Abbott’s End (37): The Last Nine Days

It’s likely Abbott will be overthrown in the next nine days and his successor Dutton, Hunt or Turnbull rapidly and brutally excise Hockey from the Treasury; not certain, but likely.

Why do I say this? Well, in Question Time today he, Tony, was very strange indeed, his face calm but his voice arching upwards huskily into polecat soprano as he asserted repeatedly that ‘not one dollar’ had been cut from Health and Education, though Plibersek waved a government document saying eighty billion dollars had been, and his backbenchers’ faces behind him, and the Ministers’ faces beside him, were melancholy-dire. He seemed mad, and it was clear they’d given up on him, the worst policy-salesman in their history (he had lost, in seven months as PM, 1.3 million votes), and were making frantic plans in hugger-mugger to be rid of him.

A while ago, it was revealed in the Fairfax online papers that no AFP officer had advised him not to go to Deakin lest he be roughed up there; he had made that up; he had lied about it. And here he was, lying again, reconfiguring history as he has this last fortnight, pretending the eighty missing billions were never there in the first place; had never existed; were figments of Shorten’s crazed imagination. No eighty billion; never ever.

This was familiar. This was the Tony who had attempted a punch-up on the floor of the House, and sneered at Bernie Banton in his last week of life, run out on his pregnant bride and broken Joe Hockey’s jaw. He had ‘gone rogue’, as the saying is, perhaps because of some back-pain-relieving drug, or simple angry sleeplessness, or some private crisis, or his Catholic conscience plaguing his dreams. But he was bonkers, innumerate, glitched, crinkle-eyed and repetitive (he urged Labor to ‘axe the Carbon Tax’) as Peter Costello predicted he would be. He had forgotten already the knighthoods due on the Queen’s Birthday. He was on some other planet. He was floating.

I predicted his arrival, and I was alone in doing so, correctly doing so; alone in the nation. I now predict his going.

Thursday or Friday next week.

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  1. We can hope that you are correct. Too many blows to the head in his boxing days. His penchant for telling lies is well documented and I suspect he goes to his priest each evening and is forgiven and so each day he, with a cleansed soul, with no consciense to bother him can tell more lies. His religion is partly to blame.

    • not sure if i want him gone i want a DD or block supply they cannot change the budget that would mean there was NO budget emergency they fibbed a new election must be called by the gg if they are fibbing

      • Maree Elizabeth

        I agree, I want a new elected government, not just a change in guard..

      • Thanks for watching and tuning us in to this, Bob. I’ve stopped listening and looking, as it’s just too much.

        I, too, want a new election.

      • Can you all please leave religion out of this – just because he claims to be a Catholic. It’s amazing – someone just needs to mention it and the bashers come out. People can be good and people can be bad, and then claim to be “religious”. It’s not the religion, it is the person. Abbott is a joke. Full stop.

    • No, his religion is NOT to blame. HE himself is to blame. I am Catholic and there are good Catholics (there are bad ones too – they chose to be bad)

      • Not to blame his religion is like saying guns do not kill people, people do. But without easy access to guns people would not get shot. So it stands to reason that without sccess to Catholic forgiveness people (Catholics) would not have consciences cleaned by absolution. Just a thought.

        • You clearly don’t understand what absolution is about. It’s not a free pass to go out and continue to sin, the act of contrition has to be genuine otherwise there can be no absolution. Abbott’s policies are at odds with the Churches on so many points it’s laughable that he ever could have been a priest and that he has sold himself as part of the Christian right. His is a faith of convenience much like his politics. It’s pretty simple Abbott is the enemy not the Catholic Church or the Pope, even the Archbishop of Canterbury for that matter. I suggest you keep Abbott in your sights and forget about the rest.

          • That’s what you reckon, is it? Unfortunately not everyone seems to agree with you. What about the priests who gave other priests absolution for abusing children – over and over again?

            • And there was me believing in that old Catholic get-out-free card of “It is easier to get forgiveness than to get permission”!

              • Christianity teaches blind faith, teaches to fear knowledge, never question, accept the word of god and his representatives on earth over actual scientific evidence. Religion is dangerous. Religion starts wars. It divides people. It’s also completely stupid. On the bright side, it’s a good indicator for how stupid someone is. They attend church and say they’re christian or catholic, chances are they are completely stupid. Saves us all the time to find that out the slow way. So it has that in its favour.

            • The Turnip Boy

              Absolution is only granted when you are truly repentant. IE- submit to prosecution if required. (Lapsed Catholic)

      • It’s a concern when some of the religious leaders are having homosexual relations with children while spouting how homosexuality is evil.

        No, I’m not attacking you, Anne.

        • John Di Carluccio

          Confession is the sacrament of reconciliation, forgiveness is NEVER automatic, it is only given if the Lord searches his heart and sees that heis TRULY sorry

          • It is NOT homosexuality to have sex with children. It is PAEDOPHILIA – they are paedophiles they are not GAY – this is a very disturbing comment.

        • Ryan, so if a man has sex with a female child you’d call that hetrosexual sex?

      • So you’re saying that Catholics, despite their religion, make their own choice to be good or bad? Funny, that’s just what us aetheists do. So what difference does religion make?

      • There are, like there are good Muslims and good Nazis. But their respective creeds give them a headstart on being totally fucked up.

      • Sometimes the unrepentant compulsive liar knows no boundries, only cliffs.

    • Sir Tones of Liar Liar wants a DD. Let’s give it to him.

      Let’s force the structural separation of Telstra and get the NBN back on track.

      Let’s bring in legislation to stop the intentional lies to Federal Parliament.

    • What “boxing days,” David? This was one of the first of his great lies. His entire boxing career consisted of 5 3-round contests against other university students.

    • I’m with you guys – rather throw the whole LNP mob out. Changing leaders is just a ploy to appease the masses – still the same murky, low life, vile LNP ideology lurking there. Can’t afford the MSM to bombarding us with constant leadership challenges – can’t handle it again – waste of time and distraction!

    • Trevor Edmond

      I knew the Catholic Church had some role to play in this.

  2. By any yard stick Abbott is bonkers, Hockey is on Alpha Centauri, and Cormann thinks this is Kristallnacht Mk 2. With apologies to Arnie, his advisor and mentor.

    What a laugh it all is.

    You could see it in the eyes of the back benchers during question time, their pensions slowly slipping away. The mood was palpable, Pyne looked like he had been given a shot of heroin, he was shell shocked.

    Yep, I agree with Mr Ellis, Abbott is on borrowed time.

    The Turdball will make his move soon, looking at him today he had a spring in his step, the smiles returning to his usual dour kisser.

    It wont be long.

    • I hope it’s not Turnbull, Phill – I really hope it’s not.

      As I’ve posted before, I would like to see Eric Abetz in the role, and watch from a decent vantage point as the LNP implodes. Into a black hole. And that it would take decades to recover.

      Bolly all round, on me.

      • Indeed as do I. This man is that far up himself only his shoe laces hang from his own arse. He is that shallow he could parachute out of a snakes arse.

        From the times I have observed him especially on Q&A, he tries to come across as the elder statesman. He thinks he has the slow thought out delivery and wit of say a Bob Ellis.

        He tries to look trendy in his leather jacket, like one of the boys. Fail.

        I agree, Abetz would finally put the nail in the coffin of this tawdry bunch of arse holes.

      • I always regarded Nick Minchin as the driver of the Abbottmobile, with Peta as the on-board navigator and hubby Loughnane as the service station attendant.

        The key to Abbott’s future in the party (whose ownership has not changed since Howard’s stint) is the answer to this question:

        When Abbott cancelled Steve Brack’s appointment as Consul in New York, and replaced him with the Minch, was that Tony’s bribe to take the kingmaker off the board, or the prize Nick demanded in return for getting Tony in the game?

        If the former, Abbott will hang on, smiling down from the cross at his smiling Abbettes, murmuring eli, eli, lama sabbacthani but demanding resurrection;

        if the latter, expect the spear of Longinus to enter stage right at any moment.

        • Refresh my memory, Dali – was he the gentleman centurion who put Caligula out of his misery?

          Great scene from I, Claudius, if that is so.

          • GW – not Little Boots but Jesus.

            He was the first Roman to wear a tiny hourglass strapped to his wrist to tell the time, too. Little known fact.

            • I thought the watch was invented by Alexander the Great – he found a legendary pool that changed colour according to the time of day. He ripped off part of his tunic and dipped it into the water, and then wrapped the band around his wrist. thus it became known as Alexander’s Rag Timeband.

            • “Alexander’s Rag Timeband”

              applause loud and endless

              I first heard the Andrews Sisters sing that song at the Cocktail Lounge of the Hamilton Hotel in Chatanooga, where I was staying at the time.

