The Worst Three Things The Liberals Did Yesterday (5)

They persuaded Fran Kelly not to mention Stafford, where the swing to Labor if duplicated federally would lose the Coalition 87 seats, and to encourage Abbott to say how angry he was that Putin had shot down 38 Australians deliberately and personally.

Abbott rang Putin, presumably to tell him he was under arrest if he came to Brisbane and would be ‘brought to justice’ and was not put through. He then foolishly told his nation he was not put through, thus shrivelling even further his international stature, if any, and railed instead at the Russian Minister for Trade who was in the vicinity.

Julie Bishop rang her Russian opposite number and was not put through either, revealed this to a shocked applauding continent and flew, maintaining her rage, not to the ‘crime scene’ in Ukraine but to a plush office in New York where she drank champagne and yelled that the Russkies were not co-operating, and not returning her calls. This was a little after the Russian-backed Ukraine rebels revealed they were indeed co-operating and, correctly, refrigerating 198 corpses and awaiting the UN inspectors to whom they would give, if asked, the Black Box. Abbott meanwhile went to St Mary’s Cathedral to mourn the 36 Australian dead, none of whom were Catholics, in a town, Sydney, where none of them lived, and thus avoided addressing in Melbourne the AIDS Conference, many of whom were Sapphic atheists and would burn, he believed, like his sister, a billion years in Hell, and, worse, might ask him why he was cancelling AIDS research everywhere in Australia at a moment when, this weekend in St Vincents’ , it seemed near curing HIV.

Campbell Newman said the 20 percent swing against him, which if duplicated in March would lose him 48 seats including his own and leave his successor with only 15, had occurred because he had gritted his teeth and taken ‘hard but necessary decisions’ to fix Labor’s ‘mess’. One of them was to cancel the Premier’s Literary Awards and thus save each grateful taxpayer forty cents a year, another to sack a lot of nurses and ‘privatise’ everything in sight and kill, if he could, the Barrier Reef. He would win back everybody’s confidence, he swore, by shrieking louder in his famed military manner and privatising even more things, a policy which had lost many governments office in all the states, and, riding on the back of Tony Abbott’s popularity, prevail in March.

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  1. The whole Lib debacle is playing out like a bad B grade movie. Unfortunately this is real.

  2. Abbott is about as popular as pork ribs at Ramadan.

    Unfortunately Australia’s international standing is suffering not only because our foreign policy is based on us being a superpower, lecturing others like school children & joining every war when the US whistles but because we are seen to be so stupid we got rid of the one government smart enough to avoid the destruction of the GFC, preferring instead a murder of neo-Nazis led by the intellectually challenged leper of the G20 leadership group.

    No wonder we are reduced to aligning ourselves with the likes of Hun Sen’s Cambodia. Hun Sen is open for business too. On similar terms to the LNP too. Unsolicited proposals accepted there, brown paper bags over here thanks sport!

    • I saw Ms Julie in New York, batting her eye lids, smiling most seductively…

      I asked hubby what was his view of this one and only woman in Abbott government.

      His reply: She’s no Swetlana.
      Not very complimentary, I understood…

      • The LNP has 18 women in the Reps and 6 in the Senate.

        18+6 =24.

        • One woman out of 24 made it into the Cabinet. Whoopy f***** Doo! And don’t forget, she not only lost the shadow Treasurer job because her colleagues thought she was incompetent, but she has also been deputy to three leaders. Surely it is not unusual to expect that if the top guy gets the chop, the next in charge might be considered for promotion. Not a snowflake’s chance in hell if you are a woman in the LP.
          It just reeks of incompetence.

          • By it I mean the Liberal Party. Birds of a feather etc.

          • Really, was Rudd deputy to Gillard?

            No? Ok, there goes your argument.

            Nice try though…

            • Can’t see your point,SP. My comment about her demotion was merely an aside, to show that her incompetence has been observed and acted on before. The point that I was making is that here is a woman who has been deputy to THREE leaders. Always the bridesmaid! How this relates to Rudd/Gillard is quite puzzling. Still, nice try. Perhaps next time you might try explaining why women are so poorly represented in the Liberal Cabinet. It can’t be because of lack of ability. My dead dog has more ability than those there now.

              • aanieB you’re here to contribute, Screw is here to sabotage and to hijack the agenda – save your wit and wisdom for the genuine contributors here.

  3. Today’s 1400-strong nationwide Age/Nielsen survey, taken over three days from Thursday, July 17 to Saturday, July 19, shows Labor well ahead of the Coalition on two-party-preferred terms at 54-46, based on 2013 preference flows.

