Abbott Observed

I know Abbott quite well and it occurs to me what a conversational coward he is. He hasn’t yet rung even one of the bereaved, and there are about a thousand of them. He hasn’t been, and he’ll never go, to the crash site. He hasn’t been to the United Nations. He didn’t ring Putin for three days, it didn’t occur to him that he ought to. And when he got through to him, he had I suspect a grovelling conversation with him, as he used to with me, ‘Australia’s finest writer,’ he told me often enough. ‘After the crime, the cover-up,’ he said a few minutes ago. He said, I will bet a thousand dollar lunch at Macchiavelli’s, no such thing to Putin.

It’s a fair question what reality he’s in. He doesn’t imagine that Putin could sue him, which he can. He doesn’t remember that you don’t prejudge a case not yet before a jury. He’s a lawyer and he doesn’t remember this. He said what has happened was a ‘crime’, but not a ‘war crime’, not wanting to upset Putin too much. He’ll have to shake his hand in September after all, whatever comes of this.

He’s trying to cast as an ongoing uncertain emergency what is hereafter mere procedure. The Black Box will show if another plane was nearby. The names of the suspect gunners will soon be known. The ‘contamination’ of the ‘crime scene’ is bullshit. Nothing on the ground will alter the Black Box evidence or the certain verdict of misadventure in wartime. The theft of wallets and passports is routine on any battlefield in any neighbourhood of impoverished peasantry in Europe.

Yet he behaves like JFK in Thirteen Days: sexy, decisive, wise, world-altering. A narcissistic magnification of his role in millennial history, some would say. A prematurely ejaculated wet dream, no more, of the kind that he had as a trainee priest, as he meekly reveals in his book.

It was a luckless accident, that’s all, which happened to people put in harm’s way by corporate arseholes wanting to save, oh, thirty dollars’ worth of kerosene and reduce, it turns out, the distance flown between Amsterdam and KL by three kilometers.

And yet he witters on, convincingly perhaps, about the enormity of an event that rivals, probably, the Marysville fires or the Granville train crash but is not a signicant world calamity.

Asked if it was a war crime, he dodged around it, knowing he would have to finger Putin, who buys a lot of our meat, if he said yes at a subsequent press conference. Asked if it was a terrorist act, he fudged it, knowing that if he thus called Russia a terrorist state he would have to call Israel one too by the end of the week when their toll of dead children topped a hundred. And that would never do.

What a shifty, sneaky, unlikeable, cowardly, cuckolded moral midget he seems entirely.

I’m so sorry now that I thought for so long I liked him.

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    • Great link, Chris – and you probably heard it first here!

    • I recall that article and it would explain their behaviour. Even when concrete evidence is presented for them, they ignore it in favour of some twisted ideology.

    • And Glow Worm is right – their psychopathy has been discussed at length in detail here but Lyn Bender’s thorough treatment of the diagnosis is impressive and persuasive.

      This apeman is totally out of touch with reality – I see it every time he appears on the screen. He has not the least clue how clumsy,pretentious amateurish, unconvincing, insincere and infantile he comes accross.

      Out of touch with the reality of the people – in a world of his own – alienated.

      • I think Chris (the other one) put that link here few days ago.

        I follow Independent Australia blog, and find it very good, and not only because Bob is also contributing there.

  1. Australian beef exports to Russia slowed throughout 2012, with exports down 41% on 2011; and ABARE forecasted a further 15% decline before this airplane was accidently felled by an immature drunken 22 year old and the passengers belongings looted as per normal.

    The total in beef sales is $175 million, making Russia one of the smaller and more insignificant markets in Europe.

  2. What a wonderful world it would be

  3. What does this buffoon seriously think will be achieved by a ‘security force’ (incl, Australians, of course) being posted to secure the investigation site by NOW?? There is little that can be possibly revealed by the site, in any case – or am I wrong?.. Surely the evidence from the Black Boxes, corroborated with what data seems to be emerging from the Russian military (concerning corollary flights by Ukrainian airforce aircraft), is all that will be required to establish -as far as credible- what actually occurred? No, the Abbott tactic is one purely centred upon militarizing the ordeal/event to his greatest political gain: the pretense of power and statesmanship. Truth at the mercy of expedience.

