Joe’s Fair Go

(First published by Independent Australia)

Imagine, if you will, a twenty-seven-year-old woman in a country town who loses her job as a waitress on a Friday and finds she is pregnant the following Monday.

Under Joe Hockey’s new rules she will get no money for six months, and must fend for herself until the baby is born, and, after it is born, will get no Paid Parental Leave either, because she has no job.

What is happening to her is ‘fair’, Joe Hockey says, and complaining about her is ‘the class war rhetoric of the 1970s’. Some of us would think it was unfair, and if there’s a class war on, he’s declared it.

Joe would argue that the woman can, in her ninth month, move to another town and work for the dole, away from her family, and their support system, and give birth in the workplace, but some of us would find this unfair also.

Joe would argue this is an ‘isolated case’, probably no more than twenty women will be in this position in the next two years, but the trouble is, ten million women will have heard of it, and vote his government out because of it.

This inability to join the dots characterises Joe. He may be the most incompetent politician in our history. He is certainly the most incompetent Treasurer.

He imagines seven dollars is no great sacrifice to an old woman in a nursing home with a chronic treatable condition who must go to the doctor twice a week, spending twenty dollars on two visits and four bus fares. He imagines she too is an isolated case, and ten million women will not hear of her. Of course they will. And they will not find her treatment by him ‘fair’.

The Budget is now a quicksand sucking to their doom every rural MP in the country. Manufacturing jobs are vanishing apace, and Joe won’t subsidise them, and the women fired from them won’t get PPL, not a cent of it.

Joe is proud of this. Women once ‘entitled’ to have a subsidised baby won’t, if they lose their job, and are not yet thirty, get any pregnancy money at all, and if their husband has lost his job too, at the Holden factory Joe invited to go away, for instance, or the fruit-canning factory that last year moved offshore, well, they now have the ‘age of opportunity’ to look forward to, and a mortgage to pay with relatives’ money till they have to sell up and start to sleep in a car outside a gambling casino, hoping to beg enough to bet inside on their ‘age of opportunity’, roulette or poker machines.

Joe thinks his Budget has not been sold well. He’s right about that. No-one in the nation cares about the Surplus any more, apart from maybe thirty economists, and everyone is scared shitless of losing their job and not getting another, ever, because the oldies are now working till they’re seventy. And those that have a job are worried about those that haven’t. Everyone has an unemployed relative, or a disabled one. And Joe didn’t realise they would care.

It is hard not to think him actually crazy. He’s certainly fanatical. Is there some lesson from his Maronite upbringing that emphasised self-help, and God not answering the prayers of the lazy? Does he imagine the millions his wife brings home can remain a secret? Has he joined the dots? I don’t think he has.

It’s unlikely Palmer will even talk to them unless Joe is removed. It’s unlikely, after what they’ve said about him, they’ll get anything through except the ending of the Carbon Tax, which worsens the bottom line.

It’s probable Joe has done for them. And he still thinks he can turn opinion round. Win back the 1.5 million votes they’ve lost in eight months.

He’s actually as crazy as that.

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  1. Which thirty economists? There’s plenty of economic spruikers out there singing for their Murdoch supper. One day… one day the chicken will come home to roost on the Liberals as being atrocious, unimaginative, ignorant zealots. Hockey’s ‘class warfare’ is psychological projection worn as drag so often he no longer knows he is wearing lipstick.

  2. Hmmm….and Tony stepping out of his dinner with Murdoch the Cunt starts spruiking the devils US growth product – corporate schools…that’s right folks Newscorpse wants to give you fair and balanced from the cradle to the grave.

    Why do they hate Australia..?

    What the fuck is broken in the mind and soul of the LNP.

    When are Aussies going to start calling the Newscorpse dogs by their well earned name – traitors..?

  3. Lines for Chris Bowen

    To the Treasurer, when did it become the business of a Liberal government to offer welfare?

    To the PM, when did it become the business of a Liberal government to let Government take over from the market, as in “Direct Action”?

