado-maritime policies to be ‘unacceptable to some’, including doctors, nurses and perhaps no more than ten thousand moral thinkers including churchmen. ‘She did not say this in 2008 of Rudd’s boat people policy!’ he railed, of a far-off time when no children suicided at all, or banged their heads, but some, he swore, were hourly drowning. He thus kept dark Scott Morrison’s drown-yourself policy, of training Tamils to row orange boats through pelting storms and roiling seas to rocky-shored South India by moonlight, whose unnumbered fatalities he gazed on, like Lord Nelson, with his good eye closed. For Kenny, an unflinching Murdoch man, who does not, I am reliably informed, fuck goats, sees only what he wishes to see.

Abbott’s ‘diggers’ in Ukraine fled gunfire and in the Kiev Raddison toasted in champagne their wartime courage. The cost of bringing bits of Australians back to belated crematorium obsequies rose to 300 thousand dollars a day, which monies might have funded, each month, three small theatre companies for a thousand years on the interest alone. This was on top of the quarter million spent daily searching three oceans for bits of MH 370, ‘a noble quest,’ cried Abbott, ‘with two years to go, and worth every taxpayer penny.’

Hockey’s Budget was found by Treasury to have rained down, unlike Portia’s mercy, more stormily and muddily on the just than on the unjust; the latter, it proved, could therefore, like Joe, afford winter holidays in Fiji and Cuban cigars. The poor would lose 842 dollars a year, Treasury, smirking, noted. Hockey called Treasury ‘innumerate’ and threatened a second opinion from his wife Melissa, whose great-great-great-great-grandfather Babbage invented the computer in collusion with Lord Byron’s daughter. He subsided, yelling stanzas of ‘Childe Harold’ at shrinking throngs of worried bankers, who had seen him in these moods before, and foam arrived, as always, in small specks on his lips.

Three Liberal and one National MP called the seven-dollar co-payment ‘repellent’ to ‘most Coalition voters’, and advised that it be binned, buried, cremated, and its ashes sown with salt. On the contrary, said Joe, it should be fifteen dollars, and it is the mast to which which I will be bound as my ship sinks proudly off the Horn. Some party elders murmured that he seemed over-excited of late and ‘to lack some small but telling percentage of ordinary common sense.’

Having put the Knocked-Up Millionairesses’ Bonus on ‘the back-burner’ on Saturday, Abbott on Sunday reignited it. He said it had ‘the full support of Cabinet’, including Barnaby Joyce, who said it was ‘horrible’, though it would be surely enacted, he added, shaking his battered-wombat head, in ‘whatever future decade humankind can afford it.’

Morrison, accused of ‘The Captain Bligh Option’, of putting people in a lonely lifeboat and bidding them row for India, refused to be interviewed.

The Netanyahu Dialogues: An Exchange


It’s rather disheartening to see so many inaccuracies creeping into your articles.

Allow me to offer some balance.

1. The figures of children killed come from the Gaza Health authorities and have now been independently shown to contain multiple listings of the same children. The figures are fudged. Also, you make no mention of the hundreds of Israeli children Hamas has tried to kill with the 2,600 rockets they have fired at civilian areas.

2. If the Taliban Pakistan, or anyone, fired a nuclear missile it would destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque, the 12 stations of the cross, and kill several million Arabs, Jews & Christians. Jerusalem is home to hundreds of thousands of Arabs which you suggest the Taliban are happy to kill.

3. Netanyahu’s brother was not killed by Idi Amin. He was shot by Arab terrorists who had hijacked a plane of innocent people and threatened to massacre them. Do you agree with hijacking?

4. Arafat was not poisoned, as two autopsies carried out this year have proven; unless you

5. Ban Ki-Moon has said BOTH sides may be guilty of war crimes. There is a Murdoch like bias to cite only one part of his statement.

6. Bob Carr denies any war crimes or atrocities in Sri Lanka – at odds with the governments of England, Canada and the UN Security Council. His position on what constitutes a military action has been condemned world-wide. Ask the Tamils if Carr is right and they are free and safe and face no persecution.

7. Chistopher Pyne did not “applauded murder”, he pointed out that Israel has a right to defend itself. Some people would rather Hamas succeeded in massacring millions more Jews. I am not one of them.

