The Smashing

What Hockey and Corman did today was try to scare us with a number of things they won’t enact, or won’t get through the Senate and be discarded. What they did was cast not just the Abbott government but the Baird, Newman, Napthine and Giles governments and the Liberal Party, into outer darkness, perhaps, forever.

Because they thought they had enough respect, enough stature, enough mana in the wider community, the nation, the world, to dare this nonsense, and they didn’t. They already seemed, after the single aberrant knight (there will never be another), and the search in the wrong ocean for the vanished plane, and the twenty-four billion dollar fighter-bomber that can’t win any imaginable war on any planet we might be on soon, a little crazy. And to make war, after that, on on every ingredient of Australia, and Australia itself (the Federation was broken, they said, and that means Australia was broken) was, on the face of it, barking mad.

Where did they get the idea that we as a nation were so keen to get back into surplus that we’d give up our child’s education, and our mother’s comfort in old age? Who told them we were like that?

They seem not to have looked, with any keenness, at recent history. Costello, sure, in 1996, after a similar audit, slashed away at everybody like a Hutu with a machete. But…five hundred days later his party lost eighteen seats, and six percent of the vote, and would have lost government had not Gareth brandished death duties, another daylight robbery of the family home. They seem not to understand, as foreigners, the country they are in. They think we like authoritarian bullies who, having cheated their way to power, keep secret what we they will do next, spread anxiety everywhere, and tell cripples they’ll just have to wait for the new ramp and wheelchair, and their parents they’d better not die yet.

I write this at 3.40 am on Friday, and I sense they’ve lost 12 percent of the vote they won with in September already, and they won’t get it back. Historians will realise what did it, probably, was the search for the MH 370, which they’ll spend and spend and spend for years on, thinking scrap metal in the sea a more vital quest than the basic thing that government is for, saving human souls. They will be seen as sado-narcissist authoritarians who believe taking money from schoolkids will be applauded and spending it on a fighter bomber in an imaginary war — what war is that? Ruanda! Syrua? Iraq? Afghanistan? The civil war in Ukraine? — will be cheered to the rafters. What fools they are, to flag their cruelty so blatantly.

And they pretend it is not going to happen. We asked these auditors to do this, but we won’t take any notice of the bad bits. We’ll just ignore them.

Oh, boy. The old line, ‘the longest suicide note in history’, will be applied by the dimmer journalists to the this huge document. It’s not as if they’d keep one vote that changed their way in September. It’s not as if the voters thought Abbott was doing well, or Corman humorously saying ‘I’ll be back’ in any way allayed the grief of those parents of children with twisted limbs he was kicking in the face.

They blew it, big time. And their blood is all over the walls of their party room. And another Liberal leader will fall, the fourth in a year.

And so it goes.

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  1. Their lies start with a lie, perhaps a deception. It is not an audit, and for everybody to continue to repeat that expression gives it some air of credibility to those who are too busy to think. Names matter. The terms of reference were a right wing cost cutting, government cutting task.

    That is, the objective was “how do we (the Government) destroy 100 yrs of building a fair egalitarian country?”

    • They are real bastards, full of lies and trickery, it’s the Audit, not us…

      We have an Audit as our leader, not Abbott.
      Drop the ‘t’ and you have an Audi, it will still Audis for them, but no schools for our kids.

  2. What a great read Bob.


    a thought:
    How about you open up the public, the subscribers, and the Gold into one mega blog so that everyone can read and comment across the board?
    Open a donations box off to the side and those that can will drop what they can afford on an ongoing basis – a dollar here, a 50 there.

    This 3 tier thing you’ve started will split us up.
    What you need to do, I believe, is keep us together; a chunky bloc of regular readers/commenters to serve as consistent base for new arrivals.

    • I cannot subscribe. I just cannot do it. If Bob is skint, I can send him something, but I can not subscribe.

  3. Do this mob not realise, if you break the peoples trust you’re a goner – that’s what happened to the previous government.

    Never in my lifetime can I remember a new government so low in the polls, so soon after an election. The Hawke, Howard and Rudd governments were riding high in the polls at a similar stage.