  4. Michael Faulkner

    This incompetent lot really belief they are running a corporation, not a country. Thus their allegiance lies not with well-being for the citizens of Australia, (whom they see as customers), but to big business interests, many of them foreign multinationals.

    Thus Abbott will take his riding instructions from Australia’s most powerful unelected politician for the last 50 years now, the American citizen of almost 3 decades now, Rupert Murdoch. That Prime Ministers in this country, since Murdoch destroyed the Whitlam Government, have come to see it as a mandatory and essential duty to meet with and appease this ruthless oligarch, says much about the steady leaching of sound governance in Australia.

    Privatise everything of value so that private capital can asset strip previously valued services. Make government smaller, and eventually politics as a profession will become more so,a part time activity,allowing elected representatives more time to run their own businesses, and in so doing be more acquainted with that deity of neo-con ideology,the (mystical, all knowing, all providing) market.

    ‘ From each according to his/ her ability, to each (ie. those deserving few) according to a demonstrated capacity for private (ie. commercial in confidence) greed. ‘

    This is the Abbott Hockey mantra for Australia

  5. Michael Faulkner

    Bob, Please delete previous post, being corrupted.

    • Have corrected it, I think. Is this what you meant to say?

    • A couple of observations, Michael Faulkner:

      What’s the name and number of your builder?

      When can I move in? Ditch the frilly curtains, however.

      Where the PPL scheme came from, other than a direct appeal to the venal middle classes – a continuation of Howard’s legacy, if you will – is still a mystery to me. Childcare was the issue about which there was much clamour and debate, not PPL. But childcare is difficult to withhold from the struggling poor, I suppose.

      I’m still waiting for Shorten to start landing a few body blows in the popular media.

      • Slugger Abbott would love that – the dirtier, the grimier, the better the going for No Policy Slugs.

        He really is barking mad. He would have made a great Pope and the church, by spurning him, (from the art school as it were), have turned him loose on the public.


      • Good morning Glowie. Maybe PPL came from Rik.
        His political cynicism was spot on –

      • Michael Faulkner

        Sorry Glow Worm, I cant give you the name of that trade ….. its commercial in confidence, as they say !

        Interesting that the Libs make an exception to this mantra in some cases, when it suits them. The the builders of Julia Gillard’s former home, 20 years ago is one such example.

        My lesson for today is to read, edit and review my online posts more carefully, lest the otherwise trusty reliable computer unexpectedly and inexplicably, takes a troll-like pathway of its own.

        • On the contrary, MF – I’m a bit of a voyeur like many here, and would like to know more about the enticing property you described, which you appear to be renovating.

          Is it to rent? For a prodigal child to live in? A retreat for you to listen to music and paint/write?

          Is it in the country? By a river? In the middle of a paddock?

          I’m missing Agent99 and Fedallah something shocking, and need a few stories … like Dali’s gorgeous Aunties, or ones like Canguro tells …

  6. Joe’s been eating the IPA. “dog -food” for so long, he’s right now sitting in the middle of the road licking his balls….oops! comes the truck!

  7. Abbott is already out banging the “terror” drum. Obviously things aren’t working out with the rest of it.

    And the drought, he hasn’t got God to break the drought yet. But hey, spend billions on useless fighter planes, heaps of shit that they are.

    BTW, who are the enemy? New Zealand? Fiji?

  8. John East Gippsland

    Bob, off topic but Iraq starting to look like it will implode and soon. Question from “journalists” to Morrison, “what will Australia’s policy be in view of massive refugee population movements? Do we have a moral obligation (vis a vis Vietnam) to accept Iraq refugees”?

  9. The mindset of Hockey and LNC goes a long way to setting up the paranoia and persecution, which no doubt created the appalling institution for out of wedlock children in Ireland.

