Lines For Tony Abbott (19)

It would be terribly unfair, I think, and a slap in the face of democracy, if each voter were to pay, each year, fifty cents to fund all federal campaigns, and each year twenty-five cents to fund all State campaigns.

It would be a far, far better thing, for democracy and for Australia, if Nathan Tinkler were to give me two hundred thousand dollars in private, after drinks and a chat and a handshake in his hotel room.

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  1. Long overdue – a set budget, audited, for all campaigns.

    Oh, and a return to haranguing the populace while standing on little wooden platforms on drafty corners of our cities, like they used to do in the days before television. I’d pay to see that.

  2. A short while back Nathan Tinkler was supposed to be bankrupt and was not paying his way look for story on Newcastle nights Newcastle herald.

  3. Well he has plenty of form, grabbing the cash, even when he knows it isn’t his.

    From what we know of Mr Rabbott, he’s the first in the Liberal queue for the money trough. Anyone who thinks it morally & ethically right to claim a mate’s wedding is an official function or charge the public purse for doing promo work for his own book & pursuing his chosen sport, whether is be in the budgies or lycra, is clearly telling you he’ll take the money, not the box. Although, I suspect he’d try to take that too.

    Lame Brain Tony epitomises the pollie & a bucket of money.

    • Hugh Weiss so well said. I still do not trust Lame Brain Tony from that time he set up the slush fund to attack Hanson. Never agreed with her politics but she should not have gone to the jail. He is a typical mean Lib, no heart, no compassion, no sense of doing the right thing . :neutral:

  4. doug quixote

    The devil as usual is in the detail.

    How is such money apportioned? If it is done based on votes received at the previous federal election, it has two main effects: to further embed the government parties, based on the historical votes; and perhaps as a corrollary, to erect a substantial barrier to any new Party which may seek to contest the election.

    Clearly a system where people pay exorbitant amounts to secure a place at a dinner attended by the Treasurer or the PM, and a less exorbitant amount to secure a place at a dinner attended by a lesser minister or a shadow minister, cannot be allowed to continue.

    As justice must not only be done but must be seen to be done, so must access to ministers be seen to be above board.

    Apparently the Opposition is lying low on this one because they too seek to raise funds in this way.

    They need to get out there and start kicking, and a good start would be to abandon all its own similar behaviour.

    If one is to seek the high ground, one must not have too much baggage.

    Do it now.

    • “…lying low on this one because they too seek to raise funds in this way.”

      The same old tune plays again among the Labor orchestra,

      There can be a big difference in the way it is done, but can John Citizen tell the difference once Murkdoch spins his web of lies.

      One is disseminate policy & take questions & declare the contributions straight up & down. The other, to sell rights & approvals, to do it covertly & seek to hide the facts.

      It is the NSW right seeking to sell Bill right now. Who is surprised! Their timing on such things has a history of being damaging federally.

    • DQ says the devil is in the detail – and with that I agree. Those things called ideals always come back to earth with a thump when you get to specifics.

      I think the problem is more one of reporting, rather than source – so how about legislating for a central “donation-recipient”, to which you may donate funds and specify the receiving candidate or party? Couple that with an absolute prohibition upon spending any monies upon campaigning not directly received from said central organisation.

      I’m saying, I have no objection to Shonky Enterprises or Joe Spiv donating to any particular party or candidate – just so long as it is identified, and well publicised, before any election.

    • A base amount should be paid to all candidates (not parties) that meet the nomination criteria (nomination of a registered party or signatures from eligible electors if Independent).

      On top of that, the existing system of payment per (primary) vote should be applied.

      Then all donations should be outlawed.

    • doug quixote

      Another line :

      “How can you tell if I am lying? My lips move.”

      “What about if it is written down? Only if there are black letters on white paper.”

      Interviewer: “So coloured text is gospel?”

      Abbott: “What do you think?”

      Interviewer: “Not always lies, then?”

      Abbott: “I was Jesuit trained, you know.”

  5. Question: How many pages of a serious daily newspaper does it take to describe a punch-up between two dipstick boofheads?

    • I’m sure Miranda Kerr is studying all those photos very carefully …. she’d be well advised to.

      If this is what Packer does to a mate of 35 years and his best man, what’s he capable of in a relatioship between an ugly overweight frog and a petite beautiful princess, when she fails to meet his demands in some way.

      Bon di eu!