8. “We see now and feel now how those Germans felt who saw the Jews in hundreds going into cattle trucks and falsely said, ‘We never knew’. Precisely that kind of contemporaneous Holocaust denial is freezing the minds and stilling the mouths of Jewish Australians today. And Bibi is killing a child every hour.”

This is the most vile, amoral and libelous statement I have ever read. I presume you will be sued for this.

There is no denial of what is going on. Read any Israeli newspaper or their media and they report every military action and the death toll. They are not denying the war, they are in fact loudly and proudly showing the tunnels filled with weapons and rockets, IDF uniforms to be used to disguise suicide bombers. There is an Israeli hospital treating the wounded, including the wife of the Hamas military commander.

What you and others are doing is using the Holocaust to justify Hamas’ terrorism. I don’t know your motives for this, but if you think the deaths of 1300 people in a regional war is in anyway akin to the genocide of 6 million, then I feel sorry for you and wonder where your hatred stems from.

Perhaps you can ask the Labor leaders you worked and wrote for – Beazley, Latham, Shorten – how they justify the mass murder of Iraqi and Afghani civilians; why they support the use of drones to kill innocent people and why, when our troops kills families, we apologise and pay them a few thousand dollars?

Why did Labor support the invasion of Iraq which has left a million dead; and the invasion of Afganistan? Can anyone in the Labor movement answer this?

Bob Ellis

1. The ‘one child an hour’ figure comes from a journalist on the ground on RN this morning.

2. The Taliban Pakistan would aim at, obviously, Tel Aviv, not their own holy places.

3. Joni Netanyahu led an attack on Entebbe Airport, and members of Amin’s army killed him. He was the only casualty apart from Mrs Bloch, a passenger murdered in Entebbe hospital. I do not, and did not, agree with the hijacking.

4. Arafat was poisoned, or coincidentally encountered polonium, a radioactive essence favoured by the KGB. Mossad had previously blown up much of his headquarters, killing many of his assistants, in a year-long siege. Why would they not poison him, if they could?

5. Ban Ki-Moon deplored the deaths of civilians. A thousand Gazan civilians have died, one Israeli.

6. What has that to do with anything? Bob Carr condemns the settlements, and is a forty-year ‘Friend of Israel’.

7. If not murder, what is he applauding? The instant resurrection of four hundred dead children? It does not much matter how many Jews Hamas would like dead, any more than it matters how many Muslims Morrison believes will burn in Hell. It matters how many they kill. Thus far they are lagging behind Israel by tens of thousands, by a factor of, probably, eighty to one.

Sue me. And I will you for calling me an anti-Semite. I have, like you, twenty million Jewish ancestors and unlike you have written in praise of six hundred Jewish writers, film directors, actors, composers, thinkers and scientists.

As to the 1300 versus six million: each man, woman or child dies only once. To his family, if they survive him, this is horrible. It means a thousand descendants will not be born, grow up, go to university, marry, have grandchildren. My father was a Jew and I am involved in the Holocaust, as you. I ‘lost’ many, many Polish relatives I never knew. I lost a sister I did know and she means more to me than all of them. I think of her every day. She was a half-Jew, like me, and she outweighs all the others, as do the four little dead boys on the beach in the hearts of their two mothers. Six million others do not, in their hearts, their souls, outweigh, out-score them. How dare you keep score in this way? Keep a tab? How dare you? This is not a fucking football game. It is death upon death upon death, which Rabin bewailed.

But there is another kind of anti-Semitism, and the Arabs are Semites too. And it is this which, inch by inch, and ‘incursion’ by ‘incursion’, destroys a nation’s will to live, like the Holocaust of Stolen Children here, and the internal exile of Native Americans, after a hundred million of them were exterminated in the sixteenth and seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It is like the exile and hunting down of the Gypsies, the Armenians, the Scottish Highlanders, the dissident Irish, the Cathars.

Spare me your copyright on suffering. I, as a Semite, do not have it. Nor do you.

Labor OPPOSED the invasion of Iraq, you ignorant lying shit. I refer you to Crean’s speech at the docks: you’re off to the wrong war, but our hearts go with you.

They supported Afghanistan.

You have repeatedly libelled me, and I ask the name of your lawyer.

Fuck you.


I apologise, I have several facts wrong and you are right about these. But as to some other issues we can discuss.