              Roy Rogers was also a guest and was angrily berating the concierge and waving his expensive new white shoes which had been clearly chewed over.

              The manager appeared with a scrawny cat gripped firmly in one hand and interrupted the screaming cowboy…

              Pardon me Roy, is this the cat that chewed your new shoes?

      • glowy
        the configuration of the upper and lower houses and mechanics of the upper house and lower house make it almost impossible for a member from either elected party to hold the position of Prime Minister whilst serving as an elected member of the Senate —which Abetz is an elected member

        • That must piss Abetz off! Let’s have a referendum and change it so the poor, tortured fellow gets his chance … Thanks lance.

          • That’s a pity. I always thought Penny Wong would be a potential PM

            • Kevin I think PennyWong would be a great PM – but as a country we couldn’t cope with a female PM, so we’d never cope with a gay female PM – well not in our lifetimes… :sad:

              • Carolyn Janson

                Yes, this is one of the saddest indictments of our society. It suggests that old white men have far more influence on our culture than they should. :evil:

      • Wishful thinking

        Is this all wishful thinking. If not, I too would like to see them suffer with the likes of Eric Abetz or Kevin Andrews in the role first before the whole show goes belly up. It would be worth a few months of pain to see how the media would react.

      • Eric Abetz,would be a great choice ,then that Thatcherite fool could be the captain of the good ship Liberal party and go down with the ship,Watch the rats run for the lifeboats when The good ship liberal founders on the rock of Lies and deceit

    • no not turnbull we want for get what he did with NBN and read Rob oakshots,book how he was ask to join alp
      i for one do not want turnbull love a comment from bob on turnbulls chances pls

      • But what he ‘did’ with the NBN was purely dictated by Abbott as a poison pill to stop Turnbull from ever having leadership ambitions ever again.

  3. Abbott & Hockey will survive until the senate does whatever it is going to do to the Budget. After that all bets are off.

    If he does go anytime this year no chance in hell that Dutton or Hunt get the nod why would they? How could either be an asset to the libs?

    The Libs may be mad but electoral suicide is still a ways off

    • Who can forget the relentless polling when Labor was in power asking us weekly if we preferred Gillard or Rudd as our prime minister. So now the other mob is in government and in a bit of trouble may we please have a similar poll. Abbott or Turnbull – ask us weekly, please?

      • A poll of 2000 Australians :

        Who is your preferred PM?

        1. Abbott
        2. Hockey
        3. Morrison
        4. Pyne
        5. Bishop
        6. Abetz
        7. Dutton
        8. None of the above?

        Results : Number 8 got 1998 votes; 1 “don’t know”, and 1 was Abbott’s mum.

        Headline :

        Abbott the overwhelming choice as PM!

      • Yes I was polled daily, sometimes more than daily for weeks at a time (I still have a land line.) I have not been polled ONCE since the election.

        Interesting segment on HACC (JJJ) tonight about the fact that female students who take time away from the workplace to have babies will be hit harder by the changes to HECS loans and depending on the amount of time they spend out of the workforce, will take up to 13 years longer to pay off their loans than a person who remains in the workforce.

    • Agree. It would be nice if Bob Ellis were right but I’d be prepared to bet against it. It would be a pleasure to lose the bet.

    • They might just pick Hunt, it would be their Billy McMahon moment. Imagine Hunt as PM and Dutton as Deputy. We would all fade away and die with the unrelenting mind numbing fog of boredom that would settle over us.

      • Carolyn Janson

        LOL! Yes. But seriously, I hope Ellis is wrong, because Abbott and Hockey are our best hope for burying the LNP fathoms deep for decades. If they changed horses, too many waverers would gain new hope and we’d be having to educate them all over again. no, please! Let them stay, I can bear it for a while yet…. :twisted:

        • Wagner Von Trot

          a fathom is 6 feet…I assume you didn’t realise this.

          And I would venture that any horse that stays at a depth of 2 fathoms or more would die. So really it’s not that much to swim out of.

          • Carolyn Janson

            Having been brought up with imperial measurements, yes, I did realise that. But your mind is evidently a little too literal, and maybe you don’t understand that “fathoms deep” is a well-known phrase, and well understood. As is ‘changing horses in mid-stream’. How many fathoms did you think I meant? Because as you can see, I didn’t say…. But this is just nit-picking, I assume you’re having a bad hair day. :roll:

            • Carolyn meet Trot. This is his usual level. Don’t waste your breath, other than for amusement.

              • Carolyn Janson

                Thanks Geoff, I gathered that! I rather enjoy doing a Bronwyn Biahop on these types at times! Just for fun….

        • Von Trot.
          I don’t like you nor your mode of address to others, nor your arguments, nor your goading of Kukura, Canguro and Doug. Why don’t you bugger off and let the discussion continue. We don’t agree always with each other, but some decorum is needed. You lack couth. Go.

          • Wagner Von Trot

            Calm now paddycake…there’s got to be some sport in this for all of us.

          • Carolyn Janson

            Paddy, I suspect, though I didn’t say in my reply, that vonTrot is just a troll, but I like to give people one chance. He’s had that chance, and now is invisible to me. Best way to deal them….

  4. Bob, what’s happened to the ‘Madness of Morrison’ post and replies?

    Not loading.

    Have you deleted it?

    The screen says ‘Error in establishing a database connection’.

  5. I don’t think they will move on him until they see a few more polls. Even than they will have to have him resign on his own free will, can’t look like Labor can they.
    Maybe he could say to the nation I fell off my bike and had a spiritual awakening and I really have to go now. Pell is calling me. Than Malcolm could come back and get the fright of his life when we reject him on mass over the NBN.

    As I have said before they are between a rock and a hard place. I don’t think we will ever see this situation again where the people actually have voted in an idiot.

    • I agree daisy blue, Turnbull has towed the toady line behind the pariah minister & treasure for too long now for a truly angry population to warm to a personality and some how disassociate him with the party of pain. The blue tie brigade should start viewing those ties as a noose.

      • That’s if he gets it above Hockey, and if he does his biggest enemies will be behind his back.

      • the public will not take on turnbull especially the young re nbn and whatare any of them going to say ‘look there was NO budget emergency after all’
        no the GG should sack them all 4 going along with budget emergency other wise why have GG if the libs are fibbing about the state of the economy

  6. Rosemarie,
    Probably because Murdoch controls most of the polling.

  7. Finally. I am marking the calendar!

  8. 9 days? I think he will be in a straight jacket before then.

  9. Bill Shorten had Abbott by the balls in question time today.

    Today’s Tony sounded more like Barry Gibb, about three octaves higher than Peta. And his speed of delivery back to double the ‘the new improved, ever so smooth reconditioned in control model model they trotted out about 12 weeks after the election.

    The other albatros he now carries around his neck is certain knowledge within the Liberal Party there is worse to come, when ICAC hearings reconvene & old Tone’s past as a fund raiser gets a mention..

  10. Surely that millionth lie that Abbot has told that the AFP warned him about visiting Deakin is the final straw. That is a direct, complete and total lie. He must go now. All the lies he told during the election about taxes, all the lies he and Hockey are telling about the Budget and the deficit, all the lies he told about finding the blackbox of MH370 and now this. He is a complete nut case and total lunatic.

    • and a gutless little wimp who is, as my dear nanna used to say “all mouth and trousers”.

    • He was assuring the house in question time there would be no ad campaign to sell the ‘stinking carcass’ Budget2014.
      When the mailouts occur, I suppose he will say that is not an ad campaign. Can anything the guy says be trusted now?
      However, I really wonder if the Libs have the stomach to change a PM. Its more like they have a death wish and will go to the next election with him.

  11. Transparency Girl

    This is the best prediction I have ever read. Oh really hope you are correct about this. Have posted on FB and tweeted. :grin:

  12. I hope he stays as PM – the best asset Labor has…

    • Totally agree, Stuart. A change in leaders could unleash very successful damage control, and it’s a LONG time until the next election.

      Also, the longer Tony stays, the more obvious his insanity appears to the general public. I mean that literally. He is not of sound mind. The fact that he’s a scumbag and a neo-liberal policy whore is a separate issue.

  13. Michelle Hartley

    :?: Am I reading this correctly? Started a punch up in parliament? Broke Joe Hockeys Jaw? Run out on his pregnant bride? Is this Tony Abbott we are reading about? Can someone please tell me when all this happened. Have I missed something?