  4. Yesterday when Hockey said the Federation is broken I felt so sad. Especially when he seemed to say it with a smile on his face. Surely this joker can’t be next in line for the top job. How can we survive as a nation being governed for 2 more years by this mob. As for Corman with his “I’ll be back line” on the 7.30 Report he must feel his accent is a henderance to him. Maybe Credin told him to ham it up and make out your Arnold that will win us over.

    • Good effort from Sarah Ferguson trying to keep the mongrel answering her questions, not much luck though, their hearts are made of stone, and heads carved of wood, and if they are lucky to have hair, it’s barbed wire :twisted:

      • …and the only way to prevent them from doing harm to others, their feet ought to be set in concrete.

    • Daisy Blue – it’s just another cliche/lie/slogan to keep scaring the shit out of stupid people.

      He no more believes it than you or I. But watch this space, it will shortly be repeated ad nauseum until it becomes “true”.


    This is a confidence trick performed by the party which was installed to return the wealth dividend to the powerful.

  6. They just don’t seem to know what items they can slash into with the least political damage.

    So they ‘announce’ (leak) cuts into just about everything and see what they might be able to get away with.

    They think that an axe murderer who kills ten people is far less objectionable than one who kills twenty.

    “Look, we only slashed $50bn when we might have slashed $100bn!” is not going to cut anything but their political capital.

  7. America put up with a presidental cretin for 8 years… Bush did more harm to middle America than a dozen presidents, while Chaney ran his private Iraq war from the White House for The Big End of Town, quietly, at the same trashing environmental laws to give the coal stream gas boys open slather – and it was middle America, waking up to all that fracking suddenly going on in their backyards and farms that backed the two to the hilt… stupidity knows no borders… do not be at all surprised if it goes much the same way here…

    • Coal seam gas (fracking) is an issue waiting to explode… as it were. It is an issue that unites farmers and Greens alike. It is an issue that is downplayed in the media for this reason.

  8. You ask: Where did they get the idea that we as a nation were so keen to get back into surplus that we’d give up our child’s education, and our mother’s comfort in old age? Who told them we were like that?

    Well the overwhelming support for Labor & Libs refugee ‘policy’ did. In fact, over 60% of Australians demanded the policy become tougher and harder.

    I’d say 60% of Australians told them we were like that.

    I’m alright Jack, they said, fk the rest of them as hard as you can go.

    • ‘Who told them we were like that?’

      Agree ginnylowndes. We told them. We have shown ourselves mean. Chris Hunter says Manus is the albatross around our necks.

      Australia: Open for Business. Closed for refugees.

      These oiks are not nation builders. They are wreckers and looters, as has been said.

      Hockey smirks when he rises to scare people with his harsh necon world vision, while Corman’s using oafish Arnie Schwarzenegger’s ‘I’ll be baaack’ betrays what they are: two nasty little boys sniggering behind their hands, wearing their underwear over their tights.

      Abbott’s boast ‘the adults are in charge’ has flatlined.

      • It’s still a mystery to me how a budget ‘surplus’ has come to dominate the political debate, after ‘stop the boats’.

        Somwhere in the recesses of my memory, I remember the headlines next day in the Melbourne ‘Herald’ after budget night:

        “Cigs Up; Petrol Up; Beer UP!” And that was the extent of the sturm und drang, and everyone knew what game was being played. Today, with zealots and idealogues in charge, the game has changed completely.

        So far, Labor’s response has been somewhat muted, and I fear the public outcry will be greater than their effectiveness as an opposition.

    • Dead right Ginny. We told them that. Excellent point you make.

    • Spot on Ginny.

      Thank you Agent99 for remembering the asylum seekers, the forgotten humanity.
      I’m starting to almost hate Scottie, he’s hardly human…

  9. Chris O'Neill

    would have lost government had not Gareth brandished death duties

    Gareth brandished Capital Gains Tax on pre-1985-bought assets and purportedly this cost the Labor Party government. This is what happens when rent-seekers who enjoy tax-free economic rent squeal like stuck pigs.

