The Mothers Who Miss Out

(First published by Independent Australia)

Let us now list the women who won’t get PPL in the next five years.

Those giving birth today. Those already pregnant who will give birth this calendar year. Those not yet pregnant who will give birth next financial year.

Those who run with their husbands a small business, and pay company tax, and do not pay themselves a big wage. Those who married a farmer, and work round the clock, and are not paid a wage for it.

Those who work now in a factory, if that factory closes by Christmas. Those who work three days a week as a waitress, when the cafe closes in a country town whose manufacturing industries are going offshore.

Those who are usherettes in a small art cinema in a provincial city, now closing for want to customers. Those who worked as nannies, for couples now leaving town.

If they do not have a job in the fifth month of pregnancy, they get nothing. If they apply for a job in that month, they will not get it.

And the women, about six million of them, over forty-five, who have had their last child. And the women, over thirty-five, another million, who have by choice not had a third baby, or a fourth. They get nothing at all. Though they have borne three babies and raised them, they get nothing at all, retrospectively, for their trouble.

Some of these women are jealous of those Packer, Elliott, Rinehart or Turnbull women who will get fifty thousand for having a baby while on leave from a job their father gave them, or arranged for them. They will resent the new Orwellian rule that all babies are born equal, but some are more equal than others.

Once you add in ethnic women who have seven children and do not have an official job outside the family dwelling, this adds up to about twelve million women who will not get the PPL and will not like paying for a doctor’s visit they for thirty years weren’t charged for. Or losing sixteen hundred a year in schoolkids’ money Shorten gave them and Abbott is taking away.

Though these things are apparent to anyone who can add, they are not to Hockey, Andrews, Pyne or Abbott. They see this enrichment of the fertile wealthy and punishment of the infertile old, and the unemployed, and those who cannot, because of a resident mother-in-law, or a disabled uncle or autistic child, afford a third child, or a second, or, because of large rents, a first, in a town where Holden has been told to go away and Toyota has gone away too and all the adjacent component small businesses have gone bust. Hockey has called ‘entitlement’ the wages Shorten argued for a carer of a disabled son and got and Andrews has taken away.

The interlinking of these things, not apparent to Hockey, who is not intelligent, has caused a rage in five million women, and a despair in a million more, who will never vote Liberal again.

Which means this is a lame-duck government already. It will not get this Budget through, and Abbott, nailed to the mast of his PPL, which no National and few Liberals want, must resign, or should resign because of it soon. Or call a Double Dissolution, or the GG call one for him, on the advice of the Leader of the Opposition as Kerr did in 1975.

The average of all the polls this last week shows the Coalition losing thirty-six seats. These will include Barton, Petrie, Eden-Monaro, Dobell, Capricornia, Reid, O’Connor, Lyons, Solomon, Banks, Hindmarsh, Page, Braddon, Gilmore, Lindsay, Robertson, Deakin, Bonner, Coorangamite, Durack, La Trobe, Bass, Brisbane, Ford, Macquarie, Hasluck, Dunkley, Herbert, Mallee, Flynn, Swan, Dickson, Longman, Boothby, Casey and Cowan. How can they be therefore said to have a mandate for anything at all?

This is a terrible situation, and in many countries leads to an army coup.

This bunch of ratbags should spare us that, but it is possible some of them are talking about it.

They are awful people, and we should be done with them.

A petition with three million signatures demanding a Double Dissolution might help, or might not.

Speed the day.

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  1. Yes, they are awful people. Abbott comes across as something of a miser, perhaps due to his humble beginnings as a ten pound Pom. The way he tried using the public purse to promote Battle Lines, his refusal to turn down the offer of funding for his daughter (pay for it himself) at fashion school because it may prove to be politically tacky, controversial (as it was), his Wedding-gate involvement whereby any prudent Minister of the Crown would have known not to claim (like Bronwyn Bishop).

    Yes, Abbott is a miser, a blight on ‘doing the right thing’ with regards travel expenses. And yet he hounds others into political extinction – like Slipper, when they ‘inadvertently’ claim expenses.