  4. As for not ringing any of the bereaved, I heard him on the ABC yesterday weaseling out of it by saying “there are some who probably dont want to hear from me directly but they need to know that their prime minister is here for them” or words to that effect.

    • …grieving people are happy to get some kindness and comfort ,from strangers, even from Abbott…some excuse for not doing it promptly, shows the man up :twisted:

      • I agree Helvi. Where there have been disasters in America, it is usually reported that the President has contacted the victims’ families very early on in the piece. Abbott can’t deal with these types of conversations because he has no empathy.

      • I think he realised that if he’d hopped on the phone quite a few would have told him to get fucked.

        • Sorry, didn’t realise that there’s no swear protection on here. Please retract ‘fucked’ and replace it with ‘bitten by the fleas of one thousand camels’

  5. I have just seen the ‘ceremony’ of the signing of the condolence book in the Great Hall of Parliament House.
    Mistress of Ceremonies Bronwyn Bishop and attended by Cosgrove and Abbott and the majority of Liberal members.
    Embarrassing ‘production’ for what should have been a a quiet time of reflection.
    No class, no style – just another photo opportunity.
    Abbott and his minions cannot project or achieve sincerity in anything they do.

    • …just milking this tragic disaster to their own benefit; shame on you Abbott and Co..

    • This is one of the traits of the sociopath or psychopath. They do not feel compassion, but they do know how to fake it. The same fake compassion is shown by the Libs in their “stop the boats” campaign, in which they claimed their objective was to prevent deaths at sea, but which any intelligent observer could see was racist and xenophobic dog-whistling. The more I study these psychopaths, the more I am convinced it is due to frontal lobe damage.

      • If only it was so easy to treat.

        I wonder if Tabbott would agree to a lobotomy?

        Might not work, but hey, worth a try.


        • In many ways the symptoms of psychopathy (narcissistic personality disorder) resemble those of Korsakoff’s Syndrome (alcoholic dementia), which has the same frontal lobe damage, but caused by alcohol. This is treatable to a small extent by thiamine injections. But sociopathy itself is not treatable, and being the root of most criminal behaviour, can only be responded to with legal sanctions.

      • Silkworm, the frontal lobe gets drained of blood when a person has too much hype happening with fight and survival mechanisms in place. Psychopathic types are probably fixated this way. Thus their vampirish manners. ie. after blood.

        Kinesiologists talk about this with example of intellectuals firing up during debates. They will often pinch their noses between their eyes, to get the brain functioning better. Tapping above on the centre of the forehead will cause the blood to rush back in to the drained frontal lobe.

        You could almost call psychopaths brain dead.
        I think ego dominance ruling factor has a lot to do with it.

        Surveys done of psychopathic types say there are a high percentage in politics. So who are, or were, the non-psychopathic type of pollies? Libs??

  6. All of Labor’s Prime Ministers have been legacy leaders. We can easily remember and see the positive marks they have made on this country especially social arrangements that really help people.
    As much as these LNP clowns like to think that they will be there forever because they believe they are the party that is born to rule, we know one thing absolutely for certain – as is death, one day they will not be there. What will be Abbott’s legacy? Will he have one at all or will his period in government be like a stomach cramp that is finally relieved by a smelly fart. Will his legacy be just a stink that is blown away by the winds of history.

  7. Nigel Stanley

    Your opinion of Mr. Abbott seems to be unnecessarily elevated.

  8. “he hasn’t yet rung even one of the bereaved”? That’s a baldfaced LIE Bob. Or are you claiming the son of two of the victims from Sunbury was lying when he said on TripleM on Monday morning that Abbott called him?

    “He didn’t ring Putin for three days”. You were claiming that he wasn’t put through. Now you say he didn’t call. What’s your story of convenience going to be tomorrow?

    • Well when did Abbott call them then Mark? He admitted on Insiders on Sunday, days after the event, that he had not yet contacted any of the victims’ families. I was gobsmacked and I suspect a lot of other people were too, to discover that he had not spoken to one family member of the victims.

      No doubt Peta, realising how badly his admission played, instructed him to get on the blower asap.

      • Obviously he called on the weekend didn’t he, if the son was on the radio at 7am Monday?