1. The ALP supported the invasion of Iraq and agreed in Parliament that there were WMD. Crean said he didn’t support the invasion, but supported the troops conducting the invasion. That made no sense and he was dumped a few months later. Rudd supported both military actions and Hansard confirms this.

2. You have raised this about Arafat before. You’ll appreciate my desire for proof. Two autopsies, including by the leading French specialist, could find no evidence of poisoning.

3. Your death figures of civilians refer only to this current conflict, and not the hundreds slaughtered by suicide bombers and the five wars the Arbas launched since 1948.

4. I have never said you are an anti-semite! Where did you get that from? Please show me the lines or sentences that accuse you of this. I have NEVER accused you of this and I resent the implication. I also didn’t know you are Jewish as I did read that you said your grandmother was a convert. I apologise then as I didn’t know your Jewish family had died in the Holocaust and that you and your father are Jewish.

5. You are most right about the Armenians, native Americans, Gypsies and others. Point taken and I agree.

6. My lawyer is Capital Lawyers. Can I ask why you are going to sue me for discussing the situation in the Middle East? It seems … well, disproportionate.

Bob Ellis

You have a point. I withdraw the threat of court action, and accept your partial apology.

My grandmother Rachel Larkman was a Jew, and, after she ran away with and, as I understand it, did not marry Robert Ellis, a seedy dance-hall owner easy to imagine and was disinherited of millions, was converted to Seventh-Day Adventism, a Sabbattarian apocalyptic American religion which invented Weet-Bix and made early films on lung cancer and raised and unsettled me.

And so it goes.


You lost me after your first point: “The figures of children killed come from the Gaza Health authorities and have now been independently shown to contain multiple listings of the same children. The figures are fudged. Also, you make no mention of the hundreds of Israeli children Hamas has tried to kill with the 2,600 rockets they have fired at civilian areas”.

Hamas has ‘tried to kill’ hundreds of Israeli children and this somehow justifies the ACTUAL killing of hundreds of Palestinian children?


I smell the stink of antisemitism.

A question: What are the Israelis supposed to do about the constant bombardment of their country with Hamas missiles?

Another question: Why is Hamas using Palestinians as human shields?

Bob Ellis

Why is Israel killing the human shields?

Why kill anyone?

If a killer is hiding in Strathfield, do we bomb it flat?

If a killer is hiding in the al-Aqsa Mosque do we bomb it flat? Why not?

If Martin Bryant is hiding in Port Arthur, do we bomb it flat? Why not?

I have twenty million Jewish ancestors and admire six hundred Jewish artists, musicians and scientists and have said so in print and I need to sue you.

Please tell me your lawyer’s phone number, or apologise.

Do it now.

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (13)

Morrison called ‘surrender monkeys’ those like Sarah Hanson Young who did not want, like him, to put fifty children on Nauru for eighty or ninety years and never let them leave it — to get an education, or a job, or a spouse, or visit relatives in India. He put them in the meantime into a desert concentration camp, soon to close, and wouldn’t let them see their lawyers, and called a ‘stunt’ Hanson Young’s plan to visit them and ask how they were doing. He welcomed, however, visits from Indian bureaucrats who might now separate thirty Indian-born children from their parents and take them ‘home’ to Pondicherry to become child whores or street beggars or small businesspersons far from their grieving mothers, fathers, and elder siblings. He did not say why he had burnt their boat, and would not compensate the owners for this bizarre piratical assault on voyagers threatening no-one, anywhere.

Peter Van Onselen said India was not a signatory to the UN Convention that one does not persecute refugees and logically the High Court must now stop them going there. What we must do therefore, said PVO, is withdraw from the UN Convention. He did this on his show, and was not arrested for advocating terrorism, an oversight perhaps.

Peter Slipper, the man whose vote elected Tony Abbott, was told he might get five years for spending nine hundred dollars on cabcharges to wineries. This was nine thousand less than Abbott illegally spent on air fares to book launches of Battlelines, his manifesto, in 2009. But he paid it back in time, or rather his publisher Louise Adler did, and grew very snaky with him when he did not pay her back, so that she lost money on the book. Though Abbott, Brough, Brandis and Pyne had wrongly called Slipper a ‘workplace sexual harasser’ of a trembling thirty-four year old male, James Ashby, and could be sued by him for 350 thousand each, as could eighteen Murdoch journalists and five or six shock jocks, Slipper, grown mad and suicidal, had shown mercy on them. It was remarked that Abbott wrongly spent six hundred dollars flying to Slipper’s wedding, and paid this back too, and so avoided five years in gaol.