    • .. there’s something badly wrong with the country’s leaders, when they need body guards when stepping out, and when even the pre-schoolers giggle and say : ‘them Abbott people is awful and dumb…and they is greedy too…’

      • Yes, it’s unAustralian to walk around with body guards.

        This miserable lot have so incensed the people with their bizarre budget, their lies about an “emergency”, their unhelpful comments about Occupied States, their general lack of compassion towards battlers while serving the big end of town, their tacky personal travel claims for weddings whilst hounding anyone else, the list goes on.

        That they travel with bodyguards is a reflection of just where they are taking Australia – to unchartered, unrecognisable territories.

      • Mmm, no – there’s something wrong with the idiots who try to attack them in public.

      • Yes! Helvi, the warmongers do invoke attacks and wars.
        War is old mans’ Viagra. Pretty depressing huh!

  2. They are not “awful people”…they are a “smear of excrement on the underwear of the incontinent”.

  3. How about the two High Court rulings this week saying their school chaplaincy program and visa protection caps are both highly unconstitutional?

    • The constitution isnt binding on those born to rule us.
      the separation of church and state is a superstition that has had its day.

      • Yes, watch them try to wriggle around it.

        The wriggle will be held unconstitutional as well in due course, but the bastards will be another 2 years down the track.

  4. i noticed a petition with many thous of signatures to the GG

    now that s one i like to see more sig. seek it out u may find it on google

    • Yes, there is a petition to the Governor-General at Agreed with first half of it but second half a bit ratbag – need to keep language within a certain framework if it is to gain traction, I think. But site says over 100,000 sigs, already. And I decided I’d sign it – and write down what I thought of the second half in the space they have provided. Go google it.

  5. It’s occurred to me from observation, that Hockey has all the attributes to become Australia’s Mugabe. The arrogance, the pompousness, the indifference to others suffering, the way that having power has brought his corrupted psyche to the surface and so on and so on. I think he is actually worse than Abbott, the crackpot Teaparty nonsensical ideas, I think he actually believes in them.

    • Yes, I feel Hockey is worse. Abbott gives the impression he is not a deep thinker, does not think through consequences – the Budget is a prime example of not worrying about the flow on effect. What is Hockey’s excuse? I felt, in the fairly recent past, he was more in touch with reality but now … ?

  6. We all share the same opinion on the budget, yet I bet the new senators won’t have the will or decency to block supply or call a DD.
    They will put themselves first and the country second, water the down the bills and pass them.
    We will have to wait out the two or more years left, than we can do the heavy lifting and get rid of them.

    • We shall see, Daisy. At the moment Clive Palmer has the government in his palm. He is enjoying making Tony sweat. But don’t think after years of giving the LNP millions of dollars that Palmer is going to do the ALP/Greens any favours.

      He’s just having some fun for the moment.

      Palmer won’t risk his crew of nitwit PUPpets to a DD:

      It rated higher than 60 minutes.

      • Why would he do Abbott any favours, when a Double Dissolution would triple his party’s numbers in both houses?

        What can Abbott offer him — he wants free universities, and refugee assessment that takes two days — that is better than fourteen more seats?

        You really are dumb, aren’t you.

        What is your profession?

        • Watch the video, and tell me what you think of Clive Palmer, and more importantly – his Senators Elect.

  7. All the extreme PPL stuff is about marginalizing the women. Give heaps to one, and make the rest jealous and envious as all hell … the country seeths with the toxins.

    Abbott plays to the weakness in others like a true psychopath personality. Like a true fascist would. They prey on people who lack muscle, are sensitive, vulnerable due to age, young and old.

    Now he is trying to be a preacher. Have you noticed? Geez! how did we get this idiot up there.

    He has gone in to create havoc with women, to counteract Julia Gillard raising the awareness if brutish sexism toward woman everywhere, actually. Not just over in Afganistan, Middle East, India, the Stans, Africa etc. but right here in our own country.

    Abbott has actually let the cat out of the bag, busted the boil, opened Pandora’s box, with him and his cronies long onslaught on our first woman PM. And Julia faced it square on for all the world to see. And they saw it!