  14. Rowan Walters

    Ye gods, I hope you are right, Bob!
    Tony Abbott meets all the diagnostic criteria of a psychopath, and he has made it perfectly clear he has neither conscience nor compassion.
    What I find most repugnant though is that Abbott is a “citizen of convenience”.
    That is, he only applied for Australian citizenship at the age of 24!!
    And what really stinks about his citizenship application is tht it was lodged in June, 1981, was fast-tracked with help from the Fraser Government, and was processed just in time for the new Australian citizen to apply for a Rhodes Scholarship for which he was ineligible as a UK citizen.
    Thus, Tony Abbott effectively stole the opportunity of a free Oxford education from a native Australian, since he had originally had neither desire nor intention to become naturalised, as he had planned to return to England.
    And in more recent history, the irony of the leadership coup by Tony Abbott is that he only defeated Malcom Turnbull by one vote – Peter Slipper’s!
    And just look how he repaid him.
    Without doubt Tony Abbott is the single worst Prime Minister this country has ever had, and it will only be in the best interests of all Australians that his shameful tenure of the highest elected office in the land is brought to a speedy end.

  15. The sooner the better, but I would have serious problems with Hunt. He is from the same stupid stock

    • No he’s not

      He is my cousin and there are some in the family that weill not speak to Gregg because of his current actions.

      I imagine his father who was reponsible for Victoria’s Green protections would not be resting comfortably if he knew what his son was complicit to.

  16. Mr. Ellis, were I a praying woman, I would be on my knees right now,praying that you are correct! Undortunately I am not but, in this case, could almost make an exception. I do so hope that you are right and that we can be rid of these two imbecilic creatures.

  17. I would like to see Abbott’s application for a Rhodes scholarship. Did he use his ‘work’ with the aborigines as the lever?

  18. Hmmm. Malcolm Turnbull is and always will be nothing more than a bully. He went to scouts with my uncle and because Turnbull had rich parents, he looked down his nose at every one
    If he gets in….. oh I don’t know what we’ll do

  19. I’ll believe it when I hear about it on the news

  20. Nice diagnosis Dr., but how far will the excision of this cancer have to go? I fear that if the op is only local then the malignancy remaining will fester and re-establish into a more virulent malaise.

  21. Linda Thompson

    It has crossed my mind, considering the lack of intelligence displayed by Tony, and, his habit of lying, that he might have cheated to be eligible for that scholarship.

    He does not behave like a scholar.

    I noted the shrill voice in question time as well.
    I hope you are correct re the 9 days.

  22. It would appear that the timeliness of citizenship issues were not only a problem for the PM. Senator Abetz entered the Senate in 1994. As Minister responsible for the Australian Electoral Act a constituent asked him when did he request the German Government to cancel his German citizenship. An essential qualification to sit in the Senate is that you cannot hold dual citizenship.
    Search Tas Times blog re this issue, note the photo advert for Abetz, click on it and discover even more.

  23. Here Here!! What a relief it will be for all!

  24. I am counting sleeps!

  25. You people are a little too negative and biased against the Liberals.

    Tony will be PM for about 20 years or more until he turns 70 or whenever the pension age falls first.

    Let me prove it to you.

    Tonight for the first time, Bronwyn Bishop as Speaker of the House ejected from parliament for one hour, one of her own, Queensland Liberal MP Ewen Jones.

    She evicted one of her own – a LIBERAL!

    Lets not hear any more innuendo about Liberal biases.

    You know there are none. So fess up.

    Allegations against the Libs are all baseless.

    Let bells ring throughout the land. Bronwyn is fair and reasonable.

    After 101 Labor people were ejected by her, one Liberal was found to have sinned and dually evicted.

    A ratio of 101:1

    That sounds about fair to me.

    Tony might be 80 and completely dotty. But he will still be your prime minister in 20 years time. So Suck it up.

    Most of you, will be in the mad house by then.

    I however, will be still popping champagne and onto my 3rd trophy wife.

    • Frank………..The penny has finally dropped eh?

      I see in South Australia the Liberal leader has joined the Labor party. It’s over Frank…Just like I predicted.

      What about you Frank, when are you going to get with the program and join us? We are headed for a large victory. Doncha just love it when a plan comes together? Gillard should be given the Nobel for political nouse. :) Gee Frank what are we gonna do when this mob gets the arse. There will be no reason to abuse each other. Of course you’ll be catatonic. I’ll be as silly as a wheel with shear delight. We might have to meet up for a beer when I come to the land of incest and skyscrapers.

      My youngest boy is stationed up your way I’m coming up later in the year to see the kiddie winks.

      What went wrong Frank?

      • Beautiful weather at the moment in QLD Phill. Come over, you will love it. I haven’t been very active here as I’m renovating the house and taking advantage of cheap labour rates exploiting the poor tradies. They all love me though as I keep ‘em laughing. I’m putting in a new kitchen. Doing an extension under the house. Might put in a few asian students in rentals as its still a booming market in QLD and Campbell Newman is doing a great job. Arguing with the wife over colours. Its all Noosa greys and groovy blacks. She is such a slave to trends. She has no idea. Thank God I tell her what to think. Its a hard job…

      • He is a former liberal leader. The SA libs have been useless for over a decade. Not helped of course by Christopher Pyne putting his oar in.

        I actually live in his electorate. I’ve never voted for him and never will, but when I have had to deal with him to have issues sorted out, he has been very helpful, knowing full well I never vote for the libs.

    • Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

      Give us a call after Bronny ejects Pyne, Hockey and Abbott.

      (watch out, here comes Matron!)

    • better pop the champers now ,thats not a bet i would be placing!Bronwyn Bishop a fair and impartial speaker is like saying Charles Manson was a good family man

  26. James Williamson

    Abbot gets a pimple on his backside , he gets infuriated and asks for a police investigation to be sent into his underpants to see if Labor was responsible for it.

  27. A TKO after a few more rounds perhaps?

  28. Shirley Green

    I’ve come back for a second reading of this just to cheer myself up. I do hope you are right Mr Ellis.

  29. House renovating, I wondered where you got to. Me and the missus headed out the day before yesterday for the goldfields, we are home already. We planned to be away three weeks. It pissed down. As usual I left it too late.

    Glad your getting a good deal on the labour mate, it costs 400 bucks here for some prick to clean out your gutters.

    What ever happened to Bob a Job?

    Yea I hear Newman’s doing a great job, I hear they are building a scaffold for him. Apparently they are going to do Abbott, Newman, Cormann, and Hocky all at the same time. Jesus they’ll want a thick rope for Hocky. That fat fuck must be about sixteen stone. The shadow of his arse would weigh five kilos.

    Yea, I know what you mean about the wife. I’ve shown her how to wash the dishes at least once since we got married 45 yrs ago, she still gets fat stains on the plates. Good help hard to get.

    • Phil and Frank, why do you display your private insults and small talk for all to see? I will assume your insulting comments about your wives are designed to hook rabid feminists like me into some kind of rant about misogynists?

  30. While you mention Hunt, Dutton and Turnbull as possible replacements, there is a dark horse hiding on the back bench – Christian Porter grandson of a founder of the Liberal party!

  31. Please please please let what predict be true … Bob Ellis. It can’t go on like this. Abbott and Hockey have lost the plot and need to be removed immediately – oh it would be an added bonus to see Pyne gone as well.

  32. :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Just had to say that this the best and most entertaining page I’ve come across re the current un-government. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Thanks, I needed a good laugh. There’s an overwhelming swelling of vitriol permeating the whole nation. It’s chilling to watch Abbott. His stage debut has failed bitterly and the crowds want their money back. “Get him off!” they cry. He isn’t handling it very well. Everyone, deep down in their gut, knows that Tone’s gotta go.

    • Yeah Gaielle in my lifetime the amount of widespread genuine anger in the Australian community is unprecedented.
      The LNP can try their reinforcement mantra but unlike coca cola or mc d’s reinforcement advertising is only effective when the customers already want what’s being sold. While they shouldn’t be forgiven for LIEING and gaining government under false pretences, history might be kinder to them if they fell on their swords.

    • Where’s the scaffold, I’ve got my knitting!!!!

  33. Why has it taken this long?He is a madman if he thinks the Australian people will except his lies and secrecy.We are not a communist country to obey everything the government directs or else.Is this why he is removing the right for free speech by making protesting illegal?God i hope you are right on the money with your prediction.

  34. Deus Absondis


    I pick up on your speculation Abbott “had ‘gone rogue’, as the saying is, perhaps because of some back-pain-relieving drug”.