      • I have long thought of Jamie P as the Biff character in Back to the Future. What you say would fit.

    • Just flipped through Telegraph at my coffee shop, and one headline was “Cranbrook Brothers turn into Fight Club”.

      Cranbrook is the $45,000/year private secondary school located a stone’s throw from where these boofhead’s brawl took place. This headline echoes the comment on tv news last night from a young mother holding her babe: “I would’t expect this from people with their privilege, their education”.

      Well, I do expect precisely such ratbaggery from those born and raised in the fantasy realms of the super-rich. Alas, now we in Sydney are copycatting the Brits and Yanks, who worship Royals and multi-millionaire’s this side of idolatry.

      • I seem to recall it was at Cranbrook that some overenthusiastic sprigs of the bunyip aristocracy devised an implement in woodworking class with which to bugger a fellow student. Or does my memory fail me?
        Said sprigs were given six of the best, or expelled, Headteachers aghast and parents threatened to pull their precious cargo out of the school unless more suitable devices were provided?

        Or am I thinking of another boater and lisp school?

  6. They SHOULD be charged with affray, convicted and fined, or set to do hours of community service.

    Then Packer should be deemed unfit to hold a casino licence.

    But hey, the ordinary rules do not apply to the masters of the universe.

  7. I’m not certain how this will go down…..but,

    the call for Morrison to knife Abbott is out on the Rightist blogs.

    Ummmmm, so is the call to buy guns, canned food, and learn to suture wounds.

    Yep, you read that right.


    Yo, yo, yo,
    You listening to your confederates?
    Or are you still in a girly tizz over Shorten’s lunch?
    I tell ya, I’m still cut up about it,
    and distracted.

    • “I’m not certain how this will go down…..but,”

      Minchin Minchin Minchin … Keep your eye on the moving finger of Nick Minchin.

      Morrison commingles onwater actvities with the Son o’ God strolling on the Sea of Galilee; he thinks cunnilingus is speaking in tongues, he hears Moses telling him to turn back the boats; he takes his bible with him on his overseas trips to protect himself from the breath of Satan —- Minchin wants him certified, but not yrt.

      • Dali,
        Just in, Paul Sheehan reckons ‘ The Abbott government will NOT be introducing a special deficit tax in next week’s budget. That balloon went up and it burst.’

        On his twitter thing.

        Big news if he’s right.
        Big news if he’s wrong.

        • Glee Glee – I posted a few days ago that it would be dead by Wednesday. I’m a day short.

        • Fedallah ,

          the balloon that went up and burst was Abbott.

          Politics, man. If you’re hanging onto a rising balloon, you’re presented with a difficult decision – let go before it’s too late or hang on and keep getting higher, posing the question: how long can you keep a grip on the rope?

          Danny the Drugdealer in Withnail and I

        • Sheehan: Magic Water Man?

          I’m all for a great big new tax on the rich.

          • Hi AgentBarb,

            Me too.
            But jeeez those IPA boys are pissed off!

            Imagine that – thinking that Abbott was an honest politician who would not betray his ideological lackeys?!?!

            Agent – let’s make a deal: if Frank here can make the argument, can defend the backflip, or in any way, shape or form, articulate the depth of hypocrisy after 3 years of ripping Gillard’s flesh for crimes comparable, then I’ll take you to Florence, Tokyo, and NYC, for 10 days of wild drinking, drugging, shopping, eating, running, walking, hi-jinx, gallery hopping, hi-balls at the Four Season’s, and a quick twirl through 3 clubs in Chelsea and Lower East side that I like.


            • Ooop, Yo Frank, and if you do manage it then we’ll pass the hat around for ya!


              Jeeeez, I’m a hoping you come through,

              Either way I’m a winner!

            • It’s a deal, Feds.

              Frank, that’s a gauntlet you can see lying near your Italian loafers.

              Pick it up man!

            • Fedallah, save your offer to fly me around the world’s hotspots. I know you don’t have the coin to back up your offer.

              I don’t have to defend Tony Abbott for his errors of judgment. Its not what I do.

              I’m amused by your statement that Gillard has been unfairly treated though.

              its not over for Julia. Not by a long shot. Her day’s are just ripening into glorious fruit.

              I hoping to breathe deeply the heady aromas of Ralph Blewitt testifying at ICAC.

              We will see what we will see.

              But you may have a problem.