    Fairfax/Nielsen poll of 1400 respondents conducted July 17-19. That amounts to a swing to Labor of 7.5 points since September 2013.

    Tony Abbott’s success in scrapping the carbon tax last week has not arrested his government’s poll slide, with Labor’s primary support jumping 3 points and voters still favouring Bill Shorten for a third consecutive month.

    Mr Abbott’s trustworthiness stands at a record low 35 per cent after Joe Hockey’s first budget, which has also shredded his standing as preferred treasurer.

    Cue the tough standoff with the Russki Big Bad Bear.

  4. Newman keeps telling voters he has listened but they know he hasn’t because he is still there, still seeing himself as the only solution.

    • Florence nee Fedup

      I think Newman was saying, that the voters were not hearing him. That he was doing what is good for the people of Queensland. I believe the voters told him, it is he, who is not heeding the warnings. :?:

  5. “Abbott rang Putin, presumably to tell him he was under arrest if he came to Brisbane and would be ‘brought to justice’ and was not put through”

    Really…you’re better than this Bob.

    • SP, could Abbott perhaps send our other female politician(ex) with skills in diplomacy, Amanda Vanstone, to Ukraine to sort out those rebels…

    • What did he say?

      Tell, tell.

    • Where’s your sense of humour SP.

      • Patagonian, Liberals don’t have a sense of humour.

        • And Labor/Greens supporters don’t have a sense of reality.

          I can make generalist statements too Helvi.

          • Jesus, you’re difficult. Yes, Tony Abbott was not put through for three days. Then, this morning, he was.

            And he either threatened Putin, or he failed to threaten Putin, with banishment from Brisbane, a city not in his gift, and got, he said ‘the right answers’, and was warned not to politicise a tragedy by Putin, whom the Russian papers quoted.

            Abbott then said he didn’t trust Putin to keep his word, a diplomatic first in the history of the known world which left all Europe aghast and the UN crawling under the lino and putting its toes in its ears.

            Okay? Got that?

            What else can I do for you?

            • Did Kaiser Wilhelm II not explicitly say that he did not trust the British Government in the lead up to WWI regarding Britain’s alliance with Russia and it’s assurances to keep its allies under control?

              And did not the British Government botch the alliance with Germany set up by King Edward VII shortly after his coronation?

              On both occasions owing to mistrust?
              Publicly stated mistrust at that.

        • That’s true Helvi. They are about as funny as a bad case of haemorrhoids.

          Not only are they not funny, most of them are as dumb as dog shit, dish water, they couldn’t find their own arse holes with both hands.

          Anyone and I mean anyone, who perceives Tony Abbott as anything but a fool with an over active sense of his own importance, is a fucking moron.

          Just the way this lanky emaciated wanker walks, speaks volumes. John Wayne eat your heart out.

          The way they portray this class act in the media, also speaks volumes about their bias and perception. He is a career politicians whose tangible assets to the improvement of society are seven eighths of five fifths of seven eighths of sweet fuck all.

          The quicker they have a royal commission into this THING, the better.

          But hey, after everything I’ve written about this soft cock, I don’t hate him. He does what he was expected to do, I blame the numb nuts that live next door to me who voted for this half wit’

          Fuck I feel better. Lunch.

  6. Bob, I think sister Philomena is Catholic :cool:

  7. It really is hard to parody this stuff, it is so close to the truth.

    The Looters Party supporters certainly can’t see it, 10,000m over their heads.

  8. And now, of course, now that wre have a Tampa/911/Bali situation

    ‘Don’t mention the budget’.

  9. More proof of Murdoch bias in yesterday’s Courier Mail, Stafford By-election result not reported until Page 16.

    Second consecutive By-election result for Newman with swing greater than 18%. How this isn’t front page news is anyone’s guess.

    The main message from Stafford IMO is the complete rejection of appointment of politically aligned Chief Justice.. a throwback to dark days of pre-Fitzgerald cronyism and he is taking QLD back there.

    • Main message is the complete rejection of that appointment, in your opinion.
      Wrong tree.

    • Rodman, wasn’t the ‘crowning’ of Chief Justice done behind closed doors…?
      I almost expect this kind of practice in Queensland, but it is happening now within our Federal Government.

  10. Excellent. :grin:

  11. No one has mentioned lost in the furore over 7 bucks for medicare visits, that Abbott’s govt has scrapped the 20% over 200- tax rebate. So much for those of us whose illness cannot be helped with big Pharma .

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