    I have commented elsewhere that Abbott presents with certain neurological/psychiatric signs that I attribute to acquired brain injury. His prior experience in concussive sports such as boxing and rugby certainly make him a candidate. Paul Sheehan’s artcle “Has Tony Abbott gone Mad” (SMH 11/05/2014, see also my comment 5th from the end) dismisses clinical questions as “petulant speculation about his clinical sanity, a game which has already worn thin”

    I challenge this as to my eye Abbott presents with both cognitive and motor functions that are attributable to the early presentation of what is called “dysexecutive syndrome” as a consequence of frontal lobe damage, incurred during boxing and rugby. I could include a quite a long list of neurological signs, many of which anyone familiar with Abbott’s past and current behaviour would recognise, and some of which you have touched on. One muscular sign, however, is the ‘military stance’- a rigid torso and neck. This could be put down to ‘wear and tear’ and postural compensation but it could have a central (brain) basis. Another sign which many have commented on is the odd motions of his tongue-a neurological sign called athestosis, it could however also be the beginning of chorea form movement disorder-both have an organic basis that could be attributable to brain injury or certain anti-psychotic medications (ABI is sufficient and I’ve no knowledge of his use of anti-psychotic medications).

    That he may have back pain and be under the influence of pain killers, as you suggested, had not crossed my mind until one particular “presser”, as you in the trade refer to it. On this occasion earlier this year Abbott presented, with two minders to the rear, in what to my eye was an intoxicated state. He was not so much as ‘calm’ but more ‘spacey serene’, a scrubbed up glow. glazed eyed, unruffable to the point it would seen he could take on any question and he moved slowly to and from the presser. Whatever possible drug he may have been on didn’t effect his speech-the normal slow pace but it was les halting than normal. A strong pain killer (opioid) could be a contender if it had been recently administered. There are other contenders, some quite exotic, but I believe I would stretch credulity to mention them. That drugs are experimented with by politicians and their minders wouldn’t come as a surprise. There has been mention that the stimulant Modafinil was used by staff in the cram during the preparation of the budget.

    One facet of what we may be witnessing, indeed I feel quite certain, is an intersection between neuro-pathology and politics. We could all be suffering from Abbott’s prior boxing and rugby experiences.

    This isn’t a new subject area as others have approached the subject with John F Kennedy, Ronal Reagan and other. Brevity doesn’t allow me to expand on Abbott’s case. Perhaps I shall elsewhere, sometime.

    Politics in general, it takes different types of nuts to make a fruit cake.

    As to your speculation on Abbott’s political longevity, a certain sports bet agency is offering 3.5 Abbott, 5.00 Shorten as first to face a leadership challenge and 5.00 and 3.5 for first leader to go.


    • DA I have no medical background but have speculated, but only intuitively, here in the past about this subject, concussive brain damage. If it proves true some time in the future we are entitled to ask who knew and at what stage and it may elicit some sympathy from us but… he has been a raver from his early days. He deserves everything negative coming his way.

      • I’ve often tweeted during pressers or QT that it seems there’s Valium involved (nb: not an MD or Psych. Prof. nor qualified in any way other than to serve drinks and cook food) with any of the top 3 boys with toys; was unaware that he was under treatment for back-pain (don’t even start to try and get any empathy from me Tones, I was born with a back problem) but many of the current pop-a-pill treatments for those complaints can have neuro-psychological ramifications for decision making and the operation of heavy machinery (Ship of State anyone?)…’splains a lot

  35. Deus Absondis

    Argh, typos, d at the end of Ronald, s at the end of others

  36. You predicted his going a bunch of times last year too. How many columns were titled ‘Last Days of the Liberals’?

    Strangely enough, they’re still here, and those columns are no longer accessible. Funny that.

    Easy to pretend to be some great predictor if all you do is talk up the handful of times you were right and whitewash the myriad of times you were just plain wrong.

    • Mr Ellis is not just predicting but WILLING these events to be true, as most of are. Why do you think we do that?

      • As I’ve touched on before, you do this because you appear to live in a fantasy world.

        There’s lots of things that I want to be true. I know however that their likelihood of these things occurring will be minimal at best.

        As such I do not constantly make myself look silly by predicting them to occur. Such an act would undermine whatever credibility I might have- An important commodity to have if you hope to convince people with any arguments you might make.

      • Maybe Geoff is a passive excommunication placing one outside, beyond the pale. Will and thought power should never be underestimated. White blood cells attacking an infection or germ.

    • O’Ryan, you really are a spoil-sport, none of us are clairvoyants or gods.

      If Bob’s predictions upset you that much, why do you come here….

      • I come here to inject a little rationality and reality into the discourse Helvi, not to indulge in silly fantasies.

        The predictions do not upset me- Rather they amuse me in how incredibly off-base they are.

    • Hear, Hear, O’Ryan.

      But this is what we can expect for the next three years from Leftists; Their Propaganda Agenda being pushed by the same Lefties who accuse the media of pushing a propaganda agenda.

  37. The party will never swallow Turnbull, but if they don’t, he’ll head across the aisle to Labor. I thinks that’s the spectre haunting the backbench.

  38. Don’t forget Pyne! We need to get rid of him too, of course. Oh. and Abetz, he has to go!! And . . .

  39. Hope you are right. TA scores far too well on the PCL R for my comfort level. I will never forget his unforgivable contempt towards Bernie Banton, his descriptions of female Lib candidates as having ‘sex appeal’ (sheesh), nor the fact that he continually lies about lying- going back to The Prince now, because I need to be vigilant and aware. Great post, Mr Ellis.

  40. I don’t think it’s that he’s the worst policy salesman. I think the policy is just that bad that no amount of selling could convince us (the Australian people).

  41. Antony Waltho

    I have been saying for a month now that you will find the next election will not have Tony Abbott as Prime Minister.

    He will become the most unpopular Prime Minister in Australian history.

  42. Am I the only one who would much prefer him remain the unpalatable face of this revolting government? As satisfying as it would be to see him be toppled the fact is that Turnbull was a chief architect of Work’Choices’ and the other alternatives were willing accomplices. I would much rather see this all implode a bit longer so that such policy can truly be dead, buried and cremated.

    • Carolyn Janson

      You’re not the only one, Hannah. I would prefer Abbott to stay and finish the job of finishing this appalling party, so that it does not get back up for decades. Personally I will NEVER again trust any Liberal Party. That said, the thought of Abbott and Co for another two years does make me physically sick.

      • Exactly, exactly and exactly. While we would all like to see these hyenas fall, I hope they stay, and keep blundering and shooting themselves in both feet until the election.

        It’s the best strategy for wiping the floor with them.

    • Yep, they have form in hanging on to political successful leaders, and we need time to line Turnbull up in our sites as well. I have been wanting them to target Turnbull for a while now.

  43. I think we need to educate the public, particularly the younger generation, on how the voting system works. People need to be aware of who they giving their preference to so we don’t end up with these clowns again.

  44. “A while ago, it was revealed in the Fairfax online papers that no AFP officer had advised him not to go to Monash lest he be roughed up there; he had made that up; he had lied about it.”

    Federal police in about-face

    • Of course it could not be within anyone’s imagination that there was phone call down the line to the officer in question to re-write.. no sorry I meant to re-read.. no sorry I meant to re-think what was advised. Hasn’t happened before has it?

    • I don’t know which is worse, Mal – Abbott making up the story about the AFP telling him of imminent peril at the hands of a bunch of students, or deciding not to go because Peta told him to to, or deciding not to go because he was terrified … the mind reels.

      • I wonder if they decided in their morning meeting to camp at ABC studios and then get in the BMWs and head over to 3AW – and bugger Geelong and Deakin

  45. I hope you’re right Bob!
    And ppppplease Liberals, give Turnbull the leadership so that we may see more balance moving forward!

    • So Abbott is to go and Malcolm Turnbull is already being hailed by some here as the new emperor. Well God help us all.

      True Abbott is a national embarrassment and even the thicker skinned in the LNP are starting to squirm. These are tough people . . . they put up with the likes of Pine and Andrews and and Truss and so very many other losers that they really do know a thing or two about how to live with embarrassment. So I guess Bob is right . . . next week . . . or some time sooner rather than later.

      But Malcolm Turnbull on any rational assessment is a neo-con opportunist of the worst order. Before Clive Palmer arrived he was possibly the richest man ever to sit in Parliament . . . and there have always been a lot of very rich men taking space in that place.

      The full story of his work with the self-boasting tax evader Kerry Packer, and the rewards he received for that work and the extent of his knowledge about Packers dealings, warrant far greater scrutiny than they have yet received, but it’s the kind of scrutiny that we will never see in this country where we look with relish at the expense accounts of union leaders and politicians but let our corporate business people and bankers off the hook time and time again to keep our great brothels in business . . . a seemingly very well known part of a great deal of Australian business. But I digress.