    This has recently come out in the media. Very timely, and fair warning to punitive social treatment by right wing fascist moralists. 800 skeletons of childrens’ bodies thrown in to an old septic tank. many suspected of dying of malnutrition at the time. They knew they were there when young boys lifted the concrete, whilst playing, but it was hushed up, until someone went and researched all the deaths.

    As one comment said many of those kids were from rapes, and the mothers were forced into slave labour at the nunnery, thus the men are culpable too. Another comment said that if this was some weird cult doing same along with paedophilia, they would be banned forever and jailed.

    Am personally appalled that people can even say they are RC, these days. What a dreadful curse! …
    and we now have all those rusted on RCs up there running this country … geez!

    • Recently saw ‘Philomena’ Heather, and the film haunts me still. Reading about the mass murder of infants in Ireland makes me wonder to what depths humanity can sink.

      The unfortunate problem was that nuns were often recruited from the very bottom of the poorest of poor families – a surplus of children, no access to contraception or education – and the girls’ social and educational development was stunted, to say the least. Beyond just enough learning to read the bible, they had no education whatsoever.

      And so the problem just fed itself … resentment, rage, deprivation, rigid doctrine, lost happiness, lost life – all conspiring to produce these most appalling outcomes.

      • A slightly more rational perspective on the ’800 skeletons in a septic tank’ panic. I’m not saying that the Catholic church didn’t do horrible things, I’m just saying that facts are important.

        • It’s a relief, of course.

          More sloppy reporting?

          Presumably there’s a full investigation being carried out, after which most of the facts will be known. The writer does not refer to one.

        • Glow Worm, Alistair.
          Thanks for that link. Trouble is that humans are very adept at changing nasty stories even if the truth is distorted by the media. Someone suggested the default of humans was denial.

          It looks like the old disused septic tank was used as a crypt for the 400+ later deaths of babies and children. Even so, a lot of them were dying very young.

          I too, watched Philomena, and it was heart wrenching.

          Those poor girls stayed at the home, happy to work for their keeps, so they could keep close to their babies and see them for a small amount of time. That is shocking. It doesn’t matter how little education they got, or what poor families they came from. This should not have been allowed to go on.

          But religion does equal death, death and more death when not handled well. Which is rarely from what I’ve noticed.

          Everyone in to genealogy knows about the lockdown on Irish records. They all got washed out and destroyed at some point in time etc. etc.????

        • This article seems to be a lot more factual.

          Someone has commented

          “Possibly the most shocking line in the whole report:

          “Corless has not been contacted by anyone from any State department, asking to have access to her research.”

          The book, and then the movie Philomena pops up, and now this. Plus now there will be other investigations in to Mothers Homes in Ireland.

        • Check out this for more more terrible baby snatching against the socialists in another RC country.

          In Spain, the nuns stole children from socialist parents when the babies were born. They pretended they had died and filled coffins with stones. They sold the babies to infertile families that supported the fascist Franco and the Church. The practice continued until the mid-1970s when Franco died. The church refuses to give any information on the children or where they were sold. It is believed that over 100,000 “socialist” babies were stolen by the nuns and sold to fascist families that “supported” the church. In Spain it is a unfolding scandal – in Ireland it is still something we don’t / can’t believe …”

          • On further research, the origin of the Irish Catholic Mother & Child homes was Protestant methods drawn from the British.

            From what I can see, the abuse is caused by moralistic decadence. Meaning elitist and arrogant people looking down their noses at others. Others who are probably having much better fun than them.

            There is definitely something wrong with religious people. Always felt it as a child that religion cramped the human brain and potential.

  10. I think the conjob stitchup evidence rort spewing out of the crim-types attesting in the get Gillard commission is going to backfire shortly. The caper is transparent and the trust factor needed to pull off this type of smear by the LNP is now totally absent.

    • For all the hot air about corrupt union officials I have to say, speaking from many years experience as a senior union official whose responsibility was to prepare annual financial reports to the Industrial Registrar, that there is precious little rorting that goes on.

