Lines For Wayne Swan (1)

I find it offensive and repugnant that Joe Hockey repeatedly, and with malice aforethought, alleged, and alleged wrongly, that I ruined the economy although I left it with a triple-A rating.

I am therefore suing him for three hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and Matthias Cormann, Arthur Sinodinos, Josh Frydenberg, Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne for similar sums for echoing this bizarre unfounded fabrication, repeatedly, in the media.

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  1. Words from Ron B
    That is too generous just take every cent they have including their Families trusts.

  2. Leave them with nothing.

  3. Bob, any word yet from the ABC?

      • Have a word with David Marr to put your case at next weeks Q&A, he’d do it just to spite Andrew Bolt.

        • Andrew Bolt said he won’t appear on QandA unless the ABC turned off the twitter feed and Bolt appeared man-o-mano against Tony Jones in caged death match with a dwarf second and a spiked ball and mace as a whirling weapon.

          My money is on Andrew Bolt to obliterate the girly man Jones who will piss his pants immediately and obsequiously make amends.

          You know how it all ends already…

  4. doug quixote

    Lines for Tony Abbott :

    (last year)

    “I absolutely guarantee, absolutely guarantee that the tax burden will be less under the Coalition” . . .

    “I’m sure there’s a weasel way, a weasel way, out of that choice of words.

    Just can’t see one, just can’t see one, right now. Maybe 72 seconds of silence will help.”

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