Certain Housekeeping Matters (103)

I have been mistakenly putting up on Ellis Gold small essays meant to be put up here. I will move them across when Annie, who knows how to do this, comes home from TAFE. To my aghast impoverished fans, like Dali, my sincere apologies.

I note that Alexander the Great has been found, about two blocks from where, for seventeen hundred years, it was persistently thought he was.

If it takes seventeen hundred years to go two further blocks in search of something as notable as the world’s most famous warrior/king, and seventy years to find the Titanic exactly where it was always known to be, give or take half a mile, how, in the entire fucking Indian Ocean, one eighth of the fucking planet, will we ever find MH 370?

Why are we spending all this money, enough to save Holden, on this two-hemisphere wild goose chase?


  1. Not disagreeing with your premise, but according to this:

    The story about Alexander’s tomb was a hoax.

  2. I still want someone to tell me why it is or ever became Australia’s problem???

    • A very good question.

      Well, it all started the day the Arthur $inodino$ story needed to be shunted off the front page …..

    • My guess is there is a tonne or two of gold on board that plane that was bound for China and a generous finder’s fee.

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  4. graciously accepted.

  5. Australia did the right thing initially in sending specialist aircraft (PC3 Orions) to help Malaysia in a sea search in the South China Sea because Malaysia does not possess this capability.
    When it was decided that the missing aircraft was in the Indian Ocean in Australia’s area of search and rescue responsibility we took on the coordination task.
    If a QANTAS aircraft went in off the coast of Thailand for example, it would be that country’s responsibility.

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