      Turnbull is only one part of the problem.

      Our hopeless media is the other.

      Our media, including much of our disappointing ABC, will never call the LNP for the liars they are, and yet they hounded Gillard throughout her Prime Ministership for doing what she said she would do prior to the election, put a price on carbon. What did they think she meant . . . that she would collect it in bottle tops? We all knew she would do what she said she would do and when she did it, charging less than 500 high polluting companies, and legislating like there was no tomorrow to prevent them passing the impost on to taxpayers, they called her a liar. Yes it was the mantra of Abbott and Hockey and Bishop and that other one, the execrable woman who now sullies the Speakers Chair, and the weasel-minded Pine and the whole sad, barely socially literate cabal, but it was our weasel word press that ran with it for the entirety of Gillard’s time in office. And then when there was an election they took on the role, to varying egregious degrees, of being the LNP/Abbott cheer squad.

      The ABC’s Kerry O’Brien and the few people who could actually mine the pit of Abbott’s incredible ignorance had been replaced by rude, conceited and far less able people . . . but everyone knows that. The ABC have been backing Turnbull for the job since his first slimy appearance on Q&A and the rest of the media are ready to do the same unconscionable job for him that they did for the LNP not yet 12 months past.

      Turnbull’s earlier dismissal might have brought the LNP neo-cons a little more time to pollute, and to get parts of their businesses off shore, but they have always known they would lose on climate change because they can not, even with foolish fall guys like Bolt and Jones on side, stop the inevitable consequences of ignoring the urgent, and near unanimous, appeals of the scientific community. You just can’t beat the climate and they have known it all along. So Turnbull’s return will not be something the neo-cons and our almost pathetic media aren’t ready for and he, being Turnbull, someone whose fossilised neo-con economics makes Abbott look like a positive wet, a veritable Santamarian democratic socialist, will know just how to keep the big end of town happy. He worked for Kerry Packer after all.

      Hockey is also an economic dry, very dry in fact, but as I have long argued he is a near economic illiterate and Turnbull will use someone far sharper to run the Treasury portfolio. My money would be on one of the sharpest arrows they have . . . and let’s face it they don’t have many . . . someone like Greg Hunt, a number cruncher with a work ethic that would put most of the Abbott Ministry to shame.

      Minchin is history, and there is nothing he can do this time around about Turnbull . . . just as Malcolm Fraser found he could do nothing about Abbott.

      If Bob Ellis is right, and against many people’s better judgements he has been in the past, this is no time to rest on what slim laurels are left in the Labor Party. Malcolm Turnbull will be PM for a long time and also a disaster, much Like Ted Beaurepaire was as Victorian Premier, but he will not be nearly so easily dis-Lodged as many people seem to think. You don’t need to be all that clever [and he’s not, as anyone who has listened to his half assed apologias for stopping the promise of the NBN knows] when you have Rupert Murdoch’s anti-democratic spin machine and the pathetic, soulless people who populate it, doing most of your work for you awarding you a free kick on every page.

      . . . and yes their distorting polling will start again, but it will be about the preferred leadership of the ALP and the Greens with Clive Palmer’s Tammany Hall Group thrown in for good measure. It’s called going from worse to worst and God it’s depressing.

      • Great post Mr Pollard – my thoughts exactly.

        Turnbull is urbane, charming and witty, and one of the most lethal pricks in Parliament.
        And the tragedy is there will be a stampede to the LNP by querulous and starry-eyed voters, mostly those females who now side with Labor, who think charm is all that matters. Abbott terrifies them, but Turnbull will be just the ticket.

        It will be a nightmare for Labor if he displaces Abbott, because they have barely enough rage for him … But against Turnbull, it will melt like sugar icing.

  46. alf dabrowski

    He is sick.

  47. alf dabrowski

    Abbott is desperately illusional.He needs rehabilitation.Is this not obviouse?

  48. I recon Bob Ellis is on the money……I noticed it too – “the doom”,
    the deadpan faces of the ministers and the cracking high voice of a petulant chid who is losing his battle…….bring it on and quick !!!!

  49. So…lemme get this straight….you think Abbott is going to be challenged for the leadership because…well, let’s use your own words:

    ‘Well, in Question Time today he, Tony, was very strange indeed, his face calm but his voice arching upwards huskily into polecat soprano as he asserted repeatedly that ‘not one dollar’ had been cut from Health.’

    Hmm. Sounds like a typical strong Leftie-Over-Dramatized-Argument-Made-Out-Of-Nothing that you have there.

    Maybe with the song and dance that your beloved Kevin and Julia of Labor did with the most esteemed political position in Australian politics has left you thinking it’s normal practice to treat this position with such indignity, but I can’t see the Liberals cheapening the Prime Ministership in the same fashion.

    I look forward to coming back here within 9 days to prove you wrong.

  50. Time for the Republic, so if yr correct, and I SO hope you are, maybe Malcolm will grease those wheels.

  51. Jane Caro for Prime Minister someday soon please?

  52. Interesting medical speculation Deus Absondis. I have Abbott in the pre -
    Parkinsons stage.

    His soprano caterwauling yesterday is probably just a case of bike balls, or pudendal neuropathy.

    ‘The pudendal nerve is between your genitals and your anus and is responsible for sending information, including pain signals, to the testicles and surrounding area. If your bicycle seat places pressure on the pudendal nerve, it can cause pain in the testicles and warn you of possible testicular damage. Pain from neuropathy is particularly noticeable when sitting and can also present with general numbness in the genital area.’

    The frantic pedalling to catch a fellow cyclist whose girlfriend hates him, was the final insult to those flagellated nads.

  53. “Liberal MP Dennis Jensen, has lashed out at what he says is his Government’s “incoherent” decision to slash funding for scientific research while at the same time introducing a new fee to help fund medical research.”

    Sinking ship, or what; first Martin Hamilton-Smith and now MP Dennis Jensen…

  54. I’ll drink to that.

    His replacement may not be any better, but consigning Abbott and Hockey to the rubbish tip, can only be a good thing.

  55. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Abbott was out on his butt soon, but not due to his unpopularity, more due to his strange behaviour.

    I’ve also long questioned how he could manage to complete assignments, when he cannot appear to be able to string a coherent sentence together. My conclusion had been that he paid someone else to do these for him.

    He was Howhard’s ‘attack dog’, and trotted out when they felt bully boy tactics were required, however my intuition is the he is himself actually emotionally very fragile, and this is evident in the interview when he was confronted regarding his inappropriate comments about the dead soldier.

    He shut down completely, and this is an indicator of someone who is traumatised. The changes in voice pitch also occur, due to emotional constriction in the throat area…some say it feels like they have a rock lodged in thei throat.

    I have also seen him with the tell-tale redness around the eyes, caused by tears or extreme tiredness, and there have been times when he has looked hungover.

    I agree with Deus that he could possibly have physiological issues too, and one lot of problems compounds the other.

    He is no Statesman or Speaker, a fact I’m sure he’s well aware of, and this would play into his insecurities.

    Whatever his issues are, Australians deserve someone who is rowing with both paddles in the water. It’s a shame we can’t have our leaders physically and psychologically certified as sound!

    • “rowing with both paddles in the water” –
      -that’s a good one Lisa.

      With the Tabbott government invoking its “on-water” claim of immunity from public accountability to shield anything that might shed any light on its activities – I can only say he may not be the full squid.

    • Thank you for ‘Howhard’, Lisa, so much more fitting than Honest John.

    • I am no handwriting analyst, but I have had thoughts about Abbott’s signature. A very large ‘T’ and very small ‘ony’ followed by a scribbled ‘Abbott’.
      I think he has major personality problem invoving self-esteem and the need for power and ‘importance’ to bolster what he lacks inside.

  56. Naomi Radunski

    From your pen to the gods’ ears, Bob Ellis.

  57. To be honest, considering how early into the election, I expected LNP to grit their teeth and hope for the “bad press” storm to pass. Not to forget the major PR disaster it was for the ALP to change mid-way though term you would think it would be political suicide for the LNP to do the same. But, it might of been because of the how popular Rudd was at the time, maybe not. Who knows, they may ask Peta to “reinforce” Abbot’s lead so he doesn’t make more of a fool of himself than he is currently is and chuck him under the campaign bus come the next election.

  58. Scott Morrison for PM – now that would really hurry the Liberals out of office.

  59. Here’s to providence intervening on the behalf of sanity, as logic ducks out the door with reason and accountability in tow. Acumen and acuity have been on sick leave since September 2013 with responsibility and “the buck” on DSP until the end of time or the old age pension, whichever kicks in first; by kicks I mean roundhouse or haymaker, maybe an uppercut or jab depending on your social standing or lack thereof.

