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In the meantime:

From Anne Brooksbank:

Black Inc. publishers had thought, after his death, of commissioning a biography of Bob, but they quickly decided that he could write it better than anyone else. So they commissioned me to put together a book entitled Bob Ellis: In His Own Words from Bob’s books and other writings. It is almost finished and will be available at the end of September.

Some of the likely cover lines are:

This is the memoir that Ellis – although neither he nor anyone else knew it – had been writing all along.
– Eric Jensen, Black Inc

The belief in a grand narrative, buttressed by the old-fashioned virtues of social democracy, clothed in a prose an angel would envy, characterised the life, art and politics of Robert James ‘Bob’ Ellis. His imprint on our film culture, theatre and in political commentary was huge and his passing has created an absence that will be hard to fill.
– Michael Cooke, Overland

Bob Ellis is not merely the finest prose writer Australia has produced, he is probably the finest three or four of them.
– Guy Rundle, Crikey.com