Lines For Joe Hockey (13)

Let’s put it this way.

The age of YOUR entitlement is over.


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  1. “For a small donation, I can show you how to make sure yours does as well.”

  2. The speeches at our great Premier Wran’s commemorative service called to mind the time he chose to step aside while establishing that he was innocent of one of that Weasel-wordsmith Greiner’s many cowardly, mendacious accusations that the Premier had acted corruptly.

    Little wonder that the Premier exclaimed after defeating Greiner, “That was the sweetest victory of all!”

    Contrast Premier Wran’s exculpation with the current ICAC and Fairfax News revelations of iniquitous slushfunds, when it would seem that domino after domino in the Looters Party will just keep on falling over.

    • But we have to be there, Hemingway13, with the baseball bats to make sure they fall down, and can never get back up again.

      • Glow,
        Here, here!

        As former player/coach for the Sydney Uni Baseball squad for 15 years, Id be more than happy to provide batting tips for any folks who want to join our “SWAT Team”! :cool:

  3. I thought it was a given. The real shame is people voting for them thinking it’ll change

  4. Today’s SMH letters page is one of the most sensible I have read in ages. Perhaps the weary beast is stirring?

  5. Lines For Joe Hockey (13)

    I lied, and Tony lied, about introducing a new tax.

    We lied.

    I’ll say it again, we lied to the Australian people.

  6. Lines For Joe Hockey (13)

    To the Liberal voters out there I’d like to personally apologise for the lie on the new tax we’re floating.
    I know that we’ve put you all in an absolutely untenable position regarding defending our pre election narrative and have set you all up as catastrophic buffoons and unblinking mouthbreathers in the eyes of each and every sensible person in this country.
    I know that we have scored an own goal of historic proportions and that whatever we say now we will, you will, always carry the stink of either capitulation, backflip, or sheer political lunacy.
    We’re sorry that you, our ideological followers, have to wear that stink and confirm the view of the Left that we are a cabal of lying, malevolent, pole smoking sycophants of Big Business.

    The damage is irreparable.

    I tried to bloody tell him, I really did…but no, he wouldn’t listen, he kept saying, “It’s alright Joe, we’ll distract them, they’ll never notice…..I’ll just go to the north coast again and ride my bike around the block a coupla times….it’ll all blow over, you’ll see, you”ll see.”

    Lines for Bill Shorten (1)

    Come on Bob, he’s your man.
    What’s he gonna say?
    What’s he gonna do with this slow full toss the likes of which he may never see again in his entire parliamentary career?

    To my mind, if he does nothing then he should be relieved of his duties as patently unfit to prosecute either the Labor position or decimate the Liberals for such a colossal and absurd error of political judgement.

  7. Morgan Poll just in:

    ‘ALP (55%) has biggest lead over L-NP (45%) since October 2010 after Government proposes a ‘deficit levy’ and an increase in the pensionable age to 70.’

  8. ‘The head of corporate affairs for a mining company at the centre of an environmental dispute has been in charge of developing policy on the environment for Queensland’s ruling Liberal National Party (LNP) since 2012.

    James Mackay also worked full-time for the LNP during the 2012 election, while he was being paid $10,000 a month by the company, QCoal.

    QCoal is embroiled in controversy over plans to divert Coral Creek in north Queensland to mine the coal underneath. The company’s owner, reclusive billionaire Chris Wallin, is one of the LNP’s biggest donors.’

    A billionaire is one of the LNP’s biggest donors?!?!

    No fucking way!

    • Ah, the nepotism, glad-handing and con brio that serves as background music to the money-making machine, ker-chink, ker-chink, ker-chink, another million dollars, another million dollars, another…

      This Wallin character, reportedly worth $1.8 billion, is set on destroying Coral Creek for a piddly $80 million worth of coal seam at the end of the Sonoma mine’s life.

      In 2005 Sonoma said their works would not impact on the creek. By 2010 they proposed diverting it in order to scratch at the remaining seams.

      Language is such a bitch:

      from the Sonoma website…

      “Our values

      Truthfulness – All the facts, on time
      Responsibility – We do what we say
      Enthusiasm – Inspiring others through our enjoyment
      Loyalty – Long term relationships forging strength
      Flexibility – Adapt and change to meet opportunities
      Dependability – Deliver!
      Diligence – Do the right thing before the deadline – tie the knot!
      Determination – We will overcome obstacles”

      They will destroy the little people who stand in their way, along with shredding the environment, along with funneling bucketloads of cash to their political protectors, along with employing individuals who have no conflict with conflict of interest, in their interest. They are, one might observe, a metaphor or signal flag for conservative and capitalistic ethics.

  9. From: Kate Dykes
    Sent: Tuesday, 29 April 2014 11:45 AM
    Cc: Kate Dykes
    Subject: Boardroom Lunch with Hon Bill Shorten, Leader of the Opposition – Sydney
    Importance: High

    Good Morning,

    On behalf of the Federal Labor Business Forum, I would like to invite you to a boardroom lunch with Hon Bill Shorten, Leader of the Opposition.

    Please find below details

    Boardroom Lunch with Hon Bill Shorten, Leader of the Opposition

    Date: Thursday 8 May, 2014

    Time: 12pm Pre Drinks, 12.30pm Lunch

    Venue: Sydney CBD (TBC on reservation)

    Dress: Lounge Suit

    Cost: $3,300 incl. GST pp / $2500 incl. GST pp for FLBF members

    Please respond early to Heidi (cced) to avoid disappointment, tickets to this event are strictly limited.

    We look forward to welcoming you on the day

  10. MODEL and TV personality Sarah Murdoch has thrown her support behind the Abbott government’s call for an end to the “age of entitlement”.

    Speaking in Sydney alongside federal Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews at the launch of a national initiative called Opportunity Child, she said families needed to be empowered. Source:

    Yet another of those who will never have to worry about where the money for the next electricity bill is coming from telling us that the age of entitlement is over.

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