    Thanks Bob, you’ve brought a little sunshine into the world

  60. The nation doesn’t need a misleading government, they are like a bunch of parrots they keep repeating that they were left with a mess so they can justify they’re
    irresponsible budget mess, they’re treating us with contempt. Australia’s economy rating AAA and we are the envy of the major economies of the world STOP treating us with misleading facts. I hope they call for and election and this time they want fool us.

  61. Yes, Bob. I’m sure you’re right. It’ll be marvellous when he’s gone. Have to get rid of Pyne, Morrison, etc. etc. but also Julie Bishop who played a part in denying asbestos victims compensation at Clayton Utz
    . And oh, by the way did anyone notice Abbott’s mouth when he heard the word “sex worker” ? After he gave his weird wink, his face started breaking out into a smirk, his lips became engorged, slowly, slowly until he looked as if he might start to dribble?

  62. Watch that first step!

    It’s a coming! I’ve been predicting and waiting (Im)patiently for Tone’s Head Explosion and it’s plainly imminent. The man who lives by the big lie will die by the small truths, death by a thousand truths as it were.

    Please be right. Although what will we get next? Turnbull is wounded and the rest seem feckless…..

  63. Sandra Minnick

    religion has nothing to do with this, It is the policies and the Man himself, along with Mr Hockey,all politicians seem to be able to get away with a few, Abbott, seems to have the monopoly on lies, we should be able to ask for a referendum according to our constitution and get rid of this Government.

  64. Tell him he’s dreaming!

  65. He always was rogue. What about Hockey????

  66. Mate of mine on disability pension has told me he has decided to kill himself if forced to work because it's impossible for him to work.— Catherine Deveny (@CatherineDeveny) May 28, 2014

    • “You see, we had a fire, and the budget is the fire brigade. And sure, sometimes the fire brigade knocks over a few fences in order to put out the fire. But if you’ve got a fire you’ve got to put it out,” – Abbott

      See Paul, Catherine Deveny’s mate is just a rooted fence, not a victim of unconscionable policy.

  67. I believe it was a strategic move to use Tony Abbott to enable Malcolm Turnbull to take over…..

    None of this is any different to Rudd/Gillard/Swann….economic sustainability is too complex for all of them…

  68. Barbara Duffy

    I have watched with ever growing dismay the behaviour of the parliament in particular Abbott and Hockey, Pyne and the set in stone smirks of Bishop, and the women that sit behind the front bench.The rudeness and school principal behaviour smacking of 1945 by the speaker. Oh yes I can remember their behaviours ,my way or the highway more or less.Madam Speaker , the worst bully of all, her veneer of gentility totally smashed and cast off! Senile behaviour and yes I am able to judge I am almost 80.

    I wonder are they zombies, or are they people as this dreadful saga powers on. Hopefully I wish the people will go to the streets, or the G.G call them out and dissolve the parliament. something before unthinkable. Yes they are writing to their newspapers thousands over the past weeks and I have read most , my eyes attest to that.

    Each day since the budget I say to myself it cannot get worse then another statement contradicting one made sometimes hours before. Telling us that we misheard , well I for one did not. Removal of the pensioner supplement I heard that on budget night, I read and heard it again the next day and days later then I rang the Ministers involved and they , actually their staff had to be informed by me regarding what these to be withdrawn benefits were named.

    Now we are told that they never said the Pensioner Supplement was ever at risk. Lies! We are not idiots.Observing Mr Abbott, yes I believe the only thing I can say is , you are insane. He just retreats into his shell and lies. Just as a child lies to their parent on being caught out. This is the person some voted for. He was never ever pm material and never will be.

    He and the rest must go. On another point where are the comments from our newer Australians surely they must have opinions.Never before have I seen strangers discussing politics the way they are now . Hairdressers, people in the shops, utter strangers , the message is the same . Abbott and Co are bad for this country and I won’t go down the road of the unemployed.

    What they wish to do is unthinkable and madness. I am totally shocked at what the people have voted for. Mr Elliss I don’t always agree with your point of view but in this case I do. But I cannot find it in my heart to make a joke of it. Even tho the respondents above have and they are tragically funny. But we need action not jokes now. But what I am unable to say.

    • Carolyn Janson

      Barbara, I’m 74 and I agree entirely with you. For my sins, I watched Question Time today until I felt sick; and Andrews was thoroughly caught out lying about the pensioner supplement, trying to pretend it was only the Seniors’ supplement that’s going. He swore the pensioner supp. is safe. We’ll see. On the insanity of Abbott – O yes, he is. Started out as a malignant narcissist/psychopath, now has added a mental crackup to the point of gibbering.
      What’s to be done? I believe the best course is to let him alone – that is, let the Opposition push him and the others, till the Senate blocks all their measures, and then let the Constitutional authorities deal with the mess. We’ll be rid of them soon. Lat thing we want is a Liberal Party trying to claw back from the abyss with another leader.

    • Agreed Barbara Duffy, what’s more these jokers don’t seem to have a connection with ‘country’ or the history of what built Australia to this point in time.

      • Agree…except I don’t think Abbott started out as a narcissist (or is one now) I agree with earlier comments that he’s brain damaged from boxing and rugby. And that he is deeply insecure. He could be psychotic and/or have signs of early Parkinson’s – it’s hard to tell. But he is definitely not of sound mind and that’s not at all funny when the man holds the highest office in the country. It’s dangerous and very bad news. I hope he doesn’t get toppled because someone like Turnball could be a very effective damage control agent and rescue the day for the LNP. meanwhile their policies won’t change. Better they implode and the LNP gets thrown into the dustbin of history.

    • Thank you for your heartfelt post, Barbara Duffy.

      My prediction is that the budget will have to go through so many hoops, that it will be unrecognisable, and Abbott will shriek that it’s all Labor’s fault. My fear is that a large number of stupid people will nod and vote for him again.

      It’s time Labor went on the attack.

  69. Nigel Stanley

    I hope to god you are right, Bob, but I think he’ll linger on, a burden to himself and a worry to the rest of us.

  70. Merle Hathaway

    If only! If I thought there were only a few more days of pain, I’d pop the cork now!
    Yes, his voice was certainly very strange indeed.
    He’s earned the title Amateur Abbott, if only it wasn’t so serious.

  71. my prediction is Hunt. George W Bush’s slip of the tongue years ago, where he misnamed John Howard as John Hunt, pointed to his eventual ascendancy.

  72. I thought so too, everyone on the speaker’s right looking very, very nervous. Abbott’s voice going up in pitch in relation to his testicles being squeezed. Yah, an election with Malcolm. (Jesus wept) Abbott’s problem has been a lifetime quest to get Dad’s approval and I think Dad might be one mean, disapproving, old bastard. I think his wife might be on the verge of walking out too. But that’s wicked guess. (I’m a good guesser).

  73. Leigh GILLIGAN

    The level of political debate on this site is puerile in the extreme when it is filled with infantile insults hurled at our ELECTED parliamentary majority. OK you didn’t vote for them……but a majority of Australians did…..tough eh? Get over the fact that Labour and the Greens lost the election. Don’t like it…….then vote them out next election instead of filling the twittersphere etc mewling like whining children because you didn’t get an ice cream.

    • How did you escape from the isle?

      • Carolyn Janson

        The Skipper helped him… :razz:

      • By the way, it’s LABOR, not Labour.

        In Australia, labour means work. It is only the name of a political party in Britain. Not only do you seemingly not understand that democracy means more than voting every election, you can’t even spell the name of one of the two main political parties in Australia. Two good reasons not to take you seriously.

    • Carolyn Janson

      O go away Leigh. You’re feeling desperate, we understand; but having a tantrum doesn’t become you. Just remember to lick your wounds in case they fester… :roll:

    • Leigh never let it be said we are not a caring lot on this site. Mate, we feel your pain, let it all out you’ll feel much better. Look we only lost an election, but you gained a coterie of ‘Babbling Baboons’ as a government. And just take note Leigh, it’s your government not ours.

      Our representatives are in the opposition, soon to be government. I don’t think poor old Abbott will be around to fight the next election, he is already hearing the rustle of white coats.

      Carry on.

    • Actually voting is merely one aspect of our democratic rights and instructing people to not express dissent is more akin to fascist ideology than democracy. Central to a healthy democracy is the citizen exercising their right to hold leaders accountable and generally engage in democratic processes in a whole myriad of ways – be it public consultation on a mining project, or marching in the street to demonstrate. So we won’t shut up because you told us to. Last time I checked Australia was not a fascist dictatorship.

