Lines For Chris Bowen (11)

Was Joe entitled to the twenty-two thousand certain businessmen paid him to hang out with him, or is that age of entitlement over?

  1. Now that Joe has ensured the relevant stake holders that the Diesel Rebate won’t be touched in the coming Federal Budget, the game and phrase of “Not Ruling in or Not Ruling out” has been removed for all time from the last edition of the Quick Guide to a Politician’s Stock Replies.

    God bless you Joe.

  2. Great catchphrase “Not ruling in or not ruling out” but Joe doesn’t want
    the big miners to fret over this diesel rebate. His reassurance speaks volumes.

  3. Where did you hear it first?

    Not ruling in and not ruling out.

    I heard it first from George W Bush

    • I have it in mind it was a John Howard line Mal, it took off like wildfire everybody was using it, is using it.

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