              Fairfax won’t be reporting any news as they are on strike. 80 staffers to be axed. Sign of the times it seems for writing rubbish no one will buy and a failing share price.


              Where will you get your news then?

              Right Wing Press?

              Will I see shuffling in a conga line subscribing to Rupert Murdoch newspaper?

              Pray, do tell?

              • Oh dear Agent,

                He just can’t do it.
                It’s quite freaky how there’s this kinda biological, psychological thing going on about responding directly.

                Me: Frank, what’s the time?
                Frank: A study done in 2002 found that even non-problematic, moisture free homes with proper cleaning could harbor various fungi species within their padding. In the test a clean bedroom floor with no moisture source present 18 species of active fungus. Increased levels of humidity or moisture from bathrooms, kitchens, plumbing and environmental influence can increase this number. Fungi and molds are another known source of allergies and certain types can release toxic chemicals known as mycotoxins.

                Weird I say, weird.

                But not as weird as him making 3 comprehension errors in just a couple of paragraphs.

                Way to go Frank!
                Oh, some light reading from the Green Socialist Weekly Trotsky Pinko Pravda Rag,


                • Fedallah,
                  Shorten had a great line yesterday, but his delivery is so poor, it went something like “the disabled would gladly give back their disability instead of taking the pension”.

                  I suppose the ALP are hoping that the Libs will just eat themselves up and do enough damage without needing any further help.

                  But by all that is holy you’d wish they would just enjoy a little blood sport, just once, every now and then, throw caution to the wind, put a little colour into Shorten’s cheeks.

                  Question to Joe Babbage, ” Do you think Deutsche Bank’s holding of $75 Trillion in Derivatives is good policy?”

                  • Allthumbs,

                    Joe would probably say something like this:

                    “It’s not 75 trillion at all; it’s $504.6 billion in positive market value exposure (assets), and $483.4 billion in negative market value exposure (liabilities), both of which are the single largest asset and liability line item in the firm’s $1.6 trillion balance sheet’.


                    You like that place, don’t you?

                    So, any thoughts on my offer?
                    Or do you think you’ll go it alone?

                    • Almost forgot,
                      Have you seen a scarier graph than that?

                      Sent a chill through me.

                      No mistake.

                • You shouldn’t try and put words in my Mouth Fedallah.

                  You were banned for this once recently.


                  What kind of godforsaken Christian name is that?

                  Sounds foreign to me.

                  Are you some kind of hairy-assed Muslim in a Kaftan like Khamal?

                  I always took you for a belligerent dumb-arse Greenie.

                  Now, I’m not so sure.

                  Do you slice infidels throats Halal-Style?

                  Do you face them towards Mecca when you do it? Do you use a compass to get your bearings first?

                  I was reading the other day about these Halal style butchers losing their license because they were using an old tape-recording on a loop intoning prayers instead of a single pure prayer when slaughtering their beasts.

                  You strike me as that sort of Muslim Fedallah. A low life shirker with a rusty knife and a complete disregard for the sanctity of Nature.

                  Are you that kind of a person Fedallah???

                  Is there a pure thought in your dark communistic heart?

                  Do you twist words to suit your swarthy godless religion?

                  Please answer this.

                • Is it just me, Fedallah, or does IPA’s Julie Novak bear an uncanny resemblance to Chris Berg in drag?

    • Fedallah, I know this will fail to measure up but what the hell:×0.jpg

      We must hope and pray that the lunatic fringe have their way, and Morrison is put in charge of the asylum (pardon the pun).

    • I want it to be true. I have never witnessed death by hubris and I think Scott is capable of that.

      I imagine it to be a simultaneous swelling of the testes, scrotum and Morrison’s head above the ear line climaxed by exploding at the same time.

      One for the kiddies.

      And then turned into a video game.

      • Amid references to knifings, suture skills and being cut up over lunch and concerns with death by hubris engendering swollen cods and and scones, I offer you a possible scenario for the beloved unloved Hon. Minister for Turning Back the Boats. relates that the category of acts constituting hubris included molestation of a corpse, or humiliation of a defeated foe, to “outrageous treatment”, in general. The meaning was further generalized to apply to any outrageous act or exhibition of pride or disregard for basic moral law.

        Scotty, are you reading this?

        • Wanted; new assistant for blind knife throwing act.

          Apply within.

        • Couldn’t be a conservative; they are all backshooters.