    • How many of those votes were Proxy Votes for Rupert Murdoch?

    • We didn’t get an icecream? Is that what you voted for? How’s that icecream of yours tasting right now?
      This isn’t a footy game, it’s not a matter of, “My team won, yours lost, yay me, neener-neener-neener” it actually has repercussions in the Real World. Are you loving their decisions/policies/budget? Or do you only care that you used your vote to ‘bet’ on the winners and won? Look at what you’ve brought about; and do NOT assume that everyone dissatisfied with the government as it has proved itself since gaining office did not vote FOR them. Many did, and deeply regret it. As should you, if you have any degree of intelligence or basic critical faculties.
      Or are you still so busy squealing with delight that your team won that you haven’t noticed they’ve changed their colours, vandalised the stadium, plowed up the playing field, and sold the club?

      • Carolyn Janson

        Ditto ditto ditto – well, it’s just as intelligent and on-topic as Leigh’s rant was! Ner…. LOL I’m having fun. If we can’t have fun right now we’ll finish by shooting a Liberal….javascript:grin(‘:lol:’)

    • Actually Rupert Murdoch won. :wink:

  74. They also lied today when they talked about increasing the Live Trade Export, saying they would look after the animals on those ships of shame. The truth is, thousands of them will die from heat and asphyxiation, trampled, diseased–and when the ships arrive in the Middle East, they’ll be bundled into the boots of cars, after being hog tied with bits of wire, then at the end of the journey, have their throats cut. We’ve also seen on Four Corners, Sixty Minutes and the Animal Australia site the horror, the brutality, the sufferings of those animals–they haunt our sleeping and waking hours.

    • My daughter just put a picture on facebook of a confined bear in captivity, it made me ill.

      Liberals, conservatives, RWDB’s call them what you like, could care less about the live sheep trade. Is all they see is profit.

      It should only be sent overseas in cardboard boxes frozen. They can stick their religious proclivities, where the sun don’t shine.

    • Yes Victoria, this horrendous animal trade breaks every RSPCA protection law and all conventions of decency.

      Alison Penfold, chief executive of the Australian Livestock Exporters Council, is a master of glib weasel speak, and never changes her bouncy upbeat tone about the many haunting exposures of her horrid business. It must stop.

  75. Trevor Blanch

    I am amazed at all of the smart assed opinions of all you people who think you know everything. Not once did I read anything that gave any suggestion of how we are going to deal with the enormous debt that the last labour government left us with. Why don’t you people who think your so smart come up with a game plan to solve this country’s financial woes. After all it’s all of us that will have pay off this debt, except of course those of you who are on government benifits

    • For a start Trevor, instead of just swallowing the “enormous debt” line that is being peddled by a government which has consistently lied to the electors, you could try questioning how much truth there is in the government’s claim regarding Labor’s debt. Have a look at this:

      Secondly I really resent your sneering comment concerning those on government benefits. In the past, I have been dependent on government benefits such as family tax benefits just to survive. But for these benefits I would not have been able to start my successful small business.

      I have recently employed two staff, both of whom are paid well above award wages. I don’t believe in ripping people off for their labour. My tax rate is at the higher end of the scale and I’m happy to pay it because I know that my taxes are re-invested to help others – others who in most cases will use it as a “hand up, not a hand out” (as Mr Hockey is so fond of saying). In terms of a business investment, the government is getting a very good rate of return on the small amount of benefits I received when I was struggling.

      The problem with many conservatives is that they assume the average person is like them – motivated solely by money and how to get their hands on as much of it as possible with as little personal effort as possible. Ergo, those receiving government benefits are lazy bludgers who just want to suck the public teat dry and have no intention of making any effort to change their situation.

      Most of us will be taxpayers at some point in our lives. There will also be times when many of us will be in need of some form of government support. Lots of us will be both tax payers and benefit recipients at the same time. Most of us will do whatever we can to improve our situations, actions which will benefit both ourselves and our country.

      What goes around comes around. Take this money out of the system and watch what happens to our economy and our country. It won’t adversely affect the multi-nationals, but it will have a devastating effect on the lives of ordinary Australians.

      • What you say Patagonian, I believe is a truth for many people in Australia in one way or another including me, I pay a lot of tax and gladly do for the many reasons you stated. Money is made round to go around said this one to a stockbroker who replied by throwing a fifty cent piece on the boardroom table and said “some people don’t believe that”
        Said it all really.

    • Trevor- I have sent my suggestions to Bill Shorten. Why send them to Abbott and reveal them to the public? If he takes them on board you’ll hear about them soon enough. (By the way. the Libs squandered more money in the first few months than Labor did in years. And Hocket has the gall to blame them for the whole lot. Gee, Australians are so ungrateful that we didn’t suffer the GFC like the rest of the world!)

    • Trevor- I have sent my suggestions to Bill Shorten. Why send them to Abbott and reveal them to the public? If he takes them on board you’ll hear about them soon enough. (By the way. the Libs squandered more money in the first few months than Labor did in years. And Hockey has the gall to blame them for the whole lot. Gee, Australians are so ungrateful that we didn’t suffer the GFC like the rest of the world!)

    • There is no “enormous debt” smartarse. Australia has one of THE best-performing economies In The World. Nobody anywhere – except Abbott & cohorts – has ever suggested otherwise.
      Where are you getting your facts? Not that you actually offered any, to be fair.

    • Just answer a few straightforward questions to show that you have at least a basic understanding of what government debt means. Then I’ll answer if you haven;t already answered yourself by realizing what a non sequitur your question really is.

      1. At what rate can the Australian Government with it’s AAA+ credit rating borrow money internationally?

      2. Why is it much much economically smarter and a whole lot cheaper in both the short and longer term for the government to borrow to build infrastructure that will return benefits to the community and profits to consolidated revenue, than standing aside so that private equity corporations can borrow to own Australia’s essential infrastructure so that they can rent it to us at a profit forever?

      3.Would you borrow to buy your house or would you pay someone else to borrow to buy it . . . so that you can pay them rent for as long as you need a roof over your head and for as long as they decide not to up stumps and take it offshore?

      So [1] what do you think debt means when a government borrows for infrastructure purposes?

      4. What does it mean when the government allows our sovereign wealth to be mined and exported by foreign corporations . . . including those who pay Ms Rineheart a country’s ransom annually . . . who take the minerals off shore, process them off shore for further profit, and then bank the income they derive from them off shore where we can’t tax it?

      Just two simple questions more and I will then explain why our debt is not a crisis but a sign of economic life and a government that was not afraid to govern.

      5. How much of our national wealth in terms of profits made on Australian goods and services, commodities and minerals and energy, actually sees the light of day on Australia’s books?

      6. What is to stop Australia from increasing its income dramatically . . . or is the boom essentially really only for the likes of Palmer and Rineheart and their ilk . . . something that we can only ever watch on lest we force them to bring in more cheap labor or send even more money offshore?

      Thanks . . . I am really interested in hearing some answers from someone who claims to know about government debt and income generation.

  76. I hope it’s true can’t wait till Abbott is gone halabloodyluya!!!!!!! :!:

  77. According to David Marr, Turnbull has made it known that will not seek to be leader of LNP until LNP accepts reality of AGW and develops a serious Climate Change policy. Ever since TA replaced MT left-leaning voters have expressed this fond illusion that MT is imminently to topple Abbott. Forget it.

    Abbott did indeed sound frustrated during his ‘not one dollar removed from health’ spiel during QT. I think this is symptomatic of failure to convince electorate on this rather than imminent decapitation.

    But wanton additional lies and winks may overtake him yet. The wink bit him somewhat. Lets see if the AFP one takes another chunk of flesh off. Or if budget negotiations totally implode. Or if TA’s fingerprints are on defunding the Child Abuse Royal Commission (I bet they are).

    Dutton and Hunt ? No way. Hockey holding up well under fire. Maybe Hockey will get leader. He or Pyne for putative next leader. Bishop will remain deputy for the female vote.

  78. He’s just following orders, G20 this November signing in secret the TPP Trans Pacific Partneship, bring in Bail-in for the banks to be able to take money out of peoples accounts just like Greece and Cyprus,bringing us inline with America, they are lucky to be paid average $7.50 hour and then we will be toast , our medical system just like theirs so unAustralian ,3% super rich and the rest under the poverty line ,get rid of the middle class, the thing is do what ever you have to do it but do it quick I suppose he’s been told , even if you have to tell lies its the name of the game!!

  79. Leigh GILLIGAN

    Think I proved my point about puerile.
    Gilligan jokes are so old they have mould on them…..but then again I presume you think them the height of wit. So expressing my opinion is tantamount to having a tantrum……..oh I get it… is OK to have an opinion as long as it’s the same as yours?

