Very Courageous, Minister

Pyne last night gave evidence of what I’ve suspected for a while now, that the Liberals think there are two kinds of money.

One is the money for Labor’s programs, and there isn’t any. The other is for the Liberals’ mates, and it’s Midas money, there’s no end of it, you can spin it out of straw.

There’s no limit, for instance, to the money available to search the sea bottom for a plane, though it may take five years. There’s no limit to the money spent harassing refugees on the Arafura, or bullying, beating and raping them on Manus. There’s no limit to what we spend, in billions, on the fuel rebate for the big mining companies. But don’t even think of the money for schoolkids’ textbooks and new shoes. Don’t even mention a raise in the minimum wage. That would be spending real money. And there isn’t any. There just isn’t any.

The money we spend, however, on, say, Sinodinos persuading O’Farrell to invest in our sewage wheeze — twenty million for him, half a billion for us — that’s a different kind of money. Funny money, if you like. Nod-and-wink money. Forged currency.

What this attitude betokens is like…the way the antebellum South regarded slaves. They deserved no reward for their effort, lifelong. They were slaves. And we, their masters, deserved more and more of the profits of their labour.

If ever there was class warfare, there it was last night, glinting in the smile of Pyne, as he faced down the Socialists and amusedly scorned them, waiting till the fuzz came and took them away in handcuffs. Begone, the smile said, I discard you. How dare you impertinently seek a just wage, a satisfying life. You are not my kind. Go off. Away with you.

He will get a bit of a shock when, as Morgan shows, he loses his seat. He is magnificently incurable, set in his ways, like ‘Little Boots’, Caligula. And the sword of Cassius Chaerea awaits him. And he doesn’t, he really doesn’t, know it is coming.

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  1. In terms of putting offside all viewers except the most rabid LNP supporters, Pyne on television is the gift that keeps on giving, perhaps driving more voters over to Palmer United than to Labor.

    To be fair, a couple of Labor Pollies are seriously embarrassing, but none are in Pyne’s class since the departure of NSW Right-Faction leader Joe Tripodi and ex-Federal Broadband/Communications Minister Stephen Conroy from our television screens.

    All the same, if yesterday’s excruciating appearance at a NSW Parliament Committee hearing is any indication, I’ve got to admit that John Robertson has the potential to rapidly move up the ladder toward “Pyneness”.

  2. ‘Little Boots Caligula” … Marvelous summation of the crimped and pinched little strutter Pyne – “what can you expect from this ABC socialist rabble?” was the thought bubble.

    With apologies to John Hurt:

  3. ‘Little Boots’ Pyne. Beautiful.

    ‘Begone, the smile said, I discard you.’ With like regal flippancy, this response from Tony Shepherd on Lateline last night.


    The reason I’m asking you specifically the conflict of interest question is because in December last year, I note that that was just two months after you began the audit. You took up a role as director of a firm called Rearden Capital, which finances infrastructure projects.


    Are you concerned that there might be the impression of a conflict of interest now that you’ve recommended, for instance, that the Federal Government privatise 10 public infrastructure assets?

    TONY SHEPHERD: No, not really. I mean, Rearden Capital’s a weenie little company. It hasn’t raised a cent yet, it hasn’t lent a cent yet.

    EMMA ALBERICI: But it has big ambitions.

    TONY SHEPHERD: It has big ambitions. Of course it does. And I wish it all the best and I have a very minor interest in the company. I think it’s fair to say that nothing we’ve said in the commission would help or dishelp a company like Rearden Capital and I’ve been a long supporter of infrastructure. I’m chairman of WestConnex as well, a government-owned company basically, so I don’t think that. That was all declared and I think our recommendations on infrastructure would be almost accepted on a bipartisan basis.

    As Nick Greiner will chair the bipartisan, weenie – too small to be seen without the aid of an advanced optical device, Rearden Capital, watch this space.

    • Rod,
      Many thanks for your posting the Lateline quote here, as I’d missed it.

    • “Dishelp”? “I’ve been a long supporter of infrastracture” (as opposed to a short supporter?). This guy can’t even speak reasonable English! It just shows that you don’t need brains to make money, just a flexible conscience.

  4. Pleasure Hem. Rearden Capital will be the next Australian Water Holdings. A feast of jackals.

  5. Sorry Bob, this is probably off subject with your post,but just a comment about the student protest on Q&A last night (I did watch it).
    One point that seems to have been overlooked in the media in regards to the Q&A student protest is what may have triggered it. If I was in the audience I would have asked, following the statement from Pyne that students will have to wait until budget night to see what funding was to be allocated is this Q:
    Why have mining CEO’s been given a pre budget promise (press release) that mining fuel subsidies and mining rebates will not be affected in the budget but students will have to wait until budget night to learn of their allocation of funding.
    Why have mining CEO’s being given preferential pre budget promises and students have been told to “wait and see”.
    This is not being a transparent Govt.

  6. Despite Hewson, Shepard, Costello advising against a ‘defecit levy’, my money is on Abbott going that route. Why? Because he has BALLS?
    Another Lib ‘Man of Steel’? No, he loaths Australia and wants to sink the economy… it’s the only way ahead for a man who has spent the last three years trashing it at every turn in parliament, at every workplace he visisted, in front of every TV camera… the country was, is, rooted, and for him to be right, he now has to finish the job. Otherwise, he’s been wrong all along, and that he could not live with.

  7. This is just Tony’s ham-fisted and pathetic attempt to persuade voters that EVERYBODY is contributing to the repair of the deficit…everybody except the big end of town of course. Just as his PPL scheme was a pathetic attempt to woo rightly suspicious women voters. Even then he couldn’t bring himself to weight the PPL in favour of those who really struggle financially when on maternity leave. Oh no, that would be just too tainted with the whiff of socialism.

  8. Transparent government? where? This government is the government of secrecy, lies and im sure the list will be added to. The sooner they are kicked to the gutter the better……and even that will be to good for them!

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