          Speaking of backshooters, the sight of Sinclair Davidson getting his phys on SBS as some sort of authority had me reaching for a bucket.

          Is there an emoticon for retching?

      • “death by hubris”

  8. Bob Any offers of money yet Some fool is using John Lords site to scam with Money.

  9. Another Question: Is Labor performing below expectations because they don’t really want Government?

    I have a ghastly sense of ‘death-wish’ politics in the complete lack of passion and fighting spirit. They have – oh – fifteen cudgels at least at their disposal, and can’t seem to find a single warrior to wield them.

    And I don’t watch enough of ‘The Vikings’ to make that even faintly risible.

    • Yes Glow, it is indeed an interesting question.
      I’m hoping that they’re refusing to enter the fray lest they consume some of the oxygen; Abbott has an excellent track record of distraction and fallacy and any utterance on the part of Labor could see this current focus on his incomprehensible naïveté diminished.


      Glow, I was thinking about K.Bites yesterday. Her departure was so abrupt.
      Was it something you said?


    Absurdity makes for strange bedfellows.

    Chris Berg and I agree on something for the first time in over 5 years.

    It is difficult to understate the importance of the IPA’s disgust at this centrepiece Liberal policy.
    I can’t honestly recall having seen such open discord.

    • For all his supposed charisma, urbanity, and nouse, Turnbull is a Liberal.

      Wrong side.

      Hey Malcolm!
      You screeched for nigh on 24 months about Labor’s NBN costings.

      Where are yours?

      • I think after 20 years in politics, there should be an amnesty for politicians crossing over and joining their opposite team. We all make mistakes and join the wrong side in our youth.

        All the weak-kneed pollies like Turnbull can cross over and join Labor where he could become Leader

        You boys would love that.

        I’d be happy to take someone sensible like Martin Ferguson onto the Liberal team. (Can’t think of many I’d want from your side…)

        Maybe Eddie Obeid. He’s enterprising.

        • I’ve done a quick poll and Frank, we have decided we want Matthias Corman.

          We have considered that we can still save him if we are able to replace the missing bolts in his neck.

          Send him over I have an almost fully qualified apprentice ready to go, union dues paid up and everything.

        • doug quixote

          Go back further. Conservatives’ parents made a bad mistake when they refused the chance to have an abortion.

        • You got someone more “enterprising” than Obeid – Di Girolamo.

          Now there’s a guy goin’ places!

  11. With all of this money he is supposedly saving then spending. Why not just cut politicians salaries and perks. Increase pensions etc. Nationalize the mining and energy sectors, then he would be rolling in money by cutting out the middle man.

  12. Fedallah, at what stage are you in regards to your, was it “midlife crisis”? are you close to being through to the other side, or are there a few more boxes to be constructed?

    Is it a sabbatical, a weighing of the scales, parking by the curb with the indicator flashing while you refer to the road map, taking a torch to the fuse box in the midst of a blackout, checking the chocolate box with the illustrated flavors insert or a systematic documented re-paring of all your socks?

    Spill the beans.

    Thanks for the offer, but I’ll go it alone, what one starts one must finish, not like that slacker Gaudi.

    • Allthumbs,
      I sought the language of the confessional and so determined
      to tear at my innermost mechanism,
      I besieged the closed heart,

      The prize?

      To expose the foundations and reveal the mysteries of

      28 may 1994,
      June 13 1994,
      the winter of 95,
      Jan 21 1998, and
      August 3 2011.

      I pursued the unraveling of each date by imposing explicatory matrices;
      Joyce’s Homeric parallels,
      Proustian oceanics,
      Faulkner’s extended descriptions
      and the Melvillean edifice; complex, verbal, and allegorical.

      I employed the manner of the penitent and desired, through the telling of the tale, to absolve my haunting sins,
      I recalled moments of joy, laughter,
      and of a smiling heart,
      I recounted moments of horror, madness, fear, and death.
      Names from the cloistral were dragged rude and violent….
      and laid bare in the redemptive glow of the open chronicle,

      I told of

      hippie Gillian
      24 years ago
      her smile broad,
      Beautiful teeth
      a soft tongue
      nipples, Dulux smooth beech
      her Doors and Captain Beefheart records
      And me filming for the 3rd year final
      A Dadaist project
      Hugo Ball
      Goth girl
      Her lips a light blue
      And I tried.
      She smiled, a lip curling,
      Her smell was sweet
      Tangy Sweet
      She was 22.
      Velvet’s Sister Ray scream droned
      We curled tight in the corner of Daniel’s room.
      And read Joyce’s Dubliners to keep from dying.
      And Susan,