    No going back now. He’s desperately trying to turn it all in his favour, but it is not going to work. The women are not taking it. Times up Mr!

    Let’s crucify him. eeeeeh! :lol: :evil:

    • Unbunch thy panties Heather, it’s unlikely to pass the Senate. A scheme more generous however is already in place for highly-paid government employees.

      • Unfortunato for you for not being one of them?

      • Chris O'Neill

        A scheme more generous however is already in place for highly-paid government employees.

        The government should pay everyone’s wages.

      • Just for records, I am looking at the broader situation here. Something evolutionary has got away.

        Am right with Palmer on the PPL scheme. It is unfair and divisive.

        Labor put an equal one in place, in due respect to womens’ default of getting nasty with each other. Mind you this default has probably happened, through scarcity for a hell of a long time.

        In fact it is very sad for Abbott to play all this. However he did treat his daughters like trophies, so what does one expect.

      • The scheme you refer to was negotiated by commonwealth government unions back in the days when being pregnant was considered to be an illness and pregnant employees were required to absent themselves from the workplace for a period of 6 weeks prior to and 6 week post-birth. There is no impediment to other large employers offering paid parental leave, and many do in one form or another.

        The women who miss out under the PPLare those working for small business, women in the unpaid workforce (i.e. housewives) the unemployed and the other groups Bob enumerated.

        The PPL in current form has the whiff of Hitler’s Lebensborn about it.

        • What continues to confound me, Patagonian & Heather, is the way in which all discussion about affordable child care – far more important to society than baby bonuses if the intention is to get Mothers back into the workforce, contributing – has all but disappeared.

          It’s the usual smoke-and-mirrors trick of creating bogus diversions so that people who are unable to hold more than two policies in their heads at any one time, will become terminally distracted, and in the end, stop listening.

          • My daughter is expecting No 3 baby, totally unexpected at age 40. Her company value her and she has an excellent PPL. She does not work for the government. I totally agree Glowie about the cost of childcare. This is the one area that has been overlooked. Her salary will not cover the cost of childcare when her company hopes she will return to work. Childcare is the top priority. If Labour introduced a policy commitment to it in the run up to next election they would win.

          • I agree Glow Worm.
            Child care is of the utmost importance, for women being able to go back to work. And women needing a break. For some, it can be very hard work being with your young children day in and day out; 24-7. In the old days of extended families, the rellies pitched in with giving the mother a rest, and time alone.

            Abbott definitely has an agenda going with this one. Vote catcher for one. And it is unfair, just as Palmer always points out.

            If women work for companies who pay them well, whilst pregnant, then that is just great.

            Don’t see why the LNC cant accept the Labor method.

            • With congenital crusaders like Tony Abbott everything becomes conquest. Julia Gillard defied him, stared him down, but unfortunately piggy-backed her cause into the ground – blue ties being an example – to beat a sexist you become as one, and so forth.

              But Abbott was chastened by the encounter, Gillard’s raw defiance cornered him, like a cellar rat in the spotlight, and history is allowing him no escape.

              Future President Hillary Clinton has now had a good whiff of him and it wasn’t (by way of her reasoning) pleasantly remembered.

              Being pathological, this Crusader without a Conscience, Sir Tony Abbott, has ‘evolved’ from his chastening by Julia to now seek final revenge in his relentless thrust for victory – to divide woman, to tier them in accordance with his own weird pathology, what appears as an ‘ownership’ complex – to physically own woman, something going way back in time, a bestiality when force was the operative currency. There are reports about this, an alleged corridor mock assault, designed to cower his opponent, a woman seeking similar office, a fellow student.

              Just who is Tony Abbott? Why does he behave the way he does? What went wrong? How can we fix this problem in a peaceful and rational way?

              • Chris,
                You said

                “Julia Gillard defied him, stared him down, but unfortunately piggy-backed her cause into the ground – blue ties being an example – to beat a sexist you become as one, and so forth.”

                The blue ties things was a bit of a go at martial arts by Julia.

