Lines For Albo (80)

A question to the Treasurer. Are you entitled to the three million your wife brings home, or is that ‘age of entitlement’ now over for you and for everybody else?

  1. Ps Joe please share Wife will show her how the average lower class live now we are making a lower class out of those that are not rich.

  2. Pls Joe, how much will your wife be paid if you decide to add another Hockey to the world?

  3. She probably has Tennis balls and Joe is Neutered

  4. The names Obeid, Tripodi, and the NSW ALP Mafia have effectively been neutralised.
    Never again will they be uttered singularly as articles of contempt and corruption without the attendant roll call of Liberal Mafiosa.
    So many names, where to start?
    SWH, Sinodonis, Hartcher, Koelma, Di Girolama, EightByFive, Gallacher……

    And where to finish?

    Roll on ICAC!

  5. Agent 86 calls it ICARK.

    Do drop by Feds.

  6. The pension has nothing to do with the age of entitlement, it has everything to do with the entitlement of age.

  7. We all age so stew all of you Liberal National diehards your vote was wasted.

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