The Bottom Line

Before yesterday the vote of the 18 to 25s was about 64 Labor, 36 Coalition two party preferred. To be told that a university education is now unaffordable, and an old age pension forbidden if the house you paid for is any good, is an act of terrorism that like the slowly crumbling South Tower will ache in the memory of our people for decades.

You do not do this. You do not breach trust on this scale, after saying ‘No cuts to education’. You do not even threaten, as Joe has, to toy with the idea.

What utter fools they are. The vote tomorrow in that age group will be 75 Labor, 25 Coalition.

And so it goes.

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  1. Keep a keen eye on Deutsche Bank.

  2. When are we going to hear them say that they will share this austerity by cutting completely their extravagant life time pensions?? What does it cost to keep former Prime Ministers and former M.P’s on the taxpayers feeding trough for life? Theyw rok for 6 years and get paid for the next 20-40 years!!In real jobs, they would get a severance payout and if they are worth anything they can get jobs back in the real world.

    • I agree David reduce the over-generous pensions… but in the real world – Wayne Swan, Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd are highly unlikely to get a job offer from any form of private enterprise – given their track records (keeping and organisation operating to budget is clearly beyond their understanding).

      • As opposed to all the job offers Howard and Costello have had?

        • Are you handling their job offers?

          Keating has hardly set the business world ablaze. Oh he provides some investment banking advice. Good luck to him.

          • Hey Pinkeye, are you oblivious to the fact you made the same comments about Gillard etc etc. Self awareness isn’t one of your strengths is it? Or do you actually handle their job offers?

      • Chris O'Neill

        keeping and organisation operating to budget

        Former treasurers knew how to do this. Just keep selling assets. Works a treat until the assets run out.

      • Penskyfile, I think an offer from Harvard is a reasonable job for Rudd – wouldn’t mind it meself.

        And Gillard has a few academic positions, which are more appropriate to thinkers, rather than the merchant banking jobs spivs like Turnbull would prefer.

        And poor old Winston couldn’t even score a position on the cricket council, or whatever it’s called.

        • I wonder how the people who voted this miserable lot in, feel now, the Howard’s and Abbott’s aspirational folk. I hope their hang heads down in shame…

          When is it the right time for Mal to challenge Abbs?
          Surely he is not sitting there unless he wants the top job.

          Gillard and Rudd are doing just fine, and who here would worry about Howard?

        • The great diplomat can teach Harvard how to refer to China as “ratfuckers”. And what happened to resigning the seat of Grffiths to spend time with his family? He could at least reimburse the country for the cost of the by-election… or even billions for his monumental fuckups. Why was he sacked by his own party again?

          • Monumental fuck ups?!?,
            come on Pensky, you can do better than mindless parroting of still born propaganda, can’t you?

            Speaking of fuck ups – I took a stroll through several storm trooper sites yesterday and found, to my surprise, a pullulating and vehement; a betrayed and self righteous lynch mob out for Abbott and Hockey.
            I kid you not.

            I have seen nothing quite like this before.

            So forget about Rudd and Gillard.
            Your man is in the chair and
            the safety of the opposition bench is forever lost to him now.

            • Pensky, I’m coming back to you to check something: you do understand what happened last week, right?

              Help me here.

      • doug quixote

        That shows how little you know about it.

        Julia Gillard is the chairperson of Global Partnership for Education, running a billion dollar budget in over a hundred third world countries.

      • Pesky, put up or shut up. Both of them have a track record second only to Hawke/Keating and sometimes even better (2007). Howard/Costello might have paid off public debt with a Rolls Royce economy designed by H/K but they blew it all on tax cuts to win elections, which turned into enormous private debt, which our banks then had to finance by going overseas, to our great cost. Stick around Pesky, I’ll be happy to educate you, as difficult as it will be talking to someone who just does not want to know.

  3. The movie will be known as The Great Budget Smuggle.

  4. Did anyone see that bloke wandering naked around Canberra trying to flog a kitchen sink, hanging round his neck?

    Not good if you got the wrong traffic angle apparently.

    Hopefully he had the plug in his butt.

  5. hello thinkers

    and helvi foremost

    when will it sink in that the nsw libs to a soul are guilty of crimes such to bar them from office vis a vis the funding of their campaigns during the last nsw elections..?

    when will it be realised that they are either accessories to the crimes or accessories after the fact..?

    when will nsw governor bashire recall and dismiss parliament..?

    is there ground for private petitioning of the court of returns to have the election result thrown out..?

    will robinson be urged to act to force the extinquishment of this parliament..?

    can you with your contacts bob see these and any other pertinent matters into the minds of the fed and state labour teams..?

  6. the mess we are in aint such a mess…is just a convenient facade to wreak havoc in the name of a dunce call ayn rand

    the emetgency is about two projections…one a spending projection…two a income projection

    a sliver greater productivity…or a slight upswing in exports and hence tax returns changes the outcome drastically

    it is a sham

    what hockey is say is a sham

    deride it folks…make sport of what they say…spread the word…it is a sham…taking it all seriously plays their game…so dont do that…deride it and them…and start murmuring about blocking supply…redux reverse ’75

  7. Just a reminder of the promises he made to the Business world not so long ago:

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