                Picking up the opponents swords. Nothing wrong with this. Go with it a bit, then hang back a little, then go in for the kill. I think Julia was shocked she came out with that speech. It was off the cuff rather, but sounds like she knew she had to do it, from recent US interview.

                Alas she did not go in for the kill again. I was disappointed that she was not still PM to debate Abbott during the campaign.

                Trouble is her addressing the sexism frightened a lot of women, who like the submissive stance; the security etc, Enough people were feeling like they could not take it anymore. That they would rather shove it back in the closet.

                A lot of us loved it, women and men. Perhaps we are braver.

                • Abbott so enraged her she became a part of his unholy alliance, knitting for Royalty a final, mad manifestation.

                  Abbott does this to people, drives them nuts, but historically, now the heat is out of it, Julia has won, especially since gaining Hilary Clinton’s recent, but ongoing admiration.

            • Just found this news report in QLD local.

              Singe parents will suffer the most re expensive child support.


          • And that ain’t the end of my daily rant: the National Disability Insurance Scheme has evaporated, core promise, now unaffordable, as are the Gonski public education reforms.

            These cornerstone policies should be exercising the minds of the so-called “Independents” parking their fat arses on green leather cushions in a few weeks, not baby bonuses and whether a rich-man’s-levy is fair, or a fuel tax.

            I have no faith that the new Senate will pull the noses of Government Ministers over NDIS or education, or private health funding, or private school funding, or any of the other, more important issues.

            There endeth today’s rant. Thanks for your input, Heather & Rosemarie.

      • Un Fortunately, extending a rort to a few more priveleged people doesnt make it seem fair to those who are excluded from it.

        Doing so while claiming we’re in a debt deficit disaster is reminiscent of Stalinist propaganda.

        Deep down, Abbott is more the lovechild of Berlusconi and Thatcher.

        • Hear, hear. Dali

          You always hit the nail on the head.

          Nail down all the lids on Pandora’s box, and the coffins of the enemy. :grin:

  8. Un Fortunato,
    I can’t see Clive seating in Parliament any longer than necessary. Once he destroys Abbott and Newman, takes out the carbon price and mining tax he will be off!
    It’s all about payback with Clive.

    • I can’t blame him. I blame the LNP for taking his millions, with no intention to give him influence or follow his “suggestions”. He is terribly erratic and I think very unwell. Watch him gasping for air after only a few steps from his Comcar.

  9. Here’s the petition to GG “We strongly implore the Governor General of Australia to dismiss the LNP Government before serious damage is done to Australia as a nation”…..etc
    Please share the link with everyone

    • We had to wait for the next election. You can do the same, Gaille but somehow I don’t think Bill or Tanya can beat Tony. Perhaps the people’s choice – Albo? In maybe four or five terms’ time.

      • Why then is Shorten ahead of Abbott by 1.3 million votes as preferred Prime Minister?

        How does this indicate that Shorten might lose?

        Does it not rather indicate that Abbott is bound to lose?

        Please answer this.

        Can you think of a reason why anyone old, or female, or young, would vote for Abbott?

        What is it?

        Please answer this.

        • Abbott can never win in 2013 and become PM.

          Thomson is innocent.

          Williamson (recent HSU boss and past ALP National president for those who only get their news here, ABC or Fairfax) is innocent.

          There has never been an ALP member convicted of corruption, child sex charges etc etc.

          My favourite is Wollongong ALP “identity” and convicted child pimp Neville Hilton- but he wasn’t an MP. Mightabeen?

          • You are revolting. I never spoke well of Williamson or Hilton, and Thomson, who may have misused six thousand dollars as opposed to Kathy Jackson’s million, no more deserves his dread fate than Abbott, who misused, and paid back, about thirty thousand of his parliamentary allowance.

            I never said no ALP figure had been convicted of corruption, and co-wrote a screenplay, Goodbye Paradise, in which it was assumed that corruption in that party is routine.

            You will apologise now, now, within the hour, for telling these lies about me or be banned for life.

            • Hyperbole. Or “hyperbowl”.

              Or is mine host alone allowed employ it?

              If so, please accept my apology, just outside your deadline.