        Which, I point out, is at least 36 hours before Bob decided to claim Abbott hadn’t called anyone.

        Exactly what is your point?

        • My point is that Abbott himself said on Insiders – which is on Sunday morning – that he had not yet contacted any families. He must have got on the phone quick smart after Insiders.

          • So what? Answer me this…at the time Bob made the claim that Abbott had not called anyone, was the statement true or false?

            How is it even remotely relevant that Abbott had not called anyone more than two days before Bob lied?

  9. there is no sentiment in business.yet that doctrine is at the heart of the corporated capitalist we are opened for busniss crows the murdoch minion.ask not what your country can for you;ask what you can do for your country.j.f.kennedy there are the words of totaliterianism pure what is hope in a dumb down populace

  10. And how absolutely disingenuous are you to think that he should have been to the crash site by now. Have you totally ignored the fact that the rebels have controlled it? What an utterly pathetic argument from you.

    By the way – how cowardly do you consider the prime ministers and presidents of the Ukraine and Holland to be? They haven’t been there either. How about the Malaysian PM? Why haven’t you condemned him for not going?

    Disingenuous, pathetic and totally lacking any sort of reflection of reality sums up this post of yours. I’m just surprised you didn’t call for the GG to order him shipped off the Hague for some trumped up crime like you usually do.

    • The European leaders were not saying there was ‘evidence-tampering on an industrial scale’. To have said that, he needed to have gone there and checked it out.

      How did he know?

      How did he KNOW?

      • Because that’s what the reporters on the scene were sending back maybe, along with the video of looting and destruction of the scene?

        Even if he didn’t KNOW for certain – and you’d have to be totally delusional to think that what the video showed is not evidence being destroyed – it’s still a far less insane claim than that it could have been a bomber in explosive underpants that was responsible, isn’t it Bob?

      • Another point…if that’s the standard of proof you want applied, I presume you won’t be accusing Morrison of being a child abuser any more? After all, you haven’t been to Manus Island or on any Navy ships so “How do you KNOW?”

        • Well, the facts are there in the number of days these kids have been unseen, unheard, away from their fathers, unable to call their grandparents and in a windowless room Red Cross can’t visit.

          What Abbott calls ‘evidence tampering on an industrial scale’ others might call cleaning up, or putting bits of bodies in a bag and then a fridge.

          It is a value judgment. If there was evidence tampering it would be much, much more organized.

          Wouldn’t it.

          • It is a value judgement. And every expert in the field says that evidence is being destroyed.

            You know more than air crash investigators about whether evidence was destroyed do you Bob?

  11. Channel 7 News just announced their results of a ‘snap’ Reachtel poll from last night (landlines, I presume?) which showed Abbott only gaining a 51% positive response, in terms of how well he has handled the affair, and 30-somthing% negative; so if the compliant bidding of Ch.7 & co cannot raise Abbott firmly over the line, with the last few days of primetime chest-beating and “enemy”-berating, I’m not sure what will…

    • I was polled mercilessly in the run-up to the last election, me being one of those old farts that still has a land line so I can mag on with my mates for hours for the price of a local call.

      Since the election, I have not been polled once. (And I have NEVER been polled on my mobile)

  12. Off topic, but here is another Lib pollie who lacks any empathy. Bernie Finn, Liberal upper house member for the Western Metropolitan Region, told the Werribee, Hopper Crossing and Point Cook Star that rape was not an acceptable circumstance to justify abortion.

    “In this day and age, no, I don’t think there is any acceptable reason for having an abortion,” Finn said.

    “In years gone by when they needed to kill the baby to save the mother then it might have been acceptable, but in today’s world I think that’s a very 1950s argument.”

    Finn said he thought “many rapists and particularly paedophiles use abortion as a defence, they use it as a way to destroy the evidence”.

    So children conceived as the result of a rape are ‘evidence’ are they? DNA-tested and presented in court as evidence of the perpetrator’s crime? What fucking rock do these insects live under?

  13. “I thought for so long I liked him”.

    Shit happens Bob.

  14. Abbott sounds like a compete clod. Even in this territory where he could be expected to have some confidence he must uhm and ahh. You can hear the wheels spinning in his head as he tries to make a statesman of himself. now he has dubbed it “operation bring them home and has that faithfully lackey Huston to bring a military demeanor. Militarising everything. Truly pathetic.