Murdoch’s Daily Telegraph published a morphed photo of Slipper as a ‘dirty rat’ and a Newspoll alleging Abbott was now as popular as Shorten, and his government on 46. The Morgan poll, an honest one — it rings mobiles, and redistributes Palmer as its respondents want, not as they used to — had them on 45.5.

Warfare round the MH 17 crash site caused Australian police, again, not to go there. Their presence, and Julie Bishop’s, in the area, cost a quarter of a million dollars that day. Abetz meanwhile announced that anyone under fifty who lost their jobs would not get the dole for six months, a saving of fifty thousand dollars a day. So a search for bits of the dead in an area as big as Marrickville full of bits of other dead people was more important than the misery of living breadwinners and the welfare of their children in towns that were dying, as always.

The amount spent searching for MH 370 in an area as big as Queensland hit half a billion.

His Finest Hour

The ‘strong and admirable leadership’ Abbott and Bishop have shown, according to the smh editorial, begs the question, ‘against what opposition?’ Shorten has assonantly echoed their every press release. Obama has marched in lockstep with their paranoid bellicosity. Not even Jacqui Lambie has come out in favour of killing tourists in mid-air. They each have hinted Putin should be denied the joys of Brisbane if it proves he killed thirty-seven Australians with malice aforethought and then attempted an alibi. They have threatened with Commonwealth Police a war-zone raining bodies from the air. Joint funerals of promiscuously mingled body-parts have been attended by two of our foremost generals. There have been daily Prime Ministerial statements on how the body parts are doing and how soon, in calendar months, the bereaved might see and cremate them.

But they might be overdoing it, rather. Bishop, sensing the drift of the wind, last night asserted it might be ‘days, not years’ before the corpses are reassembled and flown home and ‘reunited’, whatever that means, with sad siblings and fiancees. And Abbott has backed away from his ‘persecuting Putin’ initiative of last Friday. He knows full well he will come willy-nilly to Brisbane, and shake Tony Abbott’s hand.

And this will show, as this last week has, that nothing like ‘the adults’ are in charge; a coven of squawking Chicken Littles seems nearer the mark. Tony Abbott, the Chicken Little-in-Chief, seems unable to get a corpse in a coffin, properly labelled, within three months of its murder. In this way, the Murdochists proclaim, he has shown himself a true world statesman.

It is to be wondered, however, how long this numbering and naming of corpses, their embalming, refabricating and searching for clues, and their scores of separate onerous funerals will stay interesting. The thirty-seven children whom Scott Morrison has lately driven mad may more intrigue the television audience hereafter. The living have a future, the dead, it has proved, a more limited one. Abbott’s obsession with the latter, after spending half a billion dollars on a passionate search through several oceans for MH 370, may with his morbid picking over of the broken bits of this latest ill-lost Boeing win fewer friends than he is counting on.

I may be wrong about this. The western suburbs mày hail him as a Churchill, come to judgment.

And we will see what we shall see.

MH17: An Exchange


It might turn out that the real meaning of ‘Called to account’ will constitute a similar consequence to the compensation paid by the Ukraine government to the families of 78 victims in the 2004 accidental downing of the Siberian Airlines flight by a Ukraine military missile over the Black Sea a fair distance from Ukrainian territory (airplane was closer to Turkey during peacetime.)

Also this meaning of “called to account” eventuated, after an indecently long delay, when America paid “ex gratia” funds to victims’ families for the USS Vincennes’ 1988 accidental downing of an Iranian Airbus. Despite attempts by Pres. Reagan to claim it was an act of self-defence, the 290 deaths were finally compensated for during Clinton’s presidency. Reading the Wikipedia summary, one is struck by how closely the current Machiavellian American and the current Murdochian Australian responses to the Malaysian Airlines tragedy is a grim echo of the USA’s over a quarter century ago:

“The Vincennes had entered Iranian territorial waters after one of its helicopters drew warning fire from Iranian speedboats operating within Iranian territorial limits, after the helicopter violated the Rules of Engagement by getting too close to the speedboats. The United States officially claimed that the Vincennes was acting in self-defense in international waters at the time of the incident; subsequent disclosures would show that the Vincennes had entered Iranian waters and then initiated a skirmish with the Iranian coastal patrol vessels which had posed no threat to it.”