      The auditing demands are very strict, down to the last cent, and expenditure has to be justified in accordance with registered union rules. A breach of the rules, if serious, could see the union punished severely or even deregistered.

      My experience is that most union officials are scrupulously honest and also understand that it is MEMBERS’ money that they are spending. It’s a pity that some of our federal government politicians do not have the same regard for other people’s money money – e.g. the AWB scandal which saw $290 million paid to Iraq in the wheat for oil scandal. And more recently $inodinos’ attempt to rort $20 million.

      I believe that if the accounts of every Australian union were investigated, the total dollar amount of rorts would be nowhere near even $20 million, let alone the amount thrown around like confetti in the AWB scandal.

      It’s just another fucking witch hunt designed to eliminate the unions and thereby remove the last impediment to any sort of fairness in the workplace.

      The irony is, unions use members’ money to negotiate benefits and protections, but any gains must also be paid to non-members. Attempts to introduce a user-pays system for non-members were made during the Howard years, by the ETU I think.

      If memory serves, the union won the first court case but it was challenged by the Prime Miniature and Lurch (Peter Reith) and ultimately knocked off.

      • It is truly pathetic. Gillard prepared a Power of Attorney for a client who may – may – have used it to do something which may – may – have been irregular.

        And she chose her then boyfriend without doing a police check and getting him to sign a declaration that he was of good character and that he always will be.

  11. Your examples are excellent, Bob.

    Convert them into ‘Lines for Shorten’, perhaps?

  12. Jennifer Wilson says it very well, as she usually does :

  13. It is clear from Abbott and Chief Credlin being granted a 2.5 hours audience in New York with spiritual leader of world’s media, that a massive counter attack has been readied. Think of Abbott as Mussolini in Berlin, after the Allies have routed his armies in North Africa, getting reassurance that crack tabloid divisions will stop at nothing protect him.

    Just as the Allies had still failed to liberate North Italy when the war ended, consider how fragile a lead that Labor and Bill Shorten hold now despite Murdoch and ABC Copycat News having kept much of their powder dry until the Senate determines where the battlelines will be drawn. Until then there’s plenty of ammunition from Royal Commissions on “demonic” union bosses and pinkbats “negligence” and and the usual tabloid suspects to obviate polls exploding toward 60 2PP for Shorten like O’Farrell’s and Newman’s.

    Now that Murdoch has Hockey’s flanks covered (so to speak), Joe’s emboldened to stoke up his Greed-is-good propaganda. Afterall, their government’s fate is now safely in the hands of the Senate. Dearly Beloved WorkChoices was doomed by their own fanatics in the Upper House, but this time the gods have smiled on Joe, Tony, Rupert and Peta with enough PUP, Indy and Green Senators to block most of the worst budget nasties.

    And lest we forget, their widely-loathed petrol tax rise is going to be sanctified by the sainted Greens, handing Murdoch as well as ABC News the free-kick to boast that the government is serious about stopping Climate Change. So too, Clive Palmer will gift his formidable persuasiveness to the axing of our Carbon reduction market and who knows what else.

    The next two “caring and sharing” budgets will claw the polls back close to a 50-50 stalemate while Murdoch, their ABC and the radio ratbaggers, as always, control the airspace during an elongated election campaign. Thankfully, we still have La Resistance led by Bob Ellis, Laura Tingle, Peter Fitzsimons, Victoria Rollinson, Mike Carlton, Chris Graham, Bernard Keane and other courageous folk-heroes.

    Yet, by far the biggest question is whether Abbott and Murdoch will, metaphorically, invade Russia. Que Sera Sera.

  14. After the World Bank and the IMF have slashed growth forecasts, I wonder how that impacts on Hockey’s global master plan for the world’s leading economies to add 2% to world growth as announced at the G20?

  15. Paragraph on paragraph of repeated descriptions of Hockey, and his tenure as treasurer.

    When four words will do, in a language the people understand.

    Hockey is a Cunt.