      And Elizabeth
      And Rachel
      And Belinda
      And Joanne
      And Kristina




      And Ellen
      And Jody
      And another Jody, from Rushcutters
      And Margy, with the straight fringe
      And Louise

      And that girl with the beautiful toes whose name escapes me….who picked me up on a street corner,
      And Jennifer
      And Melissa upstairs at the old Tivoli
      And Nicole


      And Melanie

      And Jane, loose, and pushing 200 clicks on the pacific highway in a 351 Ford one Saturday night high on No Doz, speed, and cask wine, stopping at the Mooney Bridge lookout, for cigarettes, sex, and those wonderful, wonderful Afters, where soft warm laughter and friendship often reside.
      She wore the nicest stockings; a lattice of filigree black thread that stopped at a band of exquisite thigh wrap where an army of small though pronounced stitching detailed some wonderous motif.

      JeanClaude and Annetta,
      Thom Yorke’s woman Rachel in Oxford
      The Madman
      Baz and Stevie

      Obstacle 1 and Leif Erikson with Interpol Spring 2001

      I sought to provide the buttress of bookcase number 3,
      rows 4, 5,
      and 6

      Mau Mauing the Flak Catchers
      Period of Adjustment
      The Shape of Chaos
      A Fringe Of Leaves
      Clement Greenberg
      Structuralism in Literature
      God’s Little Acre
      William Empson
      Rollo May
      William Gerhardie
      Roger Shattuck
      The Crucible of Christianity
      Peter Brook
      Northrop Frye
      Frank Kermode
      Edmund Wilson
      Wilfred Owen
      Battlefields of the First World War
      Lyn Macdonald
      Terry Eagleton
      James Frazer
      Henry James
      Barbara Tuchman
      Robert Hughes
      Vietnam 1945 Marr
      Norman Holland
      The Man Without Qualities
      Lloyd Wright
      Hillis Miller
      Sean Scully
      The Greeks
      Lloyd George
      and Maps of the 17th Century.

      I told of the night in Valencia, high on cocaine and gin, where I delivered my
      first presentation on Modernism,

      of the slim volume of criticism dedicated to the woman, nameless and 10 year my senior, with whom I spent 2 days and 2 nights in a hotel room in Portland, Maine,

      of the exact details of the brutal beating and possible death of the Irishman in Haarlemmersraat,

      of things that only Dr.H, my psychiatrist, knows,

      of my friendship with M. and the poetics of Melville, the symbolic structure of Beckett, and Nietzchean Lines of Force,


      of the small boy in the thick glasses that stood before me and my woman,
      and screamed,
      and changed my life forever.

      And it was done,

      I pushed the submit button, held my breath,
      It is no small thing, allthumbs, no small thing at all,
      to reveal,
      to sign my name to such a diary
      and drop my phone number and email address for all to see,
      and to use.

      All in the knowledge that one walks the razors edge of disgust and envy,

      I held my breath,
      And pushed the button.


      Yo Bob, what’s the big fucking idea doing site maintenance at 3am!?!?

      For fuck’s sake!

      • :razz: Hark allthumbs, the sound of beans spilling . . .

        Fedallah, please, please consider entering your majestic midlife crisis poem-post in the Blake prize for religious poetry. Reading it is a Cathedral experience.
        It is stained glass and filigreed with colour and meaning far beyond my book learning, but the names are a roll call of great writers. High and low Art. In bed together.
        The girls and boys you remember well from the Chelsea Hotel . . . their names on your tongue each a code to unlock your heart. For a big heart has many rooms.

        Awesome Feds! I’m going to play London Beat’s ‘I’ve been thinking about you’. xb

        PS: My favourite graffiti from back in the day: ‘Monogamy leaves a lot to be desired’!

        • Agent,

          The Blake (Poetry) has a max of 100 lines. Fed is a radical, so far the Blake Poetry has failed to live up to its illustrious name in judging poets with a ‘religious’ bent.

          There is also one other thing, once published in any blog a poem becomes ineligible.

          They’ve hijacked Blake. That dude was, like Feds, a radical.

          Keep well.