“…….the airliner was making IFF squawks in Mode III (not Mode II used by Iranian military planes), a signal that identified it as a civilian craft, and operators of Vincennes mistook for Mode II. According to the United States Government, the crew incorrectly identified the Iranian Airbus A300 as an attacking F-14A Tomcat fighter, a plane made in the United States and operated at that time by only two forces worldwide, the United States Navy and the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force. The Iranian F-14s had been supplied by manufacturer Grumman in an air-to-air configuration only and had no known anti-ship capabilities.”

To quote Mark Twain yet again, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”

Hugh Weiss

The day after the USS Vincennes’ downed the Iranian Airbus, Hem I was scrambling on to the then once weekly flight from BKK to Hanoi. The plane was an aged Tupolev TU34b still sporting the glass nose from its previous life as a Soviet maritime reconnaissance / bomber. In those days Hang Kong Vietnam didn’t allocate seats, so it was the quick & the dead. If you didn’t get one, wait until next week & run faster.

In the scrambled I ended up grabbing a seat beside a round faced bloke with an afro & a little pencil moustache. As I sat down, two big blokes in the seats behind jumped up to grab me but my new mate signalled them to sit back. My seat companion was apparently a VIP who’d been been boarded earlier. We started chatting about the news & story on the front page of the BKK Nation. Seemed a pretty decent, well educated, rational bloke. No political rhetoric or dogma.

As it happened John Button was leading the first trade mission to Vietnam & we all ended up in the Foreign Ministry guesthouse. Down in the foyer just before dinner, I was talking to a couple of Aussie when my flight mate & his entourage came down the steps & he came over for a chat. After a few minutes A convoy of bloody great Russian stretched limos turned up, one with a Libyan flag on its pole.

My little mate turned out to be the Libyan Defence Minister, in Vietnam to acquire a couple more plane loads of air defence weapons one of my Vietnamese contacts reported later. If you’ve worked out the timing, Hem, that’s about 18 months after Reagan sent the F-111s in to bombed Gaddafi’s palace after deciding he was behind that nightclub bombing in West Berlin.

These recurrent ‘incidents’ which end up being the basis for political hairy chestedness, accusation & counter accusation, followed by acts of knee-jerk retribution have a long history. The Yanks & Poms always claim to have definitive evidence. History usually ends up telling another story.

At least on this occasion, the US seems to be agreeing MH17 was an accidental shoot down & they’re indicating there was a basis for the error. That tells you a lot about how much the global power balance has changed since Iraq & the GFC. I get the feeling the last remaining war mongers are TAbbott & McCain.


I keep thinking about what a little old Ukrainian woman said to a sniffing reporter, after a corpse fell through her roof and landed in her lounge room.

“It was the day it began raining humans.” she was reported to have said.

Flat endless fields of sunflowers waving in the summer sky and above, quite suddenly, it began raining humans.

Richelieu II

A brilliant summation of Abbott’s and Liberals use of this event for their own propaganda and polling means. The ABC has run this propaganda line for the government for the past 7 days, yet the Liberals will still accuse of it left wing bias and call for its privatization. Good luck ABC it doesn’t matter what you do the Liberals will try to destroy you.


Sick making…


And now the Governor General Sir Peter is flying halfway around the world to greet a plane (hasnt it already arrived?) transporting the body remains to the morgue in Amsterdam.

At what stage does Abbott’s hunger for personal kudos and political shamanism become ghoulish abuse of his own people?

Will there be a funeral parade in each capital city, 21 gun salutes and Mayoral speeches, with special appearances of the weeping Abbettes wearing white with “It might have been me” in red across their not bad looking breasts.

Do these innocent people and their families deserve the added injury of being dragooned into the political service of a sinking politician’s final moments on stage? The line between dignity and respect on the one side, and pomp and pastiche on the other is not so fine that Abbott can get away with this sham.

Shame on him, and shame on his pitiless breed.

