Lines For Albo (81)

There is only one way to describe what Christopher Pyne is up to, and the Liberals in general are up to.

Class warfare.

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  1. It’s a pathetic attempt Australia and society has moved on from this.
    Besides if they think they are at the top of some sort of neo Bunyip hirarichy There is a concept completely foreign to them in general.

    Noblesse oblige.

    They need to get on top of that first.

  2. If I may, I’ll requote from Ellis Gold :

    The Vote

    “And it’s important to say this, because, you see, there are all sorts of people trying to frighten us out of using that bit of paper. Let’s take the newspapers. Now they’re owned by five rich men and two multinational companies; and they are waging the most tremendous campaign; and one of the instruments they’re using is public opinion polls.

    ‘Now there’s all the difference in the world between a public opinion poll, and the real poll on the 9th of June; that if you think the suffragettes went to prison, and went on hunger strikes, and were released from prison, as they were because force feeding caused such an uproar, that they released them and when they’d had a meal they put them back in prison again, the so called Cat and Mouse Act—if you think the suffragettes went to prison and went on hunger strike for the privilege of being interviewed by Dr Gallup you’re misunderstanding what it’s all about.

    ‘And the public opinion polls are designed to tell us first that it’s all set for Thursday, that there’s nothing more anyone in this room can do about it that can alter a triumphant victory for Mrs Thatcher with Mr Jenkins following in second place. Now you know, that is a destruction of confidence in democracy, because what they hope is that Labour people will say Thursday’s not worth it. it’s all over, not worth it. Here we’ve seen what Ladbrokes. are saying and the betting is this, we’ll stay at home. Sorry Tony, we’d have helped you if there’d been a hope.”

    And that happens here and now, here and now in Australia.

    They want to convince us that the Looters Party are still popular.

    As if!

  3. Richelieu II

    Absolutely, its class war. That’s all the Liberals are about. Its why they hate the welfare system, because its a safety net for working people and people with very low incomes. Its why they hate Medicare because its for everyone and especially for those on lower incomes to have access to health care. The same with public schooling and any other government measure for the general populace. All this concern that its about “debt” and ‘being fiscally responsible’, is all just a cover for what is their real hatred and that is of ordinary Australian people. Their sole purpose is to protect their wealth and their privileges and their power on any perceived encroachments. Its why they hate unions because unions get in the way of them acting like slave overlords over “their” workforce. The Liberal party are nothing but a bunch of slimy, greasy, malicious gang of class warriors (for the class of wealth and power).

  4. Class warfare indeed Bob. About fifth class brats like Pyne tended to emerge.

    I’m glad I didn’t share a desk with him at school 50-60 years ago. I’ll bet he is one of those kids who’d piddle his pants in excitement, everytime someone said “black ops”.

  5. It is simply the destruction of social welfare . No more, no les a pure Liberal National way of forcing down living standards and making wages lower .

  6. No, with respect Bob, I disagree. This are not about class warfare.

    The Liberals are redialing the expectations of average Australians. Its like kicking a dog until he gets the idea.

    I think they call it in America, “tough love.”

    They are changing Australia’s sense of entitlement. No more money for jam. No more money for cripples. No money for mothers. No money for schools. No money for hospitals. No money for Seniors. No refugees. Bugger off.

    There is no free lunch or gold card for anyone. For many years, this sense of entitlement has eroded our pioneering spirit. It’s made us soft. Pampered ponces. Always complaining. Never satisfied. Hoping someone else will look after our kids. It’s sending us broke.

    Tony will change all that. He’s given us a collective kick up the arse.

    I’m tightening my belt. I’ve scaled down my sense of entitlement. I hope to get a firm sick-pack stomach in 2015, like Bob Carr’s.

  7. Daniel Jenkins

    It’s imperative that Shorten is strong now. He should oppose the increase in the pension threshold outright, and promise to reverse it in government.

    • He should promise to undo all the damage these creeps have done/will do and erase the 3 years (if they get that far) from Australia’s history. It will disappear from our memory like a bad dream.