        • “In New York I lost it all,
          To you and your vices.
          Still I’m staying on to figure out
          My midlife crisis.
          I hit an iceberg in my life,
          But you know I’m still afloat.
          You lose your balance, lose your wife,
          In the queue for the lifeboat.
          You gotta put the women and children first –
          But you’ve got an unquenchable thirst for New York.

          New York, New York
          New York, New York

          In the stillness of the evening
          When the sun has had its day,
          I heard your voice whispering:
          Come away now.”

          With a nod to U2.

        • Dear Bx.
          this is not my original post; this but a precis outlining the topics I covered.

          Bob’s “site maintenance” swallowed up my original words at 3 in the morning.

          It was a good one.
          It was.

          Thank you for your….warm delight.

          I hope all is well with you and your blog.
          How goes it?

          • you wore it well, a little old fashioned but that’s ok… :cry:

          • I’d like to get in Abbott’s face with my nose-hose, like some hellish new incarnation of Bernie Banton. (Julie Bishop looked after Big Asbestos and her Prime Minister called a man dying of lung disease ‘a pest’). Exploding Oxygen Cylinders! Pow! Bam! I could take that cove out with the well-timed lighting of a cigarette! One in a long, bejewelled holder.

            Fedallah, to distract from dyspnea one needs something or someone transcendent. Words or music.
            Can you suggest an out-of-body literary experience for me?

            I was not breathless when I read your 3am reflections. xb

            • You should not have written that A99, there will be a knock at your door in 5..4..3..2..

            • Mark Seymour, Hunters and Collectors: Throw you arms around me. Ideal on Youtube at 3am. “We may never meet again”.

              Originally released as a B side single….. shout it to the blue summer sky. A great Australian song/poem – about love.

              • Dali, listened with the morning sun striking Dylan’s portrait on the screen.

                Silent applause.

                Thank you.

                After Wigwam, content in the hazy glow of the weak winter sun, I wonder about a man in Malta and Bob Dylan. Is there more to tell?

                • so glad you enjoyed such an enigmatic composition by the wise old man who still wnders onto a stage almost everynight.

                  kind of like Patti Smith who performed here at the university a few weeks ago.

                  Patty Smith?? Malta?? Yup.

              • Chris, how good is that song for young guys on the make?

                ‘We may never meet again, so shed your skin . . .”

                I love it. Thank you.

                • Agent,

                  Yes, The youthful Seymour was intensely involved with a certain lady, his muse, at the time he wrote it. So now we all share in it, forever, it was as Neil Finn said of it, “A classic song without having been a hit”.

                  99, I like this thinking, Dali has many stories to tell… :cool:

                  • I will see what I cn do, after they send Pistorius to prison.

                    The case seems to be going round in its own orbit, but a few weeks only before the verdict.

                    can be
                    traced by
                    wishes to escape
                    back to the prison
                    as both captive
                    and capt

            • doug quixote

              Have a word with Ron Barnes. Make it a good one, 99 and Ron.

              ‘Tis a far, far better thing I do . . . .


        • Fedallah be praised!
          and prized too!

        • ” ‘Monogamy leaves a lot to be desired’!”

          Divorce leaves a litter to be sorted.

      • And yet, and yet…

        “If there were a man who dared to say all that he thought of this world there would not be left him a square foot of ground to stand on [. . .]If now and then we encounter pages that explode, pages that wound and sear, that wring groans and tears and curses, know that they come from a man with his back up, a man whose only defenses left are his words and his words are always stronger than the lying, crushing weight of the world, stronger than all the racks and wheels which the cowardly invent to crush out the miracle of personality. If any man ever dared to translate all that is in his heart, to put down what is really his experience, what is truly his truth, I think then the world would go to smash, that it would be blown to smithereens and no god, no accident, no will could ever again assemble the pieces, the atoms the indestructible elements that have gone to make up the world.”

        Henry Miller

        Thank you Fedallah.

        The “submit” button, who would have thought the internet was a Zen Koan?

        Thanks again.

        • The quote is a master stroke.
          Bloody Miller, homespun but not a fucking word, a feeling, out of place.

          You were right to choose it, and for that I thank you.

          I wish that you could have read the original.
          It was a fine piece.

      • doug quixote

        Well now! Either a feast or a famine.

        A list of authors is all very well, but which works, and have you actually read them?

      • Hey Fed, divas, divas, divas. The McGarrigle sisters queued way below and a love song for you, Nina with her manic angels, look for her at 1.40 and tell me you haven’t been there, old friend.