A12 yr old vision impaired girl wrote to him to plead that the $175k grant to paralymic sports be reinstated after Hockey cut it, got this response:

“”I congratulate you on taking an interest in your system of government,

“We are a great country and a great people. One day it will be the responsibility of you and your generation to lead our country.”

I guess he was busy rehearsing his grief, while the inner politician was whispering ‘i love the smell of napalm in the morning’

The Three Worst Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (8)

Abbott was shown to have colluded with Murdoch, but hidden from his party, his catastrophic Millionairesses’ Pregnancy Bonus before he announced it without consulting them. ‘Sometimes it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission,’ he chuckled pleasantly at the time. Its consequence, the likely destruction of his party and the axe murder of Joe’s Budget and career, he judged a small price to pay for his whimsy. It was approved after all by Credlin, who was keeping her eggs in his fridge, and that was enough for him. It would cost his party eighty seats, but hey ho, shit happens.

A report said all the children on Christmas Island were now mentally ill, and many mothers on suicide watch, in part because their babies had no floor space to crawl on. The children had been made mad by having no schooling whatever, and nothing to do. Widely called ‘child abuse’, these conditions were commanded by Morrison, our nation’s Child Abuser-in-Chief.

He was in India, where government officials responded with shock and loathing to his proposition that they take back from him the Tamils he had kidnapped on the high seas, and pay for their upbringing, care and old age. Morrison, amazed that he no longer has anyone to sell slaves to, may have to commit some sort of hari-kiri before the victims of his piracy arrive, acclaimed, in the High Court to testify against him.

Abbott meantime swore that he would leave no stone unturned until every sacred fingerbone of the Australian dead had been brought home for cremation. Two further planes were shot down over the crime scene, adding further dead to it, while his people dug up a field as big as Bathurst for vital clues, and Angus Houston earned five thousand dollars awaiting for two hours with sombre dignity whatever Australians had been thus far exhumed, though thirty were still missing.

It is not yet known what Abbott will do if any of his ‘diggers’ are killed by neighbouring gunfire. Declare war perhaps, on some country that is hopefully smaller than Russia.

MH 17: An Exchange

Klondike Rob

I am sure others* have picked up on some curious inconsistencies over the past few days in how the MH17 crash site story is being reported when one considers, without bias, what one can observe from afar.(*Some of the very observant folk who comment on this blog.)


1. Within a day or so of the crash, an operation is underway to locate and mark human remains with white flags on sticks. Commentary says much of this being done by volunteer off duty coal miners. It may be a crudely executed operation, but it looks to be both systematic and organised. And humanitarian. Few resources at hand. But something is happening. Who planned and ordered this? Who called out the miners?

2. The body hunt is followed, logically, a day or two later with a systematic, if clumsy, collection of human remains in plastic bags. Who organised this? Who provided the body bags? It looks – visually on TV – to be a combination of uniformed emergency workers, miners and civilian volunteers. Who recruited them? Did the local CWA provide lunch? No, that’s not a daft question – this is a large scale drafting of people in a war zone for a very unpleasant task. It doesn’t just happen. Willing people – caring people – need to be brought together.

3. The body bags seemingly immediately find their way to a waiting train of refrigerated vans. The bags are counted – presumably an inventory prepared – and loaded into the vans. Who provided this train and ensured its safe arrival and standing at the station? Can you imagine doing something like this in Australia – the bureaucracy, finding the rolling stock, etc etc? It doesn’t just happen.

Do you see what I am suggesting – a three tiered organised search, recovery and safe repository of the remains of several hundred people put together in a war zone by …. whom?

Don’t look to our media for an immediate answer. All of this happened while they were bleating on about … what?

Politicians, journalists, bureaucrats, et al. Blind as bloody bats, the lot of you.

There is another level to the events of the past few days we are not being told about. No conspiracy here, just mass incompetence of journalists and the usual self serving of politicians.


KR, we also forget that they are pretty poor over there…

Helping ,not accusing works better always.

Klondike Rob


Would it not be a very nice, and a try Australian, gesture if our Prime Minister, or our foreign Minister, said, “We don’t know who organised the search, recovery and safe care of the remains of our fellow Australians, but we would like to say, “Thank you”. We know it would have been done with few resources, perhaps with little prior experience, and it was undertaken in an unsafe war zone in the face of an angry world, but that makes what was done all that much more appreciated. Thank you to all those who did this and arranged for it to be done. We don’t fully understand how it happened, but it happened. Thank you.”

