Lines For Joe Hockey (14)

If you’re sixty-five today, you’re not going to lose your pension.

If you’re forty-five, you are.

You’re going to have to work till you drop.

Vote Liberal if you agree with this, everyone under forty-five.

All twelve million of you.

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  1. Well a lot of them voted Liberal those ones deserve it all the others that have not paid taxes as long as the current retirees should only expect what they put in in tax , it will be interesting when every body wakes to the fact it will still cost the same in the end .in taxes.

    • I think a lot of people didn’t think of voting Liberal, Ron.
      I think they voted the Labor circus out.

      Looking back, Labor in minority was a far better government than Abbott’s asylum. It did far more of nation building significance, but it also made itself look like a hot bed of internal conflict & division which invited the protest vote.

      Abbott is Labor’s biggest assett now. Labor’s biggest threat to walking back into government in 2016, is itself.

      • Absolutely correct, Hugh Weiss. The old adage of oppositions not winning Government, but Governments losing it, was achingly true in this last election.

        And heaven help us if they replace Abbott with someone like Turnbull (again) because there are a lot of ladies with trembling knees who would vote for him.

  2. i lived in germany for a few years a few years back and the joke was ‘the government gives us 2 years’…yep in working class bars that was what was said…mostly mechanics or machinists but just as often chippies brickies or labourers…and their life expectancy was 72 whilst the silvertails could live cottoned up into their 90s

    As for the rhetoric re $11k personal and $22k party fines for improper donations in nsw….that is no way to bag em…the legal path must be along lines for ‘conspiracy’….ah yes that is the way…one can definately go to jail for that…just ask a lawyer…conspiracy to break a law is jail time…ask a lawyer and set your imagination amd indignation free

  3. Disgusting policy

  4. Working from the cradle ” to the grave is what they want.” They want blood from a stone. They won,t stop until a million corpses rot underneath their feet .

  5. I’ll see them all in hell .

  6. Prediction: the Abbott deficit tax plan/levy/whatever will be dumped before Wednesday.

    • Its another in the series of TAbbott in the bakery with the actor playing simple simon the pieman and bending bananas at Woolies with the shelf stockers or fileting fish with mongers and all the other free ads recorded by ABC camera crews depicting the traitorand enemy of democracy – Tabbott as the working man’s friend.

      The so called levy that is not a tax tax is the same sort of manoever designed with full knowledge it will never get through the senate and maybe not even the house but thrown against the electric wall like the usual faecal splatter of the apes to deceive and manipulate te human prey herds.

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