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How much will this eight-month sea-search for scrap metal and fish-nibbled corpses cost? Would it not be better spent on live people?

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  1. When did this massive diversion from the real story of that Plane ever become Australia’s problem anyway??
    It clearly isn’t where they say it is and it has been used by Abbott in a search for a positive headline to place himself as the great white hero who found a plane that isn’t there. Madness.

  2. Bob, without any expertise, or inside knowledge whatsoever, I would suggest to you that what we (Aus) are doing is ‘paying forward’ – against the inevitable time when a couple of hundred Aussies are somewhere else lost.

    So, I grit my teeth, but I disagree with your view on this.

    • I shouldn’t be either/or because Australia can afford both – and have fully funded Gonski and NDIS policies. And a second airport in Sydney.

      • If we can afford to pay pensions, for Gonski, for NDIS and the rest, why doesn’t Abbott want to do it…
        I’m sure Turnbull would not be that heartless…

        • Then why doesn’t he say so, Helvi?

          • Turnbull is a Liberal. Turnbull sits in the Abbott cabinet. Turnbull on Q&A toes the party line. Turnbull has sold his soul. Assuming he has/had one. It’s pointless to think he has principles – that is not allowed.

            • I’m nodding barry.

              I see Turnbull through the lens of thwarted ambition.

              • Morning Agent.

                How are you on this cold and windy morn?

                Look, I’ve got to ask: what made you post your pic?
                I’m curious.

              • Barry and Agent99, I’m referring to Turnbull because at the moment he’s just another Liberal nodding yes to Abbott’s activities.

                He’s not the one we ought to focus on, it’s Abbott ,our present PM.
                I’m trying to understand GW’s obsession with Mal, when it ought to be Tony.

                • I think they are all turds on that side of Parliament, so I’m trying understand your obsession with Turnbull, Helvi.

                  Why is he better?

                  One reason will do.

  3. Yeah, but no, but yeah, but it’s like the, you know, greatest moral challenge of our, you know, time, innit?

    Of course it would be irresistible to the most morally challenged politician of our time.

    Twelve years ago daddy took his Abbettes to the movies to see “Finding Nemo” . The gals hated it, they wondered why their daggy dad hadnt noticed they werent children any more. Tony loved it, immediately identifying with its messianic themes; what he missed, his latin having become rusty during his libidinous years, is that NEMO means NOBODY.

    His addiction to MH370 is pure Disney – Fantasyland in fact. On our dime.

  4. Fish-nibbled corpses of the federal government.

    And the ICAC-nibbled corpses of the NSW government.

    They went in on the basis that they’d be an honest and law-abiding government, that none of Labor’s apparent criminality or corruption tainted them.

    Well, now we begin to see the truth of it.

    And it isn’t over yet, not by the length of a Looters Party donors’ list.

    • “the ICAC-nibbled corpses of the NSW government.”

      Gold, D.Q. ……….pure gold!

    • What government? The mighty hush that has descended on the politicians who gorge themselves, leaving a close gang to rule like warlords.

  5. Chris O'Neill

    The most important lesson cost absolutely nothing in search resources. Tracking transponders must not be able to be switched off by anyone. We shouldn’t be spending a cent of our money unless this lesson is learned.

    • What happens if like many things electronic, it catches fire CoN? How would you isolate it?

      I was once one of only two passengers on an old Hang Khong Vietnam Tupolev 34A flight from Hanoi to Bangkok. The week before, the same flight had crashed short of the runway at BKK, because the pilot tried to land in the middle of a typhoon. He had no fuel left so he had no choice but to try.
      The other passenger was Derek Pringle jnr, son of a well known Times journalist. As the hostess shut & locked all the interior wooden doors, just in case we two foreigners might be hijackers, Pringle started berating her for blocking exits, not giving a saftey demonstration & half a dozen other complaints linked to IATA references on his ticket. We ended his tirade as we taxied down the runway with the question, “What if we crash, we’ll be trapped?”
      Her response, “You fool, everybody know, you crash, you burn, you die!”. She was still voicing her displeasure at having to serve such fools, as she was boiling hot water for ourtea, on her ‘primus’ stove, on the floor, outside the toilet door.

      Safety is relative to one’s experience of dangerous.

      • Our flights to and from Malaysia a week or so ago were marginally better, I’m pleased to say … but BB was watching them like a hawk. And being a fan of air crash disaster documentaries on You-Tube, thinks he knows a thing or two about airline safety.

        He noted that several passengers still had their seats back when landing, or a tray down, hand luggage was stowed every which way, including his own on the floor beside him, and the safety demo did not actively involve the staff.

        Otherwise uneventful, but lacking in vigilance.

      • Chris O'Neill

        What happens if like many things electronic, it catches fire

        If you’re going to worry about risks like that then you won’t want to fly at all.

        The transponder is a VERY important piece of equipment. Without it, there is no TCAS (collision avoidance system) and other planes are not automatically aware of your presence. This is not the first time that a switched-off transponder is associated with a crash. There was a mid-air collision in Brazil in (I think) 2006 that would have almost certainly been avoided if the transponder of one plane hadn’t been unintentionally switched off.

        By the way, have you ever heard of thermistors, thermal fuses etc?

  6. “Goodnight Malaysia” is how Captain Zaharie signed off, according to a recording only released to the public yesterday. Was his ‘goodnight’ also goodbye?
    I think so.

    I want the plane found, the mystery solved. This is making aviation history. A purely theoretical search. The reason we can fly at all is because we have such soaring imaginations.

    The best minds in the business believe the plane is seven miles down in Australian territorial waters, off WA. (Yes, Abbott shamelessly milked the search for everything, but this is bigger than that pissant). There were six Aussies on board. What can we learn from this to make flying safer?

    We are a people that recovers our dead, wherever possible.

    • Yes, Barbara it needs to be found. It is a matter of what resources need to be allocated. Air crash investigations are essential to determine just what caused each crash, so that lessons can be learned and future crashes prevented.

      But sometimes, just sometimes, it really is not possible or practicable to do so; and this should have been apparent to all involved weeks ago. I note that the grieving relatives are being sent home from Kuala Lumpur, at last.

      “Wherever possible” are the operative words, I think.

      • DQ, we can be front and centre of the search, but we needn’t be writing the cheques. Most passengers were Chinese, as you know. The Malays should contribute. There is insurance.

        There are benefits to us rehearsing search and rescue operations etc, as I’m sure you know.

      • allthumbs, thanks. This is consistent with the Captain having negotiated with the authorities.

        Did he have a digital recording already prepared listing his demands. Release Anwar etc . . .

  7. For the cost of a oneway business class ticket from Oz to UK, a plane can be fitted with the hardware which streams the planes data live to base, it can be programmed to trigger alarms at base to announce any concerning chanes to speed direction etc.

    Lessons only get learned by those who want to learn.

  8. I is well thank you Barbara.
    Tired, puffy eyed, but jubilant with the coming of the colder weather.

    I stopped by your place last night and had a look around.
    Let me know if it’s ok to drop a thought.

    Best wishes,

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