But, you and I know Tony and Julie won’t say anything like this.” Nor will Bill Shorten or any of our so-called leaders. No, this is an opportunity for political advantage taking and world stage strutting.


Thanks for your post that has exceptional cogency and common sense.

The pathetic excuse for analysis we are getting from the so-called professional journalists is life imitating art – specifically, the brilliant Australian TV satire of current affairs programs, “Frontline” (1994-1997), with Rob Stitch playing the presenter and character, Mike Moore. An episode in which he reports from PNG for a week is the most apposite of all, but one of the sharpest was titled “Heroes and Villains”. That’s what the MSM wants and is going to create come Hades or high water. Our PM is the Aussie Winston Churchill and and Putin is another Stalin.

Alas, after copping a half-dozen variations of Mike on commercial channels and ABC, I just can’t stand to watch anymore and now sticking to Table Talk and a couple USA progressive blogs.

The Murdoch/Rinehart, ABC Copycatters have already set in concrete the Hero/Villain paradigm for this tragedy, and within a month we’ll see the polling (bogus or not, doesn’t matter) which saves Tony’s bacon and in two years sweeps him through a triumphant re-election campaign.

Poor fellow, our country.

Florence nee Fedup

I wonder with all this talk of tainted evidence, are some trying to discredit the evidence that might emerge.

We know the bodies where falling from that plane long before it hit the ground. One came through the roof of a near house.

No one has said what Putin has to gain, from this plane falling from the sky.

Florence nee Fedup

I always like a cool head, in any time of crisis. The cool head is more likely to get it right.

I have the feeling, that while Abbott is ranting and raving, Malaysia have been talking to the people that count, the so called Separatists.


Yes, the Malaysians seem to have their heads together this time around. They are keeping clear of Abbott and Bishop, I see.

You’re right! cool heads are far preferable. Am not seeing Abbott nor Bishop as being cool headed. They’re a worry.

Bodies falling from the sky, with debris spread over 12 km, is horrific.

It’s getting to the truth of it all, which is going to be the problem.


As can be seen by the Unanimous UNSC Resolution, just this once it appears Tony Abbott is on the side of the angels & so you need to pull your head in Mr Ellis, pronto. Nobody knows how to do bloodless internal coups (& counter-coups)like The Australian Labor Party. With any luck Dimtri Medvedev will follow Julia Gillard’s lead & swiftly destroy Vladimir Putin. Or that’s what I’m hoping, praying, twittering & wishing for anyway. But as you say ‘we shall see what we shall see’ won’t we? Regards, ~IMC..:)



Of course they should stop all domestic and cargo flights over war zones, or places of unrest where lots of war equipment is being used.

However with the antics of Abbott and Bishop, it is pretty obvious the neocons are baying for WW3. With these, more fear = more control.

Peter X

You are right Heather about the neocons, “We must have that war with Oceania (or is it Eurasia?) soon”.

Peter X

Abbott’s obsession with dead bodies and little respect for the living suggests he has missed his calling and should have been an undertaker. He actually looks like one. My apologies to any undertakers reading this for reinforcing a stereotype.

Today’s Nielsen

One shouldn’t be ungrateful I know but today’s Age/Nielsen Poll, with Labor on 54 two party preferred, understates its actual support by 3 or 4 percent.

This is because of an extinct technology, landlines, which no-one under thirty much uses, being rung on those nights, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, when few people under fifty are at home, and the redistributing of Palmer preferences, which used to go to the Liberals, and now go mostly to Labor, as if they still went to the Liberals.

This brings Labor up to 57 or 58, where Morgan mostly has it, Morgan which rings mobiles, a good thing to do, and asks people what their preferences actually are. And it means the Liberals lose fifty seats to Labor or PUP or the Greens, and, to judge by recent polling in Pyne’s electorate, Abbott’s, Pyne’s, Hockey’s and Morrison’s too.

This is if the voting isn’t like that in Stafford on Saturday, two days ago, which if duplicated federally would mean the Coalition loses eighty-seven seats and keeps three.

It is wrong for Nielsen to not ring mobiles, and to follow the creepy, fraudulent, unconvicted global criminal Murdoch in misallocating preferences.

I beseech them to follow their honest intentions, and tell it like it is.