          • Un Fortunato, Abbott is done like a dinner. My mother lives in an old folks home in Perth.

            Last night about twenty of the people out of 25 who live there, went to an anti Abbott meeting.

            It was one of many, all over Perth.

            Now I don’t know how many in total attended, but I do know this.

            To get a load of pensioners away from their Horlicks and slippers on a Friday night, is just about unprecedented in my life time.

            Perth is the key to any L

            If you think Abbott is going to win the next election, you are kidding yourself.

            • Point taken. But dig a little deeper (I know, difficult in the case you state)… it’s like when someone states they hate Abbott, but like Malcom.

              Ask them – how did you vote, the answer is usually “Labor”.

              Then ask would you vote Liberal if Malcolm was the leader. Invariably the answer is … “Nope”.

              I have told you before – never take your enemies’ advice.

              • We will see.

                The unknown in all of this is Palmer. Everyone one I speak to of late, is voting for him in the next election.

                All of my friends apart from one, are Labor to a fault.

                It is no good buying a dog, and barking yourself.

                Although I see also of late, there are signs of renewed energy in the Labor party.

                For mine, Albo, or Marles, possibly Husic, if the media do not pile on about his religion.

                But no matter what, the Liberals are gone. They cannot win.

                You may scorn Bob Ellis but he has the runs on the board for picking the winners.

              • “I have told you before – never take your enemies’ advice.”

                The sort of paradox that fools stumble on.

                Abbott is deeply enamoured of the concept of “enemy”. It fathers his fear, it breastfeeds his paranoia, it nurses his faith and his hatred, and it blinds his reason.

          • Sorry… but I think when Abbott gave a glowing character reference to a mate who was a child molester… well, I think it showed what was important to him, and it certainly wasn’t the youth (or at least OTHER peoples children)

            • Bob himself once admitted here to not “dobbing” in a neighbourhood “kiddy fiddler”.

              Or do I lie?

              • You do not lie. Another dobbed him in, and he did seven years.

                I am not, however, Prime Minister in an era when many, many inquiries show how much of it there was. And is.

                Like many back then, I had no idea.

          • Abbott would not have won, without the brutal hammering from Murdoch’s papers. Did you not notice?

            Abbott played with all the revolting stuff, creating havoc, and trashing everything. Like a spoilt little boy, mummy gave it all to him. Very stupid mummy! (just in case you don’t get it, mummy = the masses.)

            So what if people have been corrupt or became corrupted with the opportunities offered to them. They got caught, and taken to the cleaners. It’s hardly huge.

            Believe you me, the right wing does it more “huge”, and more cunningly.
            Abbott spent so much more of tax payers money on his 3-year-long election campaign. He probably thought he deserved it. “I am the big slush fund success, me the great one, can do anything”. They should have banned him from the parliament, as a rogue element.

            For all the social achievements of our Labor govts under Rudd and Gillard, they far out way the messy human stuff that was going on.

            So many perfection addicts out there. :roll:

            • oops! outweigh!

              “For all the social achievements of our Labor govts under Rudd and Gillard, they far outweigh the messy human stuff that was going on. “

  10. Is one to presume a pre requisite of late, is to take a shot of drugs before one comments here?

    Tony Abbott couldn’t win a pub chook raffle if he was the only one who bought a ticket.

    I do love this blog.

  11. Un Fortunato What I’m on money just can’t buy.

    But if you like Gary, you can’t be all bad.

  12. I do believe I have just ejaculated into my pants listening to the lick on this piece for the hundredth time.

    • So used to the Emerald Aisles version… how great is this bassplayer???

      • Not bad. I like Daisley better. Emerald Isles was Gary at his absolute best. For mine.

        I played the VHS tape until it was rooted. I put it on disc eventually.

  13. Yes SRV was in a class of his own. I have tried so many times to get that classic Strat sound only he got, to no avail. Close but not close enough.

    • Heavy string gauges, and a Fender Twin for starters. I recall your preference is for British amplification, so that could be the deal-breaker!

      • Yea, well I’ve tried with the Fender twin, but as I say close.

        Yea, again I’ve tried most Amps Marshall is still my favourite.