  15. Observations of a well known statesman.

    Tall skinny some would say emaciated. Walks like he has either a very large turnip lodge in his arse or, one leg is shorter than the other. He seems to favour his right, possibly a club foot ta boot.

    His facial features are not that remarkable, however, it looks like his mother may have dropped him on his face as a child from a great height. Probably from bedroom window of the second story terraced house he was born in.

    One of his more prominent idiosyncrasies, is the way his tongue flashes in and out of his mouth. It is quite viper like. Indeed, the cause may have been his mother feeding him on the floor with the other family pets. His siblings.

    To describe the mans hair would take a lot more space than available here, suffice to say, it looks like he has accidently fallen head first into the anus of an elephant, with a bad case of diarrhoea. Then washed it out in the river Ganges.

    The mans ears are a wonder in themselves. When the Doctor pronounced the arrival of this gentleman into the world he said.

    ” Congratulations you have just given birth to a nice pair of hairy ears, wait a minute Mrs Abbott, there is something attached to them.”

    The man speaks a strange language, I have never heard it in an English speaking country before. How he communicates with his colleagues is a wonder.

    He must have a syntax that I have not come into contact with before it must be a bit like Chinese, two words can be spelt the same with a different inflection. An example is Err! and Ah! he can do a whole media conference with just those two words alone. Incredible.

    Ah yes, I wouldn’t be dead for quids.

  16. “I’m so sorry now that I thought for so long I liked (Tony Abbott). What a shifty, sneaky, unlikeable, cowardly, cuckolded moral midget (Tony Abbott) seems entirely.”

    Abbott is a first class R-soul.

    Its no longer news that R-souls are like opinions. Just because everybody has an opinion about this thread “ABBOTT OBSERVED” doesnt mean that they are all equal.

    Since the saboteurs and circling R-soul troll patrol have chosen to start a new thread that observes not Abbott but the author and their TT host then its appropriate to start a thread observing the skid marks they leave behind the screwed bulls.

    I observe Tony Abbott for myself and I come to my own conclusions and I don’t try to insist that my observations are right or superior and other people’s observations wrong and inferior.

    Difficult time reveal the character of people in public life and in this difficult situation the clumsy and pretentious infantile amateur Tony Abbott has demonstrated that his character is best characterized as a shamelful lack of character.

    The creature appointed by Emperor Rupert is a spiritual larvae and an intellectual cripple.

    Never before have a witnessed such a deplorble public banality not such an embarassing shrinkage and collapse.

    What an utter failure to measure up to even the minimal human standards of what a leader should be.

    Abbott is observed and the volume of the vomit has broken all records.


  17. Bravo, Ellis.

    This, dear reader is a calm, calculated assessment of these events; parody and satire aside for once in this series.

    It does not reflect well upon our Prime Minister.

  18. “What an utter failure to measure up to even the minimal human standards of what a leader should be.

    Abbott is observed and the volume of the vomit has broken all records.”


    To be serious for two minutes. This excuse for a human being yes, can probably still hurt us. His Get Smart wanna be’s would know the name and address of every one who comments here. We are filed for posterity. His two school faggots that get on here would be compiling every fucking syllable.

    Just take my word for it, I know.

    I hate the fucker because he has put the hurt on people who least need hurting. The kids, the pensioners, the returned serviceman, the sick and other poor destitute. Then having the unmitigated gall to tell the poor, we are doing it for you. A richer more productive Australia.

    A Christian? Don’t make me fucking laugh.

    • That: “faggots compiling every fucking syllable-filed for posterity” is how it must be and yet we continue to express our freedom to speak

      It’s wise to remain fully aware of the risks and the retribution that may yet come.

      Every word we speak ends up in Bluffdale so what the faggots miss is there to be reviewed whenever it seems useful.

      Perhaps the fascists will be neutralized before they can use it against us.

      The universal law of compensation may just compensate.