    • And let us not forget poor old Ralph rushing to publicise the sham fax sent to him by the Liberal dirty tricks department.

  10. It’s pointed out today on a blog Hockey & his missus have (1) a Family Trust, and (2) own four properties (Negative Gearing)… where in The Shepard Manifesto does The Tony 2 suggest the government overhaul both tax scams…?

    • Will we hear about these cosy “arrangements” from anyone in Parliament, or are they all in it? Christine Milne, perhaps?

      So far, Labor’s response has been somewhat muted, and I fear the public outcry will be greater than their effectiveness as an opposition.

  11. Hockey: OK Tony I’ll explain it one more time and you can have another go, even Dutton worked it out, so here we go. Three cups, Private, Public and Government, OK are you with me so far?; one ping pong ball, we’ll call it PPL, I put the ball under one of the cups, still with me Tony? Now I move the cups about, back and forth, back and forth, now tell me where the ping pong ball is.

    Nearly Tony, nearly. Yes it is amazing isn’t it?

    What about this, this deck of cards is the budget, I give it a shuffle, now pick a card, any card, look at it, don’t tell me what it is Tone……..

    • not sure about that its very hard for bill to air time i saw him to day or was it yesterday 2 min at the most dont tell me he only spoke for that short time tv camera went elsewhere
      ive heard stroies where he has gone todo a news conference and no one turned up, so don t be to hard on alp their face books are amazing and they tweet, email us, i wonder if they are even ask to speak on tv or radio , they have few staff a lot of people dont realise that.
      i recently went some where , bill shorten spoke amazing standing ovation very uplifting u want see that on tv.

  12. I have it in my memory, when the States and Territories meet with the Feds, the Treasurer is in on the meeting, or am I wrong.

    I remember Costello patronizing the then diminutive NSW Labor Treasurer outside the meeting with a “steady on big fellah”.

    Was Hockey there? I saw him earlier this morning on TV live at the Israeli Chamber of Commerce address.

    Split in the ranks? as Abbott refused to take questions on the Audit at the COAG press conference.

    Can anyone shed light on the absence of the Treasurer at COAG?

    • Joe Hockey was at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne allthumbs.

      So no, not at COAG

      Pick a card, any card……..
      Made me laugh.

  13. Matt Trezise

    “And another Liberal leader will fall, the fourth in a year.” We should be so lucky, Bob, but his parliamentary colleagues are so grateful to Abbott that he’ll have the job as long as he wants it.

    I’m grateful to you for pointing out that the most extreme proposals are straw men, designed to make the measures they intend to bring in, look reasonable – something other commentators seemed to miss.

  14. Richelieu II

    Every word of this article is sheer brilliance. You won’t find a better summation of this disgusting filth of a Liberal government anywhere. The closest thing to the ‘modern day’ Liberals is the primitive Aztec government of 500 years ago, who sacrificed thousands and thousands of people in order to satisfy their imaginary god (think of debt as the Liberals God that must appeased) and to preserve their own power. Complete filth.

  15. It was announced in a passing banner on ABC24 as breaking news that Abbott had pulled out of a trip to Indonesia because of “on water operations”.

    Anybody have some info on this?

  16. They dare to act in this way because they truly believe that they are born to rule, and periods when they are not in government are simply abberations.

  17. Who is this Commission of Audit anyway? A bunch of old farts with not a callused hand or a worn out back between them, all safe in the knowledge that they and their families will never be affected by the proposals they are so ardently advocating. Not too much heavy lifting going on there!

    • Good question. The chair is Tony Shepherd, former head of the Business Council of Australia, which represents the interests of the biggest 100 companies.

      The Shepherd Audit is what Corporate Australia wants Australia to be.

      Corporate Australia is fashioning our nation in their own greedy image.

      The Shepherd is a wolf.

  18. The Liberal Party holds a “creative ideas” session with its Sturmführer elite, and hands the wishlist to a concocted Commission of Audit (headed by a venal übercapitalist) to give themselves the semblance of detachment they will require to implement their agenda.

    “Look – see! It’s not us, it’s this Commission of Audit!”

    Oldest trick in the book.

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