        But as you know, it’s all a matter of perception.

  14. Further more, when Shorten selected his Ministers the Labor Party assumed they would be in opposition for many years.
    Wouldn’t you think that Shorten would now arrange his front bench correctly and be ready for a fight in 2016.

    Tanya needs to be replaced with someone more capable especially when world war three is about to start in the Middle East. Andrew Leigh, Steven Jones, Ed Husic , Nick Champion, they should all hold top positions on the front bench.

    These people are the future of the Labor Party.
    In my family the jury are still out on Shorten. He needs to improve his speech and his voice is not strong enough.

    • Husic is the one to watch. Andrew Bolt had him as a guest to help pump up his tyres when Husic received some disgusting responses via facebook for carrying a Koran to his swearing-in. Yet another reason to make up ones own mind about Bolt rather than repeating what you might have heard by a clueless luvvie on Q&A.

    • I agree with most of what you’ve written, Daisy Blue.
      It’s interesting to see how, in a relatively short time, Bill Shorten has gone from quite attractive-looking younger man with beaming smile to furtive-looking, wishy-washy, worried older man.
      The Host had a theory on rapidly-balding men being in a hurry … can’t recall it exactly.
      But I’m thinking Shorten’s time is running out.

  15. My husband bought my work into hospital, I was admitted 4 weeks prior to giving birth (both times) that was ok, we couldn’t afford to pay someone else in our business at that time, but it really is insulting to think that Abbott, Hockey & cohorts feel women on a large wage (well done to them, but over $100,000 a year income for a woman in regional Australia is almost unheard of)if for some warped out of touch reason they believe THOSE women are the ones that need 10′s of thousands of dollars and the battlers can ‘make do’ well there is some thing truly wrong. BTW, if I was earning those wages it would make me feel truly embarrassed, like I had no right to take that PPL when the youth & aged (our mothers & children) are all sacrificing their education, their future and for others the chance to live with dignity by a sanctioned money grab of tax dollars helping pay for tennis memberships and lunches at Freshwater Kiosk.
    Also, those wonderful females not earning over $100,000 a year who have husbands earning the big figures I’m sure will find ‘legal loopholes’ if not employed prior to this immoral handout, those earning ’0′ will suddenly be have positions created as ‘consultants’ by their partners so no matter what, all those with the ‘right’ connections will be guaranteed that $50,000 PPL by St Abbott, patron saint of the wealthy.

    • Shelle, I would be truly embarrassed too. Abbott is doing all this to disturb Aussie women, you bet. And to pretend he is on the side of women etc. etc. the whole rotten mess.

  16. Nor will pregnant under-30 year old jobseekers get ANY govtassistance whatsoever, but must wait 6 months for any help, and apply for 40 jobs a month until just before the birth on no income with a swollen belly in the unrealistic hope that anyone would hire a pregnant woman!!!!

    • The minute it was realised my wife was pregnant with her first child the transport company she worked for (office) suddenly no longer required her services. That was 26 years ago. Back to the future?

  17. The Labor Party placed Tanya in a portfolio where they assumed would be easy going for a mother of three children.
    All hell as broken out in the Middle East and she is now struggling with the position.
    Ed Husic is the man for this job. Tanya can still stay Deputy Prime Minister and could take on Health or Education.
    Surely the Labor think tank must realize that now is the time to re -organize the front bench with the talented people to go forward at the next election. Shorten will hold up because of the wonderful talented ministers around him. He is so fortunate.

    • Why would Tanya be struggling in the position?
      Okay! okay! anyone would be struggling, facing off with Julia Bishop.

      Or she is struggling because Labor, rightly, did not want to go in to Iraq in the first place. Bunch of lunatics did that. Wilkie is spot on about all this. She probably thinks the coalition of the willing should be all shoved off to the Hague. Now they know that it would have been a lot better politically and for stability in the Middle east, to leave Saddam there.

      I notice you don’t offer any women up for positions. Is there a problem for you around women in Labors shadow ministry positions? We need to get women on equal footing out there. That’s the push!

