Lines For Albo (79)

Is Joe Hockey entitled to the three million dollars his wife brings home each year? How shall we take it away from him?

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  1. Every politician, every member of the Commission of Audit, every political donor & those parachuted into highly paid government jobs, should immediately present their tax returns, their family trust & offshore tax returns and their families tax returns for examination by ordinary members of the public. And compared.

    • … And explain how they deserved it, earned it from their efforts rather than as some sort of subsidy or rent-seeking.

    • ginnylowndes, I was astonished at the cavalier way the Chief Pooh Bah of the Commission batted questions last night. Very dismissive, very cavalier.

      I’ll bet he is on a nice little sinecure, and his whole family is mighty comfy, with nothing to fear from his roster of idealogical ‘cures’.

      • From Crikey today,

        As Crikey has reminded readers in the past, Shepherd’s time chairing Transfield Services was marked by a falling share price, rising losses, impaired asset write-downs because the company paid too much for those assets, a poorly timed share buyback and rising debt. Hardly the most inspiring example of corporate leadership, but good enough, apparently, to get the chairmanship of the Business Council and of the Commission of Audit.

      • They have built a wall of money around themselves that gives them an illusion of protection from life’s uncertainties, a feeling, illusory of course, of immortality. From this comes the smugness, the arrogance, the superiority that we see. It’s all a house of cards of course, life is quite capable of cutting them down to earth in a moment. It’s a shame they cannot keep some humility when making decisions that affect vulnerable people and unsettle a nation unnecessarily.

        • Yes it’s the most perplexing thing about Fiberals, they just don’t seem to connect with where their often unwarranted privilege comes from.

          • I guess psycho Christians don’t have much room for empathy in their version of heaven, which is closer to the concept of a living hell, it is after all just a state of mind.

  2. Here’s excerpts from the profile of Commission of Audit Chief, Tony Shepherd, so it’s a case of “no sh!t, Sherlock”, as to what Thatcherist tripe that he and ex-Lib Senator Amanda Vanstone would be spruiking:

    The audit’s chief commissioner Tony Shepherd stepped down in March from his role as head of the Business Council of Australia. The BCA doesn’t represent most Australian businesses — just the largest 100. It’s the ultimate voice of corporate power in Australia. He headed the BCA from late 2011.

    ……. during Shepherd’s parting address to the BCA in March. “The former government should be held to account for the budgetary decisions they made,” he said, adding that politicians had to stop pretending the budget was a “magic pudding”.

    Shepherd has long established ties to the Liberal Party, particularly in New South Wales, and while at Transfield was more than happy to wade into political debates. He warned, for example, of the dangers of Australia leading the world on climate change, stating that “tails do not wag dogs”.

    • Shepherd was the perfect choice for Abbott’s Dead Sea Scrolls, then, all 5 kilos of them.

      In my view, Australia can easily afford to do what it wants, build what it wants, invest in its people’s health and education as much as it wants. Because Australia will never run out of money; some years there’ll be more, some less.

      It’s never about ‘balancing the budget’ it’s about managing the debt, and managing the windfalls.

      This ‘debt crisis’ is a manufactured ploy to scare the shit out of stupid people.

    • I smelled a rat as soon as this Shepherd bloke opened his mouth, I thought straight away, here’s a dyed in the wool Liberal, more trickery from Abbs and co.

      No talk about the revenue, raise the taxes for rich ad the mining, what’s wrong about raising GST a tad (in Denmark it’s 25%)

      The Liberal style is always the same: take it away from those who can least afford it.

  3. doug quixote

    Born in 1965, this overweight lightweight can afford to wait a little while longer for Abbott to self-destruct. All pre-supposing he has himself no links to the Looters Party slush funds now under investigation.

  4. The health of any economy is intimately connected to consumer sentiment, reflected in retail sales. Would the Commission of Audit, be willing to analyze and quantify the overall negative financial effects, the relentless Abbott – Hockey scare mongering has cost Australia during their tenure?

    My guess is we would have little or no debt, that immediate reparations should be retroactively extracted from all Coalition member entitlements and slush funds for the next hundred years.

  5. Liberal Slush fund EightbyFive claims another scalp.
    ICAC on the lookout for $1.6180339887 billion.

  6. Sheppard has always been as the public now sees him, a class & status conscious right wing extremist who has displayed an attitude of total distain for anyone he judges to be below his own perceived status.
    To him I believe greed is not only thought to be good, but essential element of success. One senses he has always seen workers as serfs who should be grateful to work for their subsistence. It goes without saying he has long been ideologically opposed to unions. Of course it will never have crossed his mind, as Chairman of the Business Council of Australia he was the head of the second most powerful union in Australia.
    In Tony Sheppard the Liberal scoundrels knew they had a despotic Grinch, guaranteed to ruthlessly assault anything remotely perceived as ‘socialist’. Here be a greedy man prepared to do anything to achieve the enslavement all Australians to satisfy a greedy lust for profits & ideological belief in a privileged class system.
    He undoubtedly believes in the fallacy of trickledown economics, as long as there are no drips from his bucket.

    • Hugh Weiss, when I was still gainfully employed back in 1988-9, I became involved in a rebuttal by my organisation to Greiner’s own
      ‘Audit’ of NSW Government services.

      A wise old head took me aside to calm my high dudgeon, and said: No-one commissions these audits unless they have already told the auditors what outcomes they want. Further, no-one wastes money by appointing consultants without telling them beforehand what result they want. Save your anger, and wait and see what Greiner actually picks up. Then go for it.’

      He was right, of course.

      And the next Morgan poll will be very interesting.

      • I was gainfully employed for bloody decades, of course. 88-9 was the year of Greiner’s slash & burn.

        • Interesting Nick ended up on so many boards which had fingers in privatise pies his government sold off.

          “Greiner”, every time I looked at a board in the noughties, it seemed to have one.

      • doug quixote

        Yes of course. The dogs are told to go out and hunt; the hunter is at liberty to eat whatever of those items he deems edible and to discard the rest.

    • Talking of who was on the audit team…Amanda Vanstone…Taken from Wikipedia.

      In March 1996 Vanstone became one of the two women (with Jocelyn Newman) in John Howard’s cabinet when she was appointed Minister for Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs. In this portfolio she presided over heavy cuts to the employment programs established by the Keating government, which drew strong criticism.
      2001,In the Family and Community Services portfolio she presided over the massive government pensions.
      Vanstone proved to be a blunt-talking, robust defender of government policies, and the then Shadow Minister for Family and Community Services, Wayne Swan, described her as “a political hyena who takes delight in attacking society’s most vulnerable”

      • I am glad you posted this, this bogus commission cannot be taken seriously. It’s could be likened to a punishment to the good people of Australia for placing the FIBS in opposition for 7 years. Very thatcher and some untested tea party ‘ideas’ (if such a thing exists) not just revenge of the shopkeepers (that was Howard) this is a vengefulness without precedent.

        • A commission of small minds, small ideas and vision no further than their wallet to make sure it’s zipped tightly closed.

  7. It’s galling having that smug privileged prick sit back and tell the rest of use we’re working till 70.

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