    • careful, you may be accused of talking in platitudes by the Petrified occasional troll.


      • DQ…DQ….If you think I give a flying fuck about what people think of me on here you are mistaken.

        I am a true believer in the cause DQ, we all fight the man in our own way. I know my foul mouth drives some cunts nuts, that’s why I do it.

        Don’t let it go to your head DQ, I think you are whip smart, platitudes just aint your shtick.

        I have read your serious shit, it is the real McCoy.

    • Many home truths are platitudinous,Phill. You’re on the money with HIAC :grin:

      Lovin that your Hendrix “shredding”, blows the young folk away… :mrgreen:


    Why is it only class warfare when we fight back?

    Michael Leunig puts it so well:

    “I think Australia’s mood and morale have worsened considerably. The actions of the Government are harsh and its demeanour has been appalling. Citizens are mostly able to understand and bear tough measures but they cannot abide administrative bad faith and leadership that engages so obviously in bullying and antagonistic culture war against much of the population.

    The sense of autocracy, corruption and overbearing male authoritarianism is palpable and, of course, people don’t like it. It is evident that the Government refuses to embrace the whole of society with warmth, compassion and magnanimity. The wealth divide is growing alarmingly.

    The sectarian tough guy political culture has never been so narrow, immature, emotionally retarded or so dysfunctional – and it is all so utterly boring, unimaginative and colourless. The people of Australia are mostly lovelier, saner and wiser than the Government.

    • “The sense of autocracy, corruption and overbearing male authoritarianism is palpable”

      To me, this epitomises the paternalistic hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church…Birds of a feather??

  17. Thank Patagonia. Love Leunig. Brilliant isn’t he?

    Have you ever met a lovelier man than Joe Hockey? ha! ha! ha! So gross isn’t he? Fat-faced petulance and smugness to the nth degree.

    • It’s the sweating that makes me want to hurl up my dinner…gross! And not to get stuck into fat people, I’ve carried extra poundage a few times over the years, but in the years since being fat became a social crime have you ever seen a fat Australian PM? Fraser, Hawke, Keating, Howard, Rudd, Gillard were all in pretty good shape. If Joe has any aspirations in this regard, he’d better do something about his weight.

    • Here’s the link to the full interview. I love it that he says that as a Living Treasure, he gets no special treatment. And yet our retired pollies are living it up on the public purse. I vote that our Living Terasures should get a suite of benefits equivalent to that of ex-pollies.

  18. What a stinking, stupid fat pig he his demanding everyone leave their brain at the door and “support this budget’ like the crypto-neo fascist that he is. What a fat turd. He needs to be hoisted on his own petard.

  19. “He needs to be hoisted on his own petard.”

    “Alas, poor Polonius! I knew him…”


  20. Please don’t insult pigs. I’m serious. They are as loving, warm and intelligent as any dog.

    Please don’t eat them, if you have any belief in social justice. Or even if you don’t.

    The meat industry is one of the biggest polluters, it wastes more water than any other industry. If you care about the environment, stop it now. If you complain about the puppet Tony destroying the environment, stop eating meat,

    If you care about your arteries or erections, stop clogging them up with animal fats. Your penis, if you have one, will thank you.

    • That’s it no more bacon for me.

      My wife took my bacon sandwich away as soon as she read that.

      Give me a break. Can’t I have both / Fanny and Pork?

      • Of course. Animal fats come from animals. That may seem trite, but the point is that you produce them yourself. No matter what your diet, you will produce animal fats. The most extreme Vegan produces animal fats and if genetically predisposed will clog up his/her own arteries.

        So keep chomping on the bacon; those pigs were only alive at all because we like them, especially the crackling.

        • Having a bad gut and visiting stomach specialists many times, I was told the same thing.

          I was also told that there is no such thing as a vegetarian. There is apparently an enzyme in dairy products that we can’t live with out.?????????

    • Socialist Erica

      It is time for us all to become vegans, one small step towards a better world for all :grin:

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