    • Yes, I suppose we should feel ‘fingered’, in this post-Snowden world. Tim Berners-Lee took pics of his kids down very soon after the effective launching of the nascent internet. He’d already sussed the nature of its probable course and vulnerability. But without it, we’d be robbed of being able to vent in this way.
      As for being a Christian, and the supposed beneficence/kindliness… yes, some are, but some are like TA and Morrison. The latter have the numbers, I suspect.

  19. The only “Black Box” of any great mystery here lies between those two enormous ears and within that College Boxing Concussed Skull of our PM.

    He seems to just be yet another mediocre north shore boy who bullshits his way through office meetings, cutting and pasting flashes of conventional wisdom that he’s heard elsewhere, and occasionally even fucking that up. In this respect he and Hockey are just made for each other.

    Although Joe’s tan smacks of a leadership spill in the offing.

  20. ‘A luckless accident’. First and foremost. Not a ‘crime’. Humans, and groups of humans, are quite bad at risk assessment. Returning, sleepless, from Heathrow in November last year, I remember looking at the slug-slow progress across the seat-back screen as we crossed northern Aghanistan. Hmmm.. I wonder how safe this really is? We kinda know now, though, as mentioned, this is not the first such incident.

  21. “It’s wise to remain fully aware of the risks and the retribution that may yet come.”

    Indeed Mal indeed. As I move into dotage my fear of the unknown lessons. I do not believe in God or any here after, so running into people like Bush, Thatcher, Howard, Abbott is not likely.

    I fear for my children, I know what depths these fuckers will go to, We have lost many people because of the lies and the avarice of these cock sucking bastards. Btw. I’m not homo phobic. I would give any cunt calling me that to my face, a black eye. A limited education gives a limited choice of words with the best effect.

    Anyone who does not know the historical record of these bastards is a damn fool.

    Although diminishing, when I read the comments here by other people who care about other people my faith is restored.

  22. Perhaps the reason Abbott ums and ahhs so much in public is that out of the public spotlight he is saying effing this and effing that all the time and has trouble making he switch.

    • Or possibly,

      ‘OO! Ah! oOh! Yes! That’s it! Don’t stop! …. Yeah. Of course I’ll still luv ya after ……’ Kisses the mirror & heads out on his bike.

      It’s the saddle sores.

  23. Its Operation Politicization Of a Tragic Event To Improve Our Dismal Polling Numbers So Lets Use This As Our Falkland Islands moment.

  24. Mad Militarist JOhn McCain said in Washington today that the downing of the aircraft offered a chance to to strengthen the sanctions on Russia and bring its’ economy down..and that as he said”is just for starters”
    Following that he urges a major US military buildup in the Ukraine to confront Putin on the border…..
    The American Conservative brands that at a dangerous mad act threating a terrible coflict and says….

    .”.dont let the Hawks hi-jack M17 ”

  25. Abbott and J Bishop are those members of the family that, (intelligent person’s excluded), we never knew were embarrassing until they were revealed to the world. Popularity can only plummet from here.

  26. Mary Alderson

    :roll: I cannot understand what you ever liked about Abbott.

    • He gave a good imitation of boyish charm, exuded a con-man’s chutzpah and appeared to have some socially acceptable ideas. Whilst seeking supporters, that is.

  27. Abbott etc. are all over the place with regards to memorial services. I notice the Dutch are having Day of Mourning when the bodies arrive back.

    How many death commemorations do that need to have here in Australia? It seems to be totally over the top.

    My stepson had one funeral and cremation out west in Sydney. Then they had another big do where they scattered the ashes in a river near his childhood home, with flowers. Someone noticed the flowers started turning back ie. not going out with the tide. Within 2 weeks his older brother was drowned in a boating accident.

    Too many death memorials could equal more deaths.

  28. And you think you have troubles, we have the real leader of the “Liberal” party in Tasmania, namely Eric the Terrible who little boy Hodgman tried to get rid of but later has succumbed to Otto’s Nephew and his neo fascist agenda.

  29. Trouble with Abbott, is that he keeps on working the lower levels of humankind. Everyone seems to fall in to traps with some people.
    They are pretty difficult to deal with. One has to get used to saying goodbye.

    Intriguing to watch this documentary on Edward Bernays, the cousin of Sigmund Freud. One can see that this guy has taken Freud’s research, and promoted working the low level stuff since the 20s.

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