        To see the tableaux unfold, ’tis a wonder, to be sure.

        • Grant,

          2.30 Twisting Black Snake Girl.

          Yes, we’ve been there, or thereabouts.

          And here?

          I tried to sing this in a bar,
          to a woman from Toyo or Integral?,
          2 nights ago.

          I moved into the second verse, “wild like a lasso”
          before it all went…..crazy.


          and you old friend?
          what say you?
          a story perhaps?
          for a man, a consort, with tired eyes.

          hope you are well.


      • Correction; above, not below.

        The previous NS clip is crap and also pure gold, but she deserves better and this is a modest nod in the right direction. Everything must change.

    • doug quixote

      Poor Gaudi! Only one major cathedral has ever been completed in the lifetime of the architect : St Pauls in London.

      Sagrada Familia may take another century.

  13. Mirror on the Wall : Tony! Tony! Come down off the ceiling!

    Face not in the Mirror : Go ‘way.

    Mirror : Joe’s bringing down a really great budget, with help from Matthias.

    (Tony drops to floor, and puts on red helmet)

    Face in the Mirror : What really great budget?

    Mirror : It is, isn’t it?

    Face : But he won’t let me play with my toys, won’t let me play with my toys like I want to!

    Mirror : Which toys?

    Face : The ones that go bang and whoosh.

    Mirror : But there’s lots of money for your programs, isn’t there?

    Face : Yeah, but the good stuff doesn’t happen for years and all the bad stuff starts straight away!

    Mirror : Isn’t that normal?

    Face : Yeah but I wanna do it all now, I wanna I wanna!

    Mirror : (aside : give me strength! I wonder if Malcolm’s available?)

    Face : What’s that!

    Mirror : I said ‘I wonder if you can’t get it under the table.’

    Face : Get what?

    Mirror : You know, like in State politics.

    Face : Fuck ‘em all! Newman and Napthine and whatshisname!

    Mirror : (calls) Joe! Julie! Andy! get the white coats – he’s doing it again!

  14. ”Can you suggest an out-of-body literary experience for me? “ – Agent Novanta Nove

    One new morning in 1970, I got a letter from Bob, containing a self-portrait and a tape of a song he was working on which needed some lyrics which he said should evoke a sanskrit love-poem or a moorish haiku.

    The melody he said was a reworking of a Maurice Ravel ditty, and its working title was Bolero With Wolves. I renamed it Wigwam and sent him my lyrics, which derive from a loose translation of a concrete poem by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti.

    Bob released it as track #22 on the album Selfportrait.

    The lyrics:

    Da da dah da da.
    Dada da-da dah de dum.
    Da da-da dah da.
    La da dah dede.
    La dah dah dada dah.
    Lah dada dah da-da dah.
    Dah da dada dum dah.
    La dah dah da-da dah dee.
    Dah da daladah duh duh duh.
    La dah dah da-da daaaaah.
    Dah da dah uh uhhhhnn.
    Da da dah da duhh.
    / Duh duh duh duun, da-da dah dah, da-da dah dahun da.
    Du duh duh uh.
    Dun dada dadada da.
    Duh duh deeee de de dede da.
    Nah nah a nah nah naaaah. /
    La dah dede.
    La dah dah da-da dee.
    La dah dee.
    Dun dun dun nee nah ha duh dee.
    Dun nah na naha dee.
    Da dada dah da da da dah.
    La dah dah dada dah dee.
    Du duh duh doo dee dede dee dede

    • To Agent 99 : When I want to go out of body I re-read The Lord of The Rings.

      I have done so almost every year since I was 17.

      Escape to Middle Earth.

      • Thank you DQ. How kind. That’s a lifelong love affair of yours. I shall take down the volumes last read when I was 17!

        “All’s well that ends better.”

      • At moments like thes, when Minties are just not enough, all is doom & gloom, the black knight running rampant, raping & pilaging while we desperately await a white knight to come out of a hibernation longer than Rip Van Winkle, I turn to my tattered copy of an old Bill Scott yarn book, “Uncle Arthur & Other Blokes”.

        A good laugh at some ripping yarns always makes me feel better anyway.

  15. The carnival is over

    Joe’s sated wants to go to bed

    Tony on the other hand is

    All wired up

    He’ll grind our homes to make his bread.

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