    • How did ‘tantamount’ get in there? Carolyn said you were “having a tantrum”. Nothing about tantamount, though it is a nice enough word. and it starts with ‘tant’ which makes it assonant to some extent. A pity you could not work ‘tantric’ in there as well, would have been ever further from the puerile.

      And no, we don’t want to hear silly opinions expressed. If you voted for this Abbott-led misbegotten government, you have no sympathy from me.

      I told you so.


  80. Jesus Leigh, you don’t miss a trick do you?

  81. I have never been so embarrassed to call to call myself an Australian. Abbot was elected on fear. ‘Stop the Boats’, ” get rid of the Mining tax’> Do we know how the boats were stopped? Do we know how many boats arrived, Do we know where the people on the boats & how many were taken to anywhere other than the Australian mainland? Do we know how many people were transferred to lifeboats & towed into other countries waters.NO! It has amazed me since Abbott & all his Neo-Conservative cronies came to power than having told lies upon lies about the state of the Australian economy some people are not yet fully aware of what lyes ahead if this budget ever sees the light of day. Many pensioners do not know the difference that adjusting their aged pension by CPI instead of the average working wage will impact on their ability to keep up with rising inflation & prices. Let’s hope the Senate blocks all the budget proposals & Abbot & co will have to re-jig everything. It really pisses me off that the Liberal Party alone cannot & never will govern in their own right without the NCP votes. If this neo-conservative Government is allowed to continue Australia is on the road of creating an underclass entrenched in poverty, un-educated & sick! Just like America! Their attack on education is one of their most stupid policies. Australia need an educated & skilled workforce to compete in the 21st century. Telling us that $5.00 of every Dr’s visit is going to fund future medical research is a unlikely. In actual fact they are reducing funds that were previously committed to scientific & other medical research, not to mention that they are also cutting $’s off preventative health programs. How stupid is that & what are the consequences?

    • Nicely said Amelia, (ps I have really been enjoying everyone’s comments, I pray that the money grubbing, commuity destroyers are destroyed soon).
      I’m also pissed off by the “Americanisation” of Australia. The awfulisation of our health and education. WE as a society need health and education, WE as a society benefits when these things are provided, so WE the society should provide them. Der.
      I am also annoyed about the $5 going to fund future medical research. Even if it does get there; Todays poor are paying so that tomorrows rich will benefit. Any medical breakthroughs that might occur are most likely to benefit those who can afford to buy them – assuming we go down the path of user pays, as we seem to be. Todays poor and sick paying for tomorrows rich.

      • And when has a “fund” of stashed cash ever been used for the purpose for which it was proposed? Remember Howard’s Future Fund, anyone?

        As soon as Abbott & Hockey said the money would only ever, ever, cross my heart + hope to die, ever be used for medical research, I smelled a rat. It will NEVER be use for research if this band of liars and thieves stays in. Guaranteed.

  82. Not the same Tony Abbott that you told me was ‘he’s alright’
    The same bloke who declined to collect on the little court win there Bob. The bloke you had the pleasure of dining with,
    Pull the other one Bob, jingle bells is playing.

  83. If this actually unfolds, I will cry (tears of joy and hope and semi-restored faith in humanity).

    That Tony Abbott & Co. have managed to get away with such duplicity for this long, without consequence, is beyond my comprehension. It makes me feels as if I’ve landed in a parallel universe of people who have lost any last morsel of intelligence.

    Ideological freaks. Removed from common human experience by their insidious privilege.

    I still pray for a double dissolution, although I’m not even sure the Australian public are enlightened enough not to re-vote the same way. And I’m an atheist. So, the fact that I’m praying speaks volumes of my desperation.

    I want my country of decent people back.

  84. Thank you Bob
    A true prophet xx

  85. Dianne Seidel

    I hope you are right but even better would be an election

  86. It’s fecking
    unfair and goading to make such predictions unless you are DAMNED WELL over 50% certain.
    I’ll accept anything over 51% at this stage ….

  87. A mate has it up on FB… so my sixpence worth would be that on the read I can’t find even a comma I’d remove.

    My particular nit pick for today involves Dr Jensen again, featured in an article from that crusty old right wing finance writer Robert Gottliebsen, doing a serious job on the sort of lunacy Bob describes, in this case the Joint Strike Fighter, an expensive toy and white elephant, absolutely ripped apart as to rationale in the piece (sorry no linx, have discovered something in the guts of my pc is wrong).

  88. Wow, what a prediction! As this drama unfolds, it makes me watch Question Time more and more. :sad:

  89. Keith Schadel

    Must have admit, have voted right wing all my life, except for the Whitlam years, which was a mistake..Labours Tony Abbott.
    As for Tony, something is definately wrong upstairs, his look, his slow and deliberate way of talking now. A sure sign of someone, trying very hard to remember what they last said and are now saying…To Be a Good Liar, you must have an excellent memory.
    My big fear the other looney tume PALMER and his dredged up cloned has beens.

  90. Hi Bob,

    Hope you’re right about Abbott’s demise/replacement
    a.s.a.p! I wish….


  91. I may be a little ignorant but the question I ask is, where did this debt come from originally and how will the present, or if reinstated, the previous government solve the debt crisis?

    • 12.1 percent debt in an OECD whose average government debt is 70 percent is not a debt crisis. Nothing has to be done about it. Taking money off people shrinks the economy and makes it worse.



      Google some recent articles by Ross Gittens and have a read.



  92. Robyn Thompson

    CAN’T WAIT it’s time, justice will prevail for such foolish Australian so called leadership. :grin:

  93. A change to what leader ?Dutton has about as much form as a leader As the first lemming to jump into the sea,Andrews is the man who made it illegal to end your life with dignity,and meanwhile Julie Bishop has developed blisters on her hands from rubbing them with glee at The ever imploding black hole that Abbot and Hockey have become

    • “A change to what leader ?’

      Well may you ask. They all fancy themselves as the saviours of the conservative cause. One will eventually stump up enough numbers. Like a Papal enclave perhaps, but with black smoke followed by royal blue . . .

      • How about Wyatt Roy, Doug?

        The Libs can start long term grooming now having hime ready to govern just at about the same time his voice breaks.

        “No longer a boy vote Wyatt Roy”.

  94. This analysis is a bit of a fantasy to me. Yes I would love Abbott to go but I do not believe that it is a possibility. Furthermore Dutton or Hunt have the charisma of a ping pong ball and changing a leader after such a short time would only be a political suicide from the Liberals. They based their election campaign on broken promises and split leadership of Labour. They already have the broken promises, they won’t be able to afford the internal division. Thank you for letting us dream for a minute though.

  95. You seriously think anyone else has the numbers and would challenge him? What crap, they follow him like little disciples

  96. It’s exactly the threat of the double dissolution people are calling for that has spooked the back bench. All those marginal seats could fall in this climate. And remember Clive is a Liberal at heart so he would be egging Turmbull and Co. to save their party. I bet Clive has a personal animosity towards Abbott for driving him out of the Lib Party. Yes, the Libs will assassinate Abbott and we will have our hat-trick. Are the Libs going to face the cries of ‘hypocrisy’ for doing what Labor did twice? Yes – if it saves the party – the same motivation is in both. Well it would be just deserts for the ‘best opposition leader; worst PM’ Maybe afterwards things will settle down into the old political cycle?

  97. Ruth Lansdell

    Please let him go on making such an idiotic fool of himself and his government, then bring on an election. They will be decimated! Bring it on!

  98. Sorry Bob. I don’t quite understand the last point in your article.

    You think you were the only person in Australia who predicted Tony Abbott would win the last election?

  99. Looks like you were wrong on this one champ.

  100. Does Tony Abbott have some kind pain killer/ Oxycontin style drug problem. It would explain the erratic behavior, lip licking and nodding off at public events.

    • On the cards Elizabeth. Add to this the ubiquitous derangement complexity, such as when in his smarmy lip-licking, brain-locked way, Tony rephrased his own good Lord’s message about compassion to allow for his own underlying, asylum seeker psychopathy. Questionable if all of the miserable Liberal bleeders are on drugs. They certainly not your average blokes, that’s for sure. They’re all pretty mad.

  101. Well nine days are up…. are you prepared to acknowledge you were wrong. You can add this as fur ther evidence

  102. According to Jessica Adams, astrologer, (please don’t cringe) there will be a Liberal Party spill July/August 2014. Let’s hope she’s right. Abbott, Hockey and Mattias are all first generation “Aussies” trying to change the basic values of this lovely country. As an immigrant myself I wouldn’t be so bold.

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