      • Yep, Labor will lure another thousand or so country shoppers to their deaths via Indonesian fishing boats in no time flat – by promising all the welfare, housing medical and dental treatment they can dream of. Just be sure to mark ALP #1 on the ballot paper, Achmed.

        • Then let them fly here on commercial airlines for (much cheaper and humane) onshore processing.

          Maybe then I’ll believe it’s about stopping the drownings and not about just stopping the immigrants.

        • Let them then be called country shoppers to hide the truth about those unfortunate inferior bipedal machines who’re searching for refuge to be protected from the sort of people who instead of luring them with promises imagined by parasites drive them out of their homes with the usual savagery and brutal violence we assosciate with the war crimes of Bush Blair and Howard and their closet accomplices now cleansed and excreted as the cowardly cabinet crew with snouts in the trough shouting out the end of the age of entitlements except for themselves.

        • Well that explains everything. Abbott and co. are trying to destroy the health and welfare system in Australia to deter the country shoppers from coming here.

        • I know of quite a few Australians that fly to Thailand, stay in hotel accommodation for a week while they have their teeth done because it is less expensive than having it done here.

          Medical shoppers and unpatriotic to boot, taking the food out of dentist children’s perfect toothed mouths and robbing our country of income and tax revenue.

          I think on all of the asylum seeking pedophiles we sent to Asia through the decades on holiday packages, the wars we exported around the world and the tens of thousands of deaths we helped cause and the generations of havoc to life and limb we left behind along with the devastation of economic ruin that will take a century or two to put back on track.

          The despots we supported and financed directly and indirectly.

          We should send a postcard and mark it sorry Achmed.

  8. Class Warfare began before pre-hominid primates and ends with us.

    There is a human cultural identity group who’ve always been at war with any other human they believe they can dominate and exploit just as any other parasite does.

    In other words, the class war is or has been perennial but cannot continue indefinitely in the era of nuclear weapons.

    The difference between ordinary non-human parasites and the all too human parasites is the practice of the parasitic lifestyle against hosts who’re of the same species although the intra-human parasites always use the excuse that they’re a different species – a different superior class, a different morally superior race or religion or whatever other difference might be convenient at the time depending on who they’re trying to dominate and exploit as parasites must do.

    The parasites always insist that they’re superior by nature to the hosts they exploit.

    The TAbbott Murdoch filth are parasites and so too are those who talk here at the table in support of the parasites claiming they’re the morally superior to the human hosts they dominate and exploit rather than being self-reliant and independent productive human agents.

    The hopeful thing is that those agents of the Murdoch TAbbott tapeworm infestation are human and can choose to repudiate their allegiance to the subhuman culture of the LNP and their offshore imperialist Tea Party patrons.

    We will not wait for ever though.

    Repent for the end is nigh.


    These spivs are the same hyenas who feigned apoplexy about corruption by Gillard et al.

    Bob was right – they ought to be in prison.

  10. In my other home – Tucson Arizona today it will soon be Cinqo De Maio.

    All over old Mexico Pancho Villa rides again.

    Power to the people.

  11. I may have dreamed this but on Insiders the other morning Pyne in regards to the Labor Govt. running the economy likened them to a drunk driver careening and crashing into parked cars and leaving the scene of the crime ensuring Troy Buswell will get a two years good behavior bond a further year of anger management and a lifelong twelve step program.

    With friends like Chris….

  12. And Buswell will be back in the WA Parliament any day now, as just like his fellow Liberals and the antibellum slavers he believes he is born to rule. His conduct over the last 6 years has set new lows in appalling behaviour. Chair sniffing and snapping bra-straps while leader of the WA Libs, NINE speeding tickets while holding the position of Minister for transport and a traffic system that is so chaotic that even the new WA minister for transport has admitted that it is really affecting productivity. The latest example of Buswell’s arrogance is when he said he was “surprised” he racked up a $780 meal bill in the French countryside while on a taxpayer-funded trip to check out light rail. He was the WA Treasurer at the time. Yep, that looks like a ‘born to rule’ mentality to me.

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