  18. To Phill and others inclined to give oxygen to ‘concern trolls’: there is a not so subtle attack on Labor by attacking the federal opposition leader, a decent measured and perhaps even gentlemanly man.

    If they can’t touch him on what he says, they’ll try other means of attack. Many of the conservatives posing here as human beings are what are called ‘concern trolls’.

    A concern troll will say, “Yes I agree entirely with you and what you say but I have some concerns, especially about the leader. If X was the leader you’d be way ahead, instead of winning by 20 seats you’d get 30!” Until X becomes leader, of course. Then it becomes “Maybe Y would have been the better option after all, as X has a few failings . . .”

    Give them no oxygen. I would ban them right now, but Bob Ellis has a more forgiving and benign view of their malignity.

    • Save it
      You and your Sunday homilies :roll: .

      Who constantly supported Julia Gillard?
      DQ that’s who

      Who dropped her and got behind Kevin Rudd?
      DQ that’s who

      Who then switched back, praising Gillard damning Rudd, when he lost the election?
      DQ that’s who

      The last person to be wind-bagging on loyalty to leaders is you.

      Face it
      Come to terms with your own disloyalty

      • Christine, he wrote that piece with his cravat on. No doubt, if he dares reply, he’ll be hairy chested.

      • Bullshit.

        I said nothing against Rudd, as I promised upon his election – yes his election – as leader and therefore PM by Labor’s caucus.

        I’m sure that Labor solidarity is foreign to you, but it means something to me. Even Rudd PM was better than Abbott.

      • Politics is a bit different to human relations, I would have thought. Kind of like a job really. If the leader goes out and a new one comes in, one gets behind the newby, because a job needs to be done.

        It doesn’t mean disloyalty. It more likely to be loyalty to the job. Both Labor leaders were good, especially in comparison to what we have now.

        Labor leaders were not heavy authoritarian numbers, yet held it together. If you control it too tightly, you stifle everyone.

        Admittedly there were problems with Rudd coping. Don’t forget his had his gall bladder out in the aftermath and had to go for another pig valve in his heart. Many people have problems supporting an ailing person.

        Rudd may have just peeled away from the bad company of Abbott like the rest of them ended up doing. Who wouldn’t? he is a menace of a man.

        • So good, that they were both dumped by their Union bankrolling patrons and sacked by their own parties. Murdoch’s fault.

        • Okay, Rudd had his gall bladder out; he underwent surgery. It happens. An ailing person – and many have problems giving support, you say. What does that say of them?

          This was about the strident, condescending opinion/lecturing of Bossy Boots re comments on leaders; “conservatives posing as human beings” – and his frustration that they haven’t been banned..yet.

          Perhaps you missed his ongoing fierce defence of Julia Gillard? that went out the window when Rudd replaced her. I say again – when Rudd failed, Doug Quixote wasted no time in putting up here on these pages what he really thought of Rudd. You may have missed it, Heather. Your “good” didn’t get a mention.

          (Loyal/disloyal: perhaps if one is actually a member of the political party that one supports – some credibility?)

          • And what I have always thought of Rudd. The leopard did not change its spots.

            I support Labor because as a party of government it is the closest match to what I would prefer to see happen in Australia.

            Not perfect, not ideal but better than the viable alternatives.

            (Apologies for calling you a troll; it seems you do have something to contribute. :smile: )

            Why do you support the Party you support?

  19. “Why do you support the Party you support?”

    Brain dead?

  20. What do you call a Liberal that fucks pigs?

    A social climber.

  21. Tony Abbott and his missus go into a restaurant.

    Marg orders a T Bone well done.

    The waiter says ” What about the vegetable”

    Marg says, ” He’ll have the same as me”

    • Are they still together? Bob reported them splitting up a few weeks before the election! Live and learn…

      • I’ve no idea are they? You wouldn’t know either.

        There is more chance Bob Ellis would know what the go is, than anyone else on this blog. Including you.

        There is being together and being together.

  22. Tony Abbott went for a circumcision and the surgeon says ” I can’t operate on this man”

    Marg says “Why not?”

    The surgeon says